Coil discography

Coil by numbers!
Solar Lodge
The Unreleased Themes from "Hellraiser"COIL 11987
Threshold House
Gold Is the Metal LPLOCI 11987
themes from Derek Jarman's 'Blue' 7"LOCI S11993
The Wheel/The Wheal 7"LOCI 21987
Unnatural History CDLOCI CD 21990
Windowpane 12"LOCI 31990
Stolen and Contaminated SongsLOCI CD 41992
How To Destroy Angels Remixes CDLOCI 51992
The Angelic Conversation CDLOCI CD 61994
Windowpane/The Snow CDLOCI CD 71995
Unnatural History II CDLOCI CD 101995
Gold Is the Metal CDLOCI CD 111996
Unnatural History III CDLOCI CD 121997
Transparent CDLOCI CD 131998
Astral Disaster reissue LPLOCI 142000
Astral Disaster CDLOCI CD 142000
Scatology remaster CDLOCI CD 152001
Horse Rotorvator remaster CDLOCI CD 162001
Love's Secret Domain remaster CDLOCI CD 172001
Live OneLOCI CD 182003
Live TwoLOCI CD 192003
Live ThreeLOCI CD 202003
Live FourLOCI CD 212003
Nasa Arab/First Dark Ride 12"Eskaton 0011994
Born Again Pagans CD EPEskaton 0021994
pHILM #1 10"Eskaton 0031995
Born Again Pagans posterEskaton 0041995
Chaosphere badgeEskaton 0051995
Worship the Glitch CDEskaton 0061996
Worship the Glitch 2x10"Eskaton 0071996
Black Light District: A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room CDEskaton 0081996
Black Light District: A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room 2xLPEskaton 0091996
Time Machines CDEskaton 0101998
Spring Equinox CD EPEskaton 111998
Spring Equinox 7"Eskaton 121998
Summer Solstice 7"Eskaton 131998
Summer Solstice 7"Eskaton 141998
Autumn Equinox 7"Eskaton 151998
Autumn Equinox CD EPEskaton 161998
Transparent LPEskaton 171998
Winter Solstice 7"Eskaton 181999
Winter Solstice CD EPEskaton 191999
Queens of the Circulating Library CDEskaton 202000
Thighpaulsandra: Some Head CD EPEskaton 212000
Backwards watchEskaton 222000
Coil Presents Time Machines CDEskaton CD 232000
Moon's Milk (In Four Phases) 2xCDEskaton 232001
Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil CDEskaton 242001
Eskaton 25
Thighpaulsandra: I, Thighpaulsandra 2xCD/2xLPEskaton 262001
Thighpaulsandra: Michel Publicity Window CD EP/7"Eskaton 272001
Time Machines 2xLPEskaton 282002
The Golden Hair with a Voice of SilverEskaton 292002
Black Sun Productions: Plastic Spider ThingEskaton 302002
Eskaton 31
Mount Vernon Astral Temple: Musick That Destroys Itself CDEskaton 322003
Mount Vernon Astral Temple: untitled CD-REskaton 32x2003
COH: Love Uncut CD EPEskaton 0332001
ANSEskaton 342003
Foxtrot CD/2x10"Graal 0011998
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 LPGraal 0021999
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1 CDGraal 0031999
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2 2xLPGraal 0042000
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2 CDGraal 0052000
Unnumbered items
ANS Boxed set2004
Moon's Milk bonus CD-R2002
The Remote Viewer CD-R2002
Live box2003
Megalithomania CD-R2003
Black Antlers CD-R2004
Selvaggina: Go Back Into the Woods CD-R2004