Chance vs. Casuality [Soundtrack]
1979 CS NL Private Release
Richard H. Kirk
Stephen Mallinder
Chris Watson
Film by Babette Mondini: 37 minutes, color, sound, 2 projectors
With: Daniel Spoerri, Raymond Mondini, Tinguely, Christo
Music: Cabaret Voltaire
Stedelijk Museum Amsterda

Chris Watson recently (November 1998) had this to say about "Chance vs. Causality":
"'Chance vs Causality' was an amazing project - there can be very few tapes of the complete soundtrack. The film was made by Babette Mondini of Amsterdam. She asked us to make a soundtrack when we met up in an all-night jazz club after we had played at a club over there with Joy Division. Probably during 1979 - but I'll have to check!" (Thanks to Dave Minshall from for this information)

An excerpt of this can be found on the b-side of "Silent Command" «rough 004».