Orchestra Terrestrial
Here And Elsewhere

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Orchestra Terrestrial - Here and Elsewhere

DE CD Die Stadt DS 40
  1. Low Definition Alpine Drift
  2. Einflug
  3. Kristall
  4. Abends
  5. Glitzerstrahl
  6. Near Earth Object
  7. Sense + Functions
  8. Uniform Spaces
Richard H. Kirk
Numbered limited edition of 1000
Includes six cards with an image courtesy of Naked Art and/or The Designers Republic on one side, and a title on the other. The six titles are: "Low Definition Alpine D r i f t", "Einflug", Glitzerstrahl", "Near Earth Object", "Senses + Functions" and "Uniform Spaces". No cards were made for "Kristall" or "Abends".