Live 5 January 1993
1993 Live FR Paris
Passage De Nord-Ouest
Track Listing
  1. Black Sun Bloody Moon
  2. The Descent Of Long Satan And Babylon
  3. Black Flowers Please
  4. Alone
  5. When The May Rain Comes
  6. Oh Coal Black Smith
  7. Diana
  8. Let Us Go On The Rose
  9. Happy Birthday Pigface Christus
  10. Starfish
  11. Time Tryeth Truth
  12. The Blue Gates Of Death (Before And Beyond Them)
  13. Imperium V [durtro014]
  14. In The Heart Of The Wood And What I Found There
  15. Be
  16. A Sadness Song
  17. To Drown A Rose - Death In June
  18. The Fog Of The World - Death In June
  19. We Are The Lust/Europa: The Gates Of Heaven - Death In June
David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - stick guitar, percussion and vocals
Michael Cashmore - acoustic guitar
James Mannox - percussion and vocals
Joolie Wood - violin, whistles, clarinet and vocals
Starfish - Spacewoman
Gus - sound
One track from this concert, "Imperium V", was released on the live Hitler as Kalki CD in 1993. The encore for this show was a surprise guest appearance by Death In June, and consisted of Death In June songs. The night after, Current 93 played the encore for the Death In June performance.

Thanks to Jose Pacheco for setlist information for this show
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