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Desk Trickery

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December 13, 1999

The title refers to the computer technology applied to the mixing process. There's a great deal of computer-mutated guitar damage going on. You may think it's sampling, looping, sequencing, break beats or the like but it is electric guitar sounds transformed via silicon chips. There are also some wah-wah jams. Lots of folks talk about mixing improvisation and the transformative capacity of digital technology - Doldrums actually do it. They've dragged the swollen corpse of prog rock straight into the future, and brought along some mountain boogie, too.


  1. Office Scene
  2. Sparkling Deadheadz
  3. Fritland - [MP3]
  4. Grill Out Times
  5. Free Festival of the Stonebridge - [MP3]
  6. Who Shot J.R.?
  7. Godspeed You Young Actress! - [MP3]