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Christmas Decorations


Model 91

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October 21, 2002

The exploded view, deadpan pop of Model 91 marks the recorded debut of the Brooklyn, NY duo Christmas Decorations. Using vocals, guitar, bass guitar, primitive digital sequencers, and melodica, Christmas Decorations recorded Model 91 in Spring 2002. The band call their music "ambient punk" and point to modern electronic composers like Gert-Jans Prins, Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Wolfgang Voight (Gas, M:15) and abrasive minimalists like The Shadow Ring as inspirations as well as older referents like Ike Yard and Desmond Simmons. Christmas Decorations take a succinct, direct approach to song structure and instrumentation while experimenting with mood and melody.


  1. Cricket Broom
  2. Brittle Stem - [MP3]
  3. Data 70
  4. Opto-Isolator
  5. Model 91 - [MP3]
  6. Small Window
  7. Orange Suit
  8. A Random Hill
  9. Lowlands - [MP3]
  10. Tables and Chair
  11. Build a House
  12. Hen's Teeth
  13. Sequence 3