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Forced Exposure New Releases for 11/3/2014

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New music is due from Grouper, AnD, and Consumer Electronics, while old music is due from Surgeon, Boards of Canada, and Psychic TV.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

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PSYCHIC TV: Dreams Less Sweet LP (OTTT 025LP) 24.00
2014 repress. Angry Love Productions is proud to present Psychic TV's 1983 classic Dreams Less Sweet, back on vinyl for the first time in over 20 years. Holophonic audio from the original UK vinyl masters with meticulously restored artwork. Features early PTV classics "The Orchids" and "White Nights." Officially licensed through Sony UK.



CURED PINK: 11 Put Aside 12" (ADA 002EP) 16.50
11 Put Aside was compiled from Andrew McLellan's solo work as Cured Pink and is a critical precursor to the project's current incarnation as a four-piece band. Over the course of the record Cured Pink channels the same anxious energy of Cromagnon's sole LP for ESP Disk (1969) and shoves it onto the dancefloor. The B-side was recovered from destructive recording sessions across Indonesia, deep within Cured Pink's solo phase (2011). Cured Pink owns a specific Australian sound that references the gamut of avant-rock, dance music and power electronics, and these recordings are a singular piece of the puzzle that makes up Brisbane's unhinged and isolated scene.



FANTASTIC MR FOX: You-Turn (Visionist Remix) 10" (ACRE 052EP) 11.00
One-sided white-label 10" in a limited edition of 300 copies. Fantastic Mr. Fox is back, in the run up to a 2015 album, dropping another slice of broken electronic pop -- this time teaming up with U.S. isolationist and icy-voiced songwriter Kid A. Here Fantastic Mr. Fox delivers his trademark frosted heartbreak chords with a grime lilt on the drums and low-end. Includes the deft remix skills of grime leader Visionist, who adds his own low-slung take on FMF's fractalized funk.



HAKIMONU: Insular Realms 12" (BLACKCROW 003EP) 12.50
The third release on Tel Aviv duo Deep'a & Biri's Black Crow label comes from Israeli talent Hakimonu. This release should bring his intelligent fusion of techno, ambient, dub, jazz and acid to wider attention. Far more than a pair of dub techno excursions, the EP's original tracks retain a tougher, more experimental edge while encouraging listeners to explore the minute details in the spaces between the more prevalent elements of the tracks. The EP enlists Ed Davenport (under his Inland guise) and Black Crow bosses Deep'a & Biri for remix duties.



FRIGHTENING LIGHTS, THE: The Frightening Lights LP (BRD 012LP) 25.00
First LP by somber Australian chanteuse Elizabeth Downey and instrumentalist Dan Hawkins. Nine bruised vignettes that will take you to the scraped bottom of love. Soft, caressing and subtly disturbing, Frightening Lights' songs move like menace through fog. Singer Elizabeth Downey says she first envisioned the songs as a kind of deathbed confession, their violence is carefully suppressed, modulated perhaps through long penitence. Shreds of instrumental sound -- a funeral organ, an off-kilter accordion, discordant bowing on a borrowed danbo -- flit in and out of the peripheries, creating eerie, flickery landscapes around Downey's sleepy murmurs. Downey formed Frightening Lights with her partner Dan Hawkins in 2007 after a sojourn in Russia, where she went to study fine arts and returned with a fascination for Russian and Polish folk music. Returning home to Melbourne, she found herself as drawn to Slavic influences -- including the Russian poet Bulat Okudzhava and Polish singer Slawa Przybylska -- as to rock artists like The Triffids, Rowland Howard and Marianne Faithfull. Back in Melbourne, Downey and Hawkins began recording at home on an enormous, two-inch reel-to-reel recording deck, working and reworking their spare material. Two of the duo's songs appeared on Melbourne compilations -- The Warm Cupboard from Albert's Basement label in 2009 and the Swan V Raptor on Dan Lewis' Special Awards Records in 2010. The rest evolved gradually into the dream-like textures of this debut full-length. Downey sings and plays guitar on this debut, while Hawkins mans a rack of keyboard instruments -- a Farfisa, a Hammond and an eerie Conn organ -- as well as bass. There are no drums on the album, almost no sense of time at all, as melodies float like smoke over blasted territories. Downey's lyrics trace elliptical connections between the novels she reads, the films she sees and the ordinary experiences of daily life. The opening "Père LaChaise" recalls a hazy interval in Paris, where Downey, sick with pneumonia, wandered nonetheless through the famous cemetery, deathly ill. "The Return of Genghis Khan" conflates her fascination with the Mongol warlord, a kitten that she once named after him and a romantic spat with her partner into a single, slow-moving fever dream. Artist Earl Kuck calls the Frightening Lights "almost Bad Seeds-like with female vox," and this self-titled debut has, indeed, some of the same eerie, subdued resonance as Cave's recent We Know Who You Are. If you like your menace soft, wrapped in lullaby sweetness and still profoundly unsettling, turn on the Frightening Lights.



MONOLOC: Things EP 12" (CLR 083EP) 14.00
Monoloc's latest effort offers a challenging mixture of various electronic music genres. Apart from the original version and the Monoloc edit which occupy the A-side, two highly-respected producers have contributed remixes to this project, making it an impressive assembly of potential A-sides. Monoloc's original version underlines the capacity of the Berlin-based producer to create unorthodox, suspenseful techno with a very personal handwriting. The remixes by Roman Lindau and Rødhåd turn this release into one of the most diversified CLR releases, ever. While Roman Lindau takes a house-oriented direction, Rødhåd explores the dark side of Monoloc's composition and delivers a haunting techno version.



VATH, SVEN: L'Esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation) 12" (COR 121EP) 12.50
The master of all things techno presents a pristine remix package just in time to celebrate his 50th birthday. When you look at the dancefloor at one of Sven Väth's gigs these days you'd probably realize that a vast majority of his crowd wasn't even born when the originals of "L'Esperanza" and "Beauty & The Beast" were released. This man layed down some of the biggest stones to the foundation of techno and tech-house and he has chosen the right names to spice up these classic hits. Remixes from Âme and Tuff City Kids.



SIREN: Gauntlet 12" (COMP 458EP) 12.00
Siren is the new recording project from Darshan Jesrani and Dennis Kane. Their first offering, "Gauntlet," is a moody, rich maelstrom of a song which embraces everything from heavy disco, to West African guitar, to soundtrack and theme music, to Adrian Belew. It features the guitar and bass work of Mark Dann (Left Field), percussion by Sal Principato (Liquid Liquid), vocals by Daniel Chavis (Apollo Heights, The Veldt) and spoken parts by legendary griot Vito Palmore to guide the way. A swirling, joyful, mesmerizing romp of a remix by the esteemed Ray Mang fills out the flip.



