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Forced Exposure New Releases for 8/18/2014

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New music is due from Jenny Hval & Susanna, Camilla Green, Jarse, and Trentemøller, while old music is due from The Grateful Dead/John Oswold, Surgeon, Colin Potter, Athanor, and Owen Maercks.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 219 Medford Street / Malden, MA 02148 / USA

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REEL BY REAL: Karma EP 12" (ARTLESS 2190EP) 14.00
Original Detroit techno with classy Don Williams mixes.



TEMPLETON, MARK: Sea Point EP 12" (ANTICIP 007A-EP) 14.00
2009 release. Sea Point takes three tracks from Templeton's Inland (ANTICIP 007CD) album, exposing them to vinyl for the first time, and includes three new tracks which are exclusive to this release. The album closer reverses and sees a fitting beginning here, as its namesake implies, becoming the opener on the A1 side and setting the tone for the remaining pieces on this EP. The new tracks on Sea Point were made right after finishing Inland, and they continue to exhibit the subtlety and fuzzy, crackly, acoustic-based processes, sheering themselves of extraneous parts and leaving delicate strums and echoing backgrounds of abstracted phrases.


BUNNIES & BATS: Little Colored Blocks EP 12" (ANTICIP 012EP) 14.00
Little Colored Blocks is the first release by Philadelphia duo Bunnies & Bats. With bass and soft vocal phrases at its forefront, this EP keeps a balance of minimal dance music and experimental pop-orientation. The remixes offer a healthy range of variations on the original: David Last turns in a tropical dancefloor gem, and Nicholas Sauser presents a dark and moody workout that recalls his turns on Microcosm, while Ezekiel Honig veers to a piano-driven, vocal-hook laden version.


AUS 1238EP

MIDLAND: Placement Remixes EP 12" (AUS 1238EP) 12.00
2014 repress. Hot on the heels of Midland's Placement EP, Aus returns with a remix 12" featuring Lone and Motor City Drum Ensemble. Both producers deliver deep, melodic reinterpretations of the originals, with Lone accentuating Midland's signature sound (while flawlessly incorporating his own neon-tinged atmospherics) and MCDE dubbing out the original, pushing it into throbbing Raw Cuts territory.



SLOAN AND CLONE, GARY: Harmonitalk CD (BMS 043CD) 11.50
2012 release. Alaska, 1980. The robotic harmonica and his Clones have landed on glacier planes. Meet mutant commander Gary Sloan -- this is the dawn of Harmonitalk! Less than 100 copies of this privately-pressed Alaskan electronic harmonica album by the tight-knit synth trio called Clone actually survived the journey out of their Anchorage base camp, leaving an explosive trail of unidentified synth-pop, new age, low-fi blues, techno, vocoded folk-funk and prog-rock blazing behind them. See what happens when a homespun innocent blues collective become possessed by the souls of Vangelis. Klaus Schulze and Suzanne Ciani on the frost-bitten film set of John Carpenter's The Thing.



MR RAOUL K: Still Living in Slavery - Part Three 12" (BBM 001EF-EP) 14.00
This 12" is the third and last EP that will make up the vinyl version of Mr. Raoul K's album Still Living in Slavery. Please remember: The last 12" came in a neat sleeve that easily stores all three records in it. The first side contains Kuniyuki Takashi's remix of "Dounougnan Magni," who softens the somewhat sparse and minimalistic style of the original. The flipside contains the last chapter of the epic "Enchained Tribe," a deep, glowing track with a haunting vocal. "Break Your Chains and Return to Botswana" is full of slow-paced African percussion and an accompanying chant that fades in and out of the mix.



HAVANTEPE: Olivenbaum EP 12" (BAUM 010EP) 12.50
Baum welcomes back Havantepe, who previously released a track on Baum Limited Picture Edition. Havantepe is one of the most talented producers out of Istanbul, always delivering tight, solid productions. This time is no exception, since the two tracks on this EP are so well-produced. "War Cry" is a deep dub techno track full of energy, and "Revolt" is the perfect track to play at the end of a set, with its hypnotizing atmosphere.



ARGY & MAMA: Recluse EP 12" (BPC 299EP) 12.00
This is the first single from Argy & Mama's forthcoming debut full-length album, Dominonation. This EP focuses more on the dancefloor-oriented songs, highlighting the duo's more elaborate songwriting abilities. The tracks here fuse contemporary underground genres with radio-friendly hooks, serving up tinges of gothic darkness with a smattering of gritty, lo-fi sensibilities. The full-length album's release will be accompanied by a live band tour which will disclose a completely new approach on how to throw an emotionally-fueled modern rave.


BB 125CD

ROEDELIUS: Flieg Vogel fliege CD (BB 125CD) 17.00
Bureau B presents Flieg Vogel fliege by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, released by Sky Records in 1982. Flieg Vogel fliege (trans. "Fly Bird Fly") is the fifth installment of the "Selfportrait" series, with musical sketches and ideas recorded by Roedelius between the years of 1973 and 1979 on a Revox tape machine in his living room. In contrast to the previous self-portraits, which he left untouched, Roedelius revised these recordings and embellished them with further tracks. "Measured against its predecessors, however, the audio quality is notably superior on this edition. Roedelius clearly improved the sound of the old tapes in the process of compiling the pieces at the Erpel Studio in Vienna, also taking the opportunity to add a few tracks. Strictly speaking, these relatively complex multi-track recordings can no longer be bracketed together with the fleeting sketches as heard on the earlier albums. Now and again, they bear a resemblance to the character of the Cluster LP Sowiesoso. Having arrived in Austria following a protracted lean period, Roedelius finally had the chance to work in a studio which was not only well-equipped, but was also run by a kindred spirit sound engineer. The favorable working conditions, a myriad of new impressions and, by no means least, his personal happiness, saw Roedelius and his music flourish. This is discernable on Flieg Vogel fliege, even if only some of the music was created in his new adopted home. If complete insouciance, the acceptance of little musical mistakes and inaccuracies were symptomatic of the earlier self-portraits, then a mild formal rigor runs through this volume. Not that Roedelius allows this to hinder him in any way. The joy of playing and talent for improvisation celebrate a cheerful resurrection once again. His spontaneity and exuberance, the ability to express thoughts and feelings through music, none of this was lost. This confirms Flieg Vogel fliege as an authentic and undisguised Roedelius portrait. With a little patina, perhaps. But music by the same man today reveals exactly the same individual, perhaps a little wiser, and of course, some years older. And there you have it: Roedelius is and shall remain the merry fool from the jardin au fou." --Asmus Tietchens

BB 172LP

CLUSTER: One Hour LP (BB 172LP) 21.00
LP version. 180 gram vinyl. Bureau B reissues Cluster's 1994 album One Hour. "Cluster's hiatus between Curiosum (BB 038CD/LP) and Apropos Cluster (BB 171CD/LP) in 1990 lasted for almost 10 years. Roedelius and Moebius spent this time developing their individual musical characteristics in a series of solo albums and collaborations which they released with other musicians. Naturally, they also thoroughly explored newly emerging digital technology. Cluster's music evolved substantially through this decade, less so in basic style (color had simply been added to Cluster's world), but more in a more mature handling of rhythm, harmony and melody. If Apropos Cluster had been the fulminant reboot, then One Hour four years later already represented a fully-formed progression of the new concept. Roedelius and Moebius stayed true to their spirit of improvisation, playing together with a minimum of prior arrangements. So, in the duo's finest tradition, One Hour is the product of two sessions recorded in the studio of musician and sound engineer Eric Spitzer-Marlyn in Austria. Sixty minutes were selected from the most interesting passages and assembled into a coherent, cohesive musical sequence. The askesis in the apparent matter-of-factness and lightness of One Hour is an expression of strict artistic conception. Nothing veers off course, not a single flash of genius is overplayed. Moebius and Roedelius guide their listeners deeper and deeper into the fantastical realm of musical extravaganzas. One image follows the next, disappearing in similarly unhurried fashion to be replaced by another. As placid as One Hour may seem, the album is nothing less than meditative. This is not ambient music. High impressionism would be a more apposite description. Appreciating the fleeting imagery and flow of ideas requires the listener's undivided attention. Using Cluster as acoustic room scent would be a hopeless undertaking. The exquisite particles of sound would dissipate far too quickly and ineffectively." --Asmus Tietchens



Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell launch new imprint Cambria Instruments. The pair's first release on Cambria Instruments is Fake's nocturnal groove-laden track "Black Drift," coupled with Matsell's similarly crisp mixture of shifting percussion and submerged oscillations, "Bismuth." Both tracks have a similarly hi-fidelity feel to them, coupled with -- as Fake puts it -- "new esoteric melodies and textures previously unheard from both artists." Very limited pressing.


