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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/8/2014

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New music is due from Ellen Allien, Bugskull, and Achim Mohné, while old music is due from Spacemen 3, Demdike Stare, and Aphex Twin.


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IF 012LP

APHEX TWIN: I Care Because You Do 2LP (IF 012LP) 27.00
2012 release. "Released in April of 1995, I Care Because You Do is the third studio album Richard D. James recorded under the Aphex Twin moniker and marks the end of his initial analog era. It's also the crowning achievement in the Aphex Twin canon. Veering from his previous acid house, ambient and general techno undertakings, James builds compositions out of lengthy and intricate drum machine loops, elaborately layered analog synths and intermittent string pieces. The final product comes off like a Replicant dance-party. Never one to take his art too seriously, James infuses ...I Care Because You Do with in-jokes and innuendos. 'Ventolin,' named after an asthma medicine, is one of the harshest tracks on the album and features a high-pitch frequency that mimics symptoms of tinnitus; 'Alberto Balsalm' is named for a British line of hair care products; 'Come On You Slags' samples dialog from a pornographic film. Additionally, several of the song titles are anagrams: Aphex Twin is reworked as 'Wax the Nip', The Aphex Twin morphs into 'The Waxen Pith,' 'Wet Tip Hen Ax,' and 'Next Heap With,' and Richard David James becomes 'Acrid Avid Jam Shred.'"

IF 013LP

APHEX TWIN: Richard D. James Album LP (IF 013LP) 19.00
2012 release. "In a career full of brilliant, groundbreaking music, the Richard D. James Album remains Aphex Twin's drill 'n' bass masterpiece. It was James's fourth and most widely popular full-length to date upon its original 1996 release, and reinvented the artist as a commanding influence on like-minded groups such as Radiohead who were tiring of the guitar / bass / drums format. Moving even further away from his ambient and acid house beginnings, the album matches James's trademark fragile, slow-moving melodies with harsh, quick breakbeats. When it was released, fellow electronic artists such as Orbital and Underworld had just begun to filter moderate amounts of drum 'n' bass in their work, but the Richard D. James Album was more extreme than virtually all jungle at the time. Autobiographical in nature, it employs electronic sounds, pulsating rhythms and non-musical samples to convey the author's feelings on childhood innocence, evidenced in tracks like 'To Cure a Weakling Child,' 'Boy/Girl Song' and 'Cornish Acid' (a nod to his Cornish background and upbringing)."



ANOMIE: Permanent Revelation 2LP (AIYM 001LP) 23.00
With an impressive and versatile pedigree as a classically trained musician, composer, producer and media artist, Anomie elegantly weaves together intricate and nuanced electronics with visionary dancefloor sensibilities, all culminating in the stratospheric sound experience that is her debut album. Her EPs Millions and Forward Backward made the world sit up and take notice, and her immaculate live manner has already earned her key slots at leading electronic international festivals. Permanent Revelation is a journey of political and spiritual awakening told through sound, a reflection of the unity of struggle worldwide, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movement. Taking its cue from time away in Europe during a time of global political unrest, the album opens with a strike of revolution, melding into the optimistic spirit of the resistance of protest music. Fusing together a spectrum of influences from jazz, hip-hop and reggae through to the dissenting, driving rhythms of techno and bass, the thread of the album stays true to the spirit of rebellion that the unique Anomie sound is infamous for. Versatile synths wax and wane around catch cries from the picket line, underscored by defiant rhythm and dancefloor soul. Permanent Revelation features contributions from the likes of Canadian beatboxer/MC Shamik on the defiant "Rise Up," and the sassy Billie Rose Prichard's lyrical talents on "Knife's Edge," beefing up what is already a scintillatingly diverse and unquestionable selection of reasons why Anomie will be a name on all electronic tastemaker's lips this coming year.



HAXAN CLOAK, THE: The Haxan Cloak 2LP (ABX 050LP) 26.50
New 2014 repress on marbled vinyl. Long awaited deluxe double vinyl edition of the debut album from The Haxan Cloak, housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeves; on 180 gram vinyl, with download card. The Haxan Cloak's debut album is barely believable. Exploring mystic and occult audio space with cello, field recordings, violins, hand-made percussion and the human voice, this is barely conceivable as an artist's first album. The depth and quality is on a par with Ben Frost/Tim Hecker. Combining elements of modern classical, film score and electronica with modern free folk and even metal sensibilities, The Haxan Cloak is a truly diverse album. "Burning Torches of Desire" brings to mind a sedated Prurient trapped on a galleon, whereas "Fall" and "Parting Chant" have the pathos of incredibly powerful modern classical pieces, with stunning vocal performances from collaborator Mikhail Karikis. "The Growing" shows a more modern, more digital side with its nod to modern electronic and even dubstep in its processed percussion, though culminating in unexpected grindcore blast beats courtesy of noted tattoo artist and drum maestro Liam Sparkes (Trencher). Additional visceral power was gained thanks to the mastering of Kris Lapke, longtime cohort of NYC's Hospital Productions, home of Prurient, amongst others


BAM 7005LP

REIKO, IKE: Kokotsu No Sekai LP (BAM 7005LP) 22.00
2014 repress; LP version. Although Ike Reiko was a mere 17 years of age when she recorded 1971's Kokotsu No Sekai, she was already a star in the world of Japanese erotic movies. Despite the tough-gal image, the music is pretty darn life-affirming, so don't think for a second you're getting an easy listening album here -- this is about as sexual as music can get. Throw "French Kiss" out of the window and give a kiss goodbye to your Serge Gainsbourg records, Ike Reiko is more sizzling than a branding iron as it makes its mark on the farmer's herd. The sex is literally dripping from every note on this record -- the style is "Iroke Kayôkyoku" or erotic kayôkyoku (kayôkyoku being a style of Japanese pop) but the sort of naïve jazz and pseudo spy theme movie music is all draped in a shroud of sexual shouts, screams and coos from the clearly excited Reiko. One must assume that she was in some kind of state of euphoria in the recording studio from the evidence on offer here, either that or she's a pretty realistic faker -- it's a smouldering collision, and that's about all that needs to be said. Kokotsu No Sekai has to be one of the finest gifts for the music fan in search of that killer oddity. First 180 gram vinyl reissue.



