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Brent Gutzeit


Drug Money

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May 10, 2004

If you have a short attention span, if you lack the patience to listen to music that progresses deliberately and in minute increments; then don't listen to this recording.  Drug Money is three tracks of viscous, slowly forming drones.  These are not cotton candy clouds of bliss out fodder.  These are battleship chains, slowly dragged along rusty steel plates and then slowly dropping on the ocean floor. All of the source sounds for Drug Money were created by Gutzeit by placing electric motors on the strings of a piano.

Brent Gutzeit has performed around the world as a solo artist and a member of the laptop/power glitch group TV Pow, in addition to running the Boxmedia label.  He has made himself a key player and organizer in the improvised and laptop music community in Chicago.  Gutzeit is also a member of the Chicago chamber/supergroup Everyoned. In 1997, kranky released Mosquito Dream,  Gutzeit's collaboration with guitarist James Plotkin.  Drug Money is the logical continuation of that album's gradual apportionment of sound.

Originally released as a limited edition CD-R on Boxmedia and sold at a Chicago record store whenever Gutzeit needed money for, uh, um... recreation; the album will now be widely available.


  1. Piano Motor Skills #2 - [MP3]
  2. Riding Horses - [MP3]
  3. 400 Blows - [MP3]
  4. (untitled bonus track) - [MP3]