CH 119CD

O'CONNOR, GEOFFREY: Fan Fiction CD (CH 119CD) 15.50
Suave synth-pop songsmith Geoffrey O'Connor returns with his second solo album Fan Fiction. Previously known as the frontman for euphoric pop quartet Crayon Fields, Geoffrey stepped out from behind his guitar in 2011 with the seductive noir pop of solo album Vanity Is Forever (CH 088CD/LP). Now Fan Fiction sees Geoffrey refine his late-night vision further, exploring obsession, desire and submission in a way that few songwriters dare. His is a musical universe filled with strong, complicated, alluring women, where every bar is dimly lit and every bed recently rumpled. Musically, Fan Fiction is more upfront than Vanity Is Forever, its tempos bolder and its beats brighter. The album was partly recorded in London at Studio XXVII (Kindness, Robyn), but mostly at Geoffrey's own Vanity Lair in Melbourne. As usual, Geoffrey plays every instrument, aside from a little piano from Sparkadia's Alexander Burnett, plus backing vocals from long-time collaborator Jessica Venables (Jessica Says), and Gerald Wells (Montero). High-energy first single "Jacqueline" emerged in September 2013, and was quickly followed by a visit to New York's CMJ music conference in October. May saw the release of urbane second single "Her Name on Every Tongue" (co-written with Burnett), with a beguiling, chameleonic video premiered on, in which Geoffrey plays every character from an astronaut to a prison warden. Since emerging as a solo artist, Geoffrey has toured his adult contemporary disco hits through the U.S., UK and Australia, sharing stages with artists such as Grimes (CAN), Jens Lekman (SWE), Big Scary, Alpine, Edwyn Collins (SCO) and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (U.S.). His narrative-driven songwriting is backed by a strong visual element, which he has cultivated by producing eerie video backdrops and thematically linked music videos. Expect a string of further videos to accompany choice tracks from Fan Fiction.



ORACLES: Stanford Torus LP+CD (CLOUD 074LP) 18.00
Hairy psychedelia and shoegaze, the streaming motorik repetition of Krautrock and early electronica, highlife, Afrobeat and its pop derivates and classic West End and SalSoul-era disco have all left their deep mark and find their way into Oracles, one way or another. This is a six-track EP/mini-album, pressed on 180 gram vinyl with a CD insert plus an mp3 coupon. Opener "Untitled" sets the mood for what might be envisioned as their first message from a self-sufficient sphere -- a fertile place where Oracles reap the seeds of shoegaze, psychedelia, kosmische musik, highlife and Afrobeat ? chronicling search ("Gazing from Without"), loss ("Parting Ways"), desire ("Melt Tonight"), trips ("Journey Back to Dawn"), head-starts and dreams ("Untitled") in the process.



IN FLAGRANTI: High Pitch 12" (CRE 044EP) 12.50
Imagine a business date between In Flagranti, KONK, Liquid Liquid, Whatever Whatever and Optimo. It's a meeting that would not require any tea, biscuits or appropriate attire. All they need is a bundle of fiber optics to generate an internet connection. A bass line from Geneva (Jonny Sender/KONK), drums and percussion from the UK (Sasa Crnobrnja/ In Flagranti), and vocals from NY (Salvatore Principato/ Liquid Liquid), all propelled through the blender-beat-bender of both Justin Strauss (Whatever Whatever) and JD Twitch (Optimo). This release is a hip-notizing dance machine.



DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Black/Large) MENS LARGE T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-B-L) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size LARGE.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Black/Medium) MENS MED T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-B-M) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size MEDIUM.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Black/Small) MENS SMALL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-B-S) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size SMALL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Black/XL) MENS XL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-B-XL) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size XL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Navy/Large) MENS LARGE T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-N-L) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size LARGE.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Navy/Medium) MENS MED T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-N-M) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size MEDIUM.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Navy/Small) MENS SMALL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-N-S) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size SMALL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Negative Print/Navy/XL) MENS XL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-NEG-N-XL) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size XL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Black/Large) MENS LARGE T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-B-L) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size LARGE.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Black/Medium) MENS MED T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-B-M) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size MEDIUM.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Black/Small) MENS SMALL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-B-S) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size SMALL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Black/XL) MENS XL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-B-XL) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size XL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Navy/Large) MENS LARGE T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-N-L) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size LARGE.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Navy/Medium) MENS MED T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-N-M) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size MEDIUM.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Navy/Small) MENS SMALL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-N-S) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size SMALL.


DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing#006 (T-Shirt/Positive Print/Navy/XL) MENS XL T-SHIRT (DDSTP6-POS-N-XL) 27.50
Limited edition Demdike Stare screen-printed T-shirts with artwork by Alex Solman. Tees are Gildan Premium, 100% cotton pre shrunk jersey knit. Taped neck and shoulders. Sizes: to fit chest in inches S (34-36) M (38-40) L (42-44) XL (46-48). This is size XL.



STREETWALKER: Ooze/Ooze (Silent Servant Remix) 12" (DIAG 008EP) 16.50
Repressed. Diagonal presents Streetwalker, the duo of Beau Wanzer and Elon Katz. Titled "Ooze," it's a shadowy, mechanistic dancefloor crusher, originally released as a limited cassette single on the Catholic Tapes label in 2011, now pressed to vinyl and accompanied by a remix from Silent Servant. Recorded, processed and overdubbed using an arsenal of hardware, including a rare E-mu modular system and a home-built light-sensitive synthesizer, it builds across 12 minutes from woody drums and spooked whispers into a disorienting mass of snake-like acid lines and corrosive noise. Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant keeps the atmosphere of the original intact but sets it amid delicate drifts of melody, finding brief flashes of warmth amid the shade.


POWELL: Club Music 12" (DIAG 009EP) 16.50
Repressed. Powell returns to his own Diagonal imprint with a three-headed monster of a 12", his first on the label since 2012's Body Music. "So We Went Electric" sparks like a cable gone haywire, spitting arcs of raw blue energy through the mix amid spidery, distorted guitars and moaned vocals. "No U Turn" is bone-dry yet hot-blooded funk, its drums and bass strutting back and forth in an overdriven frenzy. And "Maniac," which features Russell Haswell ringing the life out of a Devil Fish TB-303, rounds this 12" off at its murkiest and most grimey, flipping the atmosphere of an almighty onstage punk band strop into contorted, fucked-up basement acid.



H.O.S.H.: H.O.S.H. Presents Forever Young 3 10" (DIYNAMIC 066-C) 14.00
With "Dancer" and "Disc Jockey" on Part 3 of his "Forever Young" series, H.O.S.H. shows us even more colors and variations of his unique production style. Consisting of four releases with all together eight tracks in a limited edition of 500 copies of 10" vinyl, each of the tracks presents the fulfillment of a childhood dream. All four covers in the series make up a puzzle to form together one big picture.


DG 10009EP

MANGA (FEAT. LADY ALMA), ROB: Things Will Get Better 12" (DG 10009EP) 12.50
Strong release by Amsterdam's Rob Manga and Philly's lovely Lady Alma aka Alma Horton. Includes another Kid Sublime refix. Being around in Amsterdam's club scene for many years, Manga finds himself on top of his game. In April of 2014, he spun 24 hours of vinyl at his AM/PM party, collaborating with many of his friends. Alma Horton is known for her works with the likes of 4Hero, King Britt and Rich Medina, and she contributes to this release with her powerful yet delicate vocals. Theo Parrish: "This should be a big seller! Congrats on your first release. Peace."



Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving. Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers. Some of the greatest world espionage stories involve spy rings -- from the Rosenbergs, to the Cambridge Five and the Duquesne case, stories that have haunted the annals of the covert world and remain shrouded in mystery and fascination to this day. The clandestine spirits permeate these eight tracks of dream-like industrial techno, impressionist synth burbles, fragmented post-modern ambient and cosmic sci-fi adventure. Pink vinyl version.



DETTMANN, MARCEL: Fabric 77 CD (FABRIC 153CD) 16.00
DJ at Berghain's forerunner Ostgut from the late '90s, and now resident at the world-renowned Berlin institution for a decade, Marcel Dettmann inhabits techno's top tier. Fabric 77 is a well-balanced selection of current techno in a master's hands. Incorporating unreleased material from his own MDR label, unheard Marcel Dettmann remixes, and such masters of the genre as Terence Fixmer and Robert Hood, the mix may surprise some listeners with its vibrancy, delicacy and range. Other artists include: Ryan James Ford, The Persuader, Answer Code Request, Dario Zenker, Moonbox, FBK, Byetone, Rod, Paperclip People, Norman Nodge, Francois X, O [Phase], Lockertmatik, Wincent Kunth, Joey Anderson, Marcelus, and Vril.



