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Out Hud


One Life to Leave

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12" / CD Single

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February 7, 2005

This is what the boys in the kranky marketing labs call a "teaser"; an EP featuring one track from the forthcoming Out Hud album, a remix of that track exclusive to the EP, and another non-LP track. The first statement on disc from the NYC band in two years, the first appearance of vocals by Phyllis Forbes and Molly Schnick on an Out Hud song, plenty of value for the consumer with two exclusive tracks and an indication of the awesomeness of the album to follow.


  1. One Life To Leave - A Requiem - [MP3]
  2. One Life To Leave - A Requiem for a Requiem - [MP3]
  3. Put It Away, Put It Away, Put It Away Dad - [MP3]