CONSUMER ELECTRONICS: Estuary English 2x12"+CD (DPROM 108LP) 34.50
The unlikely trio of aging renegade Philip Best (Whitehouse, Ramleh, Skullflower, etc.), hip U.S. artist Sarah Froelich and producer/guru Russell Haswell are all set to unleash their first recordings, the state-of-the-nation Estuary English from Consumer Electronics. In possibly Dirter's most ambitious presentation yet, this release consists of 2x12" singles cut at Alchemy and a CD of the album that has different mastering by the legendary Denis Blackham. Denis is, of course, well-known for adding his touch of genius to the likes of NWW, Whitehouse, C93, etc., etc., not to mention his impressive CV that features Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Hendrix to name but a few. The CD will only be available with the first pressing and will not be issued on its own; both formats need to be heard to be believed. The package is housed in a beautiful gloss laminated gatefold sleeve and the vinyl is pressed on heavy 180 gram black virgin wax.



KENNEY, BEVERLY: Born to Be Blue LP+CD (DOK 229LP) 25.50
LP comes with a CD of the entire album. "Beverly Kenney came into music after music had come to her. Not in one blinding flash, but by degrees, she became convinced that she had to sing (...). In her vibrato-free sound and concept of time and phrase, Beverly substantiates her affinity for jazz, particularly of the modern persuasion. And like any jazz practitioner of worth, she tries to combine the story-line and the musical contours of a song into a sum of meaningfulness. 'What I have always wanted in my work is the completeness and balance that is Billie Holiday,' she replied when asked about the ultimate in singing (...) Sensitivity, a captivating sound that is youthful yet hints at experience, and the basic honesty of her singing, recommend her. Too, there is the drive to be complete, to speak 'the truth' in her singing, whatever her medium, pop or jazz, and this, in the final analysis, is more important than anything else. With such singleness of purpose, it is unlikely that she will be denied." --from the original liner notes



Repressed. Intercepts is a split album between Pye Corner Audio and Not Waving. Taking inspiration from the world of espionage, most specifically spy rings, both artists provide four tracks each, creating a thrilling musical call and response between these kindred producers. Some of the greatest world espionage stories involve spy rings -- from the Rosenbergs, to the Cambridge Five and the Duquesne case, stories that have haunted the annals of the covert world and remain shrouded in mystery and fascination to this day. The clandestine spirits permeate these eight tracks of dream-like industrial techno, impressionist synth burbles, fragmented post-modern ambient and cosmic sci-fi adventure. White vinyl version.



FENNESZ: Endless Summer 2LP (EMEGO 135LP) 25.00
New 2014 repress. Remastered, expanded gatefold double LP version (briefly available as a single LP in 2001 and o/p for 10 years now). This version features new artwork by Tina Frank, based on the original 2001 Mego release. Contains "Ohne Sonne" and "47 Blues," previously only available on the Japanese CD versions, as well as a new, extended version of "Happy Audio," exclusive to this release. Endless Summer, originally released in 2001 by Mego, was a breakthrough album for Christian Fennesz -- the album which brought his name and music towards the first steps of mainstream recognition. Following on from the more experimental Hotel Paral.lel (EMEGO 016CD) and the Beach Boys-homaged Plays single, Endless Summer brought the guitars more to the front, the electronics shimmered more, and the melodies shined more brightly. It went on to become a classic of its time, topping many end-of-year polls. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, September 2010.



AND: Cosmic Microwave Background CD (EDLX 038CD) 17.00
Having honed a clear and uncompromising sound, which has been flexed across all manner of tempos, AnD return to Electric Deluxe with their first full body of work: a sonic contemplation of the cosmos, woven with all their industrial tropes intact. The venomous hats and cavernous rumblings on "Power Spectrum," the caustic squeals of "Acoustic Oscillations" and the anxious pistons in "Gravitational Waves," for example, should instantly resonate with fans of the duo's wanton dancefloor works. But another cataclysmic compilation this is not. Cosmic Microwave Background is a far more composed and calculated affair, which sees the AnD sound assiduously recast into album format. The analog bleeps of "Particle" and grainy textures in "The Epoch of Recombination" are some of the fluctuations that temper AnD's debut album into a solid listening experience, meanwhile exposing some of the pair's fluid and intuitive working process -- with themselves as much as with their machines. Juxtaposing production precision with more freeform composition, Cosmic Microwave Background as an opus is as intriguing and unexpected in its entirety as its individual parts. Not that the album is quite so black and white. There are anomalies such as "Non-Sky Signal Noise" which tread the velveteen grey area in between, with truly rewarding results. On Cosmic Microwave Background AnD have found their door between worlds, and flung it wide open. The sleeve artwork has been created from a series of paintings by AnD themselves, reinterpreted here by EDLX's own in-house designer Jan Willem van de Baan into a set of industrial-evoking pieces inspired by the sound and aesthetics of the album.


AND: Cosmic Microwave Background 2LP (EDLX 038LP) 27.50
Double LP version.


GET 51305LP

MOBB DEEP: Hell On Earth 2LP (GET 51305LP) 26.00
"By the time Mobb Deep hit with their third album -- Hell On Earth -- they were solidified street legends. Coming off the critically acclaimed The Infamous, Havoc and Prodigy hit the lab and came back with a soundtrack that is fitting to its title. Havoc's production is atmospheric; laced with his trademark drums loops and sharp pianos stabs. Add Prodigy's trademark flow and it's evident that the pairing is such an amazing match. While Hell On Earth is essentially a continuation of The Infamous you can still hear the growth in both performers and Hell On Earth stands as some of their best work. The album features guest appearances by Nas, Raekwon, Method Man, and frequent collaborator Big Noyd."

GET 54065LP

DIAMOND AND THE PSYCHOTIC NEUROTICS: Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop 2LP (GET 54065LP) 27.00
"Long out of print, and even impossible to find on vinyl at the time of its release, Get on Down presents the classic Diamond D debut Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop. As the album title states, this album is one long party from beginning to end. Diamond shines both on the mic and behind the boards creating one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made. Coming in at over an hour long Stunts never has a dull moment, Diamond along with the Psychotic Neurotic's and his D.I.T.C brethren are able to make each song or interlude stand out and play through without any skip worthy moments. Although Diamond D handles the majority of the album's production, others such as Large Professor, Q-Tip, Jazzy Jay, Showbiz, and DJ Mark the 45 King co-produce on several tracks. The music he was making in 1992 cemented Diamond as one of the best producers in the game."

