A Coil Magazine, 1987

John Sanders and Mick Gaffney were in contact with Coil for some time before approaching them in 1986 to produce a magazine solely devoted to their interests and music. John and Mick produced, financed and distributed the Coil magazine in 1987. The first edition of around 500 was numbered with a print included by Stephen Waters. To their surprise it sold out within a month. They did two more print runs of about 500 each time. They soon approached Coil to release some of their music. A 10" of The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser was released in 1988 and followed up by differing CD and cassette formats. The 10" was originally released in black and clear vinyls with a later pressing in pink vinyl.

  1. Open the Bloodgate
  2. Coil Interview
  3. Austin Osman Spare Obituary (The Times, 1956)
  4. A.O.S. Sigil & Drawing
  5. Possession
  6. Photo by Lawrence Watson
  7. Ambrosia Transpersonal Communications part one
  8. Ambrosia Transpersonal Communications part two
  9. Ambrosia Transpersonal Communications part three
  10. Compilation Track Information
  11. John Fare part one
  12. John Fare part two
  13. John Fare part three
  14. Scum & Slime by John Giorno
  15. Drawing by Trevor brown
  16. Jim Fouratt on Coil (rejected article from Spin Magazine) part one
  17. Jim Fouratt on Coil (rejected article from Spin Magazine) part two
  18. Hate Mail!
  19. Selected Readings
  20. 'Tainted Love' video part one
  21. 'Tainted Love' video part two
  22. 'Tainted Love' video part three
  23. 'Tainted Love' video part four
  24. A to Z of Coil part one
  25. A to Z of Coil part two
  26. A to Z of Coil part three
  27. Photo by Lawrence Watson
  28. Favourite Things, Dream Photography
  29. Dream Recall Exercise (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
  30. The Angelic Conversation part one
  31. The Angelic Conversation part two
  32. The Angelic Conversation part three