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Tim Hecker



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september 16, 2013

This is the first vinyl issue for Tim Hecker's classic 2004 album.

press quotes for Mirages:

"As a follow-up to the sublime "Radio Amor", "Mirages" is an even more majestic album, striding with a confident heaviness further out into the wilderness, deep into the night." Boomkat

"...the keyboard parts on Mirages are prettier, and the overall mood is more contemplative, but there's a deep pit of melancholy at the center of the record, a mood with a strongly cumulative effect." Pitchfork

"The opener, Acephale," first erupts into a teeth-gnashing guitar solo before nodding off into an absinthe stupor, while the highlights, "Neither More or Less" and "Celestina" are both brooding stroboscope soundtracks." XLR8R

"The follow-up to 2003's critically acclaimed Radio Amor, Mirages further erodes the vapid predispositions of electronic music, uncovering a terrain where dissonance and melody coincide in a near-bohemian unison." Amazon

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Tim Hecker



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  1. Acéphale
  2. Neither More Nor Less
  3. Aerial Silver
  4. Celestina
  5. Counter Attack
  6. The Truth Of Accountants
  7. Aerial Light-Pollution Orange
  8. Non Mollare
  9. Kaito
  10. Balkanize-You
  11. Incurably Optimistic!