Threshold House Newsletter 1992


Here, finally, is the CD Stolen and Contaminated songs (LOCI CD4). Although always 'by subscription', our original estimate as to how long this project would take in these difficult times was optimistic. It took forever!

However in the time elapsed since announcing the project we have recorded several new pieces which are included as well as early and reworked versions of songs from Love's Secret Domain. As always Coil, and everyone at Threshold House, greatly appreciate your continued interest, support (and patience!) We sincerely hope that the delay in delivery of this package has not caused you too much grief.

We recognise that a few people may be missing out as the current release is CD only, and in so response we will be manufacturing 1000 numbered vinyl LPs in a special package to be sold at the same price as the CD. Obviously there will only be approx 45 mins of music on this format rather than the 62 mins contained herein.

In addition to this project, we have in the last year recorded the music for The Gay Man's guide to Safer Sex a video sponsored by the Terrence Higginotent work is available from us by mail order (see list over).

Current projects include a single on the Clawfist label, a track for a new Sub-Rosa compilation also featuring Ligetti, music to accompany a graphic novel "Underground" to be published in the U.S. by Dark Horse, remixing a track for NIN (not yet released), and directing videos for amongst others Gavin Friday, Bjorn Again and Ministry, which included filming William S. Burroughs in Kansas. While there we took the opportunity to record W. S. B. for a future Coil release. We are also looking for contributions (text, photos of tattoos etc) for a book we will be publishing on the symbol of the Black Sun.

Lastly, we are writing material for our next album, presently titled "International Dark Skies".

Coil, London. October 1992