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Nov. 1, 2004

We'll provide the context — two compact discs filled with twenty one tracks.  Over 148 minutes of music.  Brand new music from Pan•American.  A preview of forthcoming albums from Stars of the Lid and Keith Fullerton Whitman.  An exclusive mix of an album track by Greg Davis.  All priced CHEAP at less than the cost of a CD EP. It's been years since there's been a kranky sampler (and that one came out in Europe only) so it's time to show what we've been up to for the last few years.    Way back when compilations like Pillows and Prayers and Wanna Buy a Bridge? inspired us to check out tons of bands.  Hopefully kompilation can perform the same function for today's fans.

disc one

  1. Stars of the Lid, "Even if You're Never Awake (version)" - from forthcoming album
  2. Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Stereo Music for Serge Modular Synthesizer (Excerpt)" - from forthcoming album
  3. Pan•American, "What Do They Dream?" - exclusive track
  4. Autistic Daughters, "The Glasshouse and the Gift-Horse" - from Jealousy and Diamond
  5. Christina Carter, "Silhouette" - [MP3] - from Living Contact
  6. Greg Davis, "Campestral (textured)" - Alternative mix of track from Somnia
  7. Growing, "Primitive Associations/Great Mass Above" - from The Soul of the Rainbow...
  8. The Dead Texan, "When I See Scissors I Can't Help But Think of You" - from The Dead Texan
  9. Tom Carter, "Monument II (edit)" - [MP3] - from Monument
  10. loscil, "Sickbay" - [MP3] - from First Narrows

disc two

  1. Charalambides, "Joy Shapes" - [MP3] - from Joy Shapes
  2. Brent Gutzeit, "Piano Motor Skills #2 (edit)" - [MP3] - from Drug Money
  3. Strategy, "Drumsolo's Delight" - from Drumsolo's Delight
  4. Pan•American, "Inside Elevation" - [MP3] - from Quiet City
  5. Keith Fullerton Whitman, "Schnee" - [MP3] - from Antithesis
  6. Clear Horizon, "For Days" - [MP3] - from Clear Horizon
  7. Out Hud, "Dad, There's a Little Thing Called Too Much Information" - [MP3] - from Street Dad
  8. Fontanelle, "Monday Morning" - from Style Drift
  9. Jessica Bailiff, "Swallowed" - from Jessica Bailiff
  10. Christmas Decorations, "Build a House" - from Model 91
  11. Stars of the Lid, "Requiem the for Dying Mothers Part 2" - from The Tired Sounds of...