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Boduf Songs


Lion Devours the Sun

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October 30, 2006

Lion Devours The Sun is the first full length release from U.K. resident Mathew Sweet following his self-titled kranky debut EP released in the fall of 2005. It was recorded at home with a 4 track and a single microphone, using acoustic guitar and voice along with well placed touches of a cymbal-playing monkey, some bricks, an e-bowed autoharp, a homemade gramophone, and daggers. The title derives from alchemical imagery, the sun representing consciousness and the lion symbolizing emotion. Some of these songs contain actual invocations of demonic forces. Not really. Mathew states that "this is not folk music", and that someone told him that they think the first record "sounds humble and withdrawn and the new one sounds righteous and bitter". He agrees. The debut Boduf Songs release garnered high praise from all reviewers. He has performed limited live shows in the U.K. and Europe, and recently recorded a live session for the legendary VPRO in Amsterdam.


  1. Lord of the Flies - [MP3]
  2. Two Across the Mouth
  3. That Angel was Pretty Lame
  4. Great Wolf of No Tracks
  5. Green Lion Devours the Sun, Blood Descends to Earth - [MP3]
  6. 27th Raven's Head (Darkness Showing Through the Head of the Raven) - [MP3]
  7. Please Ache for Redemptive
  8. Fall of Cherry Blossom in Long Shadows of Twilight
  9. Bell for Harness