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Forced Exposure New Releases for 11/10/2014

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New music is due from Mouse On Mars, Radian & Howe Gelb, Nazoranai, and Vladislav Delay, while old music is due from Chris & Cosey, Barrington Levy & Scientist, Christina Carter, Michael Nyman, COH, and Gulaab.


we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321.

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4M 821LP

CALE, JOHN: The Academy in Peril LP (4M 821LP) 22.00
"The Academy in Peril by former Velvet Underground member John Cale was originally released in 1972. The album is an exploration of his influences and training in classical music and features mainly instrumental compositions including two tracks that feature the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Cale balances the rock-classical fusion on the record with touches of humor while the music is beautiful and subtle showing Cale's skills at composing and arranging. Contributors include Ron Wood on guitar, Del Newman on drums and 'Legs' Larry Smith of The Bonzo Dog Band. Cover art and design by Andy Warhol. 180 gram vinyl reissue in a die-cut custom gatefold jacket."


7S 006CD

VA: Jazz Lounge - The Finest in Jazz Lounge CD (7S 006CD) 15.50
Jazz Lounge offers you the finest in jazzy chill out and ambient music, giving you 17 relaxing ambient and chill out tracks with a smooth, jazzy feeling, all on one CD. Hypnotic sounds take you to dark, smoky bars. Sit down and enjoy a tasty and pleasant aural cocktail, not only at the twilight hour, but at any hour. Artists include: Aandra, Climatic, Lemongrass, Pianotronics, and Jens Buchert.



VA: Air Texture IV 2CD (AIR 004CD) 19.50
The Air Texture series returns for its annual event where two producers are asked to select a CD each of more experimental electronic music for combined release. Air Texture invited Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN to make the selections for the fourth volume, and the artists here present a thoughtful survey of new electronic, modern classical, noise, ambient and synth-based music. Steve Hauschildt is an American electronic musician and founding member of the band Emeralds based in Ohio, with releases on Kranky and Editions Mego. Steve has collaborated with Oneohtrix Point Never, sound designer/composer Alan Howarth, Lusine, and others. A compelling leftfield and dance music producer, BNJMN (Ben Thomas) hails from the shores of England's Bournemouth, now based on the digital shores of Berlin. BNJMN has released music on Rush Hour, Delsin, Ninja Tune's Technicolour, and Astro:Dynamics. Collaborations include Opal Tapes man Best Available Technology. Artists include: Mirror To Mirror, Le Revelateur, Heathered Pearls, Jonathan Fitoussi, Pulse Emitter, Dino Spiluttini, Gunter Schlienz, Forest Management, Event Cloak, Sarah Davachi, Lukid, Brighton, Teebs, Samoyed & Sam Playford-Greenwell, Legowelt, The Hers, Vaghe Stelle, Herva, and Hieroglyphic Being.



LP version. Originally released in 1983 in former Yugoslavia, this album is a truly undiscovered gem of ethereal folk music. Pesmi combines the old traditional melodies of Eastern Europe and the Balkan States area with the lush and enchanting instrumentation of late '60s and early '70s folk with elements of progressive folk and singer/songwriter music from England and the USA. This results in a highly-mystifying and still easily folksy piece of exclusively acoustically instrumented music with haunting female vocals that seduce you with lyrics in their native tongue. Pesmi reminds of well-known artists like Pentangle, Steeleye Span, Gryphon, Fairport Convention, and even Simon & Garfunkel, just with this very unique Eastern flavor and bigger emotional gestures in the melodies. An utterly picturesque musical experience.


AU 5048CD

BANCHEE: Thinkin' CD (AU 5048CD) 17.00
These Italian-American hard-rockers coalesced in the late '60s New York, quickly earning a strong reputation in the city's clubs. Their classic debut appeared in the fall of 1969, after which they continued gigging, eventually attracting the attention of Jimi Hendrix's manager Michael Jeffrey, with whom they made this superb follow-up. Distinguished by frenzied guitar leads and powerful percussion, it appeared in the summer of 1971 but sank without trace, prompting their split. It makes a welcome return to CD here, together with detailed liner notes and images. Digitally remastered for superior sound quality.

AU 5049CD

PROPELLER: Let Us Live Together CD (AU 5049CD) 17.00
Formed in 1971 by legendary guitarist Achim Reichel, this short-lived trio also featured Herbert Hildebrandt and Dicky Tarrach. All three had formerly played with German beat heroes The Rattles, and their sole album as Propeller consists of catchy hard rock with elements of psychedelia and glam, and features guest appearances from members of Lucifer's Friend. It's presented here complete with a rare non-album bonus track. Includes detailed liner notes and images. Digitally remastered for superior sound quality.



GUN CLUB, THE: Mother Juno LP (BANG 082LP) 21.00
At last, a vinyl reissue of this 1987 classic album by The Gun Club, featuring Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds). Mother Juno meant the evolution of sound at The Gun Club's discography, entering into musical adventures where Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers mixed their guitars and melodies as per Television and Jimi Hendrix. This record has the addition of guitar cooperation from Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds) and was recorded in Berlin during the wild period before the fall of the Wall. Intense, obscure, rich in sound and writing, Mother Juno is a timeless classic for all fans of rock music. Proudly released by Bang! Records, courtesy of Creeping Ritual Productions, this record has been remastered and is presented in a deluxe gatefold edition, including two bonus tracks ("Crab Dance" and "Nobody's City" which has been recently covered by Iggy Pop and Nick Cave, alongside Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Beasts Of Bourbon's Brian Henry Hooper) previously unreleased on the original edition.



ABER, SHLOMI: O.D./Helter Skelter 12" (BAO 048EP) 14.00
Label-boss Shlomi Aber takes us back to sweaty, smoky, dark rooms with this EP. After his successful summer residency at Sankeys Ibiza "Tribal Sessions," Shlomi is not breaking away from his studio and takes the influences of the White Island into his music. Minimalistic acid flavors and Shlomi's signature grooves make up the opening track "O.D.," while on the flip, the label-boss brings up the energy for the peak-time with "Helter Skelter." Strong, smartly-crafted techno once again from Shlomi Aber on Be As One.


BEC 5161904

CERRONE: Love in C Minor (Cerrone I) (The Official 2014 Edition) LP+CD (BEC 5161904) 25.50
Because Music reissues on LP (with bonus CD format added) the 1976 album Love in C Minor by Marc Cerrone. Looking back now, this record is one of the most important of its time. It fully embodies the '70s' atmosphere of creative energy, inherited from the spiritual, aesthetic, and sexual revolutions of the '60s; it helped create the sound of an era; and it brought French disco to the world. It is also the result of one man's vision: Marc Cerrone, a free spirit, possessed by music, driven by pure originality and the madness of a vision without compromise. He had his sound firmly in mind, focused on its central element: the bass drum. Cerrone's first step was to record a 16-minute track, long enough to fill one side of an LP, driven by its beat and accompanied by female voices simulating sex. This concept of musical and physical orgasm was recorded at Trident Studios in London with Don Ray, the brilliant arranger who would accompany Cerrone throughout his career, and with whom Cerrone had collaborated when they were both members of Kongas. French record labels, convinced that radios would never play 16 minutes of beats and moaning, swiftly turned the track down. Cerrone, a born fighter, decided to trust his instincts, certain that even if the radio stations wouldn't play the track, people would dance to it in the clubs. He released the record himself. The record got some attention in France, mostly thanks to Cerrone's own network. But when Cerrone's record store mistakenly mailed a box of Love in C Minor to the U.S. instead of some unsold American LPs, the record found its audience. Radio and club DJs began passing the record around, and before long, the record that every French label turned down became a hit in the New York disco scene. Once Cerrone discovered what was happening in the U.S., he flew to New York, and found the doors of every record company, especially Atlantic, open to him. He was welcomed by Ahmet Ertegun, one of the major visionaries of American music. Having signed Aretha Franklin and John Coltrane, among others, Ertegun must have understood that this young French musician was about to define the sound of his time. Love in C Minor was the first step. Pressed on clear vinyl + CD. Includes a 4-page 30cm x 30cm poster-booklet with photos and biographic notes.

BEC 5161906

CERRONE: Cerrone's Paradise (Cerrone II) (The Official 2014 Edition) LP+CD (BEC 5161906) 25.50
Because Music reissues on LP (with bonus CD format added) the 1977 album Cerrone's Paradise by Marc Cerrone. The cover of Cerrone's previous album was part of its success. Its strange atmosphere, its surrealistic aspect, its erotic staging and its playfulness made it a classic of disco imagery. The cover was banned in the United States, who was always more prudish than France or Europe. Cerrone struck again with an even more erotic, direct and less ambiguous cover Actually, it was a matter of chance. Looking for a visual idea for the cover of his new album, the musician went through some photographers' portfolios and found this scene he liked: a fridge, a girl, a cold-tiled floor. The craziness of the picture came from the fact that the girl was lying on the fridge. He decided to ask the photographer to take the same picture with him on the side. But during the shoot, the door of the fridge opened and a yogurt fell out and spilled onto the floor. Cerrone asked the photographer to keep on shooting and despise conflicting advice, he chose the photo with the "ambiguous" white traces of yogurt. It would boost the fantasy. Was it cocaine? Something more sexual? It's still one of Cerrone's most identifiable record covers. And what about the record? After the simulated orgasm of Love in C Minor, Cerrone wished to move onto serious stuff. Rather than using tapes, he organized an orgy in a studio full of microphones set to record every single aural detail. The album followed in the footsteps of the first one, with a long track on the A-side and a few shorter tracks on the B-side. It was another massive hit, selling three million copies. Pressed on solid white vinyl + CD. Includes a 4-page 30cm x 30cm poster-booklet with photos and biographic notes.

BEC 5161908

CERRONE: Supernature (Cerrone III) (The Official 2014 Edition) LP+CD (BEC 5161908) 25.50
Because Music reissues on LP (with bonus CD format added) the 1977 album Supernature by French disco legend Marc Cerrone. Big hits can be the result of a combination of circumstances. Massively popular at the time, crowned with the success of Love in C Minor and Cerrone's Paradise that made him a disco hero of the '70s, the musician started working on his new album differently. This time, the inspiration came from a synthesizer, an instrument he never used before. ARP, an American manufacturer, provided him with it. "I was given this machine and didn't know how to use it," he remembers. "I twiddled a few knobs, trying to get some sounds out of it. Then, as I was playing on the keyboard, a bass line came to me that I immediately recorded on my Revox. It was 'Supernature!'" Lene Lovich, future queen of the punk and new wave English scene, wrote the lyrics. It was a science fiction story, similar in spirit to The Planet of the Apes. Once the track and album were finished, Cerrone asked the record company to focus on "Supernature," rather than the rest of the record, in the vein of his previous work. History would prove him right. This track, the more iconic of his catalog, would turn out to be his biggest hit. This third album (also called Supernature) would also sell eight million copies. Always a funny guy, Cerrone can be seen on the cover of the record, but without naked women. Creatures with animal-heads in a surgery room replaced them. It meant a mutant and more synthetic kind of disco was born. Pressed on pale green vinyl + CD. Includes a 4-page booklet with a 30cm x 30cm poster-booklet with photos and biographic notes.

BEC 5161909

CERRONE: CERRONE: "Love In C Minor" (CERRONE I)/ "Cerrone's Paradise" (CERRONE II)/"Supernature" (CERRONE III) 3LP BOX/3CD (BEC 5161909) 78.00
Numbered box set limited to 1,000 units worldwide, including Cerrone's Love in C Minor (1976) (clear vinyl + CD), Cerrone's Paradise (1977) (solid white vinyl + CD), and Supernature (1977) (pale green vinyl + CD). Includes a 4-page 30 cm x30 cm poster-booklet with photos and biographic notes. Cerrone's debut record is one of the most important of its time. It helped create the sound of an era and brought French disco and the sounds of sex on the dancefloor to the world. His second record Cerrone's Paradise was another hit, selling 3 million copies. Supernature was inspired by the synthesizer, with lyrics written by Lene Lovich, future queen of the punk and new wave English scene.

BEC 5161921

CERRONE: Brigade Mondaine: The Original Soundtrack Anthology 3LP BOX/3CD (BEC 5161921) 78.00
Numbered box set limited to 1,000 units worldwide. LP1: Vol 1. Brigade Mondaine (1978) (International title: "Vice Squad"); LP2: Vol 2. Vaudou aux Caraibes (1980) (International title: "Super Witch of Love Island"); LP3: Vol 3. La Secte de Marrakesh (1979) (International title: "Marrakesh Cult"). Three albums, recorded with humility, to keep a promise to a friend. But three albums that, retrospectively, are amongst French producer Marc Cerrone's most cherished, especially abroad. Rumor has it that James Murphy, boss of the DFA label and heart of LCD Soundsystem, has a soft spot for some of the music on these three soundtracks. They were born in Saint-Tropez on a yacht. Cerrone used to spend his holidays there and he met with his friend Gérard de Villiers, who talked to him about the cinema adaptation of his Brigade Mondaine novels and asked him if he was interested in writing the music. Cerrone agreed, and, a man of his word, he didn't withdraw, even though he was not interested that much. He put a lot of himself into the job and a fair amount of creativity. Alone in the studio, he composed on the synthesizer, used pre-recorded vocal tapes, and played percussion on a record that would become the soundtrack of the first film of the series. Two others followed, recorded the same way, with a tropical flavor to the third to fit its atmosphere. Then Cerrone, feeling free of his moral contract with De Villiers after three records, declined to write the music for the SAS movie. Too bad -- it might have prevented it from drowning. Includes a 4-page 30 cm x30 cm poster-booklet with photos and biographic notes.

BEC 5161937

RAY, DON: The Garden of Love LP+CD (BEC 5161937) 25.50
Don Ray's only album, The Garden of Love, is an absolute cult record and lost classic, adored by the Germans since its release in 1978, and also by every American and European novo-disco producer. Raymond Don Ray Donnez used to be in Kongas, played on Cerrone's records (notably his first, Love in C Minor), and was an arranger for several other musicians. A mere six tracks long, the record is one of the most notable in the realm of '70s disco music and features an undeniable classic, the lush "Got to Have Loving" (massively played on the radio at the time) and at least two other gems: "Body & Soul" and "Standing in the Rain."

BEC 5161938

KONGAS: The Best Of 2LP+CD (BEC 5161938) 29.00
It couldn't be simpler: a boy, tired with his work, decided to quit everything and form a band. In most cases, the band and the hopes didn't last long. With Kongas, French disco producer Marc Cerrone's first band, this was more complicated. In the early '70s, the young man made his own revolution. Musical director at Club Méditerranée, in charge of programming musicians in holiday resorts, he had a quiet job but he was bored to death. He decided to leave all this to focus on his only passion: make music himself and play drums, his instrument. One summer, he went playing in the streets of Saint-Tropez, in front of the hip bars of the time (le Sénéquier or le Gorille) and impressed a local character: Eddie Barclay. Barclay got him to play a local club and Cerrone urged some musicians he had met a few weeks before to join him. The concert was a success and they spent the summer playing the mythical Papagayo before being signed by Barclay: Kongas were born. It was to be a quick journey but punctuated with nice moments. With tracks melting rock and Afrobeat, the band toured a lot in France and abroad (they even played Japan, which was very rare at the time). Fed up with the record company's requirements and its desire to turn Kongas into a more pop affair, Cerrone left the band after two albums, Afro Rock (1974) and Africanism (1977). Yet, he would stick to the band's musicians and some of them are still playing with him today. He kept on working with Don Ray, who arranged most of his albums and whose cult album, revered by all disco lovers, he produced. In some way, Kongas was the matrix for the records to come. Pressed on double white vinyl.



DIKOF, FABIAN: Which Side Are You On? EP 12" (BWR 014EP) 14.50
This is the second EP from Berlin-based Fabian Dikof on Best Works. This three-track EP shows a strong affinity for slow, atmospheric build-ups with dramatic, even surprising mood changes as well as beats designed for the dancefloor. Fabian Dikof takes you on a trip through warm-sounding synthesizers and rolling bass lines. What an in incredibly mature output for such a young artist.


BXS 1028CD

LYONS, JIMMY: The Complete Remastered Recordings 5CD (BXS 1028CD) 54.00
"The Jimmy Lyons box includes the albums Wee Sneezawee, Give It Up, Burnt Offering, Nuba, and Something in Return."

BXS 1029CD

HAMILTON, CHICO: The Complete Remastered Recordings 5CD (BXS 1029CD) 54.00
"The Chico Hamilton box includes the albums Reunion, Arroyo, Trio!, My Panamanian Friend, and Dancing to a Different Drummer."

