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James Plotkin/Brent Gutzeit


Mosquito Dream

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May 10, 1999

James Plotkin and Brent Gutzeit met in Japan in 1994. Plotkin was touring with Scorn, Gutzeit was living in Tokyo. They began a collaborative project. Plotkin recorded a guitar track, Gutzeit destroyed it and rebuilt it. Gutzeit used handmade instruments, boom box, stereo and four-track tape deck to create 5 different tracks. Plotkin remixed those tracks and sent Gutzeit 40 minutes of music. Gutzeit did another round of mixes, burned them to CDR and sent them to Plotkin. By that time Gutzeit had moved to Chicago. Plotkin mixed more tracks. The final round of mixes ended up in Kranky's hands in the fall of 1998. Each "remix" that became Mosquito Dream took a year to complete. Mosquito Dream is expansive yet attentive to details, reverberant but granular.


  1. Mosquito Dream - [MP3]
  2. Sand Scroll - [MP3]
  3. Wires
  4. Cloud Cover
  5. Halo - [MP3]
  6. Mosquito Veil