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White Rainbow


Prism of Eternal Now

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October 01, 2007

After years of outer space exploration in Yume Bitsu and Surface of Eceyon, as well as stints as a hired gun for a multitude of artists including Dirty Projectors, Jackie-O Motherfucker and Devendra Banhart, Adam Forkner decided to turn his focus inward and began to record solo material. And focus he did, working at a dizzying pace that culminated in the production of the 5CD/1DVD White Rainbow Box (2006 Marriage Records). The remarkable thing about that album was not that it was 4.5 hours long, but that the overwhelming majority of it was of extraordinary quality and not mere filler.

With the release of ...Eternal Now, White Rainbow has surpassed typical solo project territory and is now a virtual elemental force. At a somewhat brief 71 minutes, his kranky debut pulses and flows with mantric chants, clattering percussions, sighing sustains and guitar leads unashamed of their scorching transcendence. He breathes new life into archaic sub-genres such as progrock, new age, and hippie folk incantations, while never stooping to the negative aspects of any of them, and at the same time remaining a step ahead of the technologically crippled and virtuosuo-less looper pedal scene. Prism of Eternal Now leaves behind the bounds of gravity for a free floating meditational headtrip of inner space exploration.

Note: the vinyl edition of Prism of Eternal Now is available via Marriage Records

"The real treasure in Adam Forkner's work is his innate ability to capture the perfect tone of sounds, whether it be a flanged guitar or an ancient drum machine." indieworkshop

"Warm synths and reverbed-out layers of guitar pave a solid foundation for drum loops, vocal tracks, and various other instruments to weave in and out of at their own pace." Tinymixtapes

"Each movement of ambient sound and melodic drone becomes impossible to dissect. It becomes a part of your memories." Tinymixtapes

"Adam Forkner is arguably the king of the hill when it comes to the Northwest psychedelic music scene." Portland Mercury

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White Rainbow

Prism of Eternal Now



  1. Pulses
  2. Middle
  3. For Terry
  4. Mystic Prism - [MP3]
  5. April 25th 11:14PM
  6. Warm Clicked Fruit
  7. Guitars
  8. Waves - [MP3]
  9. Awakening