MAERCKS, OWEN: Teenage Sex Therapist LP (FTR 153LP) 16.50
"Owen Maercks' Teenage Sex Therapist LP is one of the forgotten twisted pop masterpieces of the 20th century. Owen had been in Monster Island with Henry Kaiser, who proposed he do a solo album of his songs. Henry had moved back west by this time, so Owen went out and recorded this album there. Henry produced, and added amazing horn parts by Jon Oswald, Larry Ochs and John Gruntfest. The album was mixed, pressed and distributed exclusively to radio stations, record labels and the like, in the hopes of getting Owen signed. The music didn't fit any extant pigeonhole, however, so no deal was in the offing. About the only note of its passing was made by an A&R guy at Elektra, who swiped the arrangement (and lyric rearrangement) of "Little Black Egg" (originally by the Nightcrawlers) for use by his protégées, The Cars. Well, fuck them. Teenage Sex Therapist is ripe with jaw-drop moves. Flashes of Eno, Beefheart, Lou Reed, the Bonzos, and various of Owen's other obsessions, fight each other for air-time. And everyone goes away a winner. If this one doesn't make your teeth wiggle, you need a new jaw." --Byron Coley; LP comes with a download card.


BACHMAN, DANIEL: Grey-Black-Green LP (FTR 156LP) 16.00
First vinylization of the 2011 CD-R release, with which Daniel Bachman shucked the performing name he'd been using (Sacred Harp) and laid his naked ass on the line. Bachman already sounds like a wizened player here (an image that was solidified when his mug was plastered on the box for Tompkins Square's "Obscure Giants of Acoustic Guitar" trading cards), but he was actually still a babe of the Fredericksburg woods at the time this came out. Regardless, his technique is massive, and his approach to the material -- based on a color-wheel tuning system developed by the late Robbie Basho -- is intense. Recorded onto a boom-box, with a hi-fi quotient of nil, the material here reminds one of what Bill Orcutt might sound like if he decided to play in longer format time-chunks. There's a wonderful kind of containment to the music -- suggesting deep investigation and improvisation with hermetic knowledge rather than anything constrictive -- which gives this album a sense of spirituality one rarely finds outside the New Age bin. Bachman is a master player, and the evidence of this is apparent even at this relatively early stage of his trajectory. Through constant touring and wood-sheddding, Daniel's music has evolved in multiple directions over the intervening years, but Grey-Black-Green remains one of the true and unique high watermarks of his recordings. How great to have it on vinyl at long last. Includes a download code.


BANG! BROS.: 12/12/12 LP (FTR 170LP) 15.00
"Mark Johnson & Adam Foam (Whitehaus, Hunnie Bunnies, Peace Loving) invent a sorely-needed new free jazz instrument: the drum machine. Instead of stuffing their mouths with too many horns, they use their faces & fingers to punch on too many electronic buttons like Cecil Taylor with his fingers in a wall socket. Pauses, whirs, percussion avalanches & whizbang punch lines with real punch in them. Documentation of their ridiculous attempt to tour 12 cities in 12 hours on 12-12-2012, using battery powered little amplifiers. I myself went to the show in Cambridge, which took place at 9am on the lawn in front of City Hall, and was attended by 4 or 5 freezing passersby, a wedding party, a reporter from the local paper, & a policeman who was distracted from looking for traffic violations. Both gents have since moved away, to Philly & Western Mass respectively, but the band was damned beautiful while it lasted." --Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records; Edition of 300 copies.


LA ONDE, JANE: Buy Buy Buy Cassette (FTR 202CS) 5.50
"Jane La Onde (perhaps better known as Kassie Carlson of Guerilla Toss) has made an exercise cassette for the ages. Styled along the lines of early Laurie Anderson and/or Palmolive-era Slits, Jane provides a withering cultural critique that manages to function equally as experimental bedroom pop and an easy guide to home-exercise. Count along with the beat and watch those pounds melt away, even as you learn something about the consumerist dogma of cable television culture. Lo-fi has rarely sounded so beautiful and it has never been as slimming. Work it out! Pause! Enjoy!" --Byron Coley; Edition of 100 copies.


FR 096CD

JARSE: Det gar runt igen CD (FR 096CD) 17.00
Formed in the early days of the current decade, Jarse are a power duo from Turku who swear by the name of psychedelic minimalism. Det gar runt igen is the band's meticulously-honed debut album -- one that has been nearly finished for years but, owing to a number of unlucky coincidences, hasn't seen the light of day until now. Among the stand-out moments on the album are a five-minute guitar solo, the longest yet on a Fonal release, as well as the title-track, which redefines the Swedish-language psychedelia in Finland. These are the tools with which Jarse blaze the trail for the psychedelic revolution. The album also features colleagues from related outfits Kiila and Shogun Kunitoki, and it was mastered by Risto Ylihärsilä of label-mates Risto. As a band, Jarse didn't materialize out of thin air: the members have served time in other bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, Dimi's Re-connected (who operate Erkki Kurenniemi's erstwhile instruments) and Pollot. During their short existence, Jarse have toured extensively beyond the band's native borders, enrapturing audiences in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well in as all the Nordic countries, Iceland included. The band has visited most of these countries more than once. Jarse shows feature a self-built lighting system synchronized with sound and other measurable vibrations. The stereoscopic cover art was made using the cross-eye technique. For practical reasons, the artwork has been left for the end user to finish. To achieve the intended effect, remove the record itself and place the empty cover on something soft. If you bought a CD, open the cover. When you observe the cover, you'll see several numbered crosses. Stick a pin into each cross, using a different color for each number. Don't push the pins all the way down; the appropriate depth is up to each album buyer's personal preference. As a result, you'll have created a stereoscopic installation. If you wish, you can also do this using pins from the official Jarse pin collection, sold separately. Jarse are currently working on a follow-up to their debut, a full-length soundtrack to the movie classic Conan the Barbarian (1982).

FR 098CD

POLLOT: Pollot CD (FR 098CD) 17.00
Fonal Records present the debut album by Pöllöt. Pöllöt are a Finnish rock band formed in Turku in 2012. Previously, the band has released a tape called Ekat demot (trans. "Early Demos") and played shows in Finland. Despite their brief history, the band have caused a stir in the music press and won over audiences up and down the country. Their music is a combination of the effortless joy of playing together and their catchy lyrics and melodies. The lyrics are boldly experimental little stories, adventures in the mysteries of daily life. Mood-wise, the material ranges from upbeat rock songs to rather more peaceful numbers. The members of Pöllöt have in the past played in bands such as Cats On Fire, The New Tigers, Lau Nau, Kiila, Jarse, Barry Andrewsin Disko, Goodnight Monsters and Kauppilan Puutarha. Jaakko Tolvi (guitar and vocals), Janne Kauppinen (guitar and vocals), Markus Jalonen (bass), Ville Hopponen (drums) and Jukka Herva (keyboard and vocals) have, between them, played on dozens of releases. There are three vocalists in Pöllöt. "Tapetaan aikaa," sung by Jaakko Tolvi, is a real Pöllöt rocker with a murder-story lyric to boot, while "Valonsateet," sung by Janne Kauppinen, is a beautiful little pop tune. The album closer "Sade loppuu" is a multi-part mini-epic about making jam. Even though the songs have been carefully written and arranged, there's plenty of space for improvisation and surprises. The music of Pöllöt sounds as though it has always been there. Pöllöt recorded their debut album in August 2013 at Aanikuva Studios in Turku. The album was mixed and produced by Jari Suominen (of Shogun Kunitoki/Jarse fame). The mastering was done by Samuli Tanner. In the studio, the aim was to capture the idiosyncratic sound of Pöllöt. The album cover was designed and created by Timo Marila.



VA: Freude am Tanzen SIX10 Compilation CD (FREUDE 011CD) 17.00
What began in the mid-'90s, initiated by the event-organizer duo Sperling & Mauss in Jena as an event series by the name of "Freude am Tanzen" has long been the best-known platform for electronic music on the Saale River. In the meantime there have been over 60 releases, a subsidiary label (Musik Krause), and an in-house booking agency. With 16 years in, the still-young enterprise Freude am Tanzen is on the way from adolescence to adulthood. Yet in spite of tightly organized structures, fortunately boredom has not set in, and this is proven with the jubilee compilation Freude am Tanzen SIX10 Compilation. "It would be too easy to take the best tracks from 16 years of Freude am Tanzen and pack them into a sampler," FAT-head Thomas Sperling explains as the reasoning being SIX10 being no "best-of" but rather chock-full with new tracks. This compilation is a toast to 16 years of Freude am Tanzen and there are many new tracks from almost every artist from the label's history until now, spanning the stylistic spectrum from here to there. The kickoff comes from Eating Snow with the introverted track "Bridges," along with the unique vocals of Mooryc on some melancholic music from Douglas Greed. It continues with a throttling solo Greed with "Springtime in December" that keeps the tempo and the dancefloor securely in view. From there we are taken to Mathias Kaden with his club-proven "Freakinme," and then there is Juno6 with "Seq022," again turning down the lights and leaving everyone at ease. FAT newcomers Tim Vita & Oliver Gehrmann fall into the disco magic potion cauldron, and Monkey Maffia hammers with his soul-infused goods a piano melody loaded for the dance. Metaboman appears with a concentrated house sound and Kadebostan & Laolu compose a courageous acid bath of velvety, dark vocals and belly-growling, massaging kicks. More laid-back offerings appear from Taron-Trekka with their "Kanatter," a demonstration of their relaxed deep-house fluffiness. Jesper Ryom is melody-smitten, while Thomas Stieler trudges forth on his quest for the perfect groove with "Observatory." Continuing anew is the straight bass drum from Gathaspar, the spiritual choir singing over nervous twitching drums and claps in layers that will send you into far-away spheres. Feindrehstar's "Dirty Stomping" is heavily grounded in funk and No Accident In Paradise's track features a quiet, pulsating bass drum under wallowing surfaces and soft bleeps.


