Hiya, got my copy of EYE 32 in the mail this weekend along with the cool swag I ordered - Thoroughly enjoyed the DVD, and though I'd watched the NWW segment online before it was thrilling to experience it in all its majesty on my widescreen TV and to see the great segments on Aranos & Z'ev (though I wish you could've got him to talk more about his metaphysical occult leanings and endeavors) - And the audio mastering on that DVD is killer, I had to decrease the volume on the DVD -10db to avoid rousting the neighbors (usually I have to BOOST the audio when viewing DVDs) - I'm probably gonna order a couple more of these EYE volumes anyway, but you ought to consider releasing the Boyd Rice feature on DVD-R (along with the much less interesting Death In June special, I guess), you know DI6 fans will buy that one, right?...

Thanks for the praise and encouragement.  We'll contact Non and DIJ and see what they think.

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mwvm review

Where can I locate a copy of this mwvm record? Thanks for your help.

There is a link provided to record label (when available) in each review these days. Read a little closer.

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I make MUSIC,Hip Hop Beat make,Rap,Sing.
and I draw a picture.

robert(MUSH RECOADS) said me"good music,"

Please know me.

Thank you.

Okay, now we know you.
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electric president review

I just wanted to say, you know they made that record with no budget, in a basement. You would know this if you simply went to their website, and read three sentences before you posted a missinformed review.

Shove it up your ass.  The writer always writes his/her opinion.  Saying the album "sounds like" isn't being mis-informed, it's stating opinion.  So kindly fuck off.  We just won't review them next time, won't give sound samples, won't let readers judge for themselves.  Hope you'll be happier then.  No publicity is always worse than bad publicity.

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is there any way of me doing a mailorder for a godspeed t shirt?

Why are you asking Brainwashed? We're not godspeed.
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what r u?

I was wondering what kind of company r u?

are u a record label? distribution company?

and how do u help music artists?


Why don't you click About Brainwashed and find out!
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Make CDs less expensive, release better music

An article was released today from the Associated Press, Fan Memo to Music Industry: Lower Prices where poll results strongly support the case that the music business needs to stop crying and bitching about downloading and start making better music.  We couldn't agree more!
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you are the best radio in the whole hole wide world.

love it


We try!

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Sony BMG/Red Music

Hello, I am contacting you from SonyBMG/Red Music -- Can you tell me which
e-mail address to use when submitting news and press on our artists?   Also,
please let me know if you have a mailing address where we can send promo copies
of our cd and dvd releases.

Fuck you.  Really.  Fuck SonyBMG/Red Music.  We're not interested, we don't want your crappy music destroying our computers and we're certainly not even responding to give you a live email address from our domain so you can infect our computers in that way too.

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Stop Alito Today!

Or at least fucking TRY! The news reports that Alito's confirmation  to the Supreme Court is likely. But there is still a little hope.  You can never lose hope.
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Keiji Haino review

I'm studying Japanese, and although not fluent, I have a rough idea of what the title means. You said babelfish came back blank, that's probably because Romaji is different from their alphabet. My best guess is that that the first word "Uchu" is a typo of sorts. The album is "Uchu ni karami tsuiti iru waga itami." If the first word should be an elongated "u" sound, it would be spelled "Uchuu ni ....". If that's the case, here are a couple of possibilities:

  • Travelling with little luggage through space affects my grief
  • Space Entanglement Concerning our Pain.
  • Lonely Space Travel Affects our Pain.
  • My Grief is affected by Lonely Space Travel

Don't know if this helps or not, since I'm not fluent and I'd need to know the context to get the structure correct. Those crazy Japanese are always omitting the context. =)

Scott McKeating responds: Many thanks for your response. I'm sure any of those possible translations fit the sound of the album though. Maybe we should run a competition...
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Matmos eye...