MR RAOUL K: Still Living in Slavery: The Album 3LP+CD (BBM 001LTD-LP) 38.50
Here is a special one for all the vinyl-heads and collectors out there: three remix 12"s, including all remix work (by Ron Trent, Kuniyuki, Simbad), and the dancefloor-friendly versions plus the CD sealed in a full-color sleeve. Hand-numbered. Limited to 100 pieces. Grab one while stocks last... Still Living in Slavery is Mr Raoul K's third album. It is, however, the first one that will be released on his own label, Baobab Music. He thought for quite some time about how to shift the African instruments and African rhythm structures that he uses in his production process into a more dominant, more exposed position, so he gave them a role of their own, freeing them from being bound to a groove coined by a four-to-the-floor kick-drum. While using dominating drum sounds when producing records aimed for the dancefloor seemed reasonable, they weren't needed for the storytelling concept throughout this album and are left to the remixes. As usual, Mr Raoul K worked together with artists from Africa, and on this record, Hamed Sosso, Sona Diabaté, Batakali A.K. Tenekdash and Adama Conde present their skills. His friend Kuniyuki Takashi demonstrates his talent on the flute and provides some piano, too. This album deals with aspects of inner and outer slavery. It is known that people -- whether knowingly or not -- often get into habits that start to limit their possibilities and narrow their view. Slavery is no longer people put in chains by others, but people put in chains by themselves. But only one group of the enchained will admit to their chain. Mr Raoul K's other concern is to share traditional African grooves and sounds with an audience that hasn't experienced this kind of music before. He presents an authentic surrounding that provides the listener with the chance to fall in love with the unusual rhythmic patterns, without getting trapped in neo-colonial-folkloristic stereotypes. This album stands against cultural hegemonism and commits itself to getting together without prejudice.



BLACK RAIN: Dark Pool LP (BLACKEST 009LP) 25.00
LP version. Dark Pool is the new studio album from Black Rain, the project's first in 18 years. Produced in New York City by Stuart Argabright, Black Rain's founder and figurehead, Dark Pool is a work of hard-edged sonic fiction rooted in cyberpunk's quintessential neo-noir cityscape/dataspace but projecting into a farther future of biotechnological advancement and alienation. Stuart Argabright first landed in New York in 1978. By day, he worked as a landscape gardener for the upscale likes of Rock Hudson and Bob Dylan, while at night involving himself in all manner of subcultural activity -- the reverberations of which are still being felt today. He co-founded seminal no wave minimalists Ike Yard (whose early 1980s work has been cited as an influence by the likes of Kode9, Young Echo and Silent Servant), collaborated with the late Rammellzee in futurist hip-hop outfit Death Comet Crew (recently reactivated for an LP on Powell's Diagonal label) and as Dominatrix scored a bona fide club hit with the downtown electro classic "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" (1984). Black Rain was revived in the wake of 2011's Now I'm Just a Number's release and Argabright has toured extensively under the name and in 2013 released an EP of live recordings, Protoplasm, on BEB. Three of the EP's four tracks appear here on Dark Pool in radically revised and expanded form: the stuttering ribofunk of "Endourban" is now anchored by ominous string pads faintly redolent of Argabright's label-mates Raime, while "Data River" revisits the accelerated beat-stream of Black Rain's 1996 album Nanarchy, and the low-slung "Protoplasm" has evolved into a sprawling, syncopated techno epic -- the sound of red dawn rising on an illegal replicant rave. A further seven new productions feature. "Burst," its title perhaps a nod to Sogo Ishii's 1982 biker gang saga Burst City, harks back to the scrap-metal-banging brutalism of Black Rain mk.1; "Xibalba Road Metamorph," the album's angry, anguished centerpiece, externalizes the sadness and self-loathing of Jeter's oppressed post-human workforce. "Night in New Chiang Saen" reimagines dub as the viral product of one of AgriGen's morally-suspect scientific initiatives in The Windup Girl, before "Who Will Save the Tiger?" calls upon spidery, Metalheadz-esque breakbeats and wailing guitar drones to summon a 23rd century Ark. Vocals (on "Profusion" and "Profusion II") from Zoe Zanias (Keluar), and a brief spoken intervention from Sean Young (who of course played Rachel in Blade Runner) are simply the most audible manifestations of a dejected feminine presence that haunts the entire album. For all its textual references, Dark Pool is a visceral and straight-talking affair: its body-hammer rhythms and brooding sound design require no explanation for their impact to be felt.



EXCEPTER: Familiar 2LP (PTYT 072LP) 28.50
Double LP version;The 500 limited edition double vinyl presents the complete album, but with the addition of a second disc dedicated to the memory of Clare Amory; featuring the 7-minute dark disco warning siren of Excepter's Nathan Corbin's instrumental "Destroy" on the A-side, and a hand-drawn John Fell Ryan "cabalistic vision of the universe through love and loss" engraving on the B-side. Divine the spinning magick -- the embracing of loss becomes a release. Familiar is Excepter's first new all studio recordings album since 2010's U.S. double album release Presidence (Paw Tracks) which brought the band the international recognition of The Wire magazine's cover story, followed in 2011 by the shattering news of the sudden death from cancer of core band member Clare Amory which scattered the wandering band members across their home continent to New York, Los Angeles and New Mexico. In 2012 the band managed to reconvene for a lengthy and successful European tour and also install themselves at Blast First Petite's invitation in Studio Faust in alchemical Prague to record the basis of this all-new album. The album is an audio-enhanced continuation of Excepter's trademark creepy-crawled odd leg disco, layered with LaLa's cosmic sighs and John Fell Ryan's atonal, lysergical lyric-poem chants. It also includes Excepter's cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren," which was perhaps best made famous by This Mortal Coil's sweet 1983 moonlit version. Here, Excepter deliver instead, a pain-warped invocation to their lost limb.



DJEDJOTRONIC: Drum Program EP 12" (BNR 126EP) 12.00
Djedjotronic returns with the EP called Drum Program. Uncompromising recording sessions in his Berlin-based laboratory transformed into five dancefloor tools, which shows Djedjo's nonlinear vision of techno music. In other words, it's an ode to synthetic music, resulting in cold landscapes, dystopian atmospheres, a mechanical feel and with obvious references to Detroit electro and warehouse techno.



ALLIEN, ELLEN: Freak 12" (BPC 300EP) 12.00
The Freak EP is not only the result of time spent in Berlin; it also flags up the change to Ibiza, where Ellen Allien uses the warm season to spray her positive vibe during her residency at DC10. "Butterfly" hosts graceful 808 pinpricks, with a dreamy melody in the background and a nostalgic aura of pure love. "Come to Me" features deep house framing a groovy beat that sets free a hypnotic mantra. "Freak the Night Away" gets under your skin with its 303 acid hints and Roland piano sounds, opening the gate to another dimension.



CALLIPARI, GIANNI: Modular 12" (CADENZA 096EP) 14.00
Gianni Callipari is a crucial member of the Nordstern team (the hi-spec and highly-popular 600-capacity nightclub in Basel, Switzerland), who has played alongside a who's-who of DJ talent, from Carl Cox to Seth Troxler, Dixon to Jamie Jones, and of course with Luciano, the Cadenza ambassador. The Modular EP is technically Gianni's debut release. The title-track is steady in pace, and hypnotically uplifting in melody. "Girls on Acid" is less heady, going for a playful, loose beat and choppy vocals. "Boogie Curls" is a skanking and bass-shaking track that builds nicely.