GET 54069LP

WESLEY, FRED & THE J.B.'S: Damn Right, I Am Somebody LP + 7" (GET 54069LP) 31.00
"In 1974 one of James Brown's most important band-leaders and sidemen -- trombonist Fred Wesley would release not one but two albums as a leader including Damn Right, I Am Somebody. Starting with an evocative cover it was clear to fans that this album wasn't all about a party. Deep messages abound in the songs here, such as the nearly 10-minute workout 'I'm Paying Taxes, But What Am I Buying.' Social messages aside, Fred and his assembled JBs were a party-moving funk machine at heart, as heard on 'If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again Paarty' and the laid-back groove of 'Same Beat' (with prototypical sampling of Jesse Jackson exhorting an audience to chant 'I am / Somebody'). Nestled among these raise-your-fist classics is one of the most experimental funk cut ever made: 'Blow Your Head,' known to relatively modern listeners as the backbone of Public Enemy's 'Public Enemy #1' (from 1987). Get On Down pays reverent tribute to this classic by pressing it on 150-gram vinyl, housed in a 1970s style Stoughton jacket in an 8-gauge custom polybag emblazoned with an embossed People Records logo. In addition, the package comes with a 22" x 22" poster featuring the original cover art, as well as a 7-inch flexidisc of the rare 'Unrubbed Version' (without Moog) of Fred Wesley & The JBs' 1973 single 'Blow Your Head.' This version was only available previously on 2000's James Brown's Funky People Part 3 compilation."



MIND FAIR: Mind Fair LP (CHANNEL 029LP) 22.00
LP version. Includes download code and full color inner sleeve. Mind Fair are Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips, Goat Dance) and Ben Shenton. Over the last few years they have had a slew of 12"s out on Golf Channel, International Feel and their own imprint, Rogue Cat Sounds, but are only now dropping this, their long-awaited debut LP. It is a bluesy folk-funk swamp techno barnyard stomp of an album. It takes in influences from Krautrock to English psych through to classic Detroit techno, Chicago house and the (Italo) disco that inspired it. It somehow unifies these diverse threads and drags them into 2014 via a rave in the countryside. We go dancing on a hay bale at 10am in the sunshine in a pair of dungarees before collapsing on a friend's sofa and skinning up amidst friends jamming with acoustic guitars and bongos. Through it all marches the distinctive sounds that are Dean and Ben's hallmarks: chugging analog bass and deeply funky drums. All this is set to a loose concept of a night out at the quintessential English traveling fair manned by psychedelic freaks -- the fair of the mind. The vocal talents of Clover Ray feature, alongside other regular contributors Karl "Akuko" Miller (percussion & vocals), Tim Silver (ukelele!), Sadie Shenton Jones (vocals) and James Flanagan (vocals). Sumptuous artwork comes from Thomas Bullock aka Tom Of England of Rub N Tug/Map Of Africa fame.



MUNK: Chanson 3000 LP (GOMMA 200LP) 23.00
LP version. Munk is the project of Gomma label-founder Mathias Modica ("Germany's most interesting electronic music label" --NME). Munk is best-known for his collaborations with Rebolledo from Pachanga Boys (Surf Smurf), James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem (Kick Out the Chairs), Asia Argento (Live Fast Die Old) and club-hits like "Down in L.A." and "La Musica." He co-produced the albums of Gomma bands WhoMadeWho and Moullinex. There is already a big buzz around Munk right now: The pre-single "Southern Moon" went to the top of the Beatport house charts. DJs such as Todd Terje, Shit Robot, Tensnake and Disclosure are playing it. Also "Happiness Juice" (and its superb video) is all over the blogs right now. Munk's latest remix of Lana Del Rey's "West Coast" went to No.1 on The Hype Machine after its release in June 2014 and is one of the most blogged remixes of this summer. The album Chanson 3000 is the fourth Munk album. It was recorded in Berlin, where Mathias and his new vocalists live. As usual, Mathias' music doesn't fit into any categories. It's a mixture of '90s electronica and house with new wave, '70s jazz-funk, indie-disco and his love for songwriters like Burt Bacharach, Quincy Jones, and Trevor Horn. Mathias is a classically-trained musician. His dad (a composer of contemporary classical music) taught him to play instruments since the age of five. That's why Modica's way of producing is so different: he mixes "real" instruments (he plays piano, synths, bass, saxophone, guitars, drums) and new digital techniques. He also has this special ability to write melancholic melodies and harmonic structures that are unusual to electronic music. That's probably why so many names have been invented to describe the Munk sound: outsider house, digital soul, deep disco -- but maybe you can put it the way a German writer did: Munk sounds like you put Metronomy, Disclosure and Nicolas Jaar in a mixer and added some great soul voices. The album was mixed and mastered by Rob Rox (Banks) and Mark Ralph (Daniel Avery, Franz Ferdinand).



Repressed; Gatefold double LP version. Alessandro Cortini is best known as the lead electronics performer in Nine Inch Nails' live unit. His recordings under his own name have gained prominence in recent years and he has become known as one of the pre-eminent Buchla masters in North America. Cortini makes a surprising departure into the 202 on his debut album for Hospital Productions -- Sonno. Sonno was recorded in hotel rooms, using a Roland MC 202 through a delay pedal, recorded direct, sometimes into a small portable speaker system. "I liked to walk around the room with a handheld recorder to hear where the sequence would sound better, turn on faucets, open doors or windows to see how the ambient sounds would interact with the MC 202/delay/speaker sound. It was very relaxing and liberating to make music this way." The result is a beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive album that's quite distinct from the overly academic approach so often undertaken by hardware-driven devotees. Mastered by Matt Colton.


FUNCTION & VATICAN SHADOW: Games Have Rules 2LP (HOS 425LP) 27.50
Repressed; Gatefold double LP version. Function and Vatican Shadow have combined forces on Games Have Rules for Hospital Productions, simultaneously stripping back each producer's more prevalent production elements -- the dancefloor-focused techno structures of Function; the experimental cassette-roots of Vatican Shadow -- to create an album of dynamic electronic ambient music, equal parts rhythmic and atmospheric. As befitting what began life as an "emotional acid" album best suited for an after-hours home-listening experience, Games Have Rules was created in the early hours at New York's Hospital Productions and Berlin's Inanimate Objects studios, helping imbue the record with a sense of night turning into day, and the shifting contrasts of dark and light the music evokes. Although not created as the result of improvisation, the album retains an effortless, free-flowing structure, while simultaneously introducing the traditional techno drum kit over the course of the record, deconstructing the ever-changing, looming presence of New York City's skyline. Ambient in the most traditional sense, Games Have Rules omits the top-heavy reverb saturation of so many modern releases and builds from the ground up with an arsenal of hi-fi and lo-fi production techniques/equipment with a cinematic sequence over the arc of the record. But whereas New York City has so often been depicted in film as a prison, Games Have Rules is an embracement of the city's endless possibilities: the LP's gatefold black and white image of The Empire State Building lit up at night from the inside; the ongoing stories of rise and decline lived out at its base.