I wanted to also say how great the Matmos "Eye" segment was.  I am originally
from Wisconsin and go to school in Iowa, so I will probably never have a chance
to see the guys in the flesh, so this was as great of a substitute as I could
ever have.  Matmos are not one of my absolute favorites, but I have always had
a great deal of respect for how monumentally academic they are about their
music, and how they've utilized what they know to push music as an art form
forward and this segment just increased that respect all the more.  Snail
theremin?  Holy shit.  And the playing of those (or what appeared to be) metal
strips at the end was weirdly haunting.  Thanks for this!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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matmos eye

really, this time you've outdone yourself, jon. the matmos episode of
'the eye' was the best thing you've ever featured on the site. amazing
interview, great concert footage, totally fascinating, funny and
brilliant. drew daniel is so cute and charming, and so good at
articulating the specific perspective that matmos is coming from with
their music. everything looked and sounded great. hopefully matmos will
let you put that one on a DVD-R so we can see it on the big screen

Thanks a lot.  Hopefelly they'll let us to it too!

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Antony and the Air Force

We have Comcast cable at  our house, and you can watch music videos with On Demand. A few months ago I saw Antony & The Johnsons "Hope There's Someone," and enjoyed it, so this weekend when I noticed it was on the list of videos again, I put  it on,...
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Thanks a Million

Dear Brainwashed, (and Jon Whitney in particular),

Thank you for sending the EYE 032 DVD so fast it caught me by surprise.  I was
very touched by the personal dedication on the cover and disc and the content
was great too, like a wonderful vacation video - although  next time you go to
Ireland to film outdoors, maybe take a windshield for the mic, although I did
like the rumbling it has to be said!

I hope to be able to spend some more money on you soon,

thanks again, you wear the crown,

Thanks a ton, we'll save up for a windshield!

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i love you.........
i very love blue rats of coil.................

Thanks for the love.

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I'm interested in getting copies of that Daniel Padden CD for my record shop... do you offer wholesale prices at all to record shops?


We do but if you already use distributors, we encourage you to use them as we do distribute our music through a number of distributors.  If there's something you want you can always pester your distributors to carry brainwashed's releases.
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I see you have a page for sampling Antony and the Johnson songs, and I was hoping you might be of some help.  I am desperately trying to get the songs from the "I fell in love..." ep and the song "virgin mary."  Essentially, the rare stuff that is OOP.  The cds/7" are available on ebay for an exhorbitant amount of cash...too much for my poor soul.  I'm a big Twin Peaks fan, and I'd really like to get his "mysteries of love" cover.   Anyway, I was wondering if you have or know where to get them, either to purchase them for a reasonable sum or to download these gems.

Keep looking.  Perhaps one day some of these things will be collected but there's no plans like that at this moment. Sorry.
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Mailing list - checking on records

Hi there -

Thanks so much for putting this site up.  It's become one of my daily stops as I wake up and surf the net.

Anyhoo, I work with artists and added your site on to our mailing list at the end of 2005.  Is there someone I can be in touch with about records I send your way or do you like receiving music from labels/publicists?

We welcome submissions all the time but are not very responsive to publicists pestering us "did you get it, will you cover it?" because we are a staff of volunteers.  We don't do this for a living so we all have other committments.  Sorry, if we covered top 40 indie pop crap from major labels maybe we'd have a bigger market segment and more money to get paid with but then we wouldn't be covering the more daring stuff we want to give attention to.
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Track jump


I appreciate the span of variety on you offer to your listeners on your radio station.  Could it be your aim to offer such senseless ecclectism with  and little coherence.
Couldn't you categorise your radio a bit more according to people's tastes and needs in music research?
I agree that for people who are at the first stage of discovering music, the way it is now is perhaps the best way.
However, for those who have been listening for quite some time now, couldn't you have specific programs or "grouping" of specific types of music? I like what I listen to but I never know which name I should give it as a "type" or "style" of music. Knowing this, wouldn't it enable
people with a high interest in music, to facilitate them in their research?
I dunno, an Andrew Chalk night for example?
Or a Matador records day?
Or a Kranky day?
Or a "you've been hearing this all along and now is the time to know where to find these things in reality "by overall type"?
Or...would such categorisation break your radio's ideal a bit?
If so then, forgive me for my arrogance.

The Brainwashed Radio is what it is.  It's like conventional radio, but we're broadcasting to the world so there's no predictability what time and day any particular listener is at.  It's easier to keep it going on random as it is, and you can tune in when you can listen.  It's there for you when you want to put it on. 
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