VA: Cocoon Compilation - N 6LP BOX+CD (COR 036LP) 96.00
Six-record box set version with one cut residing on each side. Includes CD of entire album. This is the 14th edition of the almighty Cocoon Compilation series, curated by label-head Sven Väth. With Compilation N, Cocoon adds even more big names side-by-side with some fresh and promising ones. It starts with Konstantin Sibold & Leif Müller and the track "Kolibri," a great slowed-down techno tune that brings us back to the high days of Alter Ego when Harthouse released big listening and electronica albums. The second track by Julian Perez follows that feeling and explores the deep and dubby sides of techno, too. A perfect transition to Frankfurt homeboy Markus Fix. It's dub again, however, spiced up with hypnotic strings and a clubby kick-drum shaking your bass bins! With track number four, Compilation N opens the door to proper and kicking club music. Grandmaster Aril Brikha and Vince Watson present a vibrant arpeggio tune followed by Alan Fitzpatrick with his "For Fear Tonight Is All." Fitzpatrick adds more of a cineastic soundtrack flavor to the picture and creates big emotions here before Cavaan releases a thrilling acid monster. Coming up next is Truncate who seems to pay a little homage to the big days of the raw and kicking TR-909 and the pure Underground Resistance techno from Detroit. Sam Paganini follows this vibe with "Labyrinth," which houses even darker energy and pressure. "Luminous" by Lucy twists the knobs even further and beams us completely out of this world. "Les Gobelins" by Villanova doesn't need that pumping energy at all, however, it is quite a dark monster as well. Mind-blowing vocals, wild drum programming and echo craziness define the techno state-of-mind of the year 2014. The last two tracks come from Swiss tech-house pioneer Ripperton and Ricardo Tobar. We hear modulating bass line, synthesizer-sirens and minimal drum programming that all-in-all create a vibe somewhere between techno, house and the late works of Aphex Twin. Number 14 presents 12 tracks with an impressive variety of all things techno these days. This is definitely no hands-up-in-the-air action at all. It is techno music in a deeper way with a lot to explore and something that will exist longer than just one summer.



TRUEBY, RAINER: Slouse - Fishing in Slower Territories 2LP (COMP 453LP) 21.00
Double LP version, featuring the vinyl-only track "Tonight" by Chroma Keys. Slo-mo house in its best deep shape, including the rare, sought-after Maurice Fulton remix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavour." Compiled by Rainer Trueby. We live in hectic, turbulent times. It seems seasonable and reasonable to slow things down a bit. In fact: slow house down to what they're calling now, SLOUSE, implying down-to-earth club music, with a foot tapping under 116 beats per minute. House music and its many sliding genres have ruled the clubs and charts, and a special focus on slo-mo house is well-deserved. Rainer Trueby has become a guarantee for vanguard soulful dance music and club tunes with a special vibe. He has gained approval not only as a DJ but also with successful compilations such as Glucklich, Maiden Voyage on Compost, DJ-Kicks (K7) and compilations for Nuphonic, King Street, Talkin' Loud, and other labels. Rainer Trueby is an artist who spreads love like in the good old days, and he has selected here some of the best tunes on the planet -- some rare and sought-after such as the rare Maurice Fulton remix of Alison Smith's "Love Endeavor," as well as in-demand tunes like S3A's "Deep Mood Act2," or Ron Deacon's "Untitled." There are also amazing discoveries like the Moonstarr tune, and the Laid Back remix by M.ono, as well as a few underrated tracks. All the tunes here are worth the grab and will get played again and again. It's a full palette of slo-mo house flavors and moods as Rainer Trueby takes us on a magical trip into his imagination of Slouse. The result is a future-classic compilation with melodic and groovy masterpieces, made for your home, garden, car, etc. Other artists include: The Blaxploited Orchestra, Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, Fetsum, Paskal & Urban, Sello, Egyptian Nipples, Session Victim, Bambooman and Eckoclick.



BUGSKULL: Collapsed View LP (DIGI 068LP) 18.00
Sean Byrne's Bugskull project returned in 2009 after a long hiatus with the Digitalis-released Communication. A few years later they released the acoustic curveball, Strange Mountain, on legendary Inland Empire label, Shrimper. Digitalis is very happy that the proper follow-up to Communication has landed on the Digitalis shores again. Collapsed View is a whimsical summer excursion through jaded forests and crystalline tides. On the plucked acoustic opener, "Heaven/California," you're gently dropped into Byrne's hazy lair. The repetitive main dirge moves like molasses until you're appropriately comatose. It's a dizzying beginning that settles nicely into the bass crunch of "Olde Growth." Forward movement in the form of a canned ramshackle beat underlines the drawn-out leads that appear to float in a puff of smoke. "Icarus Rising" steals the show with its jet propulsion bass line and psych-infused guitar leads. It's an intoxicating combination that gets better with repeated listens. Byrne breaks out all the stops on Collapsed View, mutating gamelan-esque electronics into an ocean-side romp on "Druids." Hypnotic guitar swells wrap around the piece, elevating it onto a different plane. It begins the second side, which, compared to the A-side, is a meditative ambient affair. Saxophone lamentations punctuate the title-track, drawing a circle around a star-filled night in the middle of nowhere.



DJ VAS: Re-Edits & More Vol. 3 12" (EDR 022EP) 12.50
DJ Vas is primarily known as a member of pioneering '90s French house band, Kojak. Now more focused on his solo career, this talented DJ, producer and beat-maker manages to find the perfect balance between styles. For this specific project, Vas practiced the very special game of soul-funk and disco edits. Following the success of his Re-Edits & More Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, he's back on EDR Records, pursuing the series with a third volume: four new banging reworks, finely cut and re-produced in complete new versions, and filled with his classic French Touch twist. Featuring tracks by Roy Ayers, BB & Q, and Crown Heights Affair.



JOHNSON, JO: Weaving LP (FUR 060LP) 23.50
British musician Jo Johnson's debut solo album for Further Records, Weaving, betokens an exciting presence in the world of minimalist composition. "Ancestral Footsteps" opens the LP with cascades of cyclical harp-like sounds, an homage to one of Johnson's primary inspirations: Alice Coltrane. Channeling rigorous new age and mesmerizing Riley-esque/Reichian minimalism, the piece accrues heft and intensity, with occasional bursts of synthetic, tribal clapping until it fades out with cinematic flourish. The title-track gradually alters simple guitar and keyboard phrases, along with a chiming motif that multiplies in a hall of mirrors. The disorientating arpeggios form moiré patterns against colossal bass notes. The mood lightens considerably with "Words Came After Music," whose sweeping strings and drones could take you to whatever your idea of heaven is. Interestingly, the title of the piece is inspired by an anthropological theory Johnson stumbled across that musical ability predates language in humans. With its somber, undulating synths and lustrous highs and lows, "In the Shadow of the Workhouse" plumbs profound emotional depths. Epic closer "Silver Threads" starts as an almost silent retreat in the vein of Laurie Spiegel's Appalachian Grove or Eno and Budd's The Pearl with the faint hum and buzz of telegraph wires, until four minutes in a stoic pulse and suspenseful chiming motif arise, buttressed by glowing synth sighs and the LP's only percussive thumps (think Incunabula-era Autechre). While inspired by the "serious music" of Arvo Pärt, Wim Mertens and others, Johnson's mandalas of tone mantras offer a playful, DIY sense of adventure, as you might expect from the former guitarist for incendiary punk group Huggy Bear and a long-term co-organizer of London's Bleep43 techno club night and label. Weaving condenses Johnson's long love affair with free-jazz, minimalism and electronic music and this unique ambient composition is invested with powerful emotional resonance.


