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Presentperfect, "Dispelling the Analog Myth"

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This is the first release from Text Records (not to be confused with Fridge's own UK-based label), a sub-label affiliated with Tinman Records, devoted to electronic experimental and ambient music. The albums released on Text heavily depart from the more straightforward industrial found on Tinman, such as early Crocodile Shop and I, Parasite.
Presentperfect uses loops in order to illustrate the imperfections of analog. From the band's website: "Even the sine wave, and the seductive curvature of science, in its universe of ideals, can not be considered analog. For every complete cycle there is discontinuity and interruption. It is not the amount of something but the amount of nothing that distinguishes pitch." While the idea is intriguing and the music attempts to explore and express some of the science and mathematics behind electronic music, in the end, it's not focused enough on the music itself. I found little here to be emotionally, or intellectually, engaging. The first track, "Winters Tuesday," at about sixteen minutes, could easily have been pared down to half that time and managed to make it's point—the drones become excessive and border on monotonous, the kiss-of-death for ambient music. The same can be said for many of the other tracks, whose excessive length create a sense of detachment, you wait for it to move on, hope it moves on, and it rarely does. But there are some great moments on this CD. It may be worth picking up solely for the unfortunately too short "Digital Bath," which actually moves toward a beat-oriented and noisier realm. It was enough to make me wonder how great a rhythmic Presentperfect album would sound. The surrounding tracks just do not sustain a momentum that propels me through the album as a listener. In the end I felt much like the drones on this CD: flat and distant.


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