THROBBING GRISTLE: The Second Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle 2CD (IRL 001CD) 21.00
2014 repress. For the first time in 30 years, Throbbing Gristle are now back on their own original Industrial Records label. Industrial Records -- the sole representative of, and only official label representing and releasing records by the band -- present the re-release of TG's first five albums on vinyl and CD. Each album has been restored and remastered specifically for each format by Chris Carter from 24bit "baked tape" digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes. Each of the CD special-editions are presented in a gatefold sleeve featuring restored and remastered cover artwork and an integrated 8-page booklet (the booklets feature different artwork and content than the vinyl editions). Each CD special-edition also includes an exclusive bonus CD containing content from the year of the album's original release, including live tracks and remastered singles. Originally released in 1977, TG's Second Annual Report features various recordings of "Slug Bait" and "Maggot Death," plus the 20-minute soundtrack to After Cease To Exist, a short film featuring a castration sequence. A scathing debut from these avant-garde legends. The bonus CD features additional live recordings from this period, plus the 7" single versions of "Zyklon B Zombie" and the strangely-accessible "United."



FUNCTION: Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-97 12" (INF 016EP) 14.50
Eighteen years after David Sumner's Function inception, Infrastructure continues its reissue series of classic Function productions, leading towards a double CD package entitled Function | Recompiled: Various Works & Pseudonyms, 1995-2012, due for release in November 2014. Both "F3" and "F4" are lifted from the F(Q): Function of Bandwidth EP, while "Shift F1," originally a shorter live session included on the F(C): Function of a Constant EP, has been edited and extended by label co-partner Ed Davenport aka Inland.



DJ ROCCA: Destination to the Sun 12" (EXIT 004EP) 14.50
The new DJ Rocca release for Italian Records is a cosmic disco track that takes you on a journey, a trip where synth pop meets Italo disco, and when the machines used to run the rhythm. This is a proper journey to the hottest star of our galaxy...the SUN...with three different versions: a more muscular original version, plus a dub version to lose yourself on the floor and a fantastic Leo Mas & Fabrice version in their classic vein.


JR 7023EP

CLARKE, JOHNNY: I Don't Want to Be a Rude Boy 7" (JR 7023EP) 8.50
From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7'' singles club, here is an under-promoted Johnny Clarke classic advising against the rude-boy badness that hit Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970s, backed with its original King Tubby version.

JR 7024EP

THOMPSON, LINVAL: Jah Jah the Conqueror 7" (JR 7024EP) 8.50
From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7'' singles club, here is one of Linval Thompson's big hits for producer Bunny Lee in the mid-1970s backed with its conquering dub cut.



C.A.R.: My Friend CD (KTDJ 012CD) 19.50
C.A.R. is the solo project of Chloé Raunet, singer of former London coldwave band Battant. She now writes, composes and produces on her own. Her first EP Laika (remixed by Timothy J. Fairplay, Krikor and Discodeine) is cosmic pop at its best. She also collaborates: the vocals and lyrics on Gessafelstein's debut album Aleph were hers and she is currently working with Ivan Smagghe, Red Axes & Manfredas on some leftfield dance-ish tracks. Earlier this year, she supported Gesaffelstein on his European tour. She's played with Planningtorock, Trans, Rebolledo and has opened for Cat Power at the Paris Olympia. C.A.R.'s music has been picked up by Hermes and the Hyeres Fashion Festival, where she joined Jaakko Eino Kalveli & Chloe Howl; Vogue Magazine making a cover-mount CD of their music. As one-half of Latete Atoto, C.A.R. also has a fortnightly show on London's uber-cool, ICA-linked NTS Radio and plays records at the Ace Hotel. Her universe is a red-hot & cold paradox, a battered Dodge supercharger finding its way between clair-obscur allegories and the cold sensuality of melancholy. Electronic experiments are backed with ghostly punk bass lines, icy synths balanced on heartbeat drums. As with her almost short story-like lyrics, C.A.R.'s music sits on her own edge, between realism and dreams, pure pop and acquired taste.



CARLOS, DON: Wipe the Wicked Clean CD (KSCD 054CD) 14.00
Born Don McCarlos, Don Carlos possesses one of reggae's most distinctive voices. His vocal mannerisms are instantly recognizable over a tune, yet he remains one of Jamaica's best-kept secrets. This collection looks back at some of his finest moments that set the tone for his popularity that was to follow in the dancehall period of reggae. He began his musical career in 1973, when alongside Garth Dennis and Derrick Ducky Simpson he formed one of reggae's foremost groups, Black Uhuru. He then joined Wailing Souls before going solo under his shorter name Don Carlos. Most of his classics are represented here and Kingston Sounds hopes you find some magic unearthed in these lost treasures.


CARLOS, DON: Wipe the Wicked Clean LP (KSLP 054LP) 15.50
LP version.



