Aleph On Docetic Mountain
2010 March Book UK Coptic Cat London
333 68 Pages
1st edition
Stiff dark blue wrappers
Without dust wrapper
With bookribbon
Aleph On Docetic Mountain

Published in an edition of 333 December 2009


Coptic Cat

Designed by
David Tibet and Kat Cormie

Coptic Text set in Keft

David Tibet thanks deeply
Peter Atanasoff, Ciara Barzini, James Blackshaw, Henry Boxer, William Breeze, Ossian Brown, Vera Brozzoni, Michael Cashmore, Ben Chasny, John Contreras, Kat Cormie, Geoff Cox-Dorée, Simo Dalla Valle, Baby Dee, Andria Degens, Sarah Dietrich, Stephen Emmel, Nick Evans, Michel Faber, Bill Fay, Giampaolo Felici, Rossella Ferrari,Sven-Erik Fuzz-Kristiansen, Sasha Grey, Antony Hegarty, Christian Holstad, Nidge Ince, Paul Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, Johan Kugelberg, Michael Lawrence, Andrew Liles, Melon Liles, Mark Logan, Paulo Lucantoni, Hugo Lundhaug, John Marchant, Carola Marucchi, Giulio Di Mauro, Alex Nielson, Giorgio Orbi, José Pacheco, Davide Pepe, Fabio Quarnata, Lili Refrain, Keith Richmond, Valeria Rusconi, Fabio Sampaolesi, Steven Stapleton, Matt Sweeney, Ayse Tuzlak, Luca Valorta, Andrew W.K., Lauren Winton, Tod Wodicka, Keith Wood, Mariapaola Zedda,and all those others who have seen the Hallucinatory Mountains

Printed by CPI Antony Rowe

Although published in December 2009, the book was not shipped until March 2010

Came with CD 'Aleph At Docetic Mountain'
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