BXS 1030CD

BLACKWELL, ED: The Complete Remastered Recordings 8CD (BXS 1030CD) 75.00
"The Ed Blackwell box includes the albums Wall-Bridges, Old and New Dreams, A Tribute to Blackwell, Transit, In Willisau, Morning Song, and From Bad to Badder."

BXS 1031CD

SUN RA: The Complete Remastered Recordings 4CD (BXS 1031CD) 54.00
"The Sun Ra box includes the albums Reflections in Blue, Hours After, Mayan Temples, and A Tribute to Stuff Smith."

BXS 1032CD

TROVESI, GIANLUIGI: The Complete Remastered Recordings 9CD (BXS 1032CD) 83.00
"The Gianluigi Trovesi box includes the albums From G. to G., Les Hommes Armés, The Village Fair, Around Small Fairy Tales, Electric Five, Missa, Baghèt, Cinque Piccole Storie, and Nivola."

BXS 1033CD

LACY, STEVE: The Complete Remastered Recordings 10CD (BXS 1033CD) 75.00
"The Steve Lacy box includes the albums Trickles, Revenue, Troubles, Regeneration, Change of Season, Dutch Masters, The Condor, The Cry, and Vespers."


BB 178EP

AUTOMAT/SCHNEIDER TM: Bootleg 12" (BB 178EP) 10.00
For Bootleg Bureau B produced specially-manufactured blank silent vinyl records (without any music or sound). In order to capture the energy of the crowd, they taped these records to the floor of the venue during an Automat concert at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. The crowd danced on the records and the vinyl was scratched and dirty after the show. Played on turntables you only heard noise. Automat and Schneider TM then used the noise to compose three unique tracks, presented on limited 12" collector's vinyl. Thanks to a stencil technique, footprints and dirt become the printing color which made the artwork for the vinyl.

BB 183CD

TARWATER: Adrift CD (BB 183CD) 18.00
"The Berlin-based electronic duo Tarwater (Ronald Lippok and Bernd Jestram) formed in 1995. They have produced 11 regular studio albums and various collaborations (e.g. with Piano Magic, Tuxedomoon, B. Fleischmann), as well as numerous film and theater scores. Lippok also plays in the band To Rococo Rot. File under: indietronics, neo-Krautrock. Their new album Adrift is an album of voices and rhythms, with an atmosphere that may at first seem reduced, yet further listening reveals a wealth of detail. Adrift was created in 2013/2014 and completed after Ronald Lippok and Bernd Jestram worked together with Maurus Ronner on the soundtrack for the documentary 24h Jerusalem. Tarwater encourage the state of being Adrift. The cover of the album shows the empty field of the former Berlin airport at Tempelhof, photographed by Robert Lippok. Adrift is a dream diary; its characters act not as in fantasy, but reality. Tarwater agree when the album is described as 'somnambulist.' Adrift contains 13 songs, four of which are instrumentals. The opening track, 'The Tape,' is an introduction to the sonic landscape of the album. Drum 'n' bass in slow motion: a recurring hissing sound meets an acoustic bass and associative percussion. The drum kit in the traditional rock format is conspicuous in its absence. Tarwater, who particularly in the British music press are happily and quite fittingly placed in the tradition of the Krautrock of the '70s, tap into a different close relative on Adrift. Robert Wyatt, with his jazz filtered through progressive rock, comes to mind. Adrift is one of the few Tarwater albums not to feature a cover version. Instead there are four assimilations of texts by befriended and esteemed poets: 'Homology, Myself' is by the Viennese-Berliner poetess Ann Cotten, quoted from 'Dichten = N. 10. 16 New (To American Readers) Poets.' She speaks of the impossible task of being a robot. The rhythmic backdrop, in which Tarwater install Cotten's lecture is anything but mechanical. The lyrics to 'They Told Me in the Alley' also come from Ann Cotten and Kerstin Cmelka. The title suggests something rather pastoral, yet we hear as Ronald Lippok's voice travels through different room ambiences. 'Log of the Sloop' and 'The Evening Pilgrims' are taken from the collection The Man Who Had Forgotten the Name of Trees by Milner Place. Adrift finishes on an ethereal note: 'Rice and Fish' features a cameo by Sabrina Milena alias Milenasong. Milena provides the shimmering background to Ronald Lippok's laconic vocals, alongside psychedelic guitar sounds, electronic loops and a bossa nova rhythm. Minimalism sounds different." --Marek Flohner

BB 187CD

COLE, LLOYD: Kollektion 02: Roedelius - Electronic Music Compiled by Lloyd Cole CD (BB 187CD) 18.00
About this Kollektion: British songwriter Lloyd Cole has long since been a fan of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Cluster. For convincing evidence, one need look no further than his 2001 album Plastic Wood, a purely electronic opus which was an unambiguous homage to his musical idols. In 2013, Cole and Roedelius actually joined forces to release their Selected Studies Vol. 1 album (BB 124CD/LP). Cole has now listened through the Hans-Joachim Roedelius solo archives to present his favorite synthesizer or organ pieces in Bureau B's Kollektion series. About Hans-Joachim Roedelius: Hans-Joachim Roedelius, born in Berlin 1934; released his first album 1969 with Kluster (with Dieter Moebius and Conrad Schnitzler). Active ever since as a solo artist and in various collaborations. One of the most prolific musicians of the German avant-garde and a key figure in the birth of Krautrock, synthesizer pop and ambient music. Roedelius entered the world of music in 1967 when he and Conrad Schnitzler founded the Berlin performance club Zodiak Free Arts Lab, thereby launching the careers of numerous "Berlin School" musicians (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, etc). Schnitzler and Roedelius later got together with Dieter Moebius to record two seminal albums under the name of Kluster. Schnitzler quit the trio not long afterwards, the other two continuing to release albums as Cluster at irregular intervals until 2009. Hans-Joachim Roedelius has also been active as a solo artist and has collaborated with countless musical partners including Brian Eno, Holger Czukay, Michael Rother, Stefan Schneider and Tim Story, to list just a brief selection. He played on around 170 record productions either as a soloist or with band projects. Some 1,600 musical works bear his name, plus a similar number of texts (poetry, prose etc.) Lloyd Cole on Roedelius: "It was 1977. First came Bowie's Low, then Eno's Before and After Science, which led me to Cluster and Eno, released earlier that year. What a year to be 16 years old! Cluster and Eno led me to Can and Neu!, et al, but none of this so-called Krautrock had the je ne sais quoi that was the essence of Cluster. Sowiesoso pulsed and spat and gurgled with warmth and humor which gave it a resonance beyond this otherwise dry and clever music, which at its worst might seem to smirk downwards towards the listener. Instead, Sowiesoso wore a wry, welcoming smile. It said: Maybe we can spend some time together, maybe we'll be friends, maybe we won't, listen to this, see what you think ... I'm still listening. Cluster led me to Harmonia and then Roedelius' solo works which led me to believe that the soul I was finding in Cluster which seemed so absent from their peers came primarily from him. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the way I hear it. The melodic sensibility which drew me in is his, for sure. Roedelius' voice is unique, instantly recognizable, and still resonates. Almost 40 years later, here I am curating a Roedelius collection. Which makes me very happy. I hope you enjoy it." --Lloyd Cole, 2014



FERREYRA, ERNESTO: Some Kind of Sign CD (CADENZA 014CD) 17.00
Ernesto Ferreyra's 2010 debut album for Cadenza, the intricate and balanced El Paraiso De Las Tortugas (CADENZA 007CD/056LP), was something of a landmark release, not only for the Argentinean DJ and producer, but also for the minimal electronic dance scene, taking the micro-techno genre out of the clubs and into a full-length listening experience. Four years on, and Ernesto has certainly lost none of the magic and spark that made his debut album a "keeper." On Some Kind of Sign we find the producer seriously in his element, with his production aesthetics at his peak, brimming with ideas, melodies, killer hooks and wonderfully playful percussion across the 11 tracks. Aiming to go somewhat deeper and darker than his debut album, on Some Kind of Sign Ernesto endeavors to go beyond the obvious and easily-clichéd elements of an electronic LP, capturing the world within the spaces, using otherworldly modulars and field recordings to take the listener to the outer reaches of the album's very heart and soul. This is an album full of elastic beats and liquid electronics, every track built around highly inventive drum programming and micro-samples. Album opener, "Still Waiting" sets the tone with bustling, yet understated, percussion, the soaring strings unfurling at the end of each phrase. It's an album filled with color; "Cristal Clear" feels like a Middle Eastern travelogue, the track awash with an almost street scene-like ambience, the purposeful percussion really transporting the listener to another space and time. "Astral" chugs along at almost a skanking pace, the shakers and drum fills keeping it a dancefloor piece while the modular synths bend and worm around the kicks. On tracks like "Underwater Lies," the synths rain down onto a dubbed-out & sultry female vocal, while the propelling electro beat and huge sub-bass carve out a most enjoyable aural (subaquatic) ride. Ferreyra really shows what he is capable of in the deep melancholy of "The Friend I've Lost," the saddest of pianos riffs grips your heart and gives it a good tight crush, douses you in reverb and pins you up against epic, taut strings -- releasing you after its two short minutes to get back to the dance on "Hide No More." The album closes on "Beluga Dance," a riotous and infectious space ride, and a fitting end to an album that most certainly finds Ferreyra stepping up another level with his highly-accomplished and polished original dance music, designed not only for the feet but for the head as well, the true hallmarks of great electronic music.


CH 4803LP

HUNTER & HIS ORCHESTRA, FRANK: White Goddess LP (CH 4803LP) 23.50
LP version. Reissued for the first time and in stereo. Trombonist and conductor Frank Hunter's White Goddess from 1959 is one of the most fascinating and captivating exotica records ever released during the pinnacle phase of the genre. Next to this it is also one of the rarest in its original form so this reissue has been overdue. As the genre-defining piece of music it is, White Goddess stands miles above the average pathetic exotica sounds, with a rather haunting and mystical atmosphere that projects pictures of the dark side of the jungle into your mind. Wordless female chants, multiple layers of grooves, rich and colorful melodies plus a lush instrumentation with even such rare instruments as the ondioline electric piano, a hybrid between Theremin and shawm, are responsible for the imaginative approach of the music you experience when you give a spin to White Goddess. Feel your mind being stained with colors yet unseen, even by your inner eye. This is indeed an unearthly, trippy, yet utterly relaxed musical journey.



BARRIERE, THOMAS: Primaire Cassette (SAUNA 023CS) 9.50
Thomas Barrière's Primaire is nourished by various ethnical inspirations: Baluchistan, the Mediterranean, and Namibia, bent into a contemporary shape of experimentation and progressive rock. For this project, Thomas uses a double-neck guitar (six and twelve strings) with two outputs independently connected each to a tube amp. Each channel has its own volume and distortion and a switch on a guitar allows several combinations and musical effects; stereo, resonance, and ping-pong-effect. Barrière uses several objects: bows, EBows, radio-cassette Walkman, coin, chopstick, chime, prepared shoes, Moroccan oboe. There aren't any loops or overdubs.


BOCCARDI, ALBERTO: Fingers Cassette (SAUNA 024CS) 9.50
Alberto Boccardi's minimalist orchestral piece, titled Fingers, is an electro-acoustic journey that has been innerved by the contribution of multiple instrumentalists. The result is a contrast between repetitive elements and hypnotic loops with electronic and acoustic layers moving to the surface before disappearing into the variable and floating element known as time. The material was recorded between Kazakhstan, Italy and Iceland, over a period of 8 months: from the field recording materials of the Kazakh winter to the feeble piano notes of the Greenhouse studio in Reykjavik.



WAFF: Freeks 12" (COR 122EP) 12.50
Cocoon Recordings is back again with something fresh 'n hot by uprising player wAFF. This is house, this is techno, there is bass, cool sounds, and a beat that simply gives you all a beat can give. Style, beats, bass line and the samples used are hard to categorize and merge oldskool flavor with modern club music elements in a nice and gentle way. This release is not just another tool but also not a desperate attempt to produce the next super-hit, it is in between these two corners and this makes it so good.



SKULLFLOWER: Draconis 2CD (CSR 190CD) 25.50
Synapse scorching occult industrial prog-noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances. For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh. Comes in a deluxe 6-panel outsized double-digipak with a 16-page booklet.


BURIAL HEX: In Psychic Defense CD (CSR 197CD) 16.50
Burial Hex is a composition cycle of post-industrial music, dubbed "horror electronics," by Clay Ruby. With a progressive mix of influences as far-reaching as vintage industrial and power electronics, kosmische music, black metal, techno and electro, early music and contemporary classical, these dynamic compositions are simply unclassifiable. This compilation continues the stunning trajectory of the previous Cold Spring reissue collection, Book of Delusions, falling even further into the spiraling abyss of ritual music made in preparation for the Final Mysteries in the twilight of this Kali Yuga. Collecting tracks from various out-of-print vinyl releases, including In Psychic Defense, The Tower, Fantasie und Fuge, Hunger, and the highly sought-after A Kiss to Birth the Rotted Sun from the WVNDRKMMER 5xCS compilation, this volume is a welcome addition to every Burial Hex collection, as well as an ideal introduction for the horror electronics neophyte.


TREPANERINGSRITUALEN: Perfection & Permanence CD (CSR 198CD) 16.50
Trepaneringsritualen explores themes of religion, magick and the hidden realms of consciousness, taking its musical cues from the old school of ritual ambient & death industrial. Rhythmic and seething at times, and oozing forward with a creeping sense of desolation at others, Trepaneringsritualen conjures forth bleak but mesmerizing visions of the end-times. Perfection & Permanence: a hymn to Isis; a further exploration of the duality of the holy harlot, the black-skinned Magdalen, mother and concert of the Christ; Yeshua Ben Yosef, son of MAN; the shameful dead, those who sold their brothers, condemned to forever roam the earth; to transgress the abyss, to mortify flesh, towards cosmic renovation. It is lonely, it is awful; on the verge of physical death, but still unable to understand; absolute perfection may be attained through WILL. A conversation with angels, in archaic tongues; Eirikr inn Sigrsaeli sold his blood and kin to desert rats for corporeal power. Eirikr, we spit on you.; from across the abyss, it rises. Ceaseless, blood-churning, terrible; an incoherent accusation by the mirror image, he whose blood was shed to atone another man's sins. Without bloodshed there can be no salvation.


TREPANERINGSRITUALEN: Perfection & Permanence LP (CSR 198LP) 22.00
LP version.


VA: Treatment of the Dead CD (CSR 201CD) 6.50
A nice-price CD sampler of Cold Spring Records' current/forthcoming releases. Fourteen tracks of industrial, dark ambient, ritual, Japanese noise, drone, power electronics, doom, death industrial. Delve into the world of Cold Spring! Includes a sealed card slip. Artists include: Sol, Merzbow, Troum, Trepaneringsritualen, Burial Hex, Tunnels Of Ah, Shift, Mesektet, Skullflower, Iron Fist Of The Sun, Khost, Z'ev, Coil/Nine Inch Nails, and Sutekh Hexen.


KHOST: Copper Lock Hell CD (CSR 202CD) 16.50
With their debut Copper Lock Hell, Birmingham-based duo Khost provide an intense wall of sound. Drop-tuned, monolithic structures of super-heavy chords, interspersed with chilling, pagan soundscapes made for worship at the altar of extreme sludge-industrial-doom. Found sounds, glitches, esoteric/gnostic ideas form the backbone of this hefty release. The whole experience is tense and unsettling, and is a solid primer for their live shows. Khost is Andy Swan (Iroha, Final, Atrocity Exhibition), who is joined on live shows by Damian Bennett (Carthage, Deathless). Guests: Tunnels Of Ah, Kevin Laska (Novatron, Transitional), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Jo Quail (SonVer). Khost will appear with Godflesh on their UK tour in late 2014.



CHRIS & COSEY: Heartbeat LP (CTI 001LP) 23.00
2014 repress. Heartbeat is the first in a series of four limited-edition vinyl re-releases from the esteemed Chris & Cosey catalog. Originally released to much acclaim in 1981 by Rough Trade, Heartbeat was the first in a long line of groundbreaking albums by Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti. This early example of C&C features cut-up sampled voices, Cosey's distorted guitar, industrial sequences, melodious synths and cinematic sweeps. These albums, which have been unavailable on vinyl for more than 20 years, have been painstakingly remastered by Chris Carter from the original master tapes specifically for these vinyl re-releases and showcase what many consider to be some of Chris & Cosey's finest works from their eighties period. Repressed on black vinyl, in a specially "remastered" sleeve, which also includes a 12" B/W double-sided insert of archive photos, clippings and texts.


