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Long Arm of Coincidence

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September 2, 1996

From beginning to finish, The Long Arm.... is a remarkable work that documents the range this quartet can cover; from moog squiggles to blissful balladry to rhythmic tangle and stellar directed drones. The full integration of percussionist Michael Faeth into the band has resulted in a more confident and varied rhythmic base. The Long Arm... is a resolutely percussive album, inspired in part by the extended interplay of Can in their Tago Mago period. More directly, it is the result of Jessamine's commitment to live improvisation.


  1. Say What You Can
  2. ...Or What You Mean
  3. Periwinkle - [MP3]
  4. Step Down - [MP3]
  5. You May Have Forgotten
  6. Polish Countryside
  7. Schisandra
  8. It's Cold In Space
  9. Long Arm Of Coincidence Makes My Radio Connections
  10. All the Same - [MP3]