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Northampton Wools, Self-titled Double Cassette

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If you're a Western Mass townie, its likely that you've experienced more of Thurston Moore's side projects than you've ever thought possible.  Of all his recent non-Sonic Youth outings this little piece of analog realy exciting.



As far as double cassettes go, this is succinct and to the point. Two 24 minute tapes are just enough to showcase Northampton Wool's plinking, lo-fi, scuzzed out guitar noise. Moore needs no introduction.The other collaberator, Bill Nace, is no stranger in the Pioneer Valley experimental music scene. He can be found scraping out caverns of sound with Chris Corsano in Vampire Bellt, Chris Cooper (Fat Worm of Error) in Buddies, or with his long running band XO4. In Noho Wools, we get to see these two axe masters furiously battle it out, and fuse thier weapons into one chaotic, molten mess. This recording is as much of a send up to Dead C as it is to Thurston's unabashed love of Wolf Eyes and Hair Police. It has all the energy and punk attitude, and the chops and skill to back it up.  Those who successfully seek out this little jem will be rewarded.

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