CHRIS & COSEY: Trance LP (CTI 002LP) 23.00
2014 repress. Trance is the second in a series of four limited-edition Chris & Cosey vinyl re-releases. This seminal album, a long time favorite with DJs and fans alike, is often cited by many electronic musicians as being influential in contemporary electronic music. Primarily an instrumental album, Trance covers everything from minimal electro and polyrhythmic sequences to rhythm-heavy dance tracks. Unavailable on vinyl for more than 20 years, painstakingly remastered by Chris Carter from the original master tapes, Trance is among one of Chris & Cosey's finest works from their eighties period. Repressed on black vinyl, in a specially "remastered" sleeve, which also includes a 12" B/W double-sided insert of archive photos, clippings and texts.


CHRIS & COSEY: Songs Of Love & Lust LP (CTI 009LP) 23.00
2014 repress. This is the third in a series of four limited-edition Chris & Cosey vinyl re-releases from their esteemed catalog. Songs Of Love & Lust was originally released by Rough Trade Records in 1984 and was at the time considered to be quite a departure for both them and Rough Trade. The album contains Chris & Cosey's trademark infectious rhythms, melodic tunes, edgy guitar, wailing cornet and of course, Cosey's unique vocals -- which give a dark and sensual edge to the production. Remastered edition, repressed on black vinyl. Includes a glossy insert with historic photographs and press clippings. "A vice-like turn of the screw that is at once dreamy, hard and compelling. A gathering of all those forces which give electronic music a heart of its own. This is seduction!" --Adrian Jones, City Limits 1984"Chris & Cosey's alluring invitation is to try another world: their promise is that the possibilities should be endless." --Don Watson, NME


CHRIS & COSEY: Exotika LP (CTI 016LP) 23.00
2014 repress. This is the fourth in a series of four limited-edition Chris & Cosey vinyl re-releases from their esteemed catalog. Exotika was originally released by Play It Again Sam in 1987. This hugely popular album includes such Chris & Cosey classics such as the crowd-pleasing "BeatBeatBeat," the haunting ballad "Dr. John (Sleeping Stephen)" and the original version of the seminal title track "Exotika," which was adopted as an electronica anthem, most notably on the GOA scene and in the U.S. West and East Coast gay clubs of the 1980s. Remastered by Chris Carter, repressed on black vinyl. Includes a glossy insert with historic photographs and press clippings. Archival press quote: "Chris & Cosey beat most of 87's mainstream dancefloor contenders on their own territory of sheer pleasure, urged joy. 'BeatBeatBeat' is extreme, a revelation." --Ian Gittins, Melody Maker 1987; "Chris & Cosey have made a great dance record, but it's their kind of dancing. No junk here. They're crazy enough to be sincere about their musical Pleasureland and they want to share their discovery. Come and feel the sound as though your life depends on it: if it were up to them, it would depend on it." --Rockpool, 1987



VA: Tropical Disco Hustle 2LP (COS 010LP) 25.00
Gatefold double LP version. "It seems like no part of the world has evaded disco's ubiquitous in sequence, including the Caribbean. The Caribbean in the late '70s and early '80s was a hotbed of musical activity and this compilation focuses on the best disco-in uenced tracks from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. All of the tracks here were o cially licensed and reissued for the rst time ever. Highlights of the 13 tracks included on this compilation are: the under-the-radar cosmic disco tune ''Got To Have You' by Joanne Wilson, a rare P&P Records-in uenced track 'Dance With Me' by Odessey One, the icy cool synth-trenched 'Living On A String' by Wild Fire, the incredible dance oor-friendly 'Instant Funk' by Merchant, and the disco reggae cover of 'Rapper's Delight' by Prince Blackman. This compilation was compiled and researched by Deano Sounds and includes edits by Al Kent, the Whiskey Barons, and Waxist Selecta."


BHOSLE/BAPPI LAHIRI, ASHA: Jab Chaye/Dance Music (Brother Cleve Re-Edits) 12" (COS 602EP) 13.00
"This special limited edition 12" is being released in conjunction with Cultures of Soul's forthcoming compilation, Bombay Disco 2. Bombay Disco 2 is the second volume of our Bombay Disco series. It is the story of disco in Hindi films from 1980 to 1992 and features selections excavated from the dusty bazaars of India by DJ Brother Cleve. Disco songs appeared in every type of film, from family dramas and historical epics to curry westerns and horror movies. Bombay Disco showcases the unique musical hybrid that is Bollywood film music. This 12" features two tracks, 'Jab Chaye' by Asha Bhosle and 'Dance Music' by Bappi Lahiri masterfully re-edited by Brother Cleve. Both tracks give you a great preview of what is to come from Bombay Disco 2 in a limited pressing of 500 copies."



DIRECTING HAND: What Put the Blood LP (DWR 002LP) 18.00
2008 release. The Dancing Wayang record label is based a short distance from the Honest Jon's 'hood, in Eastcote Studios. Sessions for the label are released in a limited run of 500 LP copies packaged in hand-screenprinted sleeves. The second release, Directing Hand's What Put the Blood, blends free-jazz with chilling folk. Features drums, harp, wordless vocals and interpretations of traditional English folk songs. The band is Lavinia Blackwall on vocals and Alex Neilson on drums. Alex has worked with Richard Youngs (who features on the Honest Jon's album Migrating Bird), Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Baby Dee. Lavinia is a classically-trained singer in early music and is a member of The Pendulums. This is her debut with Directing Hand.


ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB: Plug Music Ramoon LP (DWR 003LP) 18.00
2009 release. Dancing Wayang Records are proud to present the studio-recorded, full-length album by Neil Campbell's Astral Social Club. Featuring two tracks of fearless sonic bliss and two long journeys to a state of sustained ecstasy, Plug Music Ramoon was recorded in one day on analog 2" tape. This limited edition LP comes housed in a gorgeous hand-printed silkscreen sleeve, with insert. Sequenced in chronological order on the LP as the tracks were recorded in the studio, the opener "Flamingo Moon" takes off into outer space. It's a gentle start to the impending Astral chaos as the rambunctious "Punk Rocker/Mug Cracker" noisily propels itself and its passengers forwards. This 14-minute showdown is divided into two parts with the loose, drum-led "Punk Rocker" submerging into the swooping sonics of the "Mug Cracker." Side 2 introduces a playful element into the spiral density with percussive sticks and bells providing a tribal backdrop for resonant electronics, keyboard odysseys and some experimental vocal work from helmsman Neil Campbell. After a wild solar adventure, the album culminates in "Ramoon Ramoon," a considered and tight improvisation that steers the Club homeward. While Club member John Clyde-Evans' laptop contributions provide much of the backbone groove of the album, Stewart Keith adds light and shade on a variety of keyboards and toys. But it's Campbell's dense guitars that thicken the very stem of these four tracks and leads his Astral Social Club to conjure up his dreams and visions. Neil Campbell is a stalwart of the UK experimental music scene who began making music in the early 1980s. Originally a member of loose improvisational collective A-Band, he established himself more firmly in the '90s as a founding member of Vibracathedral Orchestra. Campbell utilizes guitars, electronics, vocals and laptop-generated and manipulated sounds in his freeform improvisations. In 2005, he embarked on his solo project Astral Social Club, often drawing on the talents of kindred spirits. Stewart Keith is a long-time friend and collaborator of Neil Campbell and one of the main members of Nottingham's A-Band, playing free drone and high-energy rock music and championing an un-tutored, elemental and almost primitive approach to music-making. John Clyde-Evans aka Tirath Singh Nirmala, has played with artists such as Richard Youngs and Vibracathedral Orchestra, contributing computer-generated sounds, electronics and violin. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.


EVANS, PETER: Beyond Civilized and Primitive LP (DWR 007LP) 18.00
2011 release. The new solo album by American maverick trumpeter Peter Evans, titled Beyond Civilized and Primitive after a thought-provoking essay by philosopher Ran Prieur, is a heavyweight pressing and comes housed in hand-screenprinted wrap-around sleeves, featuring the forceful brushwork of 15-year-old artist Owen Gould. Recorded during two sessions at Eastcote Studios, London, this album sees Evans push into uncharted territory by utilizing the recording facilities as compositional tools. Overdubbing and looping are the two significant techniques employed here to expand on Evans' already boundary-pushing musical exploits. The opening track, entitled "complexity, change, invention, stability, giving, freedom, and both the past and the future" starts the album off in a quiet and concentrated, even demanding way, exploring space and minute sounds. "History Is Broken," a 12-minute circular breathing piece performed at breakneck speed, picks up the tempo and puts both Evans' and the listener's stamina to the test. In these first two tracks alone, Evans pushes his instrument and his lungs to its opposite extremes. Hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies with insert.



CHANNEL 1: Satta Dub LP (DKR 097LP) 15.00
2014 repress. "A legendary Channel 1 dub album, unavailable for 30-plus years. Originally released only in Jamaica in a silkscreened jacket featuring the iconic Well Charge star logo. This LP features a selection of evergreen Channel 1 rhythms recorded, mixed and dubbed to perfection at 29 Maxfield Avenue. This is a crystal clear reissue cut straight from the original master tapes, housed in a hand-silkscreened jacket in two different colors, exactly as the original."


CHANNEL 1: Full Charge Dub LP (DKR 098LP) 15.00
2014 repress. Also known as Revival Dub Roots Now. "Full Charge Dub is a legendary Channel 1 dub album, unavailable for 30+ years. Originally released only in Jamaica, in a silkscreened jacket featuring the iconic Well Charge star logo. This LP features a selection of evergreen Channel 1 rhythms recorded, mixed and dubbed to perfection at 29 Maxfield Avenue. This is a crystal clear reissue cut straight from the original master tapes, housed in a hand-silkscreened jacket in two different colors, exactly as the original."


"The triumphant return of the famous Channel One showdown series, 30 years later! Two of our favorite artists, Frankie Jones and Midnight Riders, finally sharing the spotlight, and the first LP release for the Riders! Featuring ten songs, five from each artist, nine tracks produced by George 'Tasha' Nicholson, and one track produced by Channel One. The Frankie Jones side features four rare cuts produced by Tasha, and the previously unreleased 'Gone Farming' (a duet with Michael Palmer!), produced by Channel One and known to some astute dubplate fiends. The Midnight Riders side features two previously unreleased tunes, the rare second version of 'Youthman Invasion' (different than the one we released on Tasha 7" a few years ago!), the very rare 'Living In Hell,' and the classic 'Illegal Gun.' The sleeve is adorned with fantastic photographs of the artists and Channel One Studios by Beth Lesser and Syphilia Morgenstierne. A long time in the making, we're very proud of this release, not to be missed by fans of early-mid '80s reggae!"


REVOLUTIONARIES: Musical Dub Attack LP (DKR 169LP) 15.00
"Killer and rare late '70s dub LP, which is in fact the dub companion to I Roy's Musical Shark Attack LP. If you know Channel One albums, then you know that LP is loaded with the hardest late '70s Channel One roots rhythms. What most people don't know, however, is that I Roy's album was actually voiced over this dub LP, as it was completed and ready before Channel set about making a new I Roy album. This is one fantastic dub LP, now properly issued, direct from master tape, in a newly-designed jacket made to match the I Roy album, a companion piece in design and music. Eleven killer slices of Revolutionaries dub from 29 Maxfield Avenue, this is a Musical Dub Attack!"


HARRIS, JERRY: I'm for You, I'm for Me LP (DKR 180LP) 15.00
"Simply put, THE most underrated Wackie's album, and the best one you might not have heard. Originally released in 1982, I'm for You, I'm for Me was the debut album from Wackie's studio stalwart musician and singer Jerry Harris (oddly nicknamed 'Jerry Hitler' back then). The original LP carried a deceptive cover, featuring only the headshot of a Jheri-curled Jerry, which suggested a slick soul or disco album, and belied the mostly hard roots reggae tracks contained therein. We had always intended to re-release this album, as five of the ten tracks were in our favored tough and murky Wackie's roots style. But before we got around to it, and in doing the diligence we do, we dug deep and came across the previously unreleased dub versions for the album, plus one more killer vocal cut that didn't make the original LP. So the choice seemed clear to modify this great album into an all killer no filler roots reggae showcase LP in the classic style, so here it is. You might notice we switched up the cover art as well, reconfiguring the original design elements from the great former Wackie's graphic designer Leslie A. Moore. One final note for the very astute among us: have no fear, 'We Got To Live Better,' from the original album will be re-appearing on a single soon, as will Jerry's classic 'Too Much Religion' 45... Wackie's diehards rejoice!"



SEE SEE, THE: Once, Forever and Again CD (EDDA 040CD) 15.50
Following their rarities and singles compilation for the legendary U.S. Sundazed label, The See See return with their third studio album capturing the bittersweet aura of classic psychedelia. Weaving Paisley Underground blushes with folk cosmic odes, Once, Forever and Again splashes a drenched rain parade of vocal harmonies atop ringing 12-string Mosrites, the two halves of the album split by the cherry blossom serenity of "Sun Arrows." The See See are one of the UK's greatest best-kept secrets though loved by fellow bliss-poppers as Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Ric Menck (Velvet Crush) and Sid Griffin (Long Ryders). They also have a fondness for collaborating with like-minded souls. A rework of one of their recent songs was released last year with Jim Noir on vocals and "Jenny Said" on this album is a track that Nick Power from the Coral kindly donated to them.



DALTON, KAREN: 1966 LP (DEL 023LP) 24.00
2014 repress. LP version housed in tip-on jacket, with four page heavy insert, exclusive color portrait and download card. "In 1966, Carl Baron brought his reel to reel over to her remote cabin in Summerville, Colorado and recorded one of those exquisite musical evenings. Karen and Richard Tucker were rehearsing for a gig when Carl hit the record button. The result is a 45-year-old tape, carefully exhumed, documenting Karen at her most raw and unfiltered. On it are Fred Neil and Tim Hardin songs we've never heard Karen give voice to before, as well as traditional songs she uncannily makes her own, including a devastating version of 'Katie Cruel', that is so powerful, it is as if the ghost of Katie Cruel seeped into her blood. This recording is a window to her Summerville cabin opened, allowing us to eavesdrop on Karen Dalton at her most pure and unaffected. Newly unearthed rehearsal tape from 1966. Features Karen solo on banjo and guitar, plus four duets with Richard Tucker."



ATOBE, SHINICHI: Butterfly Effect CD (DDS 010CD) 14.50
Shinichi Atobe has managed to stay off the grid since he made an appearance on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint back in 2001. He delivered the second-to-last 12" on the label and then disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a solitary record that's been selling for crazy money and a trail of speculation that has led some people to wonder whether the project was in fact the work of someone on the Basic Channel payroll. That killer Chain Reaction 12" has also been a longtime favorite of Demdike Stare, who have been trying to follow the trail and make contact with Atobe for some time, whoever he turned out to be. A lead from the Basic Channel office turned up an address in Japan and -- unbelievably -- an album full of archival and new material. Demdike painstakingly assembled and compiled the material for this debut album. And what a weird and brilliant album it is -- deploying a slow-churn opener that sounds like a syrupy Actress track, before working through a brilliantly sharp and tactile nine-minute piano house roller that sounds like DJ Sprinkles at his most bittersweet, then diving headlong into a heady, Vainqueur-inspired drone-world. It's a confounding album, full of odd little signatures that give the whole thing a timeless feeling completely detached from the zeitgeist, like a sound bubble from another era. This is only the second album release on Demdike Stare's DDS imprint, following the release of Nate Young's Regression Vol. 3 (Other Days) (DDS 007LP) in 2013. Who knows what they might turn up next? The CD is housed in a hand-stamped and numbered outer sleeve. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.



BABEL 17: Celeano Fragments LP (DESIRE 115LP) 23.50
Hard-edged French coldwave act Babel 17 officially formed in 1989. Members of the band had been playing together under various names since 1983, scrapping, rewriting, and experimenting with songs and ideas before settling upon their official name and sound. The first incarnation's drummer would go on to join Little Nemo, who helped the newly formed Babel 17 land a record contract with the prestigious Lively Art label (And Also The Trees, Little Nemo, Asylum Party). The band released two albums and a series of singles before splitting in 1993, just as their peers were folding and Lively Art closed its doors. Released in 1990, Celeano Fragments is now reissued on vinyl for the first time. For fans of Clan Of Xymox, The Danse Society, New Order, Trisomie 21, and Asylum Party. 300 copies on clear blue vinyl. 250 gram sleeve. Printed inner sleeve. Includes a download card.


