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To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie



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september 21, 2009

Marlone is the second album release from the oddly monikered duo To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie. They are a pop band of sorts, in that their songs can worm their way into your head and not leave, but they are certainly not a group to be lumped in with the top 40 prattle that dominates the airwaves nor the mediocrity that smothers the interwebs.

Quite different from their other releases, Marlone is a more organic and open work, allowing breathing space for the songs to unfold and evolve; witness the slow, sinister burn of both "Villain" and "Turritopsis." And in quite a change of pace for the group, they even deliver a straight ahead pop song with the brisk romp of "In People's Homes."

What they assuredly are is a group that continually explores the union of the light and the dark, the sweetness of the female voice set against the salty backing tracks, always searching for the fine balance between the calming and the equilibrium challenging.

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie consists of Jehna Wilhelm and Mark McGee, with various collaborators in both the studio and live settings. Marlone was born from a collection of songs written on tour and during live performances, with additional material taking form in the recording sessions and later in mixing. The album was recorded at the Sound Gallery in Minneapolis, MN.

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To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie




  1. You've Gone Too Far
  2. The Needle
  3. Villain
  4. Along the Line
  5. I Will Hang My Cape In Your Closet
  6. Bridgework
  7. I Hear You Coming, But Your Steps Are Too Loud
  8. In Peoples' Homes
  9. Turritopsis
  10. Summertime