SCUBA DEATH: Nitrogen Narcosis LP (FUR 077LP) 23.50
Scuba Death is Ricardo Donoso's alter ego. With more of a focus on analog sound, percussion, sampling, and location recordings, there is an organic undercurrent on Scuba Death recordings that isn't as prevalent in his solo work. This music is rich in atmosphere while still tethered to the deeper ideas that Donoso often explores in his work. Treatises on fear and death-­anxiety, the underlining thematic framework for the project, run rampant throughout these claustrophobic electronic passages, and teeter on the edge of being oppressive. Nitrogen Narcosis marks the first full-length and strongest statement in the Scuba Death repertoire after the privately issued, ruthless Demon Seed 12" back in 2011. The album alternates between surprising lethargic dance inflections all nestled between 75 & 100 bpm, the normal resting heart rate for adults, and the more conceptual, numbness­-inducing pieces like "50­70 Meters" and "Nociception." Sequencing plays an integral role on Nitrogen Narcosis as the listener is suddenly thrust into the darkest reaches of the ocean after dark alley grooves are sucked into an aquatic abyss. For a project named after Donoso's near-drowning experience in the South Atlantic when he was younger, there's an impressive amount of reflection and vulnerability present -- the field recordings that permeate throughout the album were captured at the same location the undertow caught hold of him that bright summer day 20 years prior. An inner battle between paranoia and euphoria is played out in well-­conceived, precision sonics on Nitrogen Narcosis as Donoso reminds us to look back, break through the surface and go deeper. Ricardo Donoso's solo work speaks for itself, but with this new chapter comes new questions and considerations. Scuba Death is enigmatic to a fault and all the better for it. Recorded at Vesica Pisces, September-November 2012.


HB 002EP

SHANNON, MIKE: East Side Slip EP 12" (HB 002EP) 12.50
Half Baked Records is back with a stellar EP where two milestones of the underground electronic music scene collide: Mike Shannon and Thomas Melchior. The original cut, crafted by Mr. Shannon, carries his typical sound signature; crisp, swingy drums, hypnotic stabs and a haunting modulated bass line. However, this time, we venture into deep house territories rather than techno, with a jazzy delayed chord progression that will no doubt cause ruckus on the dancefloor. On the flipside, Thomas Melchior, under his Melchior Productions Ltd. moniker, delivers his interpretation, stripping it down to the essential. A 12-minute minimal trippy monster that effortlessly locks you in the groove.



FUNKY FAMILY: Funky Is On 12" (EXIT 003EP) 14.50
The new release on Italian Records is a real Italo-Disco Cult: Funky Is On. Originally released on Third Label in 1984 by Funky Family: producer Nicola Nicolosi and vocalist Dora Carofiglio, just before their massive pop hits with Novecento. There are two '80s original tracks on the A-side, while on the B-side there is a brilliant remix by Italian legendary DJs Leo Mas and Fabrice that is perfect for more dark room house venues. That, along with a new, pumping kick & bass vocal edit by DJ Rocca (aka Luca Roccatagliati), makes this release unmissable.



RFM: Promo Only 12" (JOLLY 016EP) 12.50
Mysterious white label release on Jolly Jams. The A-side features a religious house groove. The B-side features a Paradise Garage disco-vibe track. Who did it? We don't know! This amazing 12" gets massive rotation, that's for sure.


KR 016LP

REED, LOU: Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version Performed Live by Zeitkratzer 2LP (KR 016LP) 25.00
Double LP version. 180 gram pressing. Gatefold sleeve. Includes download code. About 10 years after their first, critically-acclaimed performances of Lou Reed's adventurous album, Zeitkratzer presents an audacious new interpretation of this 20th century avant-garde classic. Here, for the first time ever, all four parts of Metal Machine Music, played by Zeitkratzer on one recording. This new version of Metal Machine Music is even more transparent, instrumentally pure and radical than the shortened 2007 release. Live recordings from concerts in Rome and Reggio Emilia, Italy, mixed and mastered by Rashad Becker. A real sound experience! After their first performances in 2002 (documented on the 2007 CD release on Asphodel), Zeitkratzer gave Reed's album a new thorough listen and transcribed the sounds to create an acoustic score for the ensemble to play live. Those familiar with the oft-criticized two-disc album might wonder how they pulled this off, but they did, and their interpretation of the work brought it to the attention of a wider audience. It is therefore partly thanks to the Zeitkratzer version that Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music has been rediscovered as a classic of the 20th century. It was at the live performance with Zeitkratzer in Berlin that Lou Reed spoke for the first time in public about the musical details of his composition, in an interview with Diedrich Diedrichsen. Zeitkratzer was clearly ready for the challenges of performing Metal Machine Music live, and drew packed houses for their presentation of the work. This confirmed their assertion that rock'n'roll as serious contemporary music has been ignored for too long, in too arrogant a way. The relentless sound forces the mind to put aside its preconceptions about what music is supposed to sound like, or feel like, or look like. The brain starts to implode, or explode, or dissolve Zen-like into the controlled chaos of the performance, discovering a strange exhilaration, accepting an invitation to explore the outer reaches of texture and timbre, to experience a sonic freedom that's rare in any art form. These recordings from Metal Machine Music have become even more intense and worked out during the 10 years of Zeitkratzer playing it live at numerous international festivals -- contemporary music festivals, noise festivals, improvisation festivals -- it's impossible to limit this music to one genre. Metal Machine Music has gained a new quality of clarity, sound transparence and musical intensity. Real radical contemporary chamber noise music! These recordings from the Festival Romaeuropa in Rome and the Festival Aperto in Reggio Emilia (2012) present Zeitkratzer not only at their very best, the splendid mix by Rashad Becker also reveals new aspects of this 20th century avant-garde classic. Frank Gratkowski (clarinets); Matt Davis (trumpet); Hilary Jeffery (trombone); Reinhold Friedl (piano); Marc Weiser (guitar); Maurice de Martin (percussion); Burkhard Schlothauer (violin); Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello); Uli Phillipp (double bass).


KH 9001LP

VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE: La Cave 1968 2LP (KH 9001LP) 31.00
2014 repress. Gatefold double LP version on 180 gram vinyl. When this legendary show was recorded, The Velvet Underground were in a state of flux. Founding member John Cale had just departed, and his replacement Doug Yule had only been in the band for two days. Nonetheless, the quartet turned in a superb performance, including several then-unreleased songs (with alternative lyrics) and plenty notable guitar soloing, making it essential for VU devotees. Includes background notes and pictures. Digitally remastered.