COITUS INT.: Sex for the Wealthy LP (DESIRE 125LP) 23.50
Coïtus Int. hailed from Utrecht, the Netherlands. The band started out as a typical schoolboy's punk rock band in the late '70s. They made their vinyl debut with a 7'' (Dead Excitement EP) released on the local Rock Against label in 1980. At that time, many more p-bands appeared on the Utrecht scene, and Coïtus Int. quickly changed their style to a slower, more radical and just as heavy sound, with a barracuda bass style that would be part of their trademark sound, all influenced by groups such as Joy Division, Southern Death Cult, Gang Of Four, The Stranglers (for the bass sound) and Pere Ubu (for the vocals). In the years to come three albums were released, all on their own independent (and nameless) label, and made with different drummers: Coïtus Int. (1981), Sex for the Wealthy (1984), and Rules for Making Love and Babies (1991). Sex for the Wealthy is now reissued for the first time on vinyl, 30 years after its original release. Limited to 300 copies. Includes a 12" insert. Pressed on solid red vinyl. Contains a download code.


MINUIT MACHINE: Live & Destroy LP (DESIRE 138LP) 23.50
Minuit Machine, a synth wave band based in Paris, is the association of Helene de Thoury's electronic melodies and Amandine Stioui's vocals. The project was born in Helene's mind in June 2013 during a tour with Phosphor, her former band. In September of the same year, she met Amandine and fell in love with her voice. Together, they released their first EP called Blue Moon in October 2013. The sound of the French duo, based on powerful electronic drums and the accumulation of dark synth lines, is a mix of all their inspirations that range from minimal wave to electronic rock. Their debut album Live & Destroy is now released and will be followed by a European tour. The album talks about life, love, self-destruction and fear, all the struggles we encounter each day, all the doubts and darkness that can sometimes bring us down -- and the idea that our worst enemy could be our own mind. Limited edition of 300 copies on black and white marbled vinyl. 350 gram sleeve. Includes a download coupon.



NADJA: Bliss Torn from Emptiness 2LP (DPROM 103LP) 34.50
From its humble beginnings as a limited CDR, Nadja's Bliss Torn from Emptiness (2005) was expanded for full CD release a few years back. It is now issued on double vinyl with side four taken up with a previously-unreleased live version of "Memory Leak." This double LP is limited to just 500 copies and is pressed on 180 gram heavy splatter color vinyl. LP one is white with black splatter, LP two, black with white. The stunning package is finished off in a luxurious matte laminated gatefold sleeve.



VA: Parchman Farm: Photographs and Field Recordings: 1947-1959 2CD/BOOK (DTD 037CD) 36.50
In 1947, '48 and '59, renowned folklorist Alan Lomax went behind the barbed wire into the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman. Armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck -- and, in 1959, a camera -- Lomax documented as best an outsider could the stark and savage conditions of the prison farm, where the black inmates labored "from can't to can't," chopping timber, clearing ground, and picking cotton for the state. They sang as they worked, keeping time with axes or hoes, adapting to their condition the slavery-time hollers that sustained their forbears and creating a new body of American song. Theirs was music, as Lomax wrote, that "testified to the love of truth and beauty which is a universal human trait.""A few strands of wire were all that separated the prison from adjoining plantations. Only the sight of an occasional armed guard or a barred window in one of the frame dormitories made one realize that this was a prison. The land produced the same crop; there was the same work for blacks to do on both sides of the fence. And there was no Delta black who was not aware of how easy it was for him to find himself on the wrong side of those few strands of barbed wire ... These songs are a vivid reminder of a system of social control and forced labor that has endured in the South for centuries, and I do not believe that the pattern of Southern life can be fundamentally reshaped until what lies behind these roaring, ironic choruses is understood." --Alan Lomax, 1958"Black prisoners in all the Southern agricultural prisons in the years of these recordings participated in two distinct musical traditions: free world (the blues, hollers, spirituals and other songs they sang outside and, when the situation permitted, sang inside as well) and the work-songs, which were specific to the prison situation, and the recordings in this album represent that complete range of material, which is one of the reasons this set is so important: it doesn't just show this or that tradition within Parchman, but the range of musical traditions performed by black prisoners. I know of no other album that does that." --Bruce Jackson, 2013124-page hardcover book with 2 CDs. 6.25 inches x 9.5 inches (landscape). Includes slipcase and foil stamping. 44 audio recordings, 12 previously-unreleased, all newly remastered; 77 photographs, many published here for the first time; Essays by Alan Lomax, Anna Lomax Wood, and Bruce Jackson. Produced by Lance Ledbetter, founder of Dust-to-Digital, and Nathan Salsburg, curator of the Alan Lomax Archive.


VA: Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music and Photographs from the American South 2CD/BOOK (DTD 038CD) 36.50
What happens when a 78 collector marries a collector of antique photographs? Lead Kindly Light: recordings of rural Southern music: old time, string band music from Appalachia, extremely rare country blues and African American gospel singing from 1924-1939. A portrait of the rural American South between the dawn of the twentieth century and World War II, Lead Kindly Light brings together two CDs of traditional music from early phonograph records and a fine hardcover book of never-before-published vernacular photography. North Carolina collectors Peter Honig and Sarah Bryan have spent years combing backroads, from deep in the Appalachian mountains to the cotton and tobacco lowlands, in search of the evocative music and images of the pre-War South. The music of Lead Kindly Light presents outstanding lesser-known recordings by early stars of recorded country music, as well as rarely- and never-reissued treasures by obscure country, blues, and gospel artists. The photographs, mainly images of the rural and small-town South, are richly textured depictions of family life, work, and fun, and the often accidental beauty of the vernacular snapshot. 159 photographs from the collection of Sarah Bryan reproduced in full color. 46 audio recordings from the 78 RPM record collection of Peter Honig. 176-page hardcover book with 2 CDs. 8.5 inches x 6.5 inches. Debossed and tip-on cover.



FLUXION: Broadwalk Tales Remix EP 12" (ECHO 062EP) 14.00
Here comes the remix EP from the Broadwalk Tales (ECHO 013CD/060LP) album by Fluxion. Joey Anderson remixed the track "You Don't Know" and Rod Modell aka Deepchord did two versions of the track "For You." Anderson's remix is a beautiful, driving track full of energy, melodies, and power -- perfect for the dancefloor. Deepchord presents two deep, floating, heavy tracks, both beautiful and raw, at the same time.



COLLINS, ALBERT: Joe's Place, Cambridge, MA 17th January 1973 CD (ECHO 2004CD) 17.00
The Texan blues giant Albert Collins enjoys far greater divinity in modern times than he was ever afforded before, especially at the point in his career when he provided a stunning set at Joe's Place in Cambridge, MA in 1973. Joe's Place offered a smaller and more intimate setting for Collins, who performs a selection of his repertoire including "Backstroke," "Frosty" and "Thaw Out," three gems from his 1965 debut The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins. Collins applied his unique and revered style with piercing solos and unlikely improvisations that echoed his aforementioned debut from 1965, an icebreaker album that would help establish Collins as the guitar pioneer he is painted as today. Albert Collins was eventually acknowledged as one of the most talented and distinctive blues guitarists of his era. With unconventional tunings, savage interludes and a scorching delivery, he would earn recognition with his unique brand of blues. Echoes' homage to the phenomenal blues legend is represented in this beautifully packaged edition, boasting an original, re-mastered FM broadcast that serves in further celebrating the unique, improvisational depth of a true blues giant.



COH: To Beat or Not to Beat 2LP (EMEGO 197X-LP) 29.00
Special double set of COH's To Beat album (released previously as CD) featuring exclusive remixes by Matmos, JG Thirlwell, John Parish, Ryuchi Sakamoto, and Drew McDowall. Vinyl-only. No digital. Original To Beat notes: Picking up right where the last track on the previous COH release RETRO-2038 (EMEGO 172CD/LP) left off, the new album is focused on the use of beats within the similar aesthetics. While most of the previous COH records openly shy away from accentuated beat structures and instead build up their rhythmical content by layering waves and pulses, every track on To Beat is padded with just that -- beats. The music transition is illustrated in the album's artwork, displaying transformation of a sine-wave, a tone, into a waveform which is "beat." This mathematical progression is made audible in the album's opening track. The rest of the album, however, steers clear from dull math and presents the beats in their more traditional context of what could be referred to as "adventurous dance music," taking the listener through various examples of beat use with the sense of playfulness and joy. The final piece, "Beat to Wave," wraps it up by dissolving a simplistic post-techno piece into a tonal chord. This brings back the album's main idea, where tone and beat are essentially one and the same, like vowels and consonants in a language, like Yin and Yang in music.


EM 1131CD

BANDON, DAO: Kon Kee Lang Kwai (Man on a Water Buffalo): Essential Dao Bandon CD (EM 1131CD) 20.00
This is the second release in the re-launch of EM Records' Thai music series. Paradise Bangkok, Soi 48 and EM have teamed up to deliver a series showcasing the extraordinary performances of some of Thailand's greatest musical legends. For reasons unknowable, certain places in certain eras become hotbeds of music, fertile in their growth and flowering of musical talent. Thailand in the 1970s was such a place, and Dao Bandon is one of the enduring greats of that era. Born in the farm country of the Isan region, Bandon came from a poor family and was a monk during his teens, two great influences which shaped him, with his farm roots grounding the earthy heart of his lyrics, and his years of monastic chanting lending a unique resonance to his singing. After an apprenticeship with some of the greats of Thai music, Dao Bandon began to enjoy success leading his own band. The songs here, released in the 1970s, showcase the infectiously joyful Bandon groove, his mellifluous voice, and his captivating melodic sense. His lyrics deal with sex, love, marijuana, and the struggles of the poor, but no matter what he sings about, a sense of good cheer is always evident. Featuring parallel translations of the lyrics, in-depth liner notes, rare photos, and of course, great music, Man on a Water Buffalo is yet another example of Thai excellence from EM Records. Housed in a standard jewel case. Includes a 24-page booklet with liner notes written by Soi 48 as well as rare photos. English & Japanese text with Thai, English, and Japanese lyrics.



KIASMOS: Kiasmos 2LP (ERATP 062LP) 26.50
Double LP version. Includes download code. Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen finally release their unique Nordic electronic sounds in album-size. After dropping several tracks and performing at select festivals throughout the years, Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen dedicated the year 2014 to explore the area in-between Ólafur's more acoustic, piano-based solo work and Janus' synth-heavy electro-pop, with their collaborative electronic project Kiasmos. By focusing solely on their self-titled debut album, Ólafur and Janus have been able to combine and further develop their unique sound aesthetics to complete an album driven by their mutual love for electronic music. Made in Ólafur's newly-built studio in Reykjavik, Iceland, a majority of the album was recorded using acoustic instruments next to a variety of synthesizers, drum machines and tape delays. It features a live drummer, string quartet and Ólafur performing on the grand piano, producing an ambient, textured sound which makes it a perfect home listen and equally danceable record. If you listen closely, you can spot them recording the thumb piano, finger-snapping, and even the sound of the metal grinder of a lighter used to replace the usual electronic hi-hat sounds, giving the album a far more intimate and unique atmosphere. Long-time Erased Tapes graphics collaborator Torsten Posselt at Feld Studios in Berlin created the cover artwork. Feld Studios was a natural choice for Kiasmos, seeing how he also designed the cover for their Thrown EP. Kiasmos is made up of Icelandic BAFTA-winning composer Ólafur Arnalds, known for his unique blend of minimal piano and string compositions with electronic sounds, and Janus Rasmussen from the Faroe Islands, known as the mastermind of the electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup. Based in Reykjavik, Arnalds used to work as a sound engineer, often for Rasmussen's other projects, where the two musicians discovered their common love for minimal, experimental music. They eventually became best friends, often hanging out in their studio, exploring electronic sounds.



BUGS & RATS: Adidas LP (FTR 154LP) 16.50
"Vinylization of a 2010 CD-R by this Quincy, MA trio who have been around since 2003. Their longevity makes it damn odd that this is their first LP. But it is. The fact becomes even odder when you hear how goddamn great the album sounds. Perhaps it's only with the coming of bands like Guerilla Toss and NE Patriots that Bugs & Rats are getting their vinyl due. But it should have happened long ago. The real antecedents of their sound seem to lie in the early '90s Scab Rock scene, of which Boston had proponents such as Kilslug, Hullaballoo, Nightstick and whatnot. Theirs was a sonic collision of post-no wave noise, Crypt-oid garage rock, and sludge metal. Its local thread was all but erased by the ascendant dogshit and vom of bands like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but a smoldering spark lurked in Quincy. Feeding Tube is happy to fan this sputtering flame into a roar. And Adidas is it. This album follows a beautiful blabbermouth trajectory of non-core/non-noise aggression with riffs, drums and vocals, blaring and blasting into the darker regions of the New England night. The pace is alternately slugged and frantic, just as it should be. And the more I hear the scream of their feedback, the warmer I feel. You will too." --Byron Coley, 2014; edition of 250, hand-painted silk screen gatefold jackets by Kellzo of Bugs & Rats.


WHITE, RALPH: Waltz Don't Run LP (FTR 157LP) 16.50
"This album represents a particularly whacked-out session for the peripatetic Austinite Ralph White, who is renowned for many things. Not the least of which is the fact that he's one of the few men who Michael Hurley will join on tour. It's no small thing? Most of White's fantastic solo output makes use of his multi-instrumentalism, often with a focus on his violin or banjo playing. Here, however, Mr. White focuses exclusively on button accordion and a variety of songs that can be done in waltz-time, regardless of whether they were first planned as waltzes or not. He says that the concept first came to him when he was recording a waltz version of "Sweet Jane" for a Lou Reed tribute album. The impulse to continue creating in this vein seized him and he seized it back. The results are shockingly great. One is used to hearing such stuff done with thick English accents, bad teeth and a scholastic attitude. White's approach is rural, American and a bit strange. The overall feel is actually more like Hurley than anything else Ralph has done, even though the sonic similarities are vague at best. A very cool record by any standard. And ours are fucking high, champ. Enjoy." --Byron Coley, 2014; includes download code. Edition of 300.


PALBERTA: My Pal Berta LP (FTR 168LP) 16.50
"Great debut LP (following a tour-split with NE Patriots) by this upstate NY trio. It's actually the vinylization of their OSR cassette, but now it's a record and that's all the better for you. Their sound immediately strikes one's ear as brimming with the anarcho-squeak-aggression of Switzerland's Kleenex, but that's just the initial impression. Palberta's actual brunt is thoroughly warped in an all-American style, smelling of tent parties in the piney woods as much as sweat-stained house shows in the valleys of the Northeast Kingdom. They take pains to stretch their compositions in a lot of strange simultaneous directions, which both reference and deny the influence of early Rough Trade recording acts. Their brilliantly sloppy experimentalism is one of those sounds that will grow in the creases of yr brain like a lovely fungus. You'll only know you've 'arrived' when you'd sprouted a full head of mushroom antlers. Go ahead, take the Palberta challenge. Today." --Byron Coley, 2014; Includes download code. Edition of 400.


PETER'S WINDOW: Last Summer on Earth/Grapey Day LP (FTR 169LP) 16.50
"Pete Nichols is one of Brattleboro VT's many talented polymaths. He runs the Spooky Town Tapes label, records bands at Peter's World Studio, and is a member of Great Valley. This album -- his first solo LP -- collects the previously issued Grapey Day cassette, and adds a matching suite of songs for your listening pleasure. Nichols' muse is a bizarre pop/outsider hybrid, recalling everyone from Tracey Trance to Big Star at various moments. The songs are sweet nuggets of form, transmuted by itchy fingers into something both more and less than pop-tongue-aktion. The arrangements can be nearly straight (as on the sweet Yo La Tengo-ism of 'A Trip'), slightly off ('Staying Home''s evocation of Peabody-era Chilton) or sound like a boll weevil from the cast of Godspell covering Jad Fair ('Girls Don't Like Guys in Bands Anymore'). Swallowed whole, the album will make your throat feel a little odd, but not in a truly unpleasant way. Indeed, some doctors somewhere are almost certain to prescribe it as a tonic. So you might as well get ahead of the curve and slurp through it today." --Byron Coley, 2014; includes download code. Edition of 250.


