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Fluorescent Grey

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January 29, 2007

Four new songs recorded while mixing Cryptograms. A snapshot of what direction the band might explore next? Probably not.

This EP arrives on the heels of a well received sophomore LP, Cryptograms. While exploring themes not especially dissimilar, the EP functions in many ways as an epilogue to both the LP and the accompanying well-reported anxiety surrounding it's creation. The band now has a clean slate to explore something entirely new in the future.

quotes for the Cryptograms album:

'Deerhunter has really churned out a remarkable release, pulling together the best elements of pop, punk, experimental and psychedelic rock without being derivative.' other music

'..sounds at once radiant and terrified. ' pitchfork, best new music 8.9

'..realize deerhunter's true strength: a knack for shaping choice bits of sophisticated pop revelry while alternately dipping into liquid sojourns of ambient bliss.' the stranger

'Cryptograms is a thoroughly amazing listen, an early best for 2007, and a beautifully woven collection of stunning melodicism and sonic manipulation.' treble

'Cryptograms will either elicit a re-appreciation of pop in numerous bitter misanthropes, or completely acid-fry the unsuspecting songwriters who were already predisposed to these strange sounds that they'd been unknowingly waiting to hear.' tinymixtapes

"Cryptograms is the kind of record that should be played in every teenage bedroom in america." dusted


  1. Fluorescent Grey
  2. Dr. Glass
  3. Like New
  4. Wash Off - [MP3]
  5. bonus: video for "Strange Lights" from Cryptograms directed by James Sumner