email letter - October 1996

Sorry we haven't and indeed, aren't, writing directly back to you personally.

It's hard to decide how to prioritise our time, and recently we have been working very hard, too hard actually... Despite this we are both very well, and feeling good about what's happening. (BTW we ascribe part of this new found energy and focus to suggestions in a book called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron (Martin Scorsese's ex-wife and a film director and teacher in her own right) - we thoroughly recommend this book and, the insights in it, to anyone.)

We spent September in the USA, partly in NYC and partly in New Orleans, where we completed the recording and mixing stage of our next Magnum Opus, at the studios of Trent Reznor and Nothing Records. They were are really friendly and helpful, and short of actually appearing on the album, did everything the could to make it work for us. We have by the way agreed to make 5 albums for Nothing which they are to distribute world-wide, so this should solve the availability problems some people have been having, and also will fund some of our more extreme projects... BTW we will be continuing to release experimental material such as ELpH via Eskaton in the normal way.

We think we did some really good songs, 14 or 15, in the classic Coil mode, although they remain to be edited and finished off into a Total Work. This is the album we were going to call INTERNATIONAL DARK SKIES, but thanks to a rather cheesy sub-X-Files TV show in the US, is now called something different. This new title will be revealed in due course! We expect to deliver the master tapes, artwork etc to Nothing by Christmas, and therefore will probably be released worldwide by them in the Spring.

We also recently did a remix for Tactile which will appear on the 'Recurrence and Intervention' CD released soon by Sentrax Recordings in Nottingham.

At that time we are planning a major update to our websites, with all kinds of animations and links to Coil sanctioned organisations, album related imagery and other good stuff. We will email you again when its up.

John is now preparing to appear with Current 93 in NYC at Samhain (Oct 31st, Nov 1st) and Peter is shortly going to Tokyo to make a japanese Nike commercial.

We will try to respond in person to your mail as soon as we can, but please bear with us. Hopefully the above information, will go some way to filling the gap.

Keep in touch, its always nice to get mail, esp. from people who don't demand an immediate response or ask numerous questions that would take half an hour each to answer properly!

Lots of love
Peter & John
Coil/Threshold House/Eskaton