BUCK GOOTER: The Spider's Eyes LP (FTR 176LP) 16.50
"On The Spider's Eyes, Buck Gooter have strapped sheets of urban post modernist metal to their bodies and weaponized themselves. The music that comes forth is a smarter and more capable predator than what the band has previously produced. It makes their last effort, Witch Molecules, seem almost friendly by comparison. The beats on The Spider's Eyes are machine-stamped, relentless. The songs themselves are reverberant sheet steel cacophonous odes to devastation. The vocals are comin' to ya straight from an abandoned factory in some lost industrial ghetto. Is Buck Gooter mad or merely telling you how it is? The Spider's Eyes could be the new Blues for those who escaped mediocrity's slaughterhouse in a century whose future went to the highest bidder almost as soon as it was ushered in less than 20 years ago. Instead of wielding the sword, on The Spider's Eyes, Buck Gooter is the sword itself, with each song, smashing themselves into a harder and denser mass upon an anvil of their own design. Billy and Turtle have set up their backline at the edge that gives way to the Abyss and did their thing. The Spider's Eyes is the result. By the time you get to the title-track at the end of the record, you are left standing alone in a vast wasteland of debris. The ride was good but the walk home will be long. Buck Gooter's early releases immediately and permanently established them as outsiders -- sure to keep squares and normals at bay. Brave and alienating like early Suicide. If you have what it takes, The Spider's Eyes could very well be the record you have been waiting for some band with the guts and hearts full of anti-matter to finally make. If not, it is a line drawn in the sand and you would be wise to step away. You will know which side you're on very quickly. The Goot will never die." --Henry Rollins, 2014; includes download code.


540 048LP

IMPALERS: Psychedelic Snutskallar LP (540 048LP) 16.00
"Well damn, here we are again. Another LP from Austin, TX boss hogs Impalers. In the modern climate of music, nothing sticks. Every week there is a new cool 7" or tape making the rounds on social media, littering your feed with bandcamp demos and Instagram-ed cassette j-cards. It's hard to keep up, yet an amazing time of stimulation and excitement for punks worldwide. But in the midst of all this madness, it's nice to know you can count on Impalers every year to release the best record of the year. Unless you live under a rock, you probably already know what to expect from these guys. Their LP last year topped year-end charts high and low. And Psychedelic Snutskallar does damage in all the same places. Peerless d-beat, a work of art. Completely unhinged yet tight and in the pocket. This time they have upped the ante with a monstrous opening track that takes up the whole A-side at a never boring 11-minute length. Tripped out artwork and packing concept by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Dripper World) and reworked material from short-lived side project Sick Plot make this 12" EP a no-brainer."

540 052EP

RAKTA: Rakta 7" (540 052EP) 7.50
"Brazil's Rakta unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post-punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful yet haunting tunes. In most cases, people will want to seek a way out; in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between Blood and Roses and The Doors. It's driven by the tom-tom work and the insistent and drone-like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark crescendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' -- a six-minute dirge that's part Siouxsie and the Banshees' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era Rubella Ballet. The record comes housed in a beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with art by guitarist Laura Lanca."



NORTON, KEMPER: Loor 2CD (FAND 032CD) 20.00
Loor (which is Cornish for "moon") represents the next ambitious transmission in the expanding audio landscape that Kemper Norton is creating. The limited first edition of Loor comes with a second disc entitled Salvaged -- a collection of rarities from the Kemper Norton archives, available on CD for the first time. The songs on Loor are a loose trilogy of nocturnal encounters, searches and awakenings, often with Kemper Norton revisiting old foes from previous albums and encouraging new treacherous encounters. "With each release, each live performance, Kemper has demonstrated increased confidence and adventurousness... the fact of the matter is that Kemper's music is utterly unique. If that sounds fanciful in an age when some would have us believe the well has run dry... just listen. And believe." --The Wire


GET 51304LP

CLIPSE: Hell Hath No Fury LP (GET 51304LP) 24.00
"In the 4 years after The Clipse dropped their sophomore classic Lord Willin' the duo was able to build a legacy that had fans hungry for new material. After the smoke cleared and they hit the studio the Virginia brothers recorded the confidently mature sophomore effort, Hell Hath No Fury. Best known for their unconventional radio smash 'Grindin',' Clipse are no strangers to taking risks with the boundary-pushing Neptunes, who return as trusted co-pilots for Hell Hath No Fury. As always the duo is right at home over The Neptunes crafted beats which perfectly embrace Pusha's inventive drug-game metaphors and Malice's soul-baring confessionals. Get On Down now proudly issues this Neptunes produced favorite on LP for the first time ever with the first run on white vinyl."

GET 52718LP

BUSTA RHYMES: The Coming 2LP (GET 52718LP) 24.00
"Busta Rhymes delivered his debut album, The Coming, three years after the Leaders of the New School unofficially disbanded. Though his talents were evident on those Leaders of the New School releases, Busta went on a series of features that only built up the public's desire for a solo Busta album. Right out the gate Busta dropped his classic debut single 'Woo Hah!!' that made it abundantly clear he was to be mentioned among Hip Hop's greatest solo artists. The energy and originality packed on that one song set a tone for the album that displays Busta's raw talent and ability to bend words with his ever rambunctious flow. Songs such as 'Everything Remains Raw', 'Abandon Ship', and 'Still Shining' all rise above as The Coming's stand out tracks but it's really 'Ill Vibe' that is the albums crown jewel moment. Busta sounds right at home over this J Dilla beat trading verses with his Native Tongue cohort Q-Tip."



ACDA, CHANTAL: Live in Dresden CD (GZH 054CD) 17.00
Live in Dresden features six songs from Let Your Hands Be My Guide (GZH 046CD/LP), played by Chantal Acda, Alan Gevaert, Eric Thielemans & Gaetan Vandewoude. Currently based in Belgium, Dutch-born Chantal Acda (b. 1978) has worked under the Sleepingdog moniker since 2006, making three acclaimed albums that closed on the With Our Heads in the Clouds and Our Hearts in the Fields (2010) album for which she collaborated with Adam Wiltzie (Stars Of The Lid, A Winged Victory For The Sullen). They toured the UK and Benelux with Low in 2011. After all this, it was time for her first real solo record. Playing in various formations had made her conscious of the patterns that we all, as humans, share in. So, she sought out kindred spirits with whom she might record an album filled with freedom and intensity, and who were conscious of the patterns we so often fall back on. Nils Frahm was the first of these to cross her path. The inventive German pianist and producer is an intense and adventurous performer and was a perfect match for this project. Acda also experienced a direct bond with Peter Broderick, a multi-instrumentalist known from his solo work (on labels such as Bella Union and Erased Tapes) and from his work with, among others, Efterklang. Cellist extraordinaire Gyda Valtysdottir from Icelandic group múm had previously worked with Chantal as a member of the Sleepingdog live band. And lastly, Shahzad Ismaily stumbled into this picture by chance, but when Acda and he found themselves in the same room they formed an instant rapport. The circle completed, Acda had found the four worlds that would enable her to record the album in full freedom. Power revealed through vulnerability. Nils Frahm, who plays throughout the record, also took on the role of producer. What began as a journey ended as this wonderful record -- one wherein the five musicians were able to find their place together, and with great warmth, tell their story. Limited edition of 500 hand-made/hand-numbered copies.


ORMONDE: Cartographer/Explorer CD (GZH 057CD) 17.00
Ormonde are Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William/Lotte Kestner) and Robert Gomez, and Cartographer/Explorer is the Seattle band's second album. Individually, the two members of Ormonde have impressive CVs: Williams toured with Damien Rice, Feist, Broken Social Scene and Explosions In The Sky during her time in Trespassers William and also co-wrote and sang "Hold Tight London" on Chemical Brothers' Push the Button album. Gomez is a respected producer/multi-instrumentalist who has worked with John Grant, Centro-matic and Sarah Jaffe and was previously signed to Bella Union. Ormonde, however, is where the two locate their shared vision, and it's a spellbinding place to spend some time. In contrast to their debut, Cartographer/Explorer is a much more ambitious affair. Primarily written and recorded in an immersive two-week period, the songs have a late-night, narcotic quality. They frequently center themselves around repeating guitar or organ/synth phrases and passages, slowly spinning out captivating webs of sound. Williams concentrates on her words and singing, whereas Gomez provides the lion's share of the instrumentation, incorporating beats and processed drums into the mix, submerging them under liberal reverb and effects. Gomez himself takes lead vocals on four of the album's ten songs -- with the purity of Williams' voice winding around his slurred, somewhat sinister tones -- with "A Grand Design" being a perfect example of how the combination of their voices, together and separate, is one of the album's strongest features. It perhaps comes as little surprise that Ormonde spent time watching the second series of Twin Peaks during recording. There's a similar fascination with the undercurrents of love, death, and trust, and the anxiety of whether our interactions with others are harmonious or destructive. Thisis a wonderful album, compelling in its subtle moves, finding its own sweet way as only the best records do.



FLOAT RIVERER: Float Riverer LP (ROWF 023LP) 21.00
"Consistency. Repetition. Hypnotism. Dance-trance. Spacemen 3 as heard through a very narrow filter, indeed. They just get straight down to it, 10 seconds in and you could be 10 hours in. I'd like to hear that, actually: Float Riverer playing the same riff for 10 hours straight, the vocals sometimes dropping out. Only formed in Manchester end of 2011, and every song sounds roughly, brutally, gloriously the same. Fucking great stuff." --Everett True, Collapse Board


MAD NANNA: In Glasgow LP (ROWF 039LP) 26.50
There's something about the drummerless version of Mad Nanna that just gives them all this scope to stretch out into their own strangeness. The much-lauded Australian duo was captured live, here, at their seminal Volcanic Tongue in-store performance in Glasgow, Scotland, and it's one of those recordings to make you depressed that you weren't there. The guitar playing -- slow and sparse and slimily sliding and chugging -- just has all this amazing drag to it, propelled by the wavering internal body clock of singer Michael Zulicki, whose voice has all the deadpan charm of The Dead C's Michael Morley, but whose songs are reminiscent of Supreme Dicks' most out-there shuffles. Splurged over the top of that like hot oil on a skillet are the ultra-slo-mo, totally untutored and blindingly great "solos" (in the loosest sense) of guitarist Pat O'Brien.


GM 201LP

AKA: Do What You Like LP (GM 201LP) 25.50
LP version. Reissued for the first time. AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then, but we change that now. Do What You Like is a colorful album with a diversity of moods. Of course you find hard-driving, wild, grooving rock with simmering guitars and pumping rhythms. Go to the next song and some gentle, nearly ethereal dreamy psych-pop will alter your mind. Another step ahead on the tracklist and some easy and melodic '60s beat makes you want to dance the night away. The special factor of this album is the musical flavor of Indonesian pop that all of the songs sung in their native tongue show, while the few English tracks can compete against all of the popular hits from those days from American or European acts. AKA know how to heat you up with their psychedelic sound explosions and eruptive beats. They also know how to calm you down again and lay your soul to rest in a flow of gentle harmonies. Fans of '60s power pop with a regional feel presented by bands such as Omega from Hungary and of the '60s U.S. West Coast psych and pop scene will go crazy about this record.

GM 202LP

SILVER BIRCH: Silver Birch LP (GM 202LP) 25.50
LP version. Remastered! This cutie actually should be one of the crown jewels of British folk music from the early 1970s, but as things sometimes happen, the greatest art often gets its deserved praise not before the second spring. This is the case with Silver Birch, a group which is still active in a different incarnation up to today. Their only album from 1973 was a beautiful affair with clearly-structured folk tunes, mostly traditionals, based on haunting vocal arrangements and an all acoustic but very rich instrumentation with fiddle, acoustic guitars, harmonium, tambourine and bells for the rhythms, and mandolin, weaving a fine-meshed lattice of melodies on which the enchanting vocals can find a solid footing. Close your eyes while you take a listen and take a journey to the royal courts of King Arthur to the smoky pubs where the peasants celebrate their joy of life. Silver Birch prove their dedication to this music with their vivid, passionate, and often steaming performance, even in the most fragile moments. A grand piece of classic, song-driven folk music that is highly recommended to everybody who loves acts such as Mellow Candle, Dulcimer or the great late Gwydion Pendderwen.



ESKORBUTO: La Otra Cara del Rock LP (GBR 012LP) 21.00
Ten years after its original release, La Otra Cara Del Rock (trans. "The Other Side of Rock") is once again available, containing the recording of Eskorbuto's legendary live performance in the town of Villarreal in December 1989. This great reissue also features the original cover, four bonus tracks from the same gig and a 20-page fanzine covering the band's adventures during 1989, plus photographs, anecdotes and a review of the Villarreal '89 concert. Sixteen cannon shots including the legendary tracks -- from "Mucha Policía Poca Diversión (Too Much Police, Too Little Fun)" to "No Quiero Cambiar (I Don't Wanna Change)" -- are finally released in glorious vinyl more than 24 years after it happened. The live recording has a brilliant sound and reflects faithfully what Eskorbuto was like in 1989. Gloomy rumors said the band was almost done, but once again they managed to surprise both followers and slanderers with this live set in another amazing chapter in the career of the most honest rock n' roll band that has ever walked this planet.


RIP: No Te Muevas! LP (GBR 017LP) 23.00
Reissue of the only studio album from this Basque band, originally released in 1987. After including four tracks on the 1984 split mini-album Zona Especial Norte, (trans. "North Special Zone"), finally, three years later, RIP walked into the studio. Kaki Azkarazo was at the controls with the collaboration of Pepin Fernandez, a valued engineer from Madrid that decided to work on it just because he liked the band. Three days were enough to capture all 14 tracks. The result is a key album in understanding the later development of rock music in the Basque Country and beyond. This reissue features the original artwork with the addition of a poster and a 24-page fanzine narrating the career path of RIP from birth to break-up; anecdotes, gigs, projects, photographs, and more. This is a great opportunity to once again enjoy this quartet's music that branded a generation.



DJ SHANTE: Ballroom Glitz 12" (HOT 003EP) 14.00
This one has it all: mirror balls, runways, filters, frenzied percussion, moments of epiphany. Done yesterday by DJ Shante for his DJ friends of today. Work it, g_damnit! Warehouse find, vinyl-only.



NAZORANAI: The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has it Arrived Already..? CD (SOMA 018CD) 15.50
Nazoranai comprises three gentleman, three friends and three fans of each other's creative output. The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already..? is the second release from Nazoranai, a power proposition made up of three sound/song heavyweights: Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley (no introductions necessary, intimidation checked in at the door). Recorded by Chris Fullard at CCSO, Birmingham, July 9th 2013, The Most Painful Time... expands the trio's devastating explorations of improvised rock-based shapes. The opening track "you should look closely those shattered spells never attaining embodiment as prayer they are born here again you should look closely those shattered spells never attaining embodiment as prayer they are born here again" hurtles the listener straight in the abyss with an epic 18 + minutes of apocalyptic free rock. This is music on the threshold, a searing landscape where soaring guitars circle amongst a pounding minimal tribal rhythm. "will not follow your hoax called history" lurches out at the listener, offering a hand as a guide for this invented netherworld. The multi-limbed "who is making the time rot" documents our hosts in absolute freeform mode, wildly rummaging the remains of exploded structure. Finally, the title-track swings the pendulum back to earth in the guise of structure, base, rhythm and song. Hovering between annihilation and brutality The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has It Arrived Already..? is a sonic sinkhole where the unrestrained improvised peaks are indelibly stamped with the unique traits deployed by these three titans of rock and experimentation. Keiji Haino (guitar, vocals & synth), Stephen O'Malley (bass guitar) & Oren Ambarchi (battery).


NAZORANAI: The Most Painful Time Happens Only Once Has it Arrived Already..? 2LP (SOMA 018LP) 29.00
Double LP version.



PAUL, ASHLEY: Heat Source CD (IMPREC 413CD) 14.00
Ashley Paul's Heat Source was recorded during a challenging year of transience between New York and London. During this year of impermanence Paul performed regularly and the effects of frequent performance and traveling can be heard in the intentionally pared-back emptiness of Heat Source, making it an emotionally challenging and fascinatingly personal listening experience. Heat Source finds Ashley Paul working using her brilliant ears to find a zen like balance between her voice and a sparse arrangement of staccato instrumentation leaving as much open space on one song as most people would create in a lifetime. This open space isn't empty, however, but it's up to you to fill in the meaning. Heat Source is an emotionally challenging and fascinatingly personal listening experience that creates a powerful pace. Ashley Paul is a performer and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses an array of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, voice, guitar, bells and percussion, mixing disparate elements to create a colorful palate of sound that works its way into her intuitive songs; free-forming, introverted melodies. This blend manifests beautiful and simple musical forms against acoustic experimentation. Her solo albums have received high praise, being chosen in Wire Magazine's "Top 50 Releases of 2013, Pitchfork's "Best Experimental sounds of 2013," first on Byron Coley and Thurston Moore's "Tongue Top Ten" in Arthur Magazine and included on NPR's All Songs Considered "Best of 2010." She has been interviewed or featured in Wire Magazine, BOMB, Gonzo (circus), Dummy, The Quietus, Ad Hoc, Spex, The Sound Projector and Foxy Digitalis. Ashley has performed or recorded with Phill Niblock, Rashad Becker, Nik Colk Void, Loren Connors, Aki Onda, C. Spencer Yeh, Anthony Coleman, Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, Seijiro Murayama, Greg Kelley, Bill Nace and Eli Keszler, appearing on such labels as PAN, ESP-DISK' and Tzadik. She received a Masters of Music from New England Conservatory in 2007.


