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Benoit Pioulard



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October 16, 2006

Precis is the first album from Thomas Meluch under his musical pseudonym Benoit Pioulard. Following a series of limited, handmade cassette and CDR releases for friends and family over the last several years, and the well-received Enge EP (Moodgadget 2005), Precis arose as a documentation of a coming to terms with impermanence, marked by analog residue and the imperfections of human influence.

A multi-instrumentalist with an insatiable palette, Pioulard bases most of his songs on treated acoustic guitars and honeyed vocals, backed by carefully layered bells, bass, dulcimer, old tape samples, field recordings and myriad other sources. These sounds, though sculpted roughly into pop songs, have their own delicate patterns of ebb and flow, distortion and disappearance. From the sunny refrain of "Triggering Back" to the descent of nighttime chills on "Needle & Thread", Precis sighs in time with the seasons. It's an album about him, her, and you; it's an exaltation of the ways these things end.


  1. La Guerre de Sept Ans
  2. Together & Down
  3. Ext. Leslie Park
  4. Triggering Back - [MP3]
  5. Moth Wings
  6. Alan & Dawn - [MP3]
  7. Corpus Chant
  8. Palimend
  9. Coup de Foudre
  10. Hirondelle
  11. Needle & Thread
  12. R Coloring
  13. Sous la Plage
  14. Patter - [MP3]
  15. Ash Into the Sky