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Philosopher's Stone



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August 29, 1997

Solo recordings by Gareth Mitchell, a contributing member of the UK group Amp. "Mitchell's home recordings sound like a combination of Zoviet France, Robbie Basho and Scott Walker, with guitar-originated textures floating over percussion, loops and Mitchell's wavering voice. The soundfields he constructs with guitars and loops expand and swirl around the listener's head. Melodic vocals flutter above strings and guitars burst through pushing meters into the red. Sound is tingled, smeared and looped. Within the mass the listener can hear what sounds like the chiming of bells, gongs and faint voices."


  1. Through Palisade Trees
  2. Cathode Cataract
  3. Where Regrets End
  4. Places Where the Mind Dies
  5. Pali - [MP3]
  6. Building a Mirror of the Stars - [MP3]
  7. Treehouse
  8. Circular Ruins
  9. Spirit Leaves the Body - [MP3]