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Windy & Carl


We Will Always Be

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CD / 2xLP

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february 13, 2012

The first new recordings from Windy & Carl in more than three years.

Press quotes for Songs for the Broken Hearted
(kranky 2008)
"These days it seems all too easy to dig out a record that describes itself as 'droning', 'beautiful' or 'ambient', but when you're looking at where all this came from it is hard not to bump into the husband- and-wife duo of Carl Hultgren and Windy Weber. The band might be on their umpteenth release by now, but in their longevity they have never sacrificed quality control, and they have honed their style to a zenith most artists never touch. Sure there might be many newcomers and pretenders, but like so many things in life, sometimes it's best to get the real thing..."
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"Breathtaking combinations of deep ectoplasmic dronescapes and haunting songlike things."
Dream Magazine

"Alongside Stars of the Lid, Windy & Carl are in many ways the definitive Kranky band. "Songs For The Broken Hearted" is their fourth album for the label and, despite sticking with a formula the band have long since established, it's truly a work of heart-stopping beauty."

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Windy & Carl

We Will Always Be



Windy & Carl

We Will Always Be


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  1. For Rosa
  2. Remember
  3. Spires
  4. The Frost in Winter
  5. Looking Glass
  6. Nature of Memory
  7. The Smell of Old Books
  8. Fainting in the Presence of the Lord