Little Window
2001 CD UK Durtro DURTRO055CD
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Hymn To Anne (4:21) [durtrojnana1969]
  2. Little Window (5:18) [durtrojnana1969]
  3. The Robin (5:19) [durtrojnana1969]
  4. Calvary (4:33) [durtrojnana1969]
  5. A Weakness For Roses (8:40) [durtrojnana1969]
  6. The Price Of A Sparrow (2:38) [durtrojnana1969]
  7. What About My Father (8:02) [durtrojnana1969]
  8. Waiting (9:54) [durtrojnana1969]
Tom Gagen
Sleeve Notes
Baby Dee (voice / piano / accordion / birdcalls)

Composed and produced by Baby Dee

Mixed and engineered by Tom Gagen at Clockwerke Studio in Cleveland
recorded August September October 2000 all songs © 2000 Baby Dee.

cage and portrait photography by Alice O'Malley
bird on fire, layout and design by Antony

I'm very grateful to David Tibet for befriending me and making this possible. Special thanks to Antony whose help and inspiration have touched every aspect of this work.

All the songs are dedicated to my best friends Miles and Eileen Norris.
Includes lyrics, not reproduced here