MOLESKIN: Satis House EP 12" (LDN 047EP) 12.50
Keysound Recordings are proud to present an EP of sweeping, synth-lead grandeur by Moleskin. "Slow Dancing with Ms. Haversham to Moments in Love in Satis House" was the track that first caught Keysound Recordings' attention during a Fabric set, spreading a warm, loving glow over an otherwise dark dancefloor. As loved ones were reached out-for and held, a new talent had truly announced himself.



DANNY DAZE: Speicher 80 12" (KOM EX080EP) 14.00
For Speicher 80, Miami-based DJ/producer Danny Daze presents two powerful cuts where heady playfulness and dreamy ambience meet the raw energy of muscular bass lines and bouncing beats. "Freeze" proves to be an immensely bendy, yet vigorous floor-charmer that deliberately lets its propulsive rhythm patterns overgrow with swelling pads and epic synths. A true dance chameleon, Danny ventures further into la-la land with "Speaker Language," a ridiculously infectious groove setting the scene for Transluscent's empowering vocal interjections. Together, these cuts make for a hell of a ride -- two heat-seeking missiles on their way to the center of the dancefloor.



DOPPLEREFFEKT/OBJEKT: Hypnagogia 12" (LSR 012EP) 14.50
Hallucinations storm the border between wakefulness and sleep. Accurate perceptions give way to distorted visions, senses torn and split through. Borne of mutual inspiration, legendary duo Dopplereffekt and sonic adventurer Objekt present Hypnagogia, a split 12" on Leisure System, with each transmission derived from a shared journey into extrasensory perception and subconscious thought.



WELLS, ORSON: Open Light 12" (PLAYRJC 031EP) 14.50
"Dear Voluptuaries, for the second time, Ramona welcomes Orson Wells into her realm of pleasure. After one fantastic, tripped-out debut EP in 2013, the Frankfurt youngster manages to inflame Ramona's attention once again with this futuristic dream-house EP called Open Light. Four tracks no one should miss out on having at home, pressed on the darkest and possibly the lustiest of all the treats. Mister Wells invites Ramona on a trip to another dimension where the sounds of the past are the columns of a neo-transcendental audio-vision in all the shiniest and broadest colors one can imagine. In this future no one dances alone." --Ramona


MG 099LP

SPACEMEN 3: Live at the New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18.05.1989 LP (MG 099LP) 21.00
Second pressing (regular cardboard edition). We all know and love Spacemen 3. Mental Groove have been exchanging this recording for 30 years and thought it was about time to release it properly. So instead of dealing with the impossible task of finding the words to describe how amazing this record is, let's just hear what Sonic Boom has to say about the release: "I seem to remember this show more distinctly than most, and always did. Spacemen 3 was a band not overly loved in their day. It was tough, or at least uneasy. Musically people thought we were some sort of twisted joke. Which in some ways we were. You needed to be bloody-minded to make this music at that time. The set presented here, is as it was .... except the show was twice this length. We tuned and smoked for almost as long as we played. And then our disenfranchise moment, installed to filter the wheat from the chaff in our audiences -- the sprawling 'SUICIDE' wheeled out here in a long, mischievous version. We slipped away mid-song amongst much fog and dry ice. With taped-down keys and feeding-back guitars propped against our speaker cabs, keeping the song pulsating and screaming. Disappearing back down to the already too-familiar dressing room. We rolled large smokes and cracked fresh drinks. And finally after an extended 'break,' re-appeared on stage. Not to wind down as normal at that juncture, but to re-fire up the piece for a further onslaught. Extending the maelstrom as bloody-mindedly as we could. We always 'sensed' when we were unwanted .... which was most the time we left the cozy confines of our white 'sprinter' van. Never get out of the van .... fucking tigers! But then again .... maybe .... just maybe .... and it's only a maybe .... maybe I don't remember a thing." --Sonic Boom, 2014; Recorded from the mixing desk. Includes liner notes by Sonic Boom.



TINARIWEN: The Radio Tisdas Sessions 2LP (MCR 911LP) 27.00
"Even for a band hailing from the nomadic Tuareg population, roaming the deserts of Mali, Africa, the members of the Grammy winning band Tinariwen have traveled further than most. Since breaking through to a global audience, their music has taken them around the world and been championed by artists as diverse as Robert Plant, Brian Eno, Thom Yorke, and TV On The Radio. By the time the west caught on, the group had a three-decade career behind them. Formed in and around the Algerian town of Tamanrasset in 1979, they were initially a traditional group playing weddings, baptisms and parties?until they heard snippets of rock music and duly went electric. Their early music spoke of ethnic pride, nomadic rights, political struggle and rebellion; members of the band fought in the Touareg rebellion that broke out in Mali and Niger in the 1980s, leading to the popular image of the group with a guitar on one shoulder and a machine gun on the other. Returning to Mali after a 1994 ceasefire, Tinariwen continued to document the changing lifestyle of their persecuted people. 2001's The Radio Tisdas Sessions marks the point at which the band first made strides to global acclaim. Where previous albums had been issued only on cassette for regional markets, The Radio Tisdas Sessions was released on CD and distributed worldwide. It saw the group working with British producer Justin Adams and French collective Lo'Jo, but despite the outside influence, there was no softening of their sound: hard guitar licks and wild rhythms color their spare, dust-beaten music. "It was amazing slowly getting to meet them," Adams has said. "The attitude's nothing like, 'Here we are, you're the band, let's record an album.' Many cups of tea were drunk and there were many misunderstandings." Recorded at the titular studios in Kidal, capital of the stark Iforas region of Mali, the album was made in difficult conditions. They were able to work only between 7pm and midnight, as those were the sole hours when electricity was available. The desert is an overwhelming presence throughout the album -- you can hear the vast expanse of the landscape in the very grooves. Concluding the album is a live track 'Tin-Essako,' recorded live at Mali's Festival of the Desert in January 2001. Showcasing the band's ferocious performance skills, it created an appetite for their live show around the world. Soon, western audiences who thought they'd seen everything discovered a new, hybrid form of music that was quite unlike anything they'd heard before. First time ever on vinyl. Double LP housed in a deluxe Stoughton tip-on jacket with original booklet. All tracks newly remastered."



DEMDIKE STARE: Forest Of Evil LP (LOVE 060LP) 23.50
New limited 2014 repress. This is the first in a series of three vinyl-only albums to be released by the UK's Demdike Stare. Demdike Stare's highly-acclaimed debut album Symbiosis (LOVE 059CD) was released in late 2009 and explored Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker's interest in re-appropriated found sounds of all colors and origins. Fast adopted into the "hauntological" canon, the album evoked the noises and spirits of distant yet oddly familiar locations. The first of a vinyl trilogy set to be released through 2010, Forest Of Evil is a more unearthly affair, split into two long tracks that summon the presence of the pair's geographical, musical and spiritual ancestors. The "Dusk" side unfurls from a cacophonous piano sequence into an anguished drone that nervously builds into an audible nausea, pushing through until it finally opens up into crisp, clear percussive terrain. "Dawn" embodies a more disturbed persona, rumbling through free-jazz tape loops and thunderous drums before adopting the kind of narcotic, claustrophobic terrain often visited by Shackleton, a heaving low-end pulse and tribal colors producing dense, dark and relentless tapestries. And then, out of nowhere, a widescreen coda, edging out of total despair and darkness and into something that you could just about convince yourself, even for just a moment, reflected light and offered hope. Mastered and cut by Lupo at D&M, Berlin with artwork by Andy Votel.