VA: Pop Ambient 2015 LP+CD (KOM 315LP) 20.00
LP version, pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Includes CD of full album. Since its inception in 2001, the Pop Ambient compilation series has played host to an incessantly growing pool of highly distinctive artists, yet somehow managed to stay focused on its overarching aesthetic ideas. Due in no small part to the series' curator Wolfgang Voigt, each installment was able to create a conclusive narrative, successfully deploying new talent alongside household names. Pop Ambient 2015 is no different, introducing debutant soundsmiths Thore Pfeiffer and Max Würden while welcoming returning Pop Ambient staples such as Leandro Fresco, Ulf Lohmann and Jens-Uwe Beyer. Starting off the selection with dreamy, jingling synth pads, Thore Pfeiffer's "Wie Es Euch Gefällt" turns out to be an instant Pop Ambient classic, followed by Thore's second contribution, a guitar-infused zone-out called "Nero" -- together, these immensely atmospheric cuts not only set the perfect stage for Pop Ambient 2015, but also speak volumes for this young producer's staggering talent. A former ally of iconic project Closer Musik, Dirk Leyers has since forged his own path, displaying a special fondness for blissful melodies and stylistic versatility -- he puts this to good use in the aptly-titled "Daydreamer," an irresistibly nostalgic synth epic sitting comfortably between neon lights and campfires. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gregor Schwellenbach marries his avant-garde and folkloric leanings with the slow-moving, nonchalantly monumental "Assperg" -- a near-impossible track that feels as massive as it sounds fragile. Returning to Pop Ambient after his much-acclaimed appearance on 2013's installment, Leandro Fresco presents the entrancing "Nada Es Para Siempre," followed by Max Würden, the second newcomer on this compilation. A trained drummer and game sound designer by day, he is responsible for the enigmatic "Container Love," a masterfully composed cut that contrasts its sparse melodies with all sorts of rusty, dystopian sonics -- an inspired choice before Ulf Lohmann fills the air with cinematic washes of reversed sound on the cozy (but ultimately very alien) "Refresh." With Bvdub, Jens-Uwe Beyer and Gustavo Lamas, a trio of Pop Ambient regulars wrap up the class of 2015, and they do so in style: from "In White Pagodas I'll Wait for You" and "Möwen" to "Jovenes/Ambient Remake," all three producers opt for broad soundscapes and floating arrangements, resulting in a highly immersive set of panoramic electronic music and a well-suited closing chapter for Pop Ambient 2015.


DAUWD: Saleh 12" (KOM 317EP) 14.00
London-based producer Dauwd presents his latest push into romantic psychedelia and deep electronic dance music. Enjoy two new cuts that will turn heads in the most gentle manner, displaying all the loving care for sonic detail and melodic bravura that already transformed this artist's former efforts into celebrated standouts. This new material sits comfortably between techno, house and UK bass styles, albeit with a seemingly growing flair for the straighter blends within the groove spectrum. This allows for an intensified focus on the various wondrous landmarks found in Dauwd's soundscapes, a highly imaginative and masterfully crafted exploration of undulating synth textures, soaring melodies and gripping percussion.



GROUPER: Ruins CD (KRANK 189CD) 13.00
"'Ruins was made in Aljezur, Portugal in 2011 on a residency set up by Galeria Ze dos Bois. I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother's house in 2004. I'm still surprised by what I wound up with. It was the first time I'd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with a portable 4-track, Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasn't recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The path wound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village. The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came (microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.' -- Liz Harris"


GROUPER: Ruins LP (KRANK 189LP) 14.00
LP version. "'Ruins was made in Aljezur, Portugal in 2011 on a residency set up by Galeria Ze dos Bois. I recorded everything there except the last song, which I did at mother's house in 2004. I'm still surprised by what I wound up with. It was the first time I'd sat still for a few years; processed a lot of political anger and emotional garbage. Recorded pretty simply, with a portable 4-track, Sony stereo mic and an upright piano. When I wasn't recording songs I was hiking several miles to the beach. The path wound through the ruins of several old estates and a small village. The album is a document. A nod to that daily walk. Failed structures. Living in the remains of love. I left the songs the way they came (microwave beep from when power went out after a storm); I hope that the album bears some resemblance to the place that I was in.' -- Liz Harris"



MATTHIAS MAYER/PATLAC: Lagonia/Opus 12" (LIEBE 045EP) 12.50
After several solo releases and co-productions for Liebe*Detail over the last 10 years, Matthias Meyer and Patlac will finally share a split 12" side-by-side. With this EP, Patrick and Matthias once again show us their vision of emotional house music which works at home as well as on dancefloors all over the world.



STONE, SLY: I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 2LP (LITA 121LP) 21.00
Double LP version, housed in a gatefold "tip-on" jacket. "In 1970, The Family Stone were at the peak of their popularity, but the maestro Sly Stone had already moved his head to a completely different space. The first evidence of Sly's musical about-turn was revealed by the small catalog of his new label, Stone Flower: a pioneering, peculiar, minimal electro-funk sound that unfolded over just four seven-inch singles. Stone Flower's releases were credited to their individual artists, but each had Sly's design and musicianship stamped into the grooves--and the words 'Written by Sylvester Stewart/Produced and arranged by Sly Stone' on the sticker. Set up by Stone's manager David Kapralik with distribution by Atlantic Records, Stone Flower was, predictably, a family affair: the first release was by Little Sister, fronted by Stone's little sister Vaetta Stewart. It was short lived too--the imprint folded in 1971--but its influence was longer lasting. The sound Stone formulated while working on Stone Flower's output would shape the next phase in his own career as a recording artist: it was here he began experimenting with the brand new Maestro Rhythm King drum machine. In conjunction with languid, effected organ and guitar sounds and a distinctly lo-fi soundscape, Sly's productions for Stone Flower would inform the basis of his masterwork There's A Riot Goin' On. This long overdue compilation of Sly's Stone Flower era gathers each side of the five 45s plus ten previously unissued cuts from the label archives, all newly remastered from the original tapes. In these grooves you'll find the missing link between the rocky, soulful Sly Stone of Stand! and the dark, drum machine-punctuated, overdubbed sound of There's A Riot Going On. I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-70 opens up the mysteries of an obscure but monumental phase in Stone's career."


SIMMONS, SYLVIE: Sylvie CD (LITA 122CD) 15.00
"Light In The Attic has an impeccable reputation for uncovering rare and precious albums from the past. Their latest release, Sylvie, is haunting and out-of-time--but it is also a brand-new, original debut album, by a singer-writer who has been making music since she was a little girl but just for herself. Like Devendra Banhart says, Sylvie is 'a gem of an album, fragile and fearless, direct and poetic, timeless and absolutely beautiful. Like Rosalie Sorrels meets the Only Ones.' Or Isobel Campbell on a lost desert night, maybe, with only the moon and a ukulele for company. The raw, delicate, and sensual songs about love and love gone wrong are performed on a ukulele, which here sounds like a broken harp or a heartbroken guitar. 'I'd always thought of the uke as a toy, a little handful of happiness,' says Sylvie, 'but not any more. My first ukulele--in fact all my ukuleles--came to me by accident, under strange circumstances usually involving mysterious, vanishing men. From the moment I picked it up, I fell in love. A uke has a sad, fractured sweetness and a modesty. It doesn't try to impress you, it almost apologizes for being there. The notes are like feathers; you play them and they're blown away in a second. And yet these songs kept coming through this tiny instrument with all their heartbreak and truth intact.'"



PEV/PEV & KOWTON: Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)/End Point (Stenny & Andrea Remix) 12" (LIVITY 014EP) 12.50
This is the final installment in the Livity Sound remixes series. Huge remixes of tracks from Pev and Pev & Kowton from Tessela (R&S/Poly Kicks) and Italian duo Stenny & Andrea (Ilian Tape) of two of Livity Sound's biggest tracks from 2013.