IV 008CD

RECONDITE: Iffy CD (IV 008CD) 17.00
Few new techno artists of the past years gained as much momentum as Recondite. His atmospheric, driving, bleak tracks are techno to the core. But they are much more. They are not techno about techno, music reprocessing other music, but music about emotion and experiences. In dealing with themes like longing, nostalgia, romanticism and the general uncertainty of being human, the productions of the thoughtful Bavarian introduce a new range of issues and emotions. His music is widely available through many releases on renowned labels such as Ghostly, Hotflush and Dystopian, but it never reveals its mystery. It is charming, yet serious, it is beautiful but dark. It is the soundtrack for a perfect night out, and it reveals a profound insight into the abyss of the human experience. With Iffy, his third album, Recondite tries to introduce a wider audience to his basic interest: the feelings and emotions that are hidden in the dark. Recondite does not present the arrangements and structures on a silver platter, but leaves room for interpretation. He is not interested in getting blurry or arbitrarily tough. Managing to put his moods in a nutshell, he does not need words or voices to allow people to relate to his unique personal experience. The dog's indecisive expression on Iffy's front cover is the major key emotion, leading through the whole record. It is driven by conflicting moods, and despite all commitment, the outcome always remains open. But there is existential gravity in its core, which makes Iffy more accessible than Recondite's previous works and therefore delivers his idea in yet another, different robe. Innervisions is a perfect fit, as the musical ideas and harmonic desires of the label are nicely in tune with the Bavarian producer's output and personality. CD comes in an extraordinary sleevepack.


BEC 5772793

REGGIANI, SERGE: Second Album LP (BEC 5772793) 25.00
Jacques Canetti Productions presents Serge Reggiani's 1967 second album, reissued on vinyl as part of a series of albums highlighting the work of French talent agent and producer Jacques Canetti. In his lifelong dedication to chanson, Canetti supported and developed the careers of a dizzying array of artists: Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Georges Brassens, Léo Ferré, Jeanne Moreau, and Brigitte Fontaine are among the most notable. Canetti's work with Serge Reggiani, a central figure in the history of modern chanson, ranks among some of the most acclaimed recordings of the genre. Regianni's second album, recorded with Canetti in 1967, features many of Regianni's most well-loved songs, including "Les loups sont entrés dans Paris," "Sarah," "Le petit garcon," and "Ma solitude." The album also features lyrics by Boris Vian, songwriting credits from Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Loup Dabadie, and Georges Moustaki, and introductions taken from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Jacques Prévert. Remastered from the original tapes. Housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork.

BEC 5772794

MOREAU, JEANNE: Chante Bassiak LP (BEC 5772794) 25.00
Jacques Canetti Productions presents Jeanne Moreau's 1964 album of songs by Cyrus Bassiak, reissued on vinyl as part of a series of albums highlighting the work of French talent agent and producer Jacques Canetti. In his lifelong dedication to chanson, Canetti supported and developed the careers of a dizzying array of artists: Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Georges Brassens, Serge Reggiani, Léo Ferré, and Brigitte Fontaine are among the most notable. In the case of Jeanne Moreau, her work as an actress with such leaders of the French new wave as Louis Malle, François Truffaut, and Jean-Luc Godard had already established her iconic status by the time she connected with Jacques Canetti to record her first album in 1964. Her career as a vocalist, however, was still nascent, having just begun to show its potential in her performance of Cyrus Bassiak's song "Le Tourbillon" in Truffaut's film Jules et Jim. Joining Moreau and Canetti in the creation of Moreau's debut album, Bassiak penned the twelve compositions presented here, which include such legendary songs as "J'ai la mémoire qui flanche," "La peau, Léon," and "La vie de cocagne." Remastered from the original tapes. Housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork.

BEC 5772795

FONTAINE, BRIGITTE: 13 Chansons Décadentes et Fantasmagoriques LP (BEC 5772795) 25.00
Jacques Canetti Productions presents Brigitte Fontaine's 1966 debut album 13 Chansons Décadentes et Fantasmagoriques, reissued on vinyl as part of a series of albums highlighting the work of French talent agent and producer Jacques Canetti. In his lifelong dedication to chanson, Canetti supported and developed the careers of a dizzying array of artists: Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Georges Brassens, Serge Reggiani, Léo Ferré, and Jeanne Moreau are among the most notable. The storied recording career of Brigitte Fontaine began on Disques Jacques Canetti with its release of 13 Chansons Décadentes et Fantasmagoriques in 1966. In a debut that signaled the arrival of an original talent, Fontaine's 13 original compositions blend with Jimmy Walter's orchestral arrangements to create a sound somewhat more akin to modern chanson than that of Fontaine's later output. Remastered from the original tapes. Housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork.

BEC 5772796

HIGELIN & BRIGITTE FONTAINE, JACQUES: Chansons D'Avant le Déluge LP (BEC 5772796) 25.00
Jacques Canetti Productions presents Jacques Higelin & Brigitte Fontaine's 1967 album Chansons D'Avant le Déluge, reissued on vinyl as part of a series of albums highlighting the work of French talent agent and producer Jacques Canetti. In his lifelong dedication to chanson, Canetti supported and developed the careers of a dizzying array of artists: Édith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Georges Brassens, Serge Reggiani, Léo Ferré, and Jeanne Moreau are among the most notable. Brigitte Fontaine's partnership with Canneti had begun a year before this album's release with her debut album, 13 Chansons Décadentes et Fantasmagoriques (BEC 5772795). This, her second release on Disques Jacques Canetti, heralded the arrival of her highly productive partnership with Jacques Higelin, and remains a cult duet album. Chansons D'Avant le Déluge includes "La grippe" and "Maman j'ai peur," two songs that would go on to become centerpieces of the duo's stage musical Maman j'ai peur. The album features production by Canetti and orchestral arrangements by Jimmy Walter, who also arranged the orchestral parts for Fontaine's debut. Remastered from the original tapes. Housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork.


JL 010LP

JARRETT, WAYNE: What's Wrong With the Youths LP (JL 010LP) 15.00
"This Wayne Jarrett LP is simply put one of the best LP's of the 1980's, unavailable since its original release 30+ years ago! filled with a killer selection of some of the best and hardest Roots Radics riddims, this is a true start to finish classic album."

JL 013LP

LEVY & SCIENTIST, BARRINGTON: Jah Life in Dub LP (JL 013LP) 15.00
"The infamous and legendary Jah Life in Dub LP, finally released. Originally slated for release in late '80/early '81, this was to be Jah Life's first dub LP, featuring all exclusive mixes to now-classic Barrington Levy tunes. For one reason or another, the LP was never released. To confuse matters, a couple years later, some of the unused jackets were given to Germain to house an untitled dub LP of his productions. Naturally, we needed to rectify this situation. So here it is, finally released 34 years later! Featuring ten killer dubs to Barrington Levy tunes, ALL MIXED BY SCIENTIST AT KING TUBBY'S. Six out of the ten tracks are previously unreleased mixes, including a dub to the song 'Jah Life' which has never been available anywhere before. As an added bonus, the first pressing of this LP will come housed in the original jackets from 1980, which features killer artwork by Oneil Nanco."


JR 7022EP

U ROY: Wake the Nation 7" (JR 7022EP) 8.50
From the very successful Jamaican Recordings 7'' singles club, here is U Roy's 1970 chart-topper, "Wake the Nation," released with its original dub, "Non Violence."



ROMALIS, GARI: Detroit Rollerskate Disko Part 1 12" (JDR 008EP) 14.00
JD Records is proud to present one of Detroit's finest underground producers, Gari Romalis. Gari has been producing music since the mid '90s and releasing on classic labels as Terrence Parker's Intangible Records & Soundworks. More recently, he's worked with Rawax, Housewax, Dockside Records, and Hizou Deep Rooted Music. This release is all about lo-fi disko house and features four tracks packed with analog love and house grooves from the Detroit underground. Limited edition.


KH 9025CD

REED, LOU: Banging On My Drums 2CD (KH 9025CD) 23.00
This superb live double album contains rare recordings made by rock legend Lou Reed in America, Canada, Australia and Holland between 1975 and 1977. Taking in Velvet Underground classics, gems from his solo albums and a smattering of unreleased tracks, it finds him at arguably the peak of his powers, and comes complete with rare photos and an illuminating background interview.

KH 9026CD

FLYING BURRITO BROS, THE: Seattle Pop Festival July 27th 1969 CD (KH 9026CD) 17.00
Held in Gold Creek Park, Woodinville, Washington between July 25th and 27th 1969, the Seattle Pop Festival featured Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, The Byrds, Chicago, Santana, and many others. Riding high following the rapturous reception to their debut album earlier in the year, The Flying Burrito Brothers took the stage on Sunday to perform a superb set. Shortly afterwards Chris Ethridge left the band, making this a vital document of the original line-up in its final days.

KH 9027CD

BLUES PROJECT, THE: Live at The Matrix September 1966 2CD (KH 9027CD) 23.00
Already the toast of New York, between September 7th and 15th 1966, The Blues Project made waves on the West Coast with an intensive series of shows at one of San Francisco's leading psychedelic venues, The Matrix. Showcasing their remarkable interplay and aptitude for jamming, this recording is a vital document of one of the era's most innovative bands at the peak of their powers.


KL 5011CD

SUN RA ARKESTRA: 3rd September 1988 Chicago CD (KL 5011CD) 17.00
Klondike's respectfully packaged edition of Sun Ra's legendary appearance at the Chicago Free Jazz Festival in 1988 pays homage to Ra's exuberant torment combined with the flamboyant weight of the Solar Arkestra. Presenting a bewildering live spectacular with solar impressions of jazz and swing that could only come from Saturn's very own Sun Ra. Originally broadcast by National Public Radio in 1988.

KL 5012CD

PATTI SMITH GROUP: Jazz Workshop, Boston, January 9th 1976 2CD (KL 5012CD) 23.00
Patti Smith is an iconic and celebrated artist whose cultural standing in America remains resolute and heavily influential. Smith, Jay Dee Daugherty, Lenny Kaye, Ivan Kral and Richard Sohl headed out on their first U.S. tour to promote the release of their debut album Horses, released only two months earlier in November 1975. Their legendary appearance at Boston's Jazz Workshop displays the trademark riotous atmosphere of New York's punk ethos with Smith's habitual expletives being hurled around before WBCN could pull the plug on a live broadcast. An anticipating crowd, hungry for danger and provocation from the rising star who at one point comments "I don't know if we're still on air..." Luckily, she was and with continued excesses after their euphoric show closer with Van Morrison's "Gloria," John Cale punctures the low ceiling of the Workshop stage with the neck of his guitar, prompting the end of the show and the end of the live broadcast. Digitally remastered. Includes background liner notes.



AUDION: Dem Howl 12" (KOM 314EP) 14.00
The sophisticated elegance of Audion's new offering "Dem Howl" is rather unexpected: chaperoned by the emotionally-charged timbre of Troels Abrahamsen's vocals, this cut steers away from the battle-scarred body music of yore and towards the more introspective moments on the dancefloor, without sacrificing one iota of the precisely-engineered groove machinery that is Audion. Michael Mayer delivers a remix catering to the enthusiasts of evocative bells and finely-tuned reverbs -- a beautiful mood piece just as immersive as the original.


FUNKE, SASCHA: Zug um Zug 12" (KOM 316EP) 12.50
This is Sascha Funke's first Kompakt outing under his proper name in more than a decade. Zug Um Zug will please fans of both his solo productions and his work with Saschienne, thanks to the artist's knack for stylish and hypnotic techno that successfully combines the straightforward and the uncanny. The title-track boasts just a few drone pads and a straight bass drum, but that's all Sascha Funke needs to establish a rather complex atmosphere. "Alles In Allem" opts for a more direct approach, ditching the embalming pads of the title-track for some serious sub-bass dwellings and those trademark guitar strums.


VA: Pop Ambient 2015 CD (KOMP 120CD) 15.50
Since its inception in 2001, the Pop Ambient compilation series has played host to an incessantly growing pool of highly distinctive artists, yet somehow managed to stay focused on its overarching aesthetic ideas. Due in no small part to the series' curator Wolfgang Voigt, each installment was able to create a conclusive narrative, successfully deploying new talent alongside household names. Pop Ambient 2015 is no different, introducing debutant soundsmiths Thore Pfeiffer and Max Würden while welcoming returning Pop Ambient staples such as Leandro Fresco, Ulf Lohmann and Jens-Uwe Beyer. Starting off the selection with dreamy, jingling synth pads, Thore Pfeiffer's "Wie Es Euch Gefällt" turns out to be an instant Pop Ambient classic, followed by Thore's second contribution, a guitar-infused zone-out called "Nero" -- together, these immensely atmospheric cuts not only set the perfect stage for Pop Ambient 2015, but also speak volumes for this young producer's staggering talent. A former ally of iconic project Closer Musik, Dirk Leyers has since forged his own path, displaying a special fondness for blissful melodies and stylistic versatility -- he puts this to good use in the aptly-titled "Daydreamer," an irresistibly nostalgic synth epic sitting comfortably between neon lights and campfires. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist and composer Gregor Schwellenbach marries his avant-garde and folkloric leanings with the slow-moving, nonchalantly monumental "Assperg" -- a near-impossible track that feels as massive as it sounds fragile. Returning to Pop Ambient after his much-acclaimed appearance on 2013's installment, Leandro Fresco presents the entrancing "Nada Es Para Siempre," followed by Max Würden, the second newcomer on this compilation. A trained drummer and game sound designer by day, he is responsible for the enigmatic "Container Love," a masterfully composed cut that contrasts its sparse melodies with all sorts of rusty, dystopian sonics -- an inspired choice before Ulf Lohmann fills the air with cinematic washes of reversed sound on the cozy (but ultimately very alien) "Refresh." With Bvdub, Jens-Uwe Beyer and Gustavo Lamas, a trio of Pop Ambient regulars wrap up the class of 2015, and they do so in style: from "In White Pagodas I'll Wait for You" and "Möwen" to "Jovenes/Ambient Remake," all three producers opt for broad soundscapes and floating arrangements, resulting in a highly immersive set of panoramic electronic music and a well-suited closing chapter for Pop Ambient 2015.



HYUN, SHIN JOONG: Beautiful Rivers And Mountains 2LP (LITA 065LP) 26.00
2014 repress. 2LP version. Subtitled: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-74. "Shin Joong Hyun's tale is personal, spiritual, and deep, not only reflecting the full spectrum of human emotions, but one that produced reverberating echoes of sound, some beautiful and life-giving, others restless and ungovernable. For the first time outside of Korea, Shin's music will be readily available to music lovers the world over. Light In The Attic are thrilled to release Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974, a career spanning compilation of the diminutive guitarist, songwriter, producer, arranger, and talent developer. Inspired by jazz, soul, and traditional Korean music, Shin started his career in the mid-1950s, performing for US troops stationed locally after the Korean War armistice of 1953. While his English language skills were limited, the young player had no trouble communicating through his trusty electric guitar, but Shin was no mere 6-string slinger for hire, he was able to communicate something far beyond your average professional musician. Production work and extensive songwriting followed, not to mention a steady stream of electrifying performances. Gaining momentum by the moment, Shin developed popular success across South Korea molding proteges like singing duo the Pearl Sisters and folk-psych songbird Kim Jung Mi into top pop stars. From there it was hit after hit. The late 1960s rock explosion and an influx of imported music from The Beatles, Jimmy Smith, and The Jefferson Airplane all informed and inspired Mr. Shin to elevate his own craft. Even experimental trips via a crew of local hippies also took the music man to new heights despite Korean law forbidding such rebellion. Drug use was illegal and punishable as a serious offence. Park Chung-hee, then President of South Korea began to closely monitor Shin's 'subversive' activities. After refusing to write a song in praise of the political leader, the musician was labeled unpatriotic and his career was instantly snuffed-out through a series of surveillance, torture, and institutional confinement. While this was not the end of Shin's musical story, for an all-too-brief moment in Korean cultural history, Shin Joong Hyun and his talented accomplices laid down a trove of recordings that have slowly reverberated far from their native land. Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974 features Korean/English lyric translations, unseen pictures, beautiful graphic design, and extensive liner notes with Shin Joong Hyun."