DEMDIKE STARE: Liberation Through Hearing LP (LOVE 065LP) 23.50
New limited 2014 repress. This is the second in a series of three vinyl-only albums to be released by the UK's Demdike Stare aka Miles Whittaker (MLZ, Pendle Coven) and Sean Canty (Finders Keepers). Once again indebted to the black arts, the occult and Tibetan spiritualism, there are dark currents running through these 6 pieces, each one referencing the six images displayed on the cover. Mastered and cut by Lupo at D&M, Berlin. Artwork by Andy Votel.


DEMDIKE STARE: Voices Of Dust LP (LOVE 066LP) 23.50
New limited 2014 repress. This is the third and final part in a series of three vinyl-only albums to be released by the UK's Demdike Stare aka Miles Whittaker (MLZ, Pendle Coven) and Sean Canty (Finders Keepers) in 2010. Voices Of Dust opens with an analog tape drone that seems to suck the light out of whatever environment you might find yourself in, powering up Demdike's machinery for the bellydance disco assault of "Hashshashin Chant" that follows. "Repository Of Light" takes another diversion, this time wading through the gaseous environs that made the MVO trio's debut album so memorable, before "Desert Ascetic" flips things over for a dusted, relentless assault on the souk. The album ends with the decaying loops of "A Tale Of Sand," leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste and absolutely no sense of closure whatsoever.


NB 002EP

WICKED & WILD/POLICE IN HELICOPTER: Split Remix 12" (NB 002EP) 12.00
Drum & bass remix from Necessary Mayhem of a big reggae tune by Tippa Irie. Dancehall Style gets the treatment from Digital Soundboy's Marcus Visionary. DJ Frisk hailing from Liverpool deals with Necessary Mayhem classic "Police in Helicopter" by Million Stylez produced by Frisk.

NB 009EP

KILLA MOSQUITO (FEAT. MR WILLIAMZ): Run the World (Marcus Visionary Remix) 12" (NB 009EP) 12.00
Marcus Visionary & Mr Williamz are proving to be a great team; hence, why this new banger of a remix "Run the World" is destined for big things. Big mix, broad bass, and top vocals equals another jungle classic on this label which is fast becoming one of the most reliable jungle labels around.



SPECTRAL EMPIRE: Goloko Dharma EP 12" (NEK 012EP) 14.50
Spectral Empire prove once again that they're some of the deepest producers working today. The UK duo -- George Thompson (aka Black Merlin) and Kyle Martin (half of Land Of Light) -- make their Nuearth Kitchen debut with two tracks of stunning depth and range. A stellar example of spy-thriller disco, "Goloko Dhama" induces an exhilarating paranoia not unlike that created in Can's epic "Mother Sky." "Sadhu" seems like it could be emanating from a Nepalese mountaintop after a morning ceremony. It begins with exotic tintinnabulation, distant bass ripples, and celestial temple drones and then gradually accrues a steely-eyed, tribal-disco propulsion, accented by sputtering 808s.


OP 016EP

STIP, VALENTIN: Sigh Remixes 12" (OP 016EP) 14.00
Other People presents remixes of tracks off of Valentin Stip's album Sigh (OP 006CD/LP). Features reinterpretations from LoVil (Max Loderbauer and Ricardo Villalobos) and Oren Ratowski & Solpara.


ASH 3007LP

RELATIVELY CLEAN RIVERS: Relatively Clean Rivers LP (ASH 3007LP) 22.00
2014 repress; LP version. Former Beat Of The Earth leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early '70s and eventually released this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although Pearlman's first recorded effort was a surf/hot rod 45 entitled Chrome Reversed Rails which appeared on the Fink label in the mid-'60s, it was with Beat Of The Earth that he began to forge a distinctive musical voice. The band was one of the earliest-known experimental bands with a sound reminiscent of their East Coast counterparts, The Velvet Underground, whose influence is often discernible on Relatively Clean Rivers. That said, RCR is recognized by those fortunate enough to have heard it as one of the very finest albums of the era, with a clearly-defined American sound akin to The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp or CSNY circa Déjà Vu. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in '70s West Coast music or simply great music in general. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl once again, and comprehensively remastered using the latest 48-bit technology.

ASH 3053LP

MAKI & BLUES CREATION, CARMEN: Carmen Maki & Blues Creation LP (ASH 3053LP) 22.00
2014 repress. 180 gram LP version. Includes an insert with lyrics (in English & Japanese). Released at about the same time as Demon And Eleven Children, the album the beautiful Carmen Maki recorded with the band Blues Creation, this 1971 heavy rock guitar monster reminds us that ...Eleven Children isn't the only heavy album from this ensemble. Maki was probably one of the strongest voices of Japanese rock and is featured here doing her finest Grace Slick impression. Lots of brutal, non-stop wailing guitar but some mellow, bluesy psychedelic rock numbers, too. Maki went on to form her own band, Oz, but this is the collaboration for which she will be best remembered. Highly recommended. Features the original LP cover. Digitally remastered.



YA TOSIBA: Mollah the Machine 7" (PING 045EP) 12.00
Ya Tosiba is a Berlin-based duo producing bass-heavy riddims with energetic female vocals. On the mic we have Zuzu Zakaria, the versatile singer who uses mainly found, historical lyrics in her mother tongue, Azeri. On synths and drum machines we have Mesak. The head of the fantastic Harmonia label has his roots in Finland, and he is one of the pioneers of Scandinavian skweee music. The vocals use lyrics found during field studies about the history of Meykhana, which is a traditional, improvised form of rhythmic folk vocals from Azerbaijan. "Molla" is a slow head-nodder while "Masin" is a captivating disco track.



TELEVISION: The Blow-Up 2LP (RUSLP 8249LP) 19.00
2014 repress. "Double disc! 1978 live performance from Tom Verlaine's personal collection. Originally released on cassette in 1982. Over 85 minutes and digitally remastered. Extended versions of 'Little Johnny Jewel' & 'Marquee Moon.' Green & blue vinyl LPs." Gatefold sleeve.



TEJADA, JOHN: Times Like This 12" (SOL 006EP) 14.00
John Tejada does not really need any introduction -- he is simply a phenomenon. His EP for Slices Of Life makes reference to his earlier releases that were beloved by DJs for their driving energy and occasional wink of humor. The three tracks on Times Like This combine a musical glance back to earlier times, while showcasing Tejada's high-level production skills of today: A Slice from the past without being nostalgic.