MADLIB & FREDDIE GIBBS: Pinata 2LP (MMS 022LP) 25.00
Repressed; Double LP version. "Freddie Gibbs is the product of violent, drug-laden streets. But unlike most rappers with similar resumes, he brings the block to the booth without inhibition or an exaggerated rap persona. Piñata, a 17 track collaboration with producer Madlib, is the best distillation yet of his transparent approach to making music, combining an at times stark honesty with electrifying talent as a lyricist and performer. Piñata is 'a gangster Blaxploitation film on wax,' says Gibbs, who came up on the streets of Gary, Indiana, the disregarded city known for producing Michael Jackson. Here he is joined by Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Raekwon, Scarface, Domo Genesis, Ab-Soul and a host of others in setting his soliloquies of the streets alongside film snippets and dusted funk, soul and prog musical tapestries. While this is the latest in a series of single-artist collaborations for Madlib, after Jaylib (J Dilla), Madvillainy (MF Doom) and the street-centric O.J. Simpson with Detroit's Guilty Simpson, the pairing is unique as it is the first time for Gibbs working with just one producer."


MADLIB: Pinata Beats 2LP (MMS 024LP) 25.00
Repressed. Double LP version. "There are few musicians - let alone beat-makers - in the world whose output in its raw form provides his listener with a full on musical experience before anything is added. Madlib is such a talent. Hip hop is his canvas, but he creates the most wondrous things with it. Before a microphone is switched on, before a rhyme is even uttered, a Madlib beat stands alone as a complete thing. Since the issue of the collaborative album with rapper Freddie Gibbs - Piñata, already being hailed as contender for rap album of the year - we've been asked countless times to issue the beats Madlib created for the project as instrumentals. And we've conceded. Piñata put Gibbs in the spotlight, one that a growing audience is finally acknowledging that he deserves. On Piñata Beats, though, it's Madlib, quietly spinning on the center stage. Through seventeen cuts of arcane film snippets, dusted funk and soul, psych and prog rock musical diversions, Madlib proves to live up to what Gibbs once said of him: 'Madlib quite simply, is music.'"


MADLIB & FREDDIE GIBBS: Knicks Remix 12" (MMS 026EP) 13.00
"Following the launch of what most critics (Billboard, Pitchfork, NPR amongst them) are calling one of the best rap records (if not one of the best records) of the year, producer Madlib and rapper Freddie Gibbs reunite for a final EP -- Knicks Remix. This EP contains exclusive tracks not available on the pair's Piñata album. 'Knicks,' in remixed form, now features a new verse by Gibbs alongside Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, and Ransom. The B-side, 'Home,' features BJ The Chicago Kid -- the velvet voiced vocalist from the duo's earlier 'Shame' -- and Madlib's two-part soul-flip carries Gibb's narrative about a traveling man's disregard for his woman at home. Both sides are completed by previously unheard Madlib instrumentals."


NA 5110LP

HEITKOTTER, STEPHEN DAVID: Black Orckid LP (NA 5110LP) 21.00
Single LP version (not including the deluxe version's "bonus LP"). Includes a 16-page booklet. "Psychedelic rock record collectors have been repeating the name Heitkotter as if it were a mantra ever since the first copy of a hand-made demo LP turned up in a Los Angeles music publisher's reject bin, with nothing more than that word scrawled across a plain white jacket. Now-Again Records embarked some years ago on what seemed like a fruitless crusade -- to find out more about this Heitkotter, his music, his story. In the process, we've visited the house where this confounding album was recorded, found Heitkotter's musicians, rescued the demo-recordings that paved the way for this album, uncovered unpublished photos and paintings by the man behind the album, and are now ready to present the definitive look into a musical vision equal parts dangerous and peaceful, nihilistic and optimistic. It's safe to say the world has never heard something like Heitkotter -- it is a unique piece of art unlike anything that came before or has come after it. The bizarre LP known as Heitkotter -- recorded in around 1971 and pressed in a run of less than twenty five copies -- was the culmination of one Stephen David Heitkotter's artistic career. Ross Dwelle, Stephen's childhood friend and the drummer on the record, describes the bedroom sessions in a handsome Craftsman home in Old Fresno as this young trio 'trying to play five songs written by a man losing his mind... probably stoned the whole time.' Heitkotter, this time issued as Black Orckid, as we assume Stephen would have wanted it -- is too complicated to be written off as a symptom of a greater ill, or lionized by a few (and dismissed by the majority) as 'outsider' art. It's a rare and vital look at 60s and 70s American rock through the sad story -- and incredible music -- of an untethered soul. And as we hope to show in enlightening more of Stephen's backstory, it can also be considered sweet, kind and optimistic. The Heitkotter tale is cautionary, but Stephen's music is as close to the sublime as American rock has ever ventured."



TRENTEMOLLER: The Last Resort 2LP (PFR 018LP) 16.50
2014 repress. Double LP version. This is Danish producer Anders Trentemøller's debut full-length release for Poker Flat from 2006. The Last Resort -- a beautifully crafted, astonishing masterpiece that will leave you breathless. The 13 instrumental tracks together form a wordless musical story, almost like the soundtrack to a movie. It manages to capture a whole range of emotions in subtle melodic miniatures, dreamy ambiences, dusty beats, deep dub-tracks and driving groove-excursions. Although it's definitely an electronic album, it also incorporates live drums, guitars and other acoustic instruments like celesta, glockenspiel, melodica and even DJ scratching to create a more organic feel. A fantastic accomplishment from one of the greatest producers of this century.


VA: 4 Jacks Pt. 1 12" (PFR 153EP) 14.00
Poker Flat is gearing up to celebrate 15 years strong, with a series of releases that will assure their standing as one of electronic music's best-known and most-loved imprints. Steve Bug's "A Shot in the Dark" showcases his musical chops, sophisticated production, and techy edge. The anniversary reworking of the track boasts the remix talents of Taylor, whose sleek approach chops up the old school piano chords of the original for a bumping, more streamlined result. Also, Boris Dlugosch's 2012 acid-disco-house hit "Sweet Talk" is addled by The Organ Grinder, who crafts a bass-heavy monster. Other tracks by youANDme and Tom Flynn.