VA: FAT SIX10 Compilation Pt. 1 12" (FREUDE 068-1EP) 14.50
Freude Am Tanzen presents the first taste of the FAT SIX10 Jahre Freude am Tanzen compilation. This is no "best-of," but rather, it is chock-full of new tracks. Metaboman brings a slamming house sound and Monkey Maffia arrives with a soulful and divine essence, and also an inviting piano melody that just hammers. Kadebostan & Laolu draw a hearty acid bath with deep and dark vocals as well as stomach-churning, massaging kicks. Then Juno6 from Leipzig comes with "Seq02" and shuts it down by essentially spelling out d-e-e-p-n-e-s-s.


VA: FAT SIX10 Compilation Pt. 2 12" (FREUDE 068-2EP) 14.50
Freude Am Tanzen presents the second taste of the FAT SIX10 Jahre Freude am Tanzen compilation. This is no "best-of," but rather, it is chock-full of new tracks. Mathias Kaden presents his well-traveled "Freakinme," while Thomas Stieler searches for the perfect groove. Immediately following, Douglas Greed leaks a solo with "Springtime in December" with a tempo that holds the dancefloor in view. The infinite bass drum is broken by Gathaspar, whose spiritual choir vocals hover over nervously-ticking drum and clap layers, shipping us off into strange spheres.



ORION: The Second Wave 12" (GKNSTR 004-14EP) 14.00
Hard, deep, hypnotic techno from Orion. Vinyl only.



Steve Linnegar was an accomplished songwriter, musician, painter and martial arts disciple. A legendary figure from the South African '60s-'70s underground music scene, the "hippie king of Cape Town" formed the Snakeshed band in the '70s along with top guitar-player Martin Kopelowitz and keyboardist/producer Peter Hubner. Refusing offers from some record labels who insisted they should go "commercial," they decided to record and release their first album, Classic Epics, all by themselves. Released in 1982 on their own private label, this record is one of the South African prog/psych crown jewels. Features layers of acoustic/electric guitars, Gilmour-alike guitar solos, ultra-melodic vocals, effects, and cool Tao-inspired lyrics. Culminates in the haunting 14-minute long "Desert." Remastered from the original tapes for the first time. Includes an insert with rare photos and liner notes by Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives).


ATHANOR: Inside Out: The Demos 1973-1977 CD (GUESS 055CD) 17.00
The follow-up to the acclaimed Flashback (GUESS 046CD/110LP) finds Athanor (the duo formed by Greg Herriges and Rick Vittenson) digging deeper into their archives and coming out with an amazing set of previously-unreleased recordings, done at their state-of-the-art home studio back at the time. Captivating Beatles-esque, fuzzed-out psychedelia and folk-rock full of Lennon-esque vocals and 12-string Rickenbackers by this '70s Chicago wunderkind duo. 1973-1977 recordings plus one '70s-era track cut in 2014 with Jeff Murphy (Shoes) on back-up vocals. Basement psych-pop and proto-power pop has rarely sounded better. Remastered sound from the original tapes. Includes an insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Ugly Things/Got Kinda Lost) and Jeff Murphy (Shoes).



MORPHOSIS: Dismantle 2x12" (HJP 072EP) 20.00
2014 repress. Disconcerting, questing brilliance from Rabih Beaini: two sick, nervy techno killers (including an Ethio homage), stalking the corrosive perimeters of noise; and deep, long excerpts from his engrossing soundtrack to Dreyer's Vampyr, with contributions from the Upperground crew, and Sun Ra in its marrow -- alternately driving and motorik, off-the-wall, lost in space.



FEARON, CLINTON: Togetherness 7" (HRR 104EP) 11.00
"A lovely, mellow, rare gem from the Gladiator; inimitable, funky Black Ark magic. Bunny Rugs on rhythm, Benbow drums. Perry's dub is rugged and spare, with gently rolling delays. Originally a 1974 Sky-High."



LUSSURIA: Industriale Illuminato LP (HOS 420LP) 23.50
LP version. One of the most intriguing artists on the Hospital Productions roster, Lussuria came to prominence with the release of three tapes as part of the American Babylon series in 2012 which were eventually compiled into a double vinyl edition in 2013. His opiated atmospheres brought together the ritualistic appeal of late '70s and early '80s Italian industrial music crossed with the claustrophobia of early material from The Cure and the decadent, voyeuristic compulsion of Pasolini flicks so enamoured by Coil. Having been in the works through late 2013 and in post-production for several months since, Industriale Illuminato is in some respects the first release by Lussuria conceived as a standalone album, and is perhaps his most unique, unsettling body of work to date. Inspired by Deconstructionism and an overriding sense of anxiety, the album revolves around the dislocated narrative of album opener "Boneblack," a dense and evocative fade into shadowy realms inspired by composer Giacinto Scelsi and the enigmatic mind-tricks of Alain Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad. "Petra Marina" sees Lussuria use real drum sounds alongside electronic ones for the first time, layered through with odd, foreboding drones constructed out of handmade Japanese music boxes, feedback manipulation and mangled tape loops which together sound like an industrial, shadowy counterpart to the hazy nostalgia of Boards Of Canada. "Venus in Retrograde" was inspired by and evokes the paranoid narrative of Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation, making use of snatches of barely tangible dialogue to form an unnerving backdrop, before "Breath of Cinder" brings the first half of the album to a close with field recordings made in deepest provincial France overlaid with a detached narrative evoking that cold, abandoned landscape. The second half of the album takes us further into this airless environment, the intriguing widescreen ambience of "Eyes of the World" offset by the percussive rattling and decimated 3 pinch harmonics of "Angelshare," while "Wind Carries Soot" recalls the aggression of Mika Vainio sedated and tamed into an altogether more narcotic kind of beast, before "Art of Veins" closes the album with a mangled and inverted message -- like some kind of Satanic directive embedded for posterity.



EDDOH: This Summer 12" (HIOK 005EP) 12.50
House Is OK is proud to announce the label debut from young Greek god Christos Mavridis aka Eddoh. Two originals and a remix by label boss Oliver Achatz, who teamed up with keyboarder Daniel Nentwig aka D'Lonely Al, will bring purely good vibes to dancefloors. "This Summer" praises the lovely rainy days of summertime and will get your feet working instantly, while your head bangs "grooveliciously." "Love Echoes" adds that extra ingredient to your "househead" DJ sets. Oli takes "This Summer" over to his sunny side of the street. A steady rhythm leads to his dreamy signature sound, spiced up with some special synth action by Daniel.



PROJECT PABLO: Utensils 12" (HYB 016EP) 12.50
Project Pablo's latest offering features three tracks of raw, heavily-swung, funky, playful house. Utensils is aimed straight at the dancefloor. On top of dark, gritty, rolling grooves, Pablo layers frenetic vocal snippets, cheeky, jazzy chord-stabs, and warm, resonant synth melodies. The release is "tape-saturated, swung-out house music; hints of the old and new." Project Pablo is the latest moniker of Patrick Holland (formerly 8prn) and his own productions are diverse, moving between a more experimental/ambient sound to classic Chicago house.



Here it is, Deadheads, the ultimate "Dark Star" is now on vinyl. Deluxe audiophile pressing cut in Toronto under the watchful ears of John Oswald. Heavy-duty triple gatefold jacket includes liner-notes by musicologist Rob Bowman featuring interviews with Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Robert Hunter, plus two "time maps" which chart the source concerts of "Dark Star." Music performed by The Grateful Dead (c) Grateful Dead Productions Inc. & Ice Nine Publishing Inc. Taken from over 100 performances of "Dark Star" recorded between 1968 and 1993. Built, layered and "folded" to produce one large, new re-composed "Dark Star." Original recordings of the Grateful Dead in performance have been processed using Plunderphonic techniques.