SIGWARD: Black Mambo EP 12" (SOHASO 004EP) 14.50
Continuing his ear-tingling strike of releases, Nuno dos Santos is putting Sigward on the stage for the fourth installment of Something Happening Somewhere. With remixes from Simon Garcia and Scott Fraser based on two originals, the dark has been encapsulated on a record. Melancholic, subdued, tranquillized, but packed with energy, there's something for every dancefloor out there, even if you happen to be a six-fingered DJ.



MATO: Homework Dub LP (STIX 039LP) 22.00
LP version. 40 year-old percussionist and drummer Thomas Blanchot started his production outfit Mato Production in 2001, under which he collaborated and directed many projects as composer, music publisher and producer of music for TV, advertising, films and records. He also began a career as a reggae producer in 2006, under the name Mato. Since then, he's released music through various projects, coming out on labels such as Makasound, EDR Records or Big Singles. In the meantime he developed a real trademark: taking classic French songs, hip-hop, or pop songs and making them into roots/reggae-dub new versions. Since 2010, Mato's built a solid reputation thanks to his many remixes of hip-hop classics on Stix Records. It is therefore natural to find him back with a new concept on the Favorite Recordings' sub-label: seasoning the notorious Homework album by Daft Punk with his special reggae-dub sauce. Once again, Mato achieves a brilliant rendition with Homework Dub, almost making dreadlocks grow out of the French robots' heads. Using kick-effects, delays and roaring bass, he reinvents one of the most famous albums of electronic music as if it were straight out of Scientist, King Tubby or Mad Professor's studios in Jamaica.



MCWHINNEY, CRAIG: System EP 12" (SSQ 002EP) 14.50
Sub Squared is a sub-label of Project Squared, and their sophomore release changes tone with Melbourne-based DJ/producer Craig McWhinney's System EP. These three tracks of heavy, subtle and melodic techno would suit both a peak-time or warm-up set. "Pulse for Harvest," cut at 45rpm, lollops along at a very swung, almost broken 124 bpm, contrasted with hints of dub techno and focused dancefloor energy. "Citadel" is a rollicking 128 bpmer, a melody churning throughout and embellished with various percussive accompaniment. "Six Hundred Furlongs" clocks in at 127 bpm. Vocal snippets and a call-and-response percussive melody provide the driving force along with a deep kick drum.


KURTANE: Chebarkul EP 12" (SSQ 003EP) 14.50
The third release on Sub Squared features the music of British producer Kurtane. The record consists of two Kurtane originals, backed with remixes by previous Sub Squared artists Ghostek and Craig McWhinney. The two original tracks and Ghostek's remix fit broadly within the "bass music" category, leaning towards 4/4, while Craig McWhinney's remix is steadfast, heavy techno. All tracks are at 130 bpm. "Chebarkul" employs a staccato rhythm, with a huge kick drum reminiscent of orchestral timpani and floating tones to create a dancefloor banger. "Uninspired" rasps along in the mid-range, again with a staccato rhythm driving the track and a solid sub-bass emphasizing the beat.


SV 051CD

FLESH EATERS, THE: A Minute to Pray A Second to Die CD (SV 051CD) 19.00
"The Flesh Eaters is the name behind one Chris Desjardins a.k.a. Chris D. Taking his stage name from a 1964 cult film, Chris D. wrote for legendary fanzine Slash in the late '70s and assembled the first of many Flesh Eaters lineups from heavyweights in the burgeoning L.A. punk scene. After releasing a ravenous EP and heart-ripping debut album, The Flesh Eaters unleashed their era-defining statement, A Minute to Pray A Second to Die. Originally released in 1981, A Minute to Pray brings together the greatest band in American rock history: Dave Alvin (Blasters) on guitar, John Doe (X) on bass, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) on sax, along with Bill Batemen (Blasters) and DJ Bonebrake (X) providing the album's trademark percussive backbone. Chris D. leads the group like a man possessed. Through a series of grotesque vignettes, his lyrical prowess and indelible growl stand toe-to-toe with the music's powerful shifts. From opener 'Digging My Grave' (resembling a diesel-charged Magic Band) to the gothic groove of 'Divine Horsemen,' each song is its own hairy beast. Inspired by African tribal music, '60s garage-rock churn and Funhouse-era Stooges swing, A Minute to Pray remains (according to author / archivist Byron Coley) 'the best rock record ever recorded.' This reissue has been carefully remastered and features liner notes by Coley. Without a doubt, The Flesh Eaters will hypnotize a new flock of listeners in this millennium."

SV 051LP

FLESH EATERS, THE: A Minute to Pray A Second to Die LP (SV 051LP) 20.00
"The Flesh Eaters is the name behind one Chris Desjardins a.k.a. Chris D. Taking his stage name from a 1964 cult film, Chris D. wrote for legendary fanzine Slash in the late '70s and assembled the first of many Flesh Eaters lineups from heavyweights in the burgeoning L.A. punk scene. After releasing a ravenous EP and heart-ripping debut album, The Flesh Eaters unleashed their era-defining statement, A Minute to Pray A Second to Die. Originally released in 1981, A Minute to Pray brings together the greatest band in American rock history: Dave Alvin (Blasters) on guitar, John Doe (X) on bass, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) on sax, along with Bill Batemen (Blasters) and DJ Bonebrake (X) providing the album's trademark percussive backbone. Chris D. leads the group like a man possessed. Through a series of grotesque vignettes, his lyrical prowess and indelible growl stand toe-to-toe with the music's powerful shifts. From opener 'Digging My Grave' (resembling a diesel-charged Magic Band) to the gothic groove of 'Divine Horsemen,' each song is its own hairy beast. Inspired by African tribal music, '60s garage-rock churn and Funhouse-era Stooges swing, A Minute to Pray remains (according to author / archivist Byron Coley) 'the best rock record ever recorded.' This first-time vinyl reissue has been carefully remastered and features liner notes by Coley. Without a doubt, The Flesh Eaters will hypnotize a new flock of listeners in this millennium."



BODZIN & MARC ROMBOY, STEPHAN: Kerberos/Styx 12"/PIC DISC (SYST 100EP) 18.00
Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy are very good friends. And this is maybe the main reason why they made a couple of tracks together which have become milestones in the discography of Systematic Recordings. You cannot really plan these things, so let's call it coincidence that both of them returned to the studio together after a break of four long years. And exactly at the point of time when the EP is finalized Systematic turns 100 when it comes to catalog numbers. So let's celebrate their new output with this special picture disc!



