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Dosh, "Pure Trash"

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Fog drummer and Minneapolis native Martin Dosh invites us in for yet another foray into his personal life on Pure Trash, the followup to 2003's Dosh (both on Anticon). Using the same formula that made Dosh so inviting—a drum kit, a deliberately broken Fender Rhodes and an army of samples, some chaotic, some organic, others adulterated by effects pedals, all filtered onto a basic eight track recorder—Dosh waxes instrumental over twelve tracks about marriage, childbirth and the larceny of the aforementioned beloved electric piano. The only vocalizations are the occasional sample from Dosh's wife and co-procreationist (whose assertion that "being pregnant and having a baby is not weird" opens up the album), his new son Naoise (who lends his name to the ninth track and a more or less complementary EP), or the gaggle of schoolchildren that Dosh teaches at his day job. Dosh's music, emotional as it is, thrives on a blend of subtlety and order over spontaneity, using his careful choice of instrumentation to convey emotion, whether it is mourning for his stolen Fender Rhodes (the fifth track, "Bye Rhodsy," is such an elegy) or dwelling upon marriage (the surprisingly mournful but eventually uplifting sixth track, appropriately titled "I think I'm getting married"). Through his music, one can almost see and feel Dosh worry, love, laugh and cry. The result is genuinely touching and thoughtful, without ever bordering on triteness or over-sentimentality, quite a feat with such personal material.


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