TRENTEMOLLER: Lost Re-Works LP (IMR 018LP) 22.00
Trentemøller's recent album opus Lost already served as the logical continuation of his varied work and delivered his signature sound intact, yet it really didn't sound like anything he'd ever produced before. Streamlined, song-structured and guitar-driven, Lost boasted a dozen tracks, each offering something of interest for anyone who has ever been a fan of the Copenhagen producer. Now the new Lost Re-Works release gleefully rips up the rule book again, as Trentemøller is joined by some carefully-chosen conspirators -- Toydrum (aka James Lavelle and Pablo Clements of UNKLE), Jenny Wilson, T.O.M. And His Computer, Unkwon and Trentemøller -- in dismantling the intricate musical tapestry of the album, recontextualizing the instrumental experimentation, the trashed analog consoles, and the entire sweep of influences, from Krautrock to classical. The original version of "River of Life" abandons its throbbing guitars and soaring strings for dark and retro electroclash tones on Trentemøller's own remix, and introspective, electro-gaze in the hands of T.O.M. And His Computer. "Come Undone" stalked at a slow and measured pace, and Trentemøller's steamy new version recalls vintage Goldfrapp in marrying sultry vocals and seductive machine music, while Toydrum beefs up the raw, spiky electro-rock elements. The melancholic pop beauty of "Candy Tongue" is re-made with ghostly atmospherics and evocative, exotic instrumentation via Jenny Wilson's version, and while one remix of "Deceive" made its debut in a stunning EP package from earlier this year -- Unkwon's misty, dusty broken-beat version -- it is counterbalanced by Trentemøller's own glitchy, cinematic "Lost & Found" remix. Remixes by: Toydrum - Toydrum is the moniker of no one else than James Lavelle and Pablo Clements aka UNKLE, one of the most influential bands of our time. Jenny Wilson - Swedish icon Jenny Wilson's career started with her first appearance on The Knife's label. Since then she has released four successful albums. T.O.M. And His Computer - is Thomas Bertelsen, who is one-half of the Danish band Lulu Rouge, who released their second album on Universal. Unkwon - is multi-artist Anders Dixon, who most recently remixed Rumpistol and CTM. Includes mp3 download code.


KH 9023CD

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band are firmly established as one of the most imaginative acts to have emerged from late-'60s America. The historically vital recordings preserved on this CD -- a live set captured from Avalon Ballroom in 1966 and a radio station set from 1967 -- capture Beefheart and his musicians as they emerge from their blues-based beginnings and begin to evolve into something far stranger. The set is accompanied by background notes and rare images.



VA: Kompakt Total 14 2CD (KOMP 118CD) 15.50
With Total 14, Kompakt's extremely popular compilation series returns to the fore after its sabbatical in 2013; a well-needed break from the routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most riveting installments in the series yet. Both veteran and freshman artists were chosen for an exhaustive overview of past label exploits, including powerful cuts from the likes of Dauwd, Kolsch, Blond:ish, Michael Mayer and The Field -- but this wouldn't be Total without the exclusive stuff, so Kompakt is more than happy to add a generous serving of brand new tracks from Superpitcher, Saschienne, Weval, Thomas/Mayer, Voigt & Voigt, The Modernist and Jürgen Paape. As with every compilation, the label's selection for Total 14 has to meet the high demands of a perfect mix tape -- you'll need some bangers on there, don't forget the atmospheric lot, keep the story arc in mind... the formula isn't too complicated, but Kompakt thinks they nailed it big time, thanks to a particularly strong line-up showcasing both the best-sellers and the personal favorites of the last two label years. What's most striking, however, is how a pool of artists as distinct as Coma, Thomas Fehlmann, Sebastien Bouchet, DJ Tennis or GusGus can find harmony in diversity, with a cut such as Maceo Plex's glamorous prime-time stomper "Conjure Superstar" leading to the delicate nostalgia of Weval's "Something" in the most natural manner. Speaking of which, the Amsterdam duo's contribution to Total 14 is also part of the exclusive material on the compilation: this includes exciting new tracks from some of Kompakt's most cherished artists - such as Superpitcher's dreamy "Delta," Saschienne's neon-lit "Horacio Delirium," the Tobias Thomas and Michael Mayer-helmed "Unter Holzern," Voigt & Voigt's cybernetic ditty "Tischlein Deck Dich," The Modernist's pop-infused "Die Fette Gazelle and the Hidden Sixpack" and Jürgen Paape's "Heuriger," the long-awaited (and slightly insane) follow-up to his Total 10 classic "Ofterschwang." From Mississippi to Neo-Tokyo, you'll need only one soundtrack for the trip, and it's this one. Other artists include: Gui Boratto (feat. Coma And Hell), Terranova (feat. Cath Coffey), Dave DK, Gunjah & Niconé, DAMH, DJ Tennis (feat. Pillowtalk), Partial Arts, Justus Köhncke, and John Tejada.



DEERHUNTER: Rainwater Cassette Exchange 12" (KRANK 133EP) 11.00
2014 repress, 12" version. "Certainly not a group to rest on their laurels (especially difficult when they have new songs burning a hole in their collective back pockets), Deerhunter delivers five new tracks on this extended play. This is not some stop-gap release between albums, or mere leftovers from their most recent Microcastle album, but an all new session. The band loves the EP format and thinks it does not get the respect it deserves. Hell, some bands arguably work best in the EP format, think Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine, and now maybe we should add Deerhunter to that list. That's certainly not to say their albums aren't great, but with 2007's Fluorescent Grey EP and this new one, a lucid argument can be made that minute for minute, and hook for hook, their two EPs can't be matched for visceral energy and pop smarts."


LA 011LP

WAI, SU: Gita Pon Yeik LP (LA 011LP) 15.00
"Su Wai is a modern virtuoso of the ancient Saung Gauk, a Burmese harp instrument of both royal and religious significance (fashioned to resemble a leaf of the bo tree which the Buddha attained enlightenment beneath) with roots as far back as the 6th century. In this collection of 8 traditional poem-songs, Wai unfurls clusters of melodic lines alongside a cyclical bell chime-pulse to accompany texts drawn from the Mahagita, a collection of 500 court songs not unlike the British Isle's Child Ballads. Recorded in masterful fidelity by Burmese ethnomusicologist Rick Heizman (White Elephants and Golden Ducks, Green Tea Leaf Salad) and presented here for the first time on vinyl, Gita Pon Yeik offers a small window into a tragically under-documented royal tradition that sits comfortably next to both ethnomusicological documents and abstract avant-garde folk forms."



MONOBOX AKA ROBERT HOOD: Film/Rectangle 12" (MPM 022EP) 12.50
As part of M-Plant's 20th Anniversary, it's the perfect time for Robert Hood to re-visit one of his other decisive monikers, Monobox. A project devised to "approach minimalism from an alien futuristic perspective," Monobox originally released a series of 12 inches on M-Plant between 1996 and 2001, followed by 2003's Molecule for French label Logistic. Now Hood revisits his Monobox moniker with two new tracks. The deep and melodious tones of "Film" and tougher machine groove of "Rectangle" convey the hypnotic minimalism of Hood's otherworldly Monobox sound.



AROY DEE: Sketches 2LP (MOS 002LP) 23.00
After more than a decade of releasing raw and emotional house music, Dutch producer and architect Aroy Dee drops his debut album on his own M>O>S label. Limited edition of 300 with a sketch book. Sketches has been made for home-listening, thereby resisting the ever-changing trends of the dancefloor. The album sets a continuous mood that slowly intensifies, evolves and unfolds, taking you through new sounds and scenes in coherent and considered ways. Opening with the blissful ambiance of "Night Sky," it slowly roams through stretched-out, atmospheric deep house on "Pure," lazy electro on "Decay" and sombre future city 'scapes on "Descent." "City of Others" begins to jack and whip around more energetically but retains a serene sense of soul thanks to the smooth and seductive synths. The second half of the album picks up the pace a little, with icy hi-hats, prickly bass lines and careful percussive cacophonies jamming around the ever-present synth patterns Dee so expertly paints. A self-contained work that combines that distinct Aroy Dee sound we know and love with the proper narrative arc any good album requires, Sketches has been a long time coming but proves most certainly worth the wait.



DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing #006 12" (LOVE 097EP) 16.50
Demdike Stare unleash the 6th installment in their ongoing Testpressing series, a split session focusing on damaged dancefloor articulations on the A-side, and demented metal edits on the flip. "40 Years Under the Cosh" finds Demdike in feisty form, re-framing the bare-boned floor-bound funk of classic Artwork and Anthony Shakir within more brutal parameters. "Frontin'" heads somewhere else entirely once again, unloading an agitated, freeze-framed metal loop and turning it into a barely-contained bass-and-drums session that, unsurprisingly, sounds like nothing you'll have heard from this lot before.


MILLIE & ANDREA: Drop the Vowels CD (LOVE 1094CD) 14.50
2014 jewel case repress, replacing the original gatefold/6-page digifile edition. Millie & Andrea are Miles Whittaker and Andy Stott, fellow label-mates at Modern Love who collaborated on an occasional series of 12" releases between 2008 and 2010. They now return with Drop the Vowels, their debut album. Produced fast and loose through late 2013/early 2014, it's an album that recalls the strict and stripped funk of Anthony Shakir as much as it does Leila's incredible debut Like Weather, eschewing the dark aesthetic both producers are best known for in favor of something much more visceral. It's an album borne from a love of both pop and club music, made to evoke an adrenalized, hedonistic, as well as an emotional response. Opener "GIF RIFF" brings to life a gamelan edit stripped bare before the over-compressed "Stay Ugly" breaks out with a tumbling, broken arrangement situated somewhere between Richard D. James and Jai Paul. "Temper Tantrum" and "Spectral Source" follow, versions of tracks originally released on the second and third Daphne EPs respectively, the former a rugged rave anthem tempered by blue strings, the latter a proper dancefloor destroyer recalling Shake's mighty "Madmen." "Corrosive" flits between a fibrillating, arpeggiated steppers' rhythm and a brutal jungle breakdown, while "Drop the Vowels" further explores and strips bare bass & drums before the slow but jacking warehouse killer "Back Down" provides pure percussive abandon. "Quay" ends the set with something quieter, a sublime coda made entirely from field recordings. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton.