PP 007EP

GILLES, HENRY: Collected Works Part 01 12" (PP 007EP) 14.00
Get a first glimpse into the musical mind of Henry Gilles. On their 7th offering Public Possession proudly presents to you another Munich local: This is the first part of Collected Works Henry has gathered, with more soon to come. While this release musically leans towards house and disco, you can expect a wide range of different styles in the near future, ranging from hip-hop to downbeat and further.



RAAM: Raam 001 12" (RAAM 001EP) 12.50
First out on Raam Records is a three-track 12" by label-founder and acclaimed producer and DJ Elias Raam himself. "Oblique" is a slow, warm techno track worthy of any Theo Parrish DJ-set. "Third Rail" which is an oscillating shuffler with Detroit influences, pumping a pad deep down your basement. "Devious" brings a different flavor to the record with an epic arpeggio and live bass, all held into place by disco-not-disco drum programming.


RB 050EP

REDSHAPE: Leaves 12" (RB 050EP) 14.00
Running Back's 50th anniversary comes courtesy of Redshape. After his utilitarian Bonuz Beatz effort earlier this year, the masked man is back on the monolithic techno tip. Graced with a sense of tradition and a modern style of execution, "Leaves" is the sort of warehouse rave signal that exceeds the sole purpose of a tool. Speaking of which, it comes in two different mixes to choose from accompanied by two unclothed versions for the creative DJ mind.



IDES OF GEMINI: Old World New Wave LP (SIGE 032LP) 25.00
"LP edition of 500 copies, in custom letterpressed LP jackets with letterpressed insert. This is the second full length from Ides of Gemini, the follow up to 2012's Constantinople."



BOARDS OF CANADA: Hi Scores CD (SKA 008CD) 12.00
Skam Records are very proud to announce the re-release of Boards Of Canada's Hi Scores. Originally released in 1996, Hi Scores constitutes Boards Of Canada's second official release after 1995's Twoism. This follows the reissue of their other seminal records by Warp in 2013. The new edition has been re-recorded and re-mastered from the original DAT tapes. The CD is housed in a Digi-Pak sleeve with some extra art. The original image on the back of the sleeve is now in color. Spot varnish finish on the images & text alongside the usual Skam Braille sticker gives the whole package new depth and a refreshing look and feel.


BOARDS OF CANADA: Hi Scores 12" (SKA 008EP) 17.50
Vinyl version with double-sided 12" poster. Skam Records are very proud to announce the re-release of Boards Of Canada's Hi Scores. Originally released in 1996, Hi Scores constitutes Boards Of Canada's second official release after 1995's Twoism. This follows the reissue of their other seminal records by Warp in 2013. The new edition has been re-recorded and re-mastered from the original DAT tapes and has been re-cut onto heavyweight collector's edition vinyl. The original image on the back of the sleeve is now in color. Spot varnish finish on the images & text alongside the usual Skam Braille sticker.



SURGEON: Pet 2000 (2014 Remaster) 12" (SRX 002EP) 15.50
This is the second of the 6-volume Surgeon reissues label SRX. Recorded one night almost 20 years ago after a bottle of whiskey, Pet 2000 imagined a future of mutated, mechanical animals. The title was inspired by an actual pet shop in Nottingham. Played by every techno DJ back in the '90s, it can still burn a hole in any dancefloor today.



Subtext presents the soundtrack to Nimbes, an installation developed by James Ginzburg (Emptyset), Yair Elazar Glotman (Ketev), and Joanie Lemercier for the 360-degree dome at Montreal's Société des Arts Technologiques. The soundtrack, realized by Ginzburg and Glotman within the vast interior of Berlin's Kraftwerk power station, employs the reverberation of the space in response to the video's narrative of scale, time, and entropy. The contrabass and elemental percussion craft an evocative portrait of this industrial site, mapping an overarching texture onto the acoustics. Accompanied by remixes from Glotman and Eric Holm, with Holm making use of his custom-created signal chains.



Limited version, features a frontside hand-printed with linoleum stamp, numbered. Sunday Music goes deeper and deeper with this fantastic album release. It reflects the love of label owner Henrik Schwarz for jazz, contemporary, and chamber music. When Norwegian electro-jazz pioneer Bugge Wesseltoft and German house producer Henrik Schwarz produced their collaboration Duo, it was clear that their synergy was both unique within, and revitalizing to, the whole genre of electro-acoustic beat-based improvisation. Now the duo becomes a trio, and the dialogue becomes a Trialogue. Indie/jazz bassist Dan Berglund brings additional dimensions and a whole new range of songwriter possibilities, a completely new layer of sound with tastefully-chosen electronic, rhythmic patterns and drums, virtuosic piano-playing, analog synthesizers, and thumping double bass lines. Subtle but high energy walks through your speakers. Moments of quasi-ambient atmosphere sit alongside driving, energetic swathes of blues-inflected jamming from the future, near-metallic semi-sinister meteor storms of sound rest easily beside moments of classic jazz noire, and there is a marked assimilation of classical chamber sensibilities. This is a thoroughly post-postmodernist soundworld. What the listener will recognize instantly is, simply put, great music. Line-up: Bugge Wesseltoft (grand piano), (synthesizers), (percussion); Henrik Schwarz (computer), (small percussion); Dan Berglund (double bass). Features musicians from the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg.



VA: Tempa Allstars Vol. 7 2x12" (TEMPA 094EP) 18.00
The first edition since 2010, Tempa Allstars Vol. 7 offers another potent shot of chestplate-shuddering bass, dancefloor pressure and heavyweight atmosphere from rising artists Wen, Innasound, Batu, Perverse, Alex Coulton and AxH. The producers selected for Vol. 7 are making music that crosses tempo boundaries, and is instead bound by a shared atmosphere: deeply rooted and sub-heavy, yet still infused with burning rave energy. The music on Tempa Allstars Vol. 7 reflects that diversity of approach. Innasound, AxH and Perverse all offer fiery, focused takes on the classic dubstep template while Wen, Alex Coulton and Batu draw the same atmosphere of dread into seething techno structures.


VF 119EP

CAPITAL CHILDREN'S CHOIR: Untrust EP 2x12" (VF 119EP) 23.00
Featuring the songs of Crystal Castles, Spiritualized and Florence + the Machine. The Capital Children's Choir are releasing an EP with artwork, a remix and a video from the artist Dinos Chapman. The fourth track is a 12-minute electronic reimagining of "Untrust Us" by Dinos. The Capital Children's Choir, led by arranger and founder Rachel Santesso, have performed the Samoan anthem at Twickenham rugby, for Pope Benedict at the Vatican, on the Conan O'Brien show in the States, and in arenas with the Spice Girls, among many other notable achievements.



