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NL CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope/BLRR TEKA05
  1. Artwork: Bring The Rain [MP3]
  2. Karolinek: A Small Swan Song [MP3]
  3. The Tear Garden: Bump (Version 2) [MP3]
  4. The Tear Garden: Georgie (Version 2) [MP3]
  5. The Tear Garden: Extract From The Empathy Sessions [MP3]
  6. The Legendary Pink Dots: Super [MP3]
  7. Lydia Tomkiw: Pretty Something [MP3]
  8. Mimir: Catchy Tune [MP3]
  9. The Tear Garden: Message 3 [MP3]
  10. The Legendary Pink Dots: The Bomb Bomb Loopapa Tribe Go To Swansea (And Eat It) [MP3]
A collection of material from various LPD "guest appearances" and side projects, and the release is credited to "Legendary Pink Dots with Friends and Relations". The Tear Garden and LPD contributions are previously unreleased tracks.


Little Marcus, little Moe
And mummy's got a gun
Keeps the dogs
Clean off the garbage
Keeps the baliffs on the run
Cried for help so many times before
She's numb from head to toes
Tried diving from the 15th floor but
The window's always closed

Bring the rain
To wash away the pain
Make a better day
No-one is to blame

One grey day, the storm passed over
Brought the whole house down
Had to swim to find some shelter
On the darker side of town
Now they hang out on a liferaft
They all share an eiderdown
With some refugees from Venus
Who just never make a sound

Bring the rain
To wash away the pain
Make a better day
No-one is to blame

*Transcribed by
and members of the Cloud-Zero mailing list


I read your mind and snapped your garter
Hung your conscience high up from the tallest tree
'Cause I refuse to be a martyr to your wicked cause
(Cause, cause, cause)

When fall upon my knees
I'd rather creep inside your igloo
Sample fifteen kinds of snow
Until I'm foaming like the hound
That haunts your hall
(Hall hall hall)

I've spent too long on fences
'Round your cold infected heart
And spinning ribbons in your hair
And I'm aware you never cared
Cared at all
(All, all, all)

I'm feeding feeding feeding on you...

*Transcribed by Adam K Rixey


What a bunch of pompous, self-centered
Pitiful subservient fools you all are
I've been screaming at you for centuries
And it all goes in one ear
And straight out of the other, doesn't it?

I don't move in mysterious ways
I'm in your face, up front
How many earthquakes, tidal waves
Plagues do you want for me to make my point?

Worse still
You have the nerve to blame me
For all those ill-conceived little misadventures
Look at you now
Goddammit, you're a disgrace!!!
A shame, I just wipe my hands of you

But I guess I'm just an old softie
Look, I'm going on vacation for awhile
You have one last chance to get it right
You heard me - get it right
Be seeing you

*Transcribed by Adam K Rixey


Synchronize your watches
'Cause the party's just begun
He holds the gun
Close to the temple
Of his lovely
One and only
Foaming from the balcony
No one's listening in
We all tune out drop off and pull the blinds

It's all been done before
He's kicking crap across the floor
He's kicking her across the floor
He's kicking walls and windows, closet doors

Five years

All the next day nurses cry out
"What's the deal, now what the hell?"
He'll smile and say politely
"Just an accident, she fell"
She surely falls a lot

Five years

He seemed like little Romeo
But now he's all she's got
Now he's all she knows
It's better than a life alone

Five years

One starless sticky night
He came home a little late
She'd hung the chains up
Barred the windows
Built a barricade
A single finger
There was spray paint dripping down the door
She'd won the war and didn't need a second shot

She picked her spot and fired and we stood back and admired

Crowned her princess of our spire
We disposed of his remains
And when they ask me what became of Romeo
I will tell them he's now playing as a flower on a grave
So very far away
So very far away

Five miles