DARK SKY: Silent Fall/Odyssey 12" (MONKEY 047EP) 12.00
Dark Sky launch their debut LP with an EP featuring two killer tracks from the album entitled imagin (MONKEY 048CD/LP). On the A-side, "Silent Fall" features the soulful vocal stylings of Grey Reverend. The Brooklyn-based musician's vocals fused with Dark Sky's signature rolling bass and epic pads leaves the track in unchartered territory between James Blake and Moderat, to beautiful effect. On the B-side, "Odyssey" is a mean track, forged from shuffling dark electro with elements of Balearic house. A must-have track for every house, techno, electro and bass DJ.


MM 172EP

DEETRON (FEAT. GEORGE MAPLE): Rescue (incl. Fred P Reshapes) 12" (MM 172EP) 12.50
Deetron's second album Music Over Matter (MM 040CD/LP) finds him in a unique, transitional phase. The vocal element of his music coming to the fore, he proves that there is no substitute for substance and skill -- putting music firmly back in the frame is the message. For the new single Rescue, Deetron calls on the beautiful vocal talents of George Maple, which results in the ultimate feel-good track. Fred P brings his own different flavors to the table -- twice! -- and makes this an irresistible package for any DJ.


NEOS 11410CD

DONATONI, FRANCO: Orchestral Works CD (NEOS 11410CD) 15.50
In 2012, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed some of Franco Donatoni's great orchestral works under the direction of composer and conductor Yoichi Sugiyama during the Suntory Foundation for Arts' Summer Festival, celebrating Donatoni's 85th birthday. The recordings are now released on this CD. In Cauda II (1993/1994) was written in the context of a commission of the radio Süddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart, In Cauda III (1996) was composed for the 400th anniversary of the city of Valladolid in Spain. Esa (In Cauda V) (2000) was commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The title Esa comes from the name of Esa-Pekka Salonen, which was one of Donatoni's students but also one of his close friends. Prom (1999) is a commission of the BBC Proms concert series. Duo pour Bruno, written in memory of Bruno Maderna, was composed in the years 1974 and 1975.



DESIGN A WAVE: EP 2 - A.R.M. II 12" (RHD 015WAVE) 12.50
Part II of Design A Wave's continued experiments in sound, sci-fi and alien counterbalance. Limited edition EP with sideways-thinking Cosmo Knex artwork.



ALIEN CITY: Cathode Rays Are On Overload LP (ALIEN 001LP) 23.00
"Sui Generis: Not only the amazing duo from Argentina & Infinite Jest but surely what we are ALL in the sound game for. Anyone with two East/West northern holes above your bone box nugg is on constant HUNT for THAT jam that has no pre/no post: A creeping isolated 'sound being' adrift in a fontad sea in a lost forgotten world. Too rare a task in this 20th Century Schizo-reference recycled derivative genre-based underground? Hell yes, but they are around and well well, look here: In your greasy mitts is a stone cold MONSTER of Sui Generis frightening proportions. The mysterious & elusive Alien City LP. Info on is nearly nonexistent: Seattle, 'Dog Star' label - rumors of tapes: mental institutions: that's about it. But the year '79 adds some hints: forward Glam-ish moves, err... 'basement' prog - a smart arty trench coat/lip stick cosmic vibe: it's all there but the overall sheen is mixed with some of the sharpest hooks known to the no-budget private record outsider dreamer-type. A dateless cousin to the equally weird, strange Souvenir Album LP from around the same time/state?? Ever made a Kinko's (whoops, FedEx) run at midnight and there's a total loner weirdo copying homemade gnostic symbols in a unholy fervor? Here's his LP: warts and all. Alien City nearly has a Killing With Capitalism With Kindness sense of song writing: water brain logged obsessive/anxious short vignettes stringed together to paint a picture of the mouths & neon green-gray blood pumping hearts via the 'Olden Men.' The LP comes from a universe filled with busy rambling minds in cheap downtown makeup , worried about how to 'Keep Your Cool.' Hard to really pinpoint where this beast crawled from: but it is as addictive as mainlining a Charleston Chew and will stick to your soul with equal chewing elastic permanence. The flow on side two 'When Everything Is All Wrong' is about as perfect as homemade noncommercial catchy brilliance on a $4 billingsgate budget progressive brilliance can get this side of Yezda Urfa. Take away your notions of 'psych' and 'fuzz explosions' and 'ego psych' as this is more like seeing a theatre play by a Todd Rundgren-obsessed zoner-loner on Halloween with nothing but mannequin heads as the audience. If you find the current crop of Aussie songsmith smart punk youth trying to write the next 'Point That Thing Somewhere Else' as dull as the noise cassette your dentist told you to check out, bury yourself deep inside this claustrophobic world and just see the effect it will seep into the seams of your life. The maze Alien City will draw you into Borges style will be one tough exit, but full of all sorts of outerworldly treasures filled with intimate shaky inexplainable wonders. At the the very least the Minotaur inside is a skinny glasses-type that could end up being more annoying than flesh-eating. Should have liner notes by 'The Killing' series and the previously mentioned David Foster Wallace... Forget the jingoism & not trying to exhort any player but this is the strangest date-night LP of 2014. Masterpiece Theatre, indeed."



MAAN: Non013 12" (NONSERIES 013EP) 12.50
Stomping DJ tool-techno from Maan.



STUMP VALLEY: Hollywood 12" (OMR 004EP) 16.50
These guys... pretty mysterious, but that's not the appeal. Super diverse stylistically, but that's not it either -- they just get it. Stump Valley are a dope as fuck production unit, and the hardest thing was choosing which of their tracks to put out. They had, like, 12 great ones... anyway. Off Minor Recordings is proud to be putting out the first record from these extremely talented guys. You'll want to hear all of these on the dancefloor then go home, chill out, and listen to them again. Remix by Mtrpls.



FURSTENBERG, MARKO: Ghosts from the Past 2LP (ORN 032LP) 26.50
Double LP version, pressed on clear marbled vinyl. Marko Fürstenberg, currently living in Leipzig, has been experimenting with sound since 1999. Rooted in classical dub-techno, he not only knows how to interpret it, he's extending it further with his own personal aesthetic. In 2001, his first releases on a number of net-labels gained him a broad listenership. Then in 2003, his first album Gesamtlaufzeit (RC 003LP) was born. (Then years later, a son was born as well, but we'll get back to that.) Since 2005, Marko has been constantly releasing vinyl on labels such as Ornaments, A.r.t.less, Echocord Colour and Rotary Cocktail. And he's also done remixes for labels such as Resopal, Telrae, Freund der Familie, and many more, which all demonstrates the quality and sheer competence of his work. With his new album Ghosts from the Past, Mr. Fürstenberg doesn't say goodbye to an old chapter, but he's rather building a bridge to a new one. Familiar elements are the mortar to a complete musical piece, with an extended foundation, new accents, and a fresh face. GFTP is a musical retrospective of a new way of life -- with a child -- that was born in November 2010. The conception and creation of this album began to take form in parallel to that of his unborn son, as an almost aural twin. Marko's wife helped with the album artwork while also carrying a little Marko inside her. Meanwhile, over the three and a half years in production, Marko was also actively involving his now-toddler child in the sound research for his new album. "Stolbenkraft" includes made-up vocalizations from his son, mixed with a sneeze to a euphony. In "Woahhh," he's exploring the playful dispute of his offspring with several toys, e.g. a Thai wooden frog, amongst others. His tendency in his style of weaving pleasant sound experimentations is shown on the track "Piano," which reconstitutes moments of a piano concert, while putting them into new structures. Quite some time has passed in between each production, and the diverse accents of time in which this came together can be heard. Everything on this album melds together organically. On "GFTP," the Zeitgeist is touched, an Arabic singer can find her spotlight in a colorful soundscape, which alternately holds and catches us, and then ultimately lets us go again.



VA: Panorama Bar 06: Part I 12" (OSTGUT 081EP) 14.00
The Panorama Bar series on Ostgut Ton returns with volume 6 and brings 10 new exclusive tracks on two EPs all taken from the Panorama Bar 06 mix compilation by Panorama Bar and Berghain resident Ryan Elliott. Part I features contributions from Newworldaquarium, Roman Flügel, Terrence Dixon, Borrowed Identity and Tuff City Kids. The EP is released simultaneously with Part II on 12".


