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Christina Carter



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September 18, 2006

Christina Carter approached her new solo album with the specific idea of recording all of the songs in the same key and using the same guitar tuning. While some artists would be hampered by such self-imposed constraints, Christina uses it to her advantage by exploring seemingly innumerable ways to twist and turn the same basic notes into new shapes, creating just as much a mood as a song cycle. When asked to give her thoughts regarding this new album, Christina Carter responded with fragments rather than linear composition: "continuing with subterranean song writingÉ eliminating excess elements, at the same time expansive because the 'mixing' of the record doesn't mimic the sound of a 'live' bandÉ more cinematic or sculptural, feeling of being a human body... piano-like guitar... two personal songs, two universal songsÉ idealization and memory... songs created instantly, not knowing what i was going to sing about until i sang, but I have a few ideas that I carry around with me for extended periods until they find a placeÉ natural and artificial are two sides of the same coin... often, it is best to do the opposite of what you think you should do... inspired by 60's album art and band photos of floating heads, slight physical 'defects' and skeletal uncoordination, anachronistic futurisms, the idea of 'drone' (4 different songs from the same basic musical elements), dance choreography, and living with chronic pain..."

With Electrice, Christina has created the most cohesive and fully realized version of her unique musical vision to date.

Electrice is the first widely available album from Christina Carter since the reissue of her Living Contact album by kranky in 2004. The album was recorded, mixed and edited entirely by her. One of the two core members of Charalambides, Christina Carter has been making her own path in both that ensemble as well as with her solo releases for almost 15 years.


  1. Second Death - [MP3]
  2. Moving, Intercepted
  3. Yellow Pine - [MP3]
  4. Words Are Not My Words - [MP3]