Tooth, Teeth, Milk, Skin, Teeth
2007 CD US Raash Records UD08aCD / RAASH01.1
Track Listing
  1. Tooth, Teeth, Milk, Teeth, Skin (24:24) [ud08]
Sleeve Notes
Original artwork: Steven Stapleton
Manipulation and layout: Matt Waldron

Raash would like to thank:
Jacob Benor for his invaluable help,
Stan Reed for support and resources
Kevin Spencer for his diligent audio sourcing,
Christoph Heemann for connecting the dots,
and Steven Stapleton for reconciling with
his least favourite creative offspring
Information from Matt Waldron posted on NWW Yahoo group 29-MAR-2010

I thought I might as well chime in here, since there seems to be a bit of confusion around this.

One of the previous posters was right: this was a remix of 'Insect & Individual Silenced' intended to be a bonus disc with the 'suitcase edition' of the album that was supposed to be released by Raash a couple years ago.
It's not the irr. remake of the album: the remix was created by Steve around the time that the reissue was being assembled, although I did do the graphic layout for it (it was one of the unused variations for the reissue cover).

This 'suitcase edition' is supposedly still going to be released, but when (and if) this will happen is unclear. I believe around 80 to 100 of these discs were made. An audio CD and a DVD of the record release performance at Amoeba were also going to be included, and layouts were created for both of those discs, but that part of the edition has been entirely abandoned now.

The claim the Discogs seller makes in his listing is something I would dispute: Steve was very happy with the remix and disappointed that it never received its intended release, so it's possible that at some point the piece will in fact be issued in some other format (although nothing specific is planned right now).