VA: Panorama Bar 06: Part II 12" (OSTGUT 082EP) 14.00
The Panorama Bar series on Ostgut Ton returns with volume 6 and contains 10 new exclusive tracks on two EPs all taken from the Panorama Bar 06 mix compilation by Panorama Bar and Berghain resident Ryan Elliott. Part II features contributions from The Oliverwho Factory, Deadbeat, Nick Höppner, Makam and Marcel Dettmann. The EP is released simultaneously with Part I on 12".



ALEXKID: Avocado EP 12" (OVM 246EP) 14.00
Alexkid returns to Ovum with a new mature sound that will tear up dancefloors. The Avocado EP (an inside joke between Alex and Josh Wink), is crunchy, rocking, tech-funk. "The Dope" is pure funked-out tech deepness. If you can't move your hips when hearing this, then there is something wrong with you. Alex's production is a great example that minimal can be maximal with throbbing twitches and tweaks that keep things moving along. For the B-side, Alex brings us "For Josh," a dedication to Ovum's fearless leader, Josh Wink. The funk is still here, but this track is definitely for the heads.



PATTERN REPEAT: Pattern Repeat CD (PATTERN 001CD) 17.00
Kenneth Christiansen and Dennis Bøg present the debut full-length Pattern Repeat album. This album is a compilation of previously-released tracks, which so far have only been available digitally and on vinyl. All the tracks are taken from the Pattern Repeat label, except for two early tracks which were released on Echocord Colour. Kenneth also runs the Echocord and Echocord Colour labels, and Dennis is known from his Baum label, and his Resoe releases. It's all about dub-techno, here, but with a heavy metallic sound that defines the Pattern Repeat project.



ROSE, JESSE: Fly Tonight 12" (PID 046EP) 15.50
Jesse Rose's most recent foray has been his classy modern take on house on his own Made To Play and Play It Down imprints. A modern take on a classic sound, "Fly Tonight" honors the foundations of French house with a heavy and honorable nod to Thomas Bangalter's Roulé label. Includes a dub version.



IDEALIST: Experience EP 12" (PROTEZ 035EP) 15.50
Killer dub-techno EP on Pro-Tez from Swiss artist Idealist. It's a heavyweight, vinyl-only, limited to 300 copies release. Experience EP is built for impact -- massive sub-bass swells and dancin' dub chords give way to filtered keys and warm pads along with rolling percussion and hypnotic loops. Idealist cracks out the trusty organ stabs, fluidly dubbed for enhanced flow while the rhythm drives out in a funked-up dub techno motion.



JERUSALEM: Jerusalem LP (ROCK 031LP) 22.00
2014 repress. "Gatefold cover vinyl reissue of stunning 1972 UK heavy rock monster produced by Ian Gillan, originally released on the Deram/Decca label. Requests have been pouring in for a vinyl version of this classic and now it has finally arrived! High quality gatefold cover near-exact reissue, right down to the labels, of this illustrious collector favorite and downright savage early 70s proto-metal hard rock beast of an album. Remastered for vinyl direct from the original master tapes. Includes insert with liner notes and photos. Lyrics are inside gatefold cover. File this under 'must-have' reissue right alongside Truth and Janey's No Rest for the Wicked LP!"


IRON CLAW: Iron Claw 2LP (ROCK 049LP) 30.00
Repressed. "Early '70s Scottish underground heavy rock recordings from this group who were stomping around the UK with the likes of Black Sabbath, Hackensack, Pink Fairies, Juicy Lucy and others from the time, but never released a proper album. Their name was taken from the first line in King Crimson's song '21st Century Schizoid Man.' In the beginning, Iron Claw probably became the world's first Black Sabbath tribute band, as they incorporated the entire first Black Sabbath LP and single into their set. As they went on, their live sets included many originals as well as covers such as 'War Pigs,' 'Fairies Wear Boots,' 'Wicked World,' 'Green Manalishi' and 'Lady Whisky.' This collection of sixteen original studio recordings documents their existence from 1970 thru 1974 and was re-mastered for vinyl by Tony Reed and includes lyrics, liner notes and photos. Housed in heavy gatefold cover with a 12" x 12" insert and an 11" x 17" poster inside. Will appeal to those into heavy psych, hard rock, downer rock and proto-metal sounds from bands like Jerusalem, Necromandus, May Blitz, Hard Stuff, Budgie, Hackensack, Ancient Grease, Incredible Hog, and Leaf Hound."


RB 049EP

THOMALLA: Mood Swings Skewed Things EP 12" (RB 049EP) 14.00
Krakatau man, Bodi Bill collaborator, and all-around nice kid Thomalla with his debut on Running Back. Built for a universe in which James Holden is the caretaker, you get four slices of romantic Krautpop glitch-house that pleasantly diverges from the current state of dance affairs. Artwork by Stephane Leonard.



MASON, JAMES: Nightgruv/I Want Your Love 12" (RH RSS3-EP) 12.50
2014 repress. Proto-house classic "Nightgruv" gets a re-release and includes a longer, unreleased edit. James Mason is mostly known for his late '70s album Rhythm Of Life, which is a soul-jazz classic. Not only is this release offering a remastered version of the original, it also includes an unreleased edit which stretches the original to a cool 6 minutes. The B-side features the epic 11-minute original version of "I Want Your Love," a soul classic. Comes with original artwork.


SS 002LP

POTTER, COLIN: Entering Again LP (SS 002LP) 30.00
"Five tracks of drone and loopy minimalism, based on the cassette-only album out in 1982 on A Gain. The beautiful, mesmerizing opener 'On Entering York Minster' sets the stage. Gorgeous, silk-screened sleeves."



SCHIZO: Le Voyageur 7" (FFL 001EP) 16.50
This is the debut release of Souffle Continu Records, the newly-founded label by the Parisian record shop. This new imprint will focus on high-quality vinyl reissues and explore avant-rock, early electronics, psychedelic noise and kosmische beats. The first three releases are reissues of three ultra-rare 7"s by France's finest guitarist Richard Pinhas (Heldon, Lard Free, etc.). In 1972, Richard Pinhas and his group Schizo invited Gilles Deleuze to read text by Nietzsche for a recording that would become Le Voyageur. Distributed free of charge, this record quickly became very sought-after by many fans. Available for the first time in 40 years in its original shape. Limited edition of 700 copies, pressed on clear vinyl.



MIGHTY MIKE OMB: The Blues of Mighty Mike 7" (STAGO 056EP) 9.00
Mighty Mike is the drummer/singer of Voodoo Rhythm band The Juke Joint Pimps as well as drummer in Stag-O-Lee two-piece Grits'N Gravy. For years he has also been on the road doing his one-man-band thing, playing drums, guitar, harp, and singing at the same time. This 33 rpm 7" EP features four tracks from The Blues of Mighty Mike, his debut album for Stag-O-Lee, all recorded live in one take. No overdubs, no fancy knob-twiddling, just great blues-trash Voodoo Rhythm-style. He covers B.B. King and Billy Boy Arnold as well as offering two of his own songs. Comes in a stylish picture cover.



TALABOMAN: Sideral 12" (SBHD 001EP) 14.00
Sideral is the debut 12'' from Talaboman, the super-duo of Hivern Discs' John Talabot and Studio Barnhus' Axel Boman. The record is released as a joint venture between the labels and comes with a slow-burning remix by Koln-based producer Matt Karmil to accompany the boombastic original version. This record is dedicated to the legendary DJ Aleix "Sideral" Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona's underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006. A truly fearless and idiosyncratic DJ, Sideral mixed genres wildly and brilliantly, uniting in the dance people from all kinds of musical backgrounds.


SBR 5087LP

KALEIDOSCOPE: Faintly Blowing LP (SBR 5087LP) 22.00
2014 repress. Sunbeam Records is delighted to present a definitive collector's vinyl edition from cornerstones of British psychedelia, Kaleidoscope. This is their second album originally released by Fontana in 1969. Produced with the full involvement of the band, this LP comes housed in a gatefold sleeve complete with lovingly-reproduced artwork, as well as lavish 12-page, full-color, large-format booklet packed with original trade ads, memorabilia and contemporary press cuttings, and with exclusive sleevenotes by the quartet's leader Peter Daltrey, telling the story of the band in full detail. The result is simply essential for all connoisseurs of British psychedelia.



