godspeed you! black emperor

  1. links
    1. email lists
      there are currently two email lists, both at yahoogroups.com:
      'gybe' and 'deathkamp_drone'
    2. concerts
      royal festival hall/all tomorrow's parties festival
      instant chavire, middle east and cat's cradle
      chicago '99 & '00 shows (scroll down to find gybe)
      concert chronology
    3. tabs
      the sad mafioso
      the slow moving train

    4. other's sites
      constellation's gybe site
      constellation's a silver mt. zion site
      constellation's fly pan am site
      alien8's molasses site
      alien8's shalabi effect site
      southern records' gybe site
      all angels gone; an unofficial gybe site
      the unofficial gybe faq
      deadflagblues, a french gybe site
      the artwork of William Schaff (who did the artwork inside of 'lift yr skinny fists...')

    5. features
      indie eye feature
      leonard's lair review of 'lift yr skinny fists...'
      splendid e-zine feature
      review from washingtonpost.com

    6. interviews
      signum interview with efrim
      triplej radio, 9/2/03, australia (real audio stream)

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