LL 009-PIC

YOUNGE, ADRIAN: Black Dynamite (Official Motion Picture Score) PIC. DISC (LL 009-PIC) 30.00
"The first official release from multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and producer Adrian Younge, Black Dynamite (Original Motion Picture Score) was the meticulously crafted sonic accompaniment to the 2009 Michael Jai White comedy. The title is now being reissued as a limited edition picture disc on Younge's own Linear Labs imprint. Inspired by the great blaxploitation soundtracks of the 1970s, Younge commands the Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Clavinet, harpsichord, synthesizer, vibraphone, guitar, bass, flute, sax, cello, and drums to craft a singular vision of the era. Since its release, the film has grown into a formidable franchise including a comic book and animated television series on Cartoon Network. Now five years later, the score is being reissued with the full set of instrumentals and four additional tracks including a rare version of 'Jimmy's Dead' by Tommy Davidson."



VA: Livity Sound Remixes CD (LIVITY 002CD) 15.50
2013's self-titled Livity Sound (LIVITY 001CD) compilation featured solo tracks and collaborations between Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu, bringing together some of the most exciting and visceral UK dance music of recent years to critical acclaim. Since then, the label has commissioned a series of reinterpretations of the original tracks from some of their favorite contemporary producers, resulting in a diverse set of cutting-edge dance music. These remixes were issued on 12" vinyl throughout the first half of 2014 and autumn 2014 sees the culmination of the project in a CD release contextualizing all of the music within the digital format for the first time. The distinctive artwork for the series has been provided by UK-based illustrator Tess Redburn. Taking influence from mid-century painters such as Léger, Picasso and Malevich, Tess retains the original brush and paint marks in the artwork for a handmade feel, creating a distinctive visual theme. Livity Sound Remixes is released on deluxe reverse board gatefold CD, preceded by the final remix 12" in the series featuring remixes from Tessela and Stenny & Andrea.



TENDERHEART: Dignity CD (MAX 023CD) 20.00
With Dignity, Tenderheart mirrors his soul, his deep wish for peace in a place that has been shaken by colliding political interests. Dignity and music for peace are his reaction to the unstable situation in Eastern Europe. After his Duo EP, which was the start-up for M=Maximal's series "Musik ohne Worte," he now releases his first album on M=Maximal. Tenderheart already gained the attention of the chill out club scene with various contributions to compilations like Cafe De Paris, This Is Deep and Deep Tech House. A great and unconventional music scene in Kiev is the impetus for a multi-colored club scene in a historic environment which has also inspired also classical composers such as Mussorgsky.



It was 1999 when Hannes Strobl, Robert Buddenbrock, and Rupert Huber released their first collaboration as Dawn. Their album featured segments of a live performance -- the crossover of Berlin's and Vienna's electronic scene, creating the perfect tension between space, drums, percussion, bass, and ambience. During the last decade they have played in very different projects, such as Denseland, Paloma, and Tosca, amongst others. Now they meet again to mold the experience of the last 14 years into a set of stunning tracks, condensing the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and other places into reduced minimalistic grooves and floating atmospheres. In contrast to his work with Tosca, where Rupert Huber embeds his sounds in a more easy listening context, Superconnection offers more room for sophisticated interpretation of contemporary electronic music. La Mer is like the sea -- like the repetition of waves -- always different, always the same.



ONETE, DONA: Feitico Cabloco CD (MAIS 027CD) 15.50
A vibrant blend of Paraense folklore, carimbó, boi bumba, Caribbean salsa, brega, samba, and even rap, all rooted in the cultures of the Brazilian interior, this phenomenal debut album from Amazonian septuagenarian songstress Dona Onete has been over 60 years in the making and almost never happened. Sitting on the banks of the Amazonian river in the small town of Igarapé Miri as an 11 year-old, singing sambas, quadrilhas, and boi bumbas to the river dolphins, Dona Onete could have scarcely imagined she'd be seeing the worldwide release of her debut album at the age of 73. While not pursuing music as a career when growing up, Onete's heart remained invested in it. Becoming an expert in the rhythms, dances and traditions of the Amazon through her university studies, she'd go on to become Municipal Secretary of Culture of her hometown Igaparé-Miri. Completely enveloped by Amazonian culture and with her latent talents as a singer, Onete began to compose music for herself. Amassing a collection of over 300 original songs throughout her years, it wasn't until she retired that her musical career took off. Moving to the quiet area of Pedreira in Belém to while away the rest of her days with her husband, Onete inadvertently moved onto a street where popular Brazilian band Coletivo Radio Cipó lived. The band, hearing Dona perform at a local carimbó party, initially thought they were listening to a much younger singer -- due to Onete's vivacious and flirtatious flair, along with her penchant for a cheeky lyric or two. But when they caught sight of her, they were astounded. Knowing they'd stumbled upon someone truly special, the band instantly invited her to sing on their forthcoming album. Onete took some convincing, but eventually relented, a decision that would lead to her recording as an artist in her own right and see her audience of river dolphins on the banks of the Amazon transform into the people of the cities of Brazil, and soon the world.


MN 1009LP

GULAAB: Ritt durch den Hades LP (MN 1009LP) 25.50
LP version. Ultra-rare lost psychedelic Kraut-folk from 1979. First time on CD and LP. Taken from the original master tapes. "Gulaab" means "rose" in the Nepalese language. Gulaab is a German virtuoso on the acoustic guitar who served three years as an after-dinner musician in a luxury restaurant in Nepal, playing for an amazing number of well-known personalities of the 20th century during the early '70s. This was a strongly-influential experience that shaped his musical expression big-time, but also let him become an open-minded spirit. Ritt durch den Hades is the result of his experimentation with sounds, atmospheres and a multitude of styles in traditional music from Latin to Eastern Asian elements. It was first released in 1979, vanishing into obscurity soon after, waiting to be rediscovered by a more open-minded generation of music lovers now. Traditionalists be forewarned: This mystic grail of '70s "Kraut folk" stands far out from the average folk and singer/songwriter stuff, combining guitar harmonies of the highest order with a cosmic drone that backs up the hypnotizing picking and trippy swirls of sounds. This album is in fact more like a musical journey than just a piece of music, taking you from secret sacrificial altars in the Andes to the ceremonial places of the ancient Himalayan population with a short stopover for a little "joint venture" in the musical space-centers of highly flown-out German originators like Ash Ra Tempel/Manuel Göttsching, Popul Vuh/Florian Fricke, Witthusser & Westrupp, Bröselmaschine, Dom or Deuter. Now take a ride through Hades with Gulaab.

MN 1010CD

IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY: Issue #1: 2014 MAG w/CD (MN 1010CD) 21.00
130 full-color pages, glossy sleeve, plus a bonus space rock/neo-psychedelia compilation CD! A must-have for fans of Shindig!, Flashback or Ugly Things Magazine! Read what Vernon Joynson has to say about it: The first Country Joe And The Fish album Electric Music for the Mind and Body is one of the very finest examples of psychedelia and when Klemen found it as a 12-year-old among a pile of his dad's records and played it, his life changed forever. His curiosity led him to research deeper and deeper into the whole '60s music scene. He started a blog where he discussed private pressings and over the next few years, with the help of a network of like-minded friends, the blog evolved into the fabulous online magazine that is now It's Psychedelic Baby!. The name is perhaps a little misleading because the magazine's scope is much wider than just psychedelia. Its scope encompasses prog-rock, jazz, blues, folk, punk, metal & avant-garde music. Indeed, Klemen is a huge folk and jazz fan. Above all, the web site has a special focus on obscure and rare music. At the last count this stunning site contained over 500 interviews with a very broad range of artists and people connected with the music business, as well as lots of reviews and articles. He has done so much original research, located so many forgotten artists and even helped some to find record labels. What you have in your hand is the first hard copy version of this magazine! This first edition is primarily dedicated to Texas psychedelia. The state has a very rich and diverse musical tradition, but in the '60s it produced countless tough garage-punk bands and some of the most demented acid-punk records to come out of the U.S. in this era, as well as some seminal hippie-rock bands. Many of these were drawn to the attention of wider audiences in the subsequent years by the pioneering works of David Shutt, whose Journey to Tyme was a brilliant interpretative discographical guide to Texas 1960s punk and psychedelia and by Doug Hanners' equally excellent magazine Not Fade Away, focusing on the Texas music scene in that era. It is largely due to them and other Texas collectors that many obscure Texas recordings of the mid to late '60s found their way onto the many various artists' compilations of '60s punk and psychedelia that emerged in subsequent years. Now, in this new hard copy magazine, Klemen, assisted by other music historians like Kevin Rathert, has traced and interviewed many more artists and the magazine contains features about Powell St. John, Zakary Thaks, The Moving Sidewalks, Lemon Fog, Golden Dawn, Homer, Corpus, and many more. Be sure to read the interview with Michael Jensen (who was a member of the 13th Floor Elevators in the '80s) and shares for the very first time many stories about Roky and different meanings of some of the band's songs. In keeping with the sheer scope of Klemen's antenna, this mag includes many other features, too. He has tracked down the Zambian band Witch and has a fascinating feature (probably the first in hard copy) about the whole '70s Zambian music scene. He's also found Vyto (from First Chips) and there are articles on the Mexican Kaleidoscope, Bodo Molitor, Anonymous, and reviews of new reissues and new psych releases. There is also a fascinating non-music-related feature about "music as medicine." Read on... I promise you will not be disappointed. CD features tracks by: White Hills, Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats, White Hills, Les Indiens, The Oscillation, Get Your Gun, Farflung, Strangers Family Band, Jacco Gardner, Earth Mk.II, Amen Dunes, Aalto, David Greenald.



CLIO: The Beautiful Forces 12" (MLTD 066EP) 12.50
Clio is back on Metroline. In the opening track, "The Beautiful Forces," Blade Runner soundscapes morph into post-rave stabs and combine with heavy subs and sci-fi effects to create the soundtrack to a rave in an abandoned space station. On a more Chicago tip, "Something Like That" is a collaboration with French groove master, Loquace. The result is a loose, flowing house jam. Thomas Schumacher turns out a serious burner on the flip with his remix of "The Beautiful Forces," bringing the vocals up in the mix. Yvan Genkins takes on marginalizing the Chi-town flavor of the original and working the elements up into an eyes-down Tresor-style techno monster.



BELFI, ANDREA: Natura Morta CD (MIA 029CD) 15.50
Natura Morta, "dead nature" or "still life." This album can be understood as a powerful study of the minute details of the art of electro-acoustic composition, as much as the Renaissance "nature morte" were a masterful display of the artist's skill in portraying the glow of a ripe fruit, or capturing the light beaming on a vacant chair. Six tracks, to be listened to as two long explorations in the art of variation and repetition. Layers of drums and percussions intertwine with synth waves, making the portrait come to life, detail after detail, until a complex figure emerges from the white canvas. The constant, unsteady sounds, wavering noise, swirling cymbals, and distant feedback gently pull the listener into the picture, letting them enjoy every detail of these beautifully-staged compositions. Recorded at EMS studio, Stockholm, ZKM in Karlsruhe and at the legendary Funkhaus in Berlin, this album mixes influences from both Italian minimalism and the electro-acoustic contemporary scene. Somewhere in between the electronics of Keith Fullerton Whitman, the percussive repetitions of Jon Mueller, and the atmospheric sensibility of Pan-American.


BELFI, ANDREA: Natura Morta LP (MIA 029LP) 18.00
LP version. Includes download code.



GANGLOFF, MIKE & CARA: Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life LP (MIE 028LP) 23.00
"Mike & Cara Gangloff's Black Ribbon of Death, Silver Thread of Life is the third in a series of loosely connected melodic investigations released by Mike Gangloff over the past two years. All three were recorded around the Gangloff home in rural Floyd County, Virginia, and were engineered by Joseph Dejarnette (Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bruce Greene, Curtis Eller). And all three feature the far-reaching improvisation familiar from Gangloff's work with the old-time stringband Black Twig Pickers and the acoustic-drone outfit, Pelt. Taken together, they form a musical triptych. Poplar Hollow (Mike on banjo and fiddle, with Cara joining on sruti box) reflects the social fiddle traditions of that part of Virginia, exuberant kick-ups that might be played at a barn-dance or at the country store. Melodies for a Savage Fix (recorded in an all-nighter with guitarist Steve Gunn, and featuring a host of non-Virginian instruments like gongs, tanpura and singing bowls) are the late-night ramblings and conversations that take place well after the dance is over, with dawn drawing nigh. Black Ribbon is an album from the day after, when the cares of the world have again settled in. But though there is woven throughout this album a pattern of fear, loss and regret, it is held together by the warp of tunes and songs marked by joy and hope. The foreboding of Charlie Patton's 'O Death' -- sung unaccompanied, in tones caught between resignation and jubilation -- is followed by 'Rocking in a Weary Land,' where the whirling of hurdy gurdy and the drone of fiddle rise to transcendent heights. The cautionary words of the Carter Family's 'Righten That Wrong' ('If you do wrong today, the price you must pay'), the regret of the18th-century Shape Note hymn 'David's Lamentation' ('Oh my son! Would to God I had died/For thee'), and the apocalyptic visions of 'Black Ribbon I, II and III' are offset by expansive, joyful fiddle-and-sruti tunes like 'Mulberry Raider' and 'West India.' John Fahey, in his notes to the American Primitive collection, posited that the Shape Note songs, spirituals and other religious music of the South were descendants of ecstatic religious practices stretching far back through the mists of Time, that 'underneath it all [one can] hear pan pipes tooting and a cloven hoof beating time': on Black Ribbon, ecstasy can be found in even the darkest of moments, and the silver thread of life shines throughout." --Adam Frost; Released in a run of 500 LPs with artwork by Jake Blanchard.



NYMAN, MICHAEL: Symphony No. 11: Hillsborough Memorial CD (MNR 136CD) 24.00
"During a 1989 match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, 96 people were crushed to death and 766 were injured when police allowed too many people to enter the stadium. Now referred to as the Hillsborough Disaster, it remains the worst stadium-related disaster in British history. Michael Nyman's Symphony No.11 was written as a memorial to the victims. The work is heard here in an emotionally charged performance by Liverpool-born mezzo-soprano Kathryn Rudge, accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra led by Josep Vicent."



MOUSE ON MARS: 21 Again 2CD (MONKEY 052CD) 20.00
Mouse On Mars' 21st anniversary double CD featuring exclusive collaborations with: Cavern Of Anti-Matter, Tortoise, Errorsmith, Dodo NKishi, Scratch Pet Land, Eric D. Clark, Helado Negro, Siriusmo, Modeselektor (feat. Mr. Maloke), Atom TM, Laetitia Sadier, Schlammpeitziger, Junior Boys, Candie Hank, Machinedrum, Mesak & Claws Costeau, F.X. Randomiz, Funkstorung, Yoshimi, Herbert, and interludes by: Eleni Poulou and Mark E. Smith, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, AGF Delay-Team, Ingrid & Oswald Wiener, David Michael DiGregorio & Sung Huang Kim, Prefuse 73, and DJ Scotch Egg. How many internationally influential pop acts has Germany thrown into the mix? Kraftwerk, of course, followed by Can and the other Krautrock pioneers -- Neu! and Cluster, Tangerine Dream and Faust; after that, Einstürzende Neubauten, perhaps. And in the mid-1990s, Mouse On Mars joined this select group, quickly earning international recognition for their unique blend of concept, experiment and pop. Rare is the festival of electronic or independent music that hasn't welcomed them to the stage, and there are few producers of edgy, intelligent pop music who do not cite Mouse On Mars as a reference. They are feted as rock stars across Japan and North America, and for the past 20 years they have been packing clubs -- and even classical concert halls in European metropolises. Mouse On Mars are a musical phenomenon. After two decades of constant innovation and reinvention, they have lost none of their might and magic. And, just like jazz musicians, the duo seems to be getting ever more seasoned, savvy and uncompromising. The band's anniversary release -- a compilation celebrating 21 years of band history with a bit more than 21 collaborations -- seems like a logical move. Open to outside influences from day one, Mouse On Mars' music and approach anchors a surprisingly malleable methodology to an unwavering vision at the eye of the hurricane. The surface of pop music thrives on change, on constant renewal, and the Mouse On Mars phenomenon fuses this mutability with a myriad of voices caught in a proliferating web of dialogue. And at the heart of these oscillating force fields, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma invariably remain themselves -- curious, critical and even-keeled. In this spirit, Mouse On Mars celebrate their "coming of age" surrounded by 23 of their peers.


MR 7258EP

UNKNOWN: I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy/Watch Out 7" (MR 7258EP) 8.50
Repressed. A wonderful and enigmatic piece of '60s girl garage. This mysterious 45 features two acetate recordings associated with Detroit label Tuba, although none of them came to be released on it or any other label that Munster Records are aware of. No info about the artists, either -- all they know is that "Destroy That Boy" was recorded in New York and there are different versions of the song by The What Four and The Happy Cats. Munster knows even less about "Watch Out," just that it's another wallop of a track full of sassy threats.


NO 905EP

NO. INC: Early Reflections II EP 12" (NO 905EP) 14.00
No. proudly presents its third 12" release, No. 905: No. Inc.'s Early Reflections II EP. No. Inc. is Material Object and Atom TM, the duo who launched No. in early 2014 with the Early Reflections album. Early Reflections II continues No. Inc.'s practice of releasing a track from that album, previously only available digitally, alongside a new techno cut forged from refractions of the original theme. The A track explores ambient psychedelic regions while the AA dives into bass-heavy, cavernous techno. Presented in a special die cut sleeve with cutout No. triangle. Limited to 450 copies.


OCORA 583053

MOLTON, FLORA: Gospel Songs CD (OCORA 583053) 20.00
"Flora Molton arrived at the blues by way of her religious faith. But with Molton, faith was always more important than music. Born in 1908, she began preaching at the age of seventeen, and didn't take up the guitar until 1943. Molton supported herself playing guitar in the streets of Washington, DC. Eventually, she began playing in folk clubs and toured Europe. This album features eighteen tracks of gospel songs, accompanied by Molton's capable slide guitar."



MARSEN JULES: Marsen Jules at GRM CD (OKTAF 009CD) 17.00
Following his highly-acclaimed album Beautyfear (OKTAF 007CD), which is still featured besides Trentemøller and Bonobo in the top-ten of German chill out charts, sound poet Marsen Jules bridges the time with the release of a conceptual mini-album on his own Oktaf Records. The two tracks on the 35-minute long album were created during a two-week residency in the legendary GRM-Studios at Radio France in Paris. The Groupe de Recherches Musicales is an institute for the exploration of electroacoustic music. It was founded in 1958 by composer Pierre Schaeffer, one of the main protagonists of so-called "musique concrete," a musical movement that focused on recorded sounds and sound manipulations as a basis for compositions. Therefore, the artists used tape recorders and record players as their instruments and widened the musical horizon, which until then was only defined through classically-known instruments. These ideas of defining every acoustic event as possible music and the approach to explore the individual universe of such a sound have always been a big inspiration for Martin Juhls' music. Therefore, it was a big honor for the artist to be able to work at this legendary space for two weeks in 2009. For the two tracks created at GRM, Jules dives deeply into the level of subatomic sound-particles. Clusters of string crescendos emerge from a nearly psychoacoustic sound-wall of warm drones in which they disappear with ultra-long fade-outs and reverbs. A touching work -- which has the quality to let the listener drown into it completely.



DILLOWAY & JASON LESCALLEET, AARON: Grapes and Snakes LP (PAN 030LP) 25.50
Limited restock. Grapes and Snakes is the first collaborative work of two of the most respected American underground experimental/noise artists, Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet. Using purely analog synths and tape manipulation, they build a foggy psychoacoustic mass that lies between dynamic yet patiently treated tape-music and industrial howl. Aaron Dilloway has been releasing and recording music since the age of 16. He was a member of experimental bands Couch, Galen and Universal Indians. He is a former guitarist and tape manipulator for the experimental band Wolf Eyes, which he left in 2005 to live most of that year in Kathmandu, Nepal. While his wife did her graduate work there, he roamed the streets recording every sound he could, many of which are used in his recent recordings and performances. Currently he runs the noise record label, record store and mailorder Hanson Records, which he began in Brighton, Michigan in 1994. Hanson then moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan for several years, before finally settling in Oberlin, Ohio, after a brief return to Ann Arbor. He performs solo using eight track tapes and vocal sounds, and records modular synthesizer music as Spine Scavenger. Recently, he has played with an ever-changing cast of sound artists under the name The Nevari Butchers. Jason Lescalleet's sound world occupies a space between noise, contemporary composition, and minimal electronics. Using decidedly primitive tactics and equipment (e.g. antiquated reel-to-reel recorders, damaged tape, etc.), his work focuses on extreme frequencies and microscopic audio detail. He's been a member of Due Process, performed and recorded with Keith Rowe, Joe Colley, Jason Kahn, John Hudak, Bhob Rainey and Greg Kelley (both separately and as Nmperign), and most recently Graham Lambkin in their Breadwinner project which has yielded unprecedented and glorious results in the electroacoustic music of today. He lives and works in the state of Maine. The LP is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, pressed on 140 gram vinyl and it is packaged in a pro-press color jacket which itself is housed in a silkscreened PVC sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis & Bill Kouligas. Aaron Dilloway (synth and tapes); Jason Lescalleet (synth, tapes, and Dell XPS).


OBJEKT: Flatland CD (PAN 060CD) 16.50
PAN is excited to announce the release of Objekt's debut album, Flatland. Written between 2012 and 2014, Flatland follows up a succession of dynamic single releases from his base in Berlin, including the recent split 12" with Dopplereffekt on Leisure System, Cactus/Porcupine on Hessle Audio and three 12" singles on his eponymous white label series. His recorded work so far has toyed with techno and electro conventions and has turned dancefloor tropes on their head, tickling the boundaries of what can or can't constitute an effective club record. Approaching the album format on its own terms, Objekt makes full use of the larger canvas to explore a framework of competing truths, multiple perspectives and conflicting accounts. Flatland imagines a world in which any scene can be seen from every angle at once. Semblances and cross-references entwine the 11 original tracks and Objekt's existing recordings, shaping a powerful and absorbing album that weaves between the alien and the hauntingly familiar. This is an effervescent body of work, its sound design evoking vivid imagery and conveying the same unmistakable sense of detail and movement for which Objekt has become known. On his first attempt, Objekt has constructed a mature and multilayered album with its own story to tell, from whichever angle you choose to approach it. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy. by Joe Dilworth and artwork by Bill Kouligas & Kathryn Politis.


OBJEKT: Flatland 2LP (PAN 060LP) 27.50
Double LP version pressed on 140 gram vinyl.



LIMBOOS, THE: Space Mambo CD (PENN 005CD) 16.50
Write a fistful of cool songs, recruit the right musicians, practice a lot, make a great single, get a van and wait for the phone to ring. That's the old formula which all "would-be-somebodys" in this business continue to use. But it always seems to fail at some point, usually the phone ringing part. But The Limboos worked this strategy perfectly. Within months, and only on the merit of one single, the band has garnered tremendous reviews, turning the road into their home and the scene into their office. On this album, their first LP, they sharpen and expand on the sound defined on their 45 RPM single debut -- that mixture of R&B and Latin rhythms, aptly described as "exotic rhythm and blues," continues to prevail. But the 12 songs on the LP stretch out into deeper territory -- old school New Orleans second line (the single from the album, Big Chef) or gutbucket '50s Texas blues ("Rockin'") combined with Cuban rhythms ("Space Mambo," the title-track) or Brazilian cumbia ("Brownie"). All beautifully thrown into a blender, making it the national cocktail of a place you would damn sure want to live, if that place even existed. Talent, attitude and energy -- these are the three ingredients that define The Limboos to perfection. Above all, they are elegant and adept at any language they speak. Coupled with the profound production of Mike Mariconda, Space Mambo is noticeably fresh in comparison with much of today's music and a unique listening sensation.


LIMBOOS, THE: Space Mambo LP (PENN 005LP) 18.00
LP version.

PENN 45022EP

LIMBOOS, THE: Big Chef/Limbootic 7" (PENN 45022EP) 8.50
New single off The Limboos' debut album Space Mambo, with a non-LP exclusive cut on the flip. Produced by Mike Mariconda.



VA: Permanent Vacation 3 EP 12" (PERMVAC 133EP) 12.00
Limited edition vinyl sampler of the full album Permanent Vacation 3. Artists include: The Golden Filter, Chateau Marmont, A Sagittariun, Bot'ox meets Showgirls. Remixes by John Talabot and Beautiful Swimmers.



SOULPHICTION & MOVE D: In The Limelight 12" (PHP 039EP) 12.00
2014 repress. SoulPhiction and Move D pair up to bring you some deeply-rooted, funkified house music. "The Limelight" is a subtle, shiny piece of neo-disco for the believers, rolling along with funky licks and a demanding bass. Manchester's Trus'me delivers a fantastic remix, adding his trademark sonics as well as a new bass line, played by Tom "Boom Boom" Johnstone. "The Essence" is a nod to a great jazz label and a blueprint for further things to come from this pair.


2014 black vinyl repress. A new live project from SoulPhiction and the mysterious MK resulted in recording these tracks, which will define the musical direction of this project. Everything was recorded live, including some minor errors. Missing Linkx kept the real moment on reel.



SPRINGINTGUT & F.S. BLUMM: The Bird and White Noise CD (PING 043CD) 17.00
Originally, all they wanted was to record one mutual track for the Japan tour in spring 2014. On this tour, Springintgut and F.S. Blumm would present their recent solo records in nine cities in Japan, and one duo track couldn't hurt for an encore. These duo compositions came off surprisingly easy, and in a breath, there were 17 tracks instead of one. Keeping in mind that both solo albums have been six years in the making, the recording of The Bird and White Noise within two months is extraordinary. It's a proof of the compatibility of Springintgut's cello and F.S. Blumm's acoustic guitar, both played through their individual electronic systems. They create dense structures filled with their particular sounds of acoustic instrument processing. The melodic sessions are woven with numerous field recordings from the artists' concert tours to India, Japan, and Italy. The record's fundament are slow, powerful beats which hold everything together Springintgut was responsible for the studio production at most times while F.S. Blumm, experienced for years in making radio plays, handled the mixing and collaging of the parts. The Bird and White Noise invites you to join the travels, and in its long arches and bridges it can easily be listened to as a whole. While the opener or "Eskimono" feature the rather lyrical side of the duo, tracks like "Land Ab Neu" or "Chitin" set more punchy priorities to a heavy bass and 808 drums. "Chitin" is a late climax of the album, building up for minutes to a massive groove in an insect-like, abstract sound world, leaving just enough space for romantic cello lines to break through in the middle.


SPRINGINTGUT & F.S. BLUMM: The Bird and White Noise LP (PING 043LP) 20.00
LP version, featuring 10 tracks from the CD, plus a download code for the entire album. Originally, all they wanted was to record one mutual track for the Japan tour in spring 2014. On this tour, Springintgut and F.S. Blumm would present their recent solo records in nine cities in Japan, and one duo track couldn't hurt for an encore. These duo compositions came off surprisingly easy, and in a breath, there were 17 tracks instead of one. Keeping in mind that both solo albums have been six years in the making, the recording of The Bird and White Noise within two months is extraordinary. It's a proof of the compatibility of Springintgut's cello and F.S. Blumm's acoustic guitar, both played through their individual electronic systems. They create dense structures filled with their particular sounds of acoustic instrument processing. The melodic sessions are woven with numerous field recordings from the artists' concert tours to India, Japan, and Italy. The record's fundament are slow, powerful beats which hold everything together Springintgut was responsible for the studio production at most times while F.S. Blumm, experienced for years in making radio plays, handled the mixing and collaging of the parts. The Bird and White Noise invites you to join the travels, and in its long arches and bridges it can easily be listened to as a whole. While the opener or "Eskimono" feature the rather lyrical side of the duo, tracks like "Land Ab Neu" or "Chitin" set more punchy priorities to a heavy bass and 808 drums. "Chitin" is a late climax of the album, building up for minutes to a massive groove in an insect-like, abstract sound world, leaving just enough space for romantic cello lines to break through in the middle.



RADIAN & HOWE GELB: Radian Verses Howe Gelb CD (RADIAN 001CD) 17.00
"A seemingly curious collaboration. A wrangling and grappling, a confrontation, a quarrel. A checking-out, a weighing of compromises. The Viennese trio Radian has recorded an album with songwriter Howe Gelb from Tucson, Arizona. Here the situation is different: Radian Verses Howe Gelb is primarily a Radian release. In four sessions that were rather freely dispersed over time, Howe Gelb, usually devoting himself to a cosmopolitan rethinking of Americana and desert country in his day job, fed acoustic contributions into the microphone for Radian: piano, guitar, above all: voice -- sometimes as a reaction to material prepared by Radian, sometimes pulled liberally and unexpectedly from his own vast and tangled pool of ideas. The tones of Howe Gelb provided further material for Radian: They were dissected, dissolved, reoriented, mutated and made to fit into their own world. Radian Verses Howe Gelb is the first Radian release with guitarist Martin Siewert, who joined the band in 2011 and here also is responsible for processing and sound treatment. As usual, drummer Martin Brandlmayr was in charge of the selection and arrangement of sounds, and John Norman of the bass. As always with Radian, this record resembles a particularly carefully and cautiously-assembled collage: sounds, tones, noises -- the tracks are busy. They are teeming, quavering, vibrating. As before, the kinds of things that Brandlmayr, Norman and Siewert scrape and tease out of their machines and instruments make up an exuberant buffet of ideas and strangeness. The way the sounds are arranged here however creates an aura of fragility, a lean design. The tones appear to be artfully suspended in space, and you can feel the air flowing between them. You can hear Howe Gelb croaking and whining in the process of disintegration, and the entanglement and fusion with this highly-focused free music. The categories and genres crumble away ? whether it's exploring jazz, intricate tinker-electronics, dub, growling, hissing, bubbling, rock, a lot of things wondrously permeate this music, one that is indeed rather post-everything." --Philipp L'Heritier; Howe Gelb (voice, guitars, piano); Martin Brandlmayr (drums, vibraphone, electronics, synths, editing and arrangement); Martin Siewert (guitars, lap-, and pedal steel, electronics, synths, processings); John Norman (bass).



Sasu Ripatti is one of electronic music's most prolific and eclectic producers. Throughout the last two decades Ripatti has explored every imaginable genre with over 20 albums under aliases such as Luomo and Sistol. A classically trained percussionist, the Finnish native has also performed as a part of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio and his own Vladislav Delay Quartet. He returns now under his Vladislav Delay moniker with a uniquely inspired album. Visa was a product of pure happenstance. In early 2014, Ripatti was denied entry to the United States and was forced to cancel an entire tour. Suddenly left with unhindered time and a surplus of creative energy, he was able to give birth to the album in a span of only two weeks. Ripatti describes this time as a moment in which "a valve broke open... and I collected what came out the pipes." Visa is Ripatti's first foray into ambient music in over ten years, yet it is not simply passive background music. Rather it is an active entity, a soundscape built from textured layers of evocative industrial noises and dream-like melodic loops. Clocking in at just under an hour and made almost entirely with analog hardware, the album was designed to be listened to at high volume and in full detail. Beatless and void of percussion, Visa's five cuts challenge the listener to follow Ripatti on his journey through time and musical machinery. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy.



"In 1972, Sun Ra inked a high-profile deal with ABC/Impulse, bringing his recorded work to the widest audience he'd had to date. A slew of Saturn back catalog titles and two newly-recorded albums (Astro Black, Pathways to Unknown Worlds) were issued before ABC cancelled the contract, dumped the records into the cut-out bins, and left the unreleased albums to languish. Now, over four decades later, Roaratorio is proud to offer one of the lost Impulse recordings for the first time. Sign of the Myth hails from same studio session as Pathways, and shares its emphasis on guided improvisations. With a constantly shifting palette of Moog textures, Ra tosses off a dazzling array of ideas throughout, supported by the usual Arkestra stalwarts; in particular, bassist Ronnie Boykins and drummer Clifford Jarvis are in shining form here, giving shape and solidity to these pieces. Sign of the Myth is a welcome augmentation to an especially fertile period from Sun Ra's time on Earth." Includes download coupon.



GOAT: World Music LP (LAUNCH 048LP) 19.50
2014 repress! LP version with die-cut front cover. Rocket Recordings presents the debut album World Music by the band Goat. For those who are unaware, Goat is a collective of musicians who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpilombolo in deepest, darkest Sweden. Legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Korpilombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a travelling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to Korpilombolo by following a cipher hidden within their most sacred of ancient scriptures. The reason it led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village and so they made it their home -- there, they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries. This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. To this day, the now picturesque village of Korpilombolo is still haunted by this Voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of this Goat record. The nine track album follows the underground success of the now sought-after 7" Goatman, which is also included in this selection. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro-groove that is central to the album, through to head-nodding psych, post-punk, Turkish rock, Kraut repetition and astral folk. "Over insistent rhythms that suggest