HVAL & SUSANNA, JENNY: Meshes of Voice CD (SONATA 014CD) 17.00
What happens if you bring together two of Norway's most special voices, both in terms of songwriting, performance and presence in music? How will it work to merge two creative worlds into one beast? These were questions Norwegian artists Jenny Hval and Susanna were curious to find answers to. "It felt like an adventure to open the door to Jenny's universe -- to invite her into my space, and to be a part of hers." Susanna says. The composing of the music and lyrics for the festival Ladyfest in 2009, turned out to be an exciting exchange of ideas, images and resonance of two very different voices. An exploration in how to melt together and how to cultivate each other's strengths. The result became some sort of a modern fable about human mind and body combined with the mystery of nature, where a black lake both threatens and comforts, a feast of beautiful melodies and harmonies to be interrupted by expanding noise and reverb. We meet lust and fear and pondering, milk running down the bones, apples dreaming, and calling of divinities for the truth. Inspired by the bestiaries, the surreal architecture of Antoni Gaudi and Maya Deren's experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon from 1943, the two artists explored the contrasts in a material drifting in and out of both a sparse shimmering, and a loud, violent-sounding landscape. A pallet of instruments like grand piano, guitar, electric harmonium, effects and electronics, prepared piano and percussion mixed with a mesh of voices, became this moving and groundbreaking new music.



VA: The Kankobela of the Batonga Vol. 2: Recorded in Zambia & Zimbabwe CD (SWP 039CD) 15.50
2011 release. After the seven surviving masters presented on the Vol. 1 album, SWP Records presents here on Vol. 2 eleven more masters, with more otherworldly songs, deep buzzing, and mesmerizing time patterns. Tongatronics -- but without any electricity! These recordings, together with those on the Vol. 1 album, form a rare in-depth focus on just one of many music microcosms in Africa that are disappearing. Sit up, take notice, and feast your ears on this bit of musical genius before it is gone forever -- groovy, funky, ancient, modern. Includes a 20-page booklet.


2012 release. Recordings from 1976-1977 for a double LP that was never released for legal reasons, by the legendary Dutch saxophonist Gijs Hendriks and his quartet, featuring pianist Siegfried Kessler, with guest appearances by trombonist Slide Hampton (USA), trumpeter Sonny Grey (JAM), and conga drummer Raul Burnet (CUR). Excellent, still-fresh jazz that has stood the test of time, by an individualist who, with bebop as a basis, developed his own language. Housed in a 6-page digipak.


VA: Zambia Roadside 2 CD (SWP 041CD) 15.50
2013 release. Music is abundant in Zambia, it is part of everyday life. And this landlocked country contains many different cultures within its borders: this album merely touches on some of them. Zambia's musical diversity and richness is indeed a true natural resource, but to this day it is still underestimated and relatively unknown. SWP Records presents here upbeat rural recordings with deep dance grooves, marvelous drumming, an old silimba xylophone master, exquisite vocal harmonizing, uplifting gospel music Zambian-style, and the ancient kalumbu bow -- a mixture of youth and tradition. No two ways about it, you will come away happier after hearing this wonderfully honest music. Includes a 20-page booklet.


BAIRD, MICHAEL: Logo Rhythms CD (SWP 042CD) 10.00
A solo project by Michael Baird, playing the music of the Roto-Bongi on a set of five closely-tuned drums, representing the sun, moon, earth, pre-life and after-life. This melodic approach has been passed down over the generations and is seen as ancient knowledge, reflecting a cosmic view of interconnectivity. (Actually the Roto-Bongi are not an imaginary people invented by MB, but the roto-toms and bongos he plays this music on!). Deep polyrhythms by a special drummer, with a splash of synthesizer added here and there. 17'18" of bliss.



DENIRO: Atavism 12" (TAPE 005EP) 12.50
Reynier Hooft's (aka Deniro) second solo 12" on Tape Records Amsterdam. He is one of the reasons the label was started in the first place and this release shows exactly why. In the last two years he released a handful of deeper and melodious tracks, but with "Atavism," Deniro shows a totally different side of his talent. The title-track is a classic-sounding banger, while "Throwback" complements the EP as a deep and subtle counterbalance.


WIRE 367

WIRE, THE: #367 September 2014 MAG (WIRE 367) 9.50
"On the cover: Dean Blunt (David Keenan talks black metal, free jazz and life after Hype Williams with East London's shapeshifting samplist). Inside the issue: David Rosenboom (From brainwaves to stellar oscillations, the US composer finds sonic inspiration in all possible worlds); The Primer: Pharoah Sanders (The freewheeling saxophonist's career spans decades, encompassing some of free jazz's essential recordings); Cross Platform: Sarah Angliss (Secret histories of sound are animated by the Brighton artist's uncanny inventions); Invisible Jukebox: Justin Broadrick (The Godflesh founder feels the weight of The Wire's mystery record selection); Drew Mulholland (The Glasgow hauntologist formerly known as Mount Vernon Arts Lab resurfaces with an album of chamber music); Catherine Lamb (Patience is a virtue in the evolving tones of this Berlin based composer); Slackk (The London grime producer thinks outside the box)."



MAESTRO: Mechant 12" (TSR 067EP) 12.50
Maestro is Tigersushi's new gem discovery. Not exactly new, actually, since they already released a 12" and a 7" in 2012, but they now have finished a full-length debut LP and are ready to make a lot of noise on a rather quiet French scene when it comes to indie electronic pop with healthy doses of industrial weirdness and dance patterns. They are not exactly French, either, if you look closely, but an unusual French/Scottish duo composed of Mark Kerr (the beast) and Fred Soulard (the machinist). On the flip-side, Krikor revives the industrial filthy groove of Maestro's heros Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey. Dark and sexy.



SURGEON: Fixed Action Pattern 12" (TOKEN 046EP) 12.50
Surgeon finally makes his official debut on the Token label. Fixed Action Pattern certifies Token's credentials as a titan power in the world of no-frills, industrially-hardened techno. Combining distorted drums similar to his earlier works on Dynamic Tension with a rusted synth progression, "Fixed Action Pattern" is a bona-fide, rhythmically-broken, Surgeon classic. There's also a spatial dub version Lee "Scratch" Perry would produce had industrial techno been his thing, sequencing a loosened variant of drums disjointed by the injured swing of its tempo, cloaked in the lonesome moans of a distant fog-horn, subtle feedback loops and splashes of space echo.


TSQ 5036CD

DAWSON, SMOKE: Fiddle CD (TSQ 5036CD) 14.00
"Reissue of Smoke Dawson's 1971 private press LP, Fiddle. George 'Smoke' Dawson played banjo in MacGrundy's Old-Timey Wool Thumpers with Peter Stampfel (later of Holy Modal Rounders) in 1960, lived for years at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY, and roamed around the US as an itinerant bagpipe and fiddle player for decades. His life is laced with small triumphs, and lots of tragedy. But he's still with us. Tompkins Square reissues his only album, a remarkable 1971 private press LP. This is his story. Excerpted notes by reissue producer / Tompkins Square label owner Josh Rosenthal : 'I was doing some research for a box set of music recorded at Cafe Lena, the hallowed folk music venue located in Saratoga Springs, NY, when I came upon a photograph of a musician I didn't recognize. He looked like a sixth member of The Band - a handsome fiddler with wax moustache, goatee, black Western hat. There was a traditional air to him, a seriousness, but there was also something wild there. I needed to know who he was, and everything about him. The producers told me his name was Smoke Dawson, and they had tape on him. We listened, and his live version of 'Devil's Dream' made it onto the box set. Then I started digging. I found a 1996 blog post from someone named Oliver Seeler, who claimed to have recorded a solo album by Dawson in 1971. I called the number on the site, not expecting much from an 18 year old blog post. But he picked up. He gave me background on the record. And, he gave me Smoke Dawson's phone number...'"



SURGEON: Basictonalvocabulary 2LP (TRESOR 10073LP) 27.50
2014 repress. Tresor presents a classic repress on vinyl of a seminal album by Surgeon, originally released in 1997. Surgeon fires up his second album release (following 1996's Communications LP on Downwards) with his first album on Tresor. Basictonalvocabulary expands from Tony's more dance-oriented 12"releases via more a bstract sound shapes and deft frequency control. Neither total dancefloor nor outright home-listening, this album explores a more nocturnal collage of sound design where rhythms form the underlying framework for subtle twists to accent the sound architecture with depth and feeling. Tony's work is about universal communication where cultural and social barriers are bridged by personal, raw electronic snapshots set within minimal sonic contexts. Basictonalvocabulary speaks a new global sound language for worldwide interpretation. The machine code is on the tape: open your ears and decipher. Stupefying electro-trance of the most stratospheric order.



DREXCIYA: Hydro Doorways 12" (TRESOR 137EP) 12.50
2014 repress, originally released in 2000. The Hydro Doorways EP complements the vinyl edition of the Neptune's Lair album. The two central items in Drexicya's oeuvre -- Neptune's Lair and Harnessed the Storm -- were released on Tresor between 1999 and 2002 and represent the absolute highpoint of their self-made universe of electro-science. Masterpieces of originality and invention, the legacy created by these two albums cannot be overstated.



GREEN, CAMILLA: Stairway to Love 12" (WWR 013EP) 12.50
Here is the new single by Rachel Giannini aka Camilla Green, the fourth with Wonder Wet Records. Side A is a classic deep house track where begins the collaboration with Carola and her beautiful voice. Side B is in a hypnotic, techno-influenced trip, featuring Altarboy.

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