CHLLNGR: Form of Release LP (TNP 015LP) 16.50
Unified by dub's loose sense of space and deep sub-frequencies, CHLLNGR's unique amalgam of soul, pop, stripped-down beats, and decaying atmospheres has earned the Copenhagen-based artist, Steven Jess Borth II, adulation from press and peers alike. The nocturnal, murky worlds of his debut Haven and its follow-up EP Datter alluded to subtle pop possibilities featuring Borth's soft-touch vocals woven into structures indebted to modern R&B's sleek minimalism and the techniques set forth by dub reggae's chief architects King Tubby, Scientist, among countless other legends. An artist who shines in the collaborative process, Borth's acclaimed debut Haven featured Coco (of Quadron), Aku (of Dragons Of Zynth), Teachers, and he has been a consistent cohort of South African MC Spoek Mathambo, partnering in composing, production, and touring as Mathambo's multi-instrumentalist secret weapon over the past few years. CHLLNGR has been working on his next full-length for the L.A.-based Time No Place label. Recorded at the newly-built Red Bull Studios in Copenhagen, Borth took a different approach by recording most of the new record at a legitimate studio as opposed to his previous DIY methods. Again, a collaborative effort: the new album features contributions from up-and-coming vocalist JOSIAHWISE IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET, Grace Hall of Skin Town, Doctor Echo, Dusty Brown, Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine, Cancer) and the UK-based artist, Dels. Keeping much of CHLLNGR's signature moody starkness, his LP strives for brave eclecticism, digging deeper into his future-minded soul music explorations.



EGOKIND & OZEAN: Transition 12" (TRAUM 181EP) 12.50
Traum selects tracks from Egokind & Ozean's Transition album (TRAUM 032CD) for this single. "Mega" is a joyous Balearic tune that keeps slight dissonances coming and going. "Every Time You Smile" is an energetic piece of warped music which swells and then is diminished to small islands of voices. "Light Realms" flows into "Silverbird" with no pause: "Silverbird" then opens the curtain and lets the sun fill the whole room with yellow golden rays. Egokind & Ozean then unfold a garage house track which makes small turns but stays very organic and warm. And "Everybody Dance Now" by its title makes things very clear.



MARCELUS: Shine EP 12" (TRESOR 269EP) 12.50
Marcelus returns to Tresor Records with Shine, the third EP on the Berlin powerhouse. Following the shiny and warm Emerald EP, Marcelus presents here a diverse EP reviewing the many facets of the extra-talented Parisian producer. While the A-side is adamantly tough and aimed to be used and abused in the vault during the most feverish and damp hours, Marcelus offers two delicate and very personal numbers on the B-side. A complex and rich 12" to be discovered in very different listening atmospheres.


TRANSLLUSION: The Opening of the Cerebral Gate CD (TRESOR 270CD) 15.50
In between the re-releases of the two legendary Drexciya albums released on Tresor in '99 and '01, the Berlin techno institute is proud to re-present Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate. For the ?rst time, music fans will be able to experience the whole journey on vinyl. The 3LP package includes the vinyl version of the album as it was originally released plus a bonus 12" featuring "Look Within," "Unordinary Realities," and "Do You Want to Get Down (Vocal De Void)" -- for the ?rst time available on wax. Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub-label Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, The Opening of the Cerebral Gate was conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms -- a whopping stack of seven albums by the Detroit pair released under different monikers within a single year (the Tresor album Harnessed the Storm being the ?rst). This phase marks a groundbreaking time for the duo, their cosmos breaking wide open, right at the dawn of a new technological era in electronic music production. All this is deeply re?ected in Transllusion's ?rst album. Thematically, The Opening of the Cerebral Gate saw Stinson shift away from the grand narrative of the Drexciyan saga, instead exploring a sub-plot of esoteric concepts revolving around internal, mental and psychedelic tropes. Musically, it presents the electro genius at the height of his game. The album is chock full of hypercharged arpeggios and driving pulse patterns, Morse-like tones and chord stabs, huge, uber-booming tympanic kicks and grainy snares, (see openers "Transmission of Life" and "War of the Clones"). On the other end of the stylistic spectrum it features sweeter tones and moments of sheer, staggering beauty ("Dimensional Glide" or the CD's centerpieces "Look Within" and "Unordinary Realities"). In between, all kinds of alien electro funk shadings are to be found, every single track so well-executed, making it impossible to pick a highlight.



FIELDS, LEE: Problems LP (TSLP 011LP) 19.00
2014 repress. LP version. "Truth & Soul Records is proud to announce the re-release of Lee Fields' Problems. The sonic palette of this record reaches far and wide, ranging from the rampaging psychedelic funk of 'Bad Trip' to the softer introspective sounds of 'Honey Dove', but that's just the beginning. The album opens up with 'The Right Thing', a gripping tale of love found and love lost, set to the super heavy popcorn meets afro-funk backbeat. In 'I Don't Know Where I'm going (But I know Where I Came From)', he lays down a super heavy, Bobby Byrd-esque groove with Lee emoting frankly about perils people face and about finding your own way. We find our way to the title track, 'Problems' a meditation on many of the trials and tribulations that Lee himself has had to overcome over the years. Long out of print and highly coveted, we are happy to release the LP in a heavy paste-on jacket."


WG 020EP

PAN-POT: Conductor EP 12" (WG 020EP) 14.00
The first of a two-part package of exclusive material from the 17th edition in the Watergate CD series is from none other than the duo who commanded the mix, Pan-Pot. Both tracks are collaborations with two heavy-hitting names in the industry: Slam and Vincenzo. "Conductor" features driving hi-hats, crisp snares and a thumping kick-drum, instilling massive "hands-in-the-air" moments. With "Fiction Inc" a warm deep sub-bass grabs your attention while washes of glittery synths pan the background setting the stage for the lush key work that Vincenzo is synonymous for and the sinister bleeps that scream Pan-Pot.



VAZ, ANDY: It's OK 12" (YORE 031EP) 12.50
On Yore's 31st release, label-owner Andy Vaz delivers straight from the backyards of his Cologne-based Deutztroit Studios to the streets of Detroit, collaborating with Niko Marks (Detroit-based keyboardist, singer, and producer) on the A1 track: a warm, deep and soulful house anthem with a perfect dancefloor-friendly summer vibe. A2. features a remix of Andy Vaz classic house hit: "Hurry, Hurry" by Malik Alston. On B1 the mood shifts drastically with a very trippy, hip-hop-ish acid house-type masterpiece, with a strong, hypnotic and trippy feel. Old school acid jazz-influenced house and a sure guarantee for messing with your brain.

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