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The actions and arguments of the Recording Industry Association of America and some of its most powerful members exemplify a complete and utter disregard and contempt for the interests and behavior of musicians, independent record labels, and, most importantly, the music-buying public. The RIAA seeks to regulate the behavior of consumers and actors in a free market via unreasonable means and at their expense, financially and otherwise. Its claims of supporting "creative vitality" and "artists' rights" are disengenuous, as the RIAA represents the corrupt and exclusionary oligopoly of major record labels, Hollywood film studios, and corporate entertainment media outlets. That certain "indie" labels have membership in this association is not indicative of an RIAA looking out for their best interests.

Among our grievances...

The RIAA and the aforementioned colluding oligopolists are enemies of music and of consumer rights, therefore we at Brainwashed.Com call for the immediate dismantling of the RIAA.

  1. We call for all recording artists and independent labels that are currently members of the RIAA to immediately separate from this group in an act of protest, hopefully to form a more progressive association that better represents their interests.
  2. We call on music lovers worldwide not to purchase the products of major record labels and to ask others to do the same.
  3. We call on individuals who own stock in the oligopolists cited above, in mutual funds or otherwise, to divest immediately and refuse to invest further.
  4. We call on the United States Congress to halt all ruling on DMCA until there are more organizations at the table deciding these laws which apply to the entire music industry.

The undersigned individuals agree with these statements and stand with Brainwashed.Com in solidarity against the RIAA.

To sign the petition, email us with your name, email address, city, and zip code.  This information will not be made public NOR will it be used in a database NOR will you be contacted by and its affiliates NOR will you be added to ANY "spam" email lists.  We guarantee that.

Additionally, we may be contacted with any questions pertaining to this action.

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Review of the Day

You'll find the usual Cologne suspects on the list of Dankes in the notes the latest Joe Zimmerman release. But as the cover art (a circle of traditional Teutonic dancers caught in a mid-air leap) visually suggests, the music is brighter and poppier than the output of most his A-Musik labelmates. Like much of Sclamm's previous work, 'Augenwischwaldmoppgefloete' (Eyeswipeforestflute or somthing like that) takes a flighty, melodic bent, sounding more like a video game soundtrack than any type of hip pomo pastiche: it's more Alex Kidd than Kid 606. (Actually, the opening track "Konfliktfickfahig" is more Super Mario than Alex Kidd). This aesthetic sense of unity and seamlessness is what characterizes most of the Cologne crowd and sets them apart from imitators, and Schlammpeitziger takes it even further with an almost naive simplicity of bouncy rhythms and Casio bleeps. Rather than sounding pedestrian, it's refreshing to the ears. If you liked any of his earlier stuff, you'll dig this one.
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