Love's Small Song
2001 2xCD UK Durtro DURTRO061CD
In triple gatefold card sleeve
Track Listing
CD 1
  1. The Moon And The Morning Star (3:52) [durtrojnana1969]
  2. So Bad (3:37) [durtrojnana1969]
  3. Look What The Wind Blew In (3:01) [durtrojnana1969]
  4. When I Get Home (5:08) [durtrojnana1969]
  5. My Heart's Come Home (4:02) [durtrojnana1969]
  6. Like Morning All Day Long (2:55) [durtrojnana1969]
  7. Small Wonder (3:57) [durtrojnana1969]
  8. Half A Chance (5:29) [durtrojnana1969]
  9. My Love Has Made A Fool Of Me (5:24) [durtrojnana1969]
  10. April Day (5:48) [durtrojnana1969]
CD 2
  1. Untitled (55:28)
Sleeve Notes
Baby Dee: voice / piano / accordion / harp

Composed and produced by Baby Dee

Mixed and engineered by Tom Gagen at Clockwerke Sound Studio. Recorded in Cleveland 2001. All songs © copyright 2001 Baby Dee.

Cover paintings by Baby Dee. Photo by Alice O'Malley

Look What The Wind Blew In is dedicated to my late father, Miles Norris. My Heart's Come Home is dedicated to David Tibet. All other songs are dedicated to Robert and Suzanne Mauxion and their child.

I never tire of telling people how grateful I am to David Tibet without whose help these songs of mine and the songs of these wonderful robins would go unheard.

Baby Dee, October 2001