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Third Album for the Sun

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August 29, 1997

Recording sessions for the second Dissolve album began in October, '96 in New Zealand. Guitarists Roy Montgomery and Chris Heaphy were joined by John Chrisstoffels of the Terminals, who contributed some cello and percussion, Kaye Woodward of the Bats who added guitar and vocals and Arnie Van Bussel on bass. The finished work is a measure darker and more abrasive than Dissolve's first album, with added skins of texture and melody."


  1. Rogue Satellite - [MP3]
  2. (live edit)
  3. Into the Black
  4. (live edit)
  5. Presume Too Far - [MP3]
  6. (live edit)
  7. High on Upper Street
  8. (live edit)
  9. Street Philosophers
  10. Dream Index - [MP3]
  11. (live edit)
  12. Sunflower Search Engine