Various Artists
Touch 00

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UK CD Touch T_ZERO_0
  1. Ryoji Ikeda - Matrix (For An Anechoic Room)
  2. Daniel Menche - Down
  3. Chris Watson - Friday The 13th
  4. AER - As You Wonder Around
  5. Thomas Brinkmann - Olga A1
  6. "Relationship Volume"
  7. Locust - Wrong
  8. "Naming A Flower"
  9. Chris Watson - A Celebration
  10. Scala - Breaking Point
  11. Philip Jeck - As My Shadow Passes...
  12. People Like Us / Jet Black Hair People, The / Wobbly - KZSU 14 Sept 1999
  13. "In Brief"
  14. Hazard - Flood Gate
  15. "Mach .853 (Moscow Air Traffic Control Over Tutukhansk, Siberia, October 1990)"
  16. Richard H. Kirk - Entering Valhalla Without A Laptop (But With An Umbrella, A Sewing Machine And An Operating Table - Dig It)
  17. Chris Watson - A Blessing
  18. AER - Bread Upon The Water
  19. Biosphere - Sun-Baked
  20. Topbias Frere-Jones - F-Hz (#190736, 1996)
  21. Mika Vainio - lmaantuva (Airing/Appearancing)
About track 3: "The fall had ruptured his spleen. Driven out of the valley, it took the Land Rover nearly seven hours to reach the George IV hotel. They were desperate, but too late... The feast took place and later the musicians played on the very roof where Nickifi had last spoken to the traitor Dris before he was murdered by the daughters of The Magrha, Friday the 13th Sept. 1996. Ouarzazate, Morocco."
About track 9: "Leopards stalk the rocky highlands of North Ethiopia, and a young boy nervously watches over his family's small herd of goats and roots around the hillside with his olive root stick...
About track 17: "...A small swarm of bees are disturbed and gather around the boy's head - King Lalibela is discovered."