Living Statues, which have roots deep in the european street theater tradition, add a sophisticated and magical twist to any event. Whatever the venue, be it a small wedding or a large corporate event, living staues add an aura of the spectacular and the surreal.

Amanda Palmer, along with a rotating cast of actors, has been performing and designing interactive statues over the past five years for street festivals, weddings, parties, nightclubs, galleries, children's events and other eclectic locations.


The Eight Foot Bride

Michigan Railroad




Metropolis Nightclub - Providence, RI



Liberty Leading The People

Harvard Square - Cambridge, MA




King Richard's Renaissance Faire -

Carver, MA

Princess Roulette

Hasbro Children's Hospital

Providence, RI

Lady Liberty

Fourth of July at the Esplanade

Boston, MA


International Festival at the Bayside Expo Center

Boston, MA


Silver Dancer w/ DJ Richie Rich

Metropolis Nightclub

Providence, RI


About Hiring Living Statues...

Though we have a large arsenal of costumes and characters for hire, we can also customize new characters from scratch in a relatively short turnaround time. A brief consultation and walkthrough of the performance space is desirable, but not absolutely necessary. Every space and situation is unique, and we will work with you to find the perfect character and theme for your particular event.

Living Statues can be completely still (i.e. ornamental) or interactive, depending on the character or event. (Keep in mind, however, that some characters are seasonal, and not practical for colder outdoor events). Prices vary greatly according to many factors: the number of actors involved, distance of the event location from Boston, materials used, and so forth.

What to expect before, during and after the event...

Once again, every situation is unique, and we are used to being resourceful and versatile. Depending on the event, the artist(s) and assistant(s) will need to arrive approximately two hours before performance time in order to create the set and get into costume. A private bathroom or dressing room (it's always interesting to see WHAT can be used for a dressing room) are usually necessary. A consultation between the actors and the hosts of the event is vital to ensure that the performance runs smoothly. Breakdown time after the event is usually quick, unless the set is customized and/or complicated.

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more photos of the eight foot bride...


Who is Amanda Palmer...

...Amanda Palmer recieved her B.A. from Wesleyan University and continued on to pursue a career in performance art. She first began designing living statues while working in a theater in Cologne, Germany and brought the phenemenon back to her hometown of Boston where she became a local icon as "The Eight Foot Bride" in Harvard Square. Since then, she has taken her living statues on the road and has performed in many major American cities, Germany, England and Australia.

In 2000, Ms. Palmer studied briefly under Marcel Marceau, one of the premiere mimes of the 20th century. When she's not standing still, she directs and writes plays for a Boston-area performance group called "The Shadowbox Collective" and composes and performs music with her band "The Dresden Dolls".

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...and Co.?

... The "and Co." refers to a rotating cast of actors, dancers and performers who have been subcontracted over the years to help design and perform Living Statues for different events. The company includes/has included: Michael Pope, D. Franklin, Marisa Cravens, Yani Batteau, Veronique D'Entrement, Jonah Sacks, Jonah Metropolis, Matt Wood, Hallie Gnanovich, Tim Ireland, Marcus Nechay and Dorian Rose.