WESTERHUS, STIAN: Galore LP (TLRC 001LP) 22.00
Reduced pricing, originally released in 2009. The Last Record Company is a vinyl label set up by Rune Grammofon. Each release is limited to 500 copies only and comes in a lavish, thick, individually hand-numbered gatefold sleeve with artwork by Grandpeople. Each release also includes a 16-page art-booklet. The music is exclusive to this release and will not be available in other formats until the vinyl edition is sold out, possibly not even then.This is the debut solo guitar recording from one of Norway's hardest-working young improvisers, currently a member of Jaga Jazzist, Puma, Monolithic, and more. More recently, Westerhus has put more energy into challenging the electric guitar alone on stage. Blessed with little or no respect for the instrument, his performances balance raw expressiveness, virtuosity and melodic instinct with his Norwegian heritage and growing up listening to Slayer. Sinewy guitar-menace. Mastered by Helge Sten aka Deathprod.


ULTRALYD: Renditions LP (TLRC 002LP) 22.00
2009 release, reduced pricing. Ultralyd are Kjetil Møster (saxophones/clarinet), Anders Hana (guitars), Kjetil Brandsdal (bass) and Morten J. Olsen (drums/electric vibraphone). On their debut for Rune Grammofon's The Last Record Company imprint, they continue to develop the sonic explorations that started with their brilliant Conditions for a Piece of Music album (2007) and continued with "Conditions for a Piece of Music II" off Money Will Ruin Everything 2. Just as comparable to dark metal dronemasters as to contemporary composers. Limited to 500 copies only and housed in a lavish, thick, individually hand-numbered gatefold sleeve with artwork by Grandpeople. Also includes a 16-page art-booklet.


RATKJE, MAJA S.K.: Cyborgic LP (TLRC 003LP) 22.00
2009 release, reduced pricing. Presenting a rare live recording and her first solo album for Rune Grammofon for quite some time, Cyborgic finds Maja S.K. Ratkje in top form for The Last Record Company imprint. Since her recording debut as a member of SPUNK 10 years ago, she has continuously challenged us with groundbreaking solo performances and also in projects such as Fe-Mail and with Lasse Marhaug. 2008 saw her composer portrait River Mouth Echoes released on John Zorn's Tzadik label. Limited to 500 copies only and housed in a lavish, thick, individually hand-numbered gatefold sleeve with artwork by Grandpeople. Also includes a 16-page art-booklet.



SPIRE: Live in Bergen Cassette (TTW 070CS) 7.00
Recorded on November 1, 2013 as part of Bergen Kirkeautunnale, Norway. Featuring BJNilsen and John Beaumont's "Black Death," a new project using voice (tenor) and electronics; Charles Matthews' repertoire includes performances of organ pieces by Arvo Pärt, Giacinto Scelsi and Johann Sebastian Bach; Marcus Davidson's "Ananta" is released for the first time, and Spire regulars The Eternal Chord and The Spire Ensemble also perform. Spire is an organ-based live project curated by Touch's Mike Harding and organist Charles Matthews, and is celebrating ten years of activity. You can read more about the project at


VON HAUSSWOLFF, C.M.: Dark 80ies Cassette (TTW 071CS) 7.00
C.M. von Hausswolff used to co-run DS Art Gallery and the publisher/record company/organizer Radium 226.05 in Göteborg, Sweden, during the 1980s. Meanwhile, he was also a part of the duo Phauss with Erik Pauser as well as engaged in the rock bands Blue For Two, Psychonauts and Evil Dead Goofball. He was also active in the visual art group VAVD and the combo Elggren, Liljenberg, Pauser And von Hausswolff, doing mainly live-installations and performance art.


TO 096LP

LP version. This album is about resonance: on Saman, which means "together," Hildur Gudnadóttir melts her voice with her cello, connecting the two instruments together. All tracks composed, performed and recorded by Gudnadóttir in Berlin, except "Heyr Himnasmiður" (track 4), composed by Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson, lyrics by Kolbeinn Tumason. Cello made by David Wiebe in 1991 (Cello nr 49). Track 6, bass by Skúli Sverrisson, string fretted cello built by Hans Jóhannsson, resonated through two grand pianos. Tracks 1, 4 and 6 recorded by Francesco Donadello. All tracks mixed by Francesco Donadello and Hildur Guðnadóttir at Vox-Ton Studio, Berlin.

TONE 045-7LP

MOHNE, ACHIM: Accelerated Standstill LP (TONE 045-7LP) 14.50
An assembling for locked grooves. Collected and performed since 1997, recorded live in 2013 as part of "Touch presents..." at Cafe OTO, London; Ausland, Berlin; the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, and the Centre for Arts and Media (ZKM), Karlsruhe. This is the seventh in the Touch white label series of releases. This record can be played at all speeds, but the recommended speed is 33 rpm. Accelerated Standstill is an assembling of locked grooves found on customary vinyl records. The records have been collected and performed live between 1997 and 2013. Locked grooves normally functioning as a "barrier," avoiding the needle coming into contact with the label at the center of the record. All grooves sound different, depending on how dust has effected and transformed the soft surface of the vinyl. By using a triple vinyl deck set-up this analytic auditory observations of ending grooves are mixed live thus composing a "music that lies hidden in the medium itself." The tiny dust particles inside the vinyl groove convert into a "sound sculpture" -- an important syntactical parameter of the apparatus is formed by the turntables themselves. The speed of their rotation is not limited to 33 or 45 rpm, but expanded between 1 and 150 rounds per minute, thus determining the loops and the rhythm. Achim Mohné started working with record players, cassette recorders and other sound-media-apparatus in the mid-1990s. He experiments with the space and time intervals of sound-media and is especially interested in the "music that lies hidden in the medium itself." His method is to subject the support material to a forensic autopsy. His most recent project analyses was the transfer data of a Wi-Fi router called Fritz Box/Fritz Kiste (cf TouchRadio). His further work features soundtracks for film and theater performances (with Yoshie Shibahara) as well as collaborations with classical musicians (such as violinist Ayumi Paul). Cut by Jason at Transition, this release is dedicated to Paul Virilio.



RHODE & BROWN: Palace EP 12" (TOYT 024EP) 14.00
Berlin techno was the big thing over the last years, but you might know that in German cites like Hamburg and Munich, there is a huge growing experimental house scene. One of the fresh new labels is Toy Tonics from Munich and the raising stars of the labels are Rhode & Brown, residents at Munich super-club, Kong. Their sound is fresh -- influenced by early New York records but still with a futuristic, upfront touch. You should check out Glenn Astro's remix: crazy drum sounds meet rare analog synths.



GARCONS: Re-Bop Electronique 12" (WRWTFWW 002EP) 14.00
We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records teams up with Ze Records for an exclusive re-edition of Garçons' no wave gem "Re-Bop." The limited 12" vinyl includes the original song by Marie Et Les Garçons produced by John Cale, its infamous "Re-Bop Electronique" rework, and a dancefloor-ready edit by Tel Aviv producers Red Axes. Garçons originated from Marie Et Les Garçons, a punk band from Lyon, France formed in the '70s by Patrick Vidal, Eric Fitoussi, Jean-Pierre Charriau and Marie. They quickly achieved cult status thanks to edgy releases, a performance at New York's legendary CBGB, and sharing stages with Patti Smith and Talking Heads.

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