Live 15 December 1990
1990 Live FR Amiens
La Lune des Pirates
Track Listing
  1. Khor Ba'i Nyes Dmigs [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  2. Lament For Her [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  3. The Death Of The Corn [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  4. A Song For Douglas After He's Dead [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  5. Terra Tegit Terram [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  6. Be [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  7. Hooves [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  8. Horsey [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  9. They Returned To Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn) [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  10. A Song For Douglas After He's Dead (Rebirth) [durtro007] [vod75.4]
  11. Hourglass For Diana
David Tibet - vocals
James Malindaine-Lafayette - harp
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Joolie Wood - violin and recorders
James Mannox - percussion
This amazingly powerful and beautiful concert is documented on the As The World Disappears CD, with the exception of the final encore track "Hourglass for Diana". This show also marked a change in Current 93's sound, as Michael Cashmore added his trademark guitar to the mix.

Thanks to Jose Pacheco for additional information on this show.
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