Emergency Information Update - 1st June 1995

1st june 1995
Thank you for your order of information request. A thorough newsletter is in preparation and you will get that eventually. Also we will be sending out postcards announcing all new releases from now on, but in the meantime...

Latest news is that John Balance recently, voluntarily admitted himself to a private drug and alcohol dependency clinic in Wiltshire for treatment of long term alcohol abuse. He seems to be doing well so far and is no longer physically addicted, just the mental problems to deal with! Our sincere thanks to all those who have already sent messages of support...

Partly as a result of this and partly as a result of our heavy recording commitments, we are currently not able to accept any further mailorders ourselves. We are working our way through orders already recieved, to complete them where possible and to return cheques etc. where it's not. We are very sorry to all those we screwed up this way.

Slightly good news is that now World Serpent are doing mail order - see enclosed price list. Contact them directly at World Serpent, Unit 717, Seager Buildings, Brookmill Road, London SE8 4HL, UK.

our latest release is the ELpH vs Coil album "Worship The Glitch" available on CD and double 10" which should be available as you read this (via World Serpent as usual). This 'hardcore ambient' album picks up where the ELpH vs Coil mini album leaves off... We are still working on all other previously announced projects including "The Sound Of Music", "Unnatural History II" and the Coil "major" album for the nothing label, currently called "Backwards". The Nine Inch Nails remix album "Further Down The Spiral" features three remixes by Coil, and this is also out about now...

If you have internet access you can email us: - Sleazy is generally quite good at responding within about a week given our current level of messages. Even beter, with WWW access you can get a whole bunch of coil info at (generally up to date but sometimes slower to get to) or the mirror
also there is a listserver on artists released through World Serpent Distribution. Email: including text "subscribe wsd-l" in subject heading.

Thank you for your interest and support!
BM/Codex, London, WC1N 3XX, UK