The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast

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Matmos - The Rose Has Teeth In the Mouth of a Beast

May 9, 2006

US LPx2/CD Matador OLE 677
UK LPx2/CD Matador Europe OLE 677
JP LPx2/CD P-Vine PCD-23754

  1. Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein
  2. Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan - [OLE715] [MP3]
  3. Tract for Valerie Solanas - [OLE715]
  4. Public Sex for Boyd McDonald
  5. Semen Song for James Bidgood
  6. Snails and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith
  7. Germs Burn for Darby Crash
  8. Solo Buttons for Joe Meek
  9. Rag for William S. Burroughs - [MP3]
  10. Banquet for King Ludwig II of Bavaria
  11. Kendo for Yukio Mishima [on Japanese CD, all LP editions, and iTunes only]

Drew Daniel
M.C. Schmidt