Cabaret Voltaire
Final Solution '79 (Live)
UK CS Bootleg Release ----
  1. Introduction (by Lydia Lunch)
  2. The Voice Of America
  3. Kirlian Photograph
  4. This Is Entertainment
  5. Kneel To The Boss
  6. On Every Other Street
  1. Expect Nothing
  2. Seconds Too Late
  3. Nag Nag Nag [MP3]
  4. [unknown track]
  5. Obsession
Richard H. Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Cristopher Watson
Considering that half of these tracks weren't recorded in the studio until March/April 1980 (for The Voice of America rough 011 ) or September 1980 (for Seconds Too Late RT060 ), this may be improperly titled (cf. the live appearances listing at Axis and note that this set list looks more like their 1980 gigs). Of course, who's to say they simply didn't get around to recording them in the studio until later?