monologues - montreal live intro

this is the monologue which opened the gybe! live show in montreal on may 10th 1998.

this is a forward for godspeed
nobody we know owns anything
many of us will never own anything at all
we're tired of feeling bewildered
tired of helplessness
we want many, many things to end soon
these times, when everything is denied us
anything is possible
but everyday stubborn, clumsy, beautiful ideas
drop on the withering vine
we're tired of this state of affairs
we call to end paranoia, self-intimidation and fear
meanwhile, the world spins
as if nothing has happened at all
we're all still waiting
we dedicate this to everyone who couldn't afford
the thirty dollar price tag!
we dedicate this to girls kissing girls
boys kissing boys
girls kissing boys
and everything in between!
the future is bleak, uncertain, beautiful
tommorrow they might come and arrest us all
only if you listen closely can you hear the machines
beneath the sidewalk whipsering
the machines beneath the sidewalk are
always whispering
strive to listen close
please, try to be free
don't be afraid
the end of the world will never come

(huge thanks to james renihan for transcribing this).

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