Songs From The Coal Mine Canary
Little Annie
2006 April CD CA Durtro Jnana DURTROJNANA1967
In digipak
Track Listing
  1. Freddy And Me
  2. Derma
  3. Lullaby
  4. The Good Ship Nasty Queen
  5. Absynthtee-ism
  6. If I Were A Man
  7. Diamonds Made Of Glassine
  8. Strange Love
  9. Sit On Down
  10. End Is Near
Joe Budenholzer
Sleeve Notes
"Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future"
Oscar Wilde 1854-1900

Thank you God, shout out love to Ma, Pa, The Bubble Girls of GZ and the WTC family, Mande Swift, Adrian Sherwood, Kishi Yamamoto, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Ryan The Bettons of Brooklyn, Keith McDermott, Eric, Ulla Dydo, Mike Grimes, Julia kent, Mark Logan, David Tibet, Andria Degens, Alice O'Malley, Bill Bronson, Mickey Kross, Lola, Christine Gonda, MNick Page, neil Sparks, all at Freibank, Khan Oral, Christian Jendreiko and the Legally Jammin', Sleazy, Bee Hampshire, Hobby Bop Düsseldorf Crew, Drew McDowell, Rose McDowall, Asian Dub Foundation, Chris Jordan, Robert Conroy, Jim, Tanesha Jamison, Andi, Rebecca Moore, Jim Nue, Diamanda Galas, Michael Yeh, Lahoma, Jenny Bellestar, Meg Lee Chin, Mike Hinc, Par Arno and Roman, Johnnie Lanz, all my ON-U Sound Brothers and Sisters, Dr. John (I still got your Memphis Minnie CD), Steve Barker, Ian Gittens, The Slipper Room NYC, Ray & Tan, Johnny Romanak, all at Dick's, Alfecio and all at the Boiler Room, and all the boys in the backroom, Daniel McKernan, and the New Orleanians, John Whitney, Skot, The HRC Posse and LESHRC Crew, Bruce Patterson, Jah Wobble, Armen Rai, the staff at Grace Manor Nursing home, Buffalo, NY, Melissa, Marlene, John and all the Buffalo crew, Becky and Sarah, Rachel, Van, Sunny Suits, Gray Waldman, Sparky, All at the Reade Street Pub, Mi papa chulo DIF The Don Tommy O'Connor and all the rest of you, know you are loved. Thank God, bless you all.

To Nick Bohn, who was working on this project, and whom we lost in 2003 along the way, and also Bill Rice, my friend and singing partner for many years who left us in January 2006, love and miss ya both.

This recording is dedicated to my beautiful and beloved sister Miriam Bandes (4/19/62 to 11/27/05) whose goodness is matched only by her wondrous strength, thank god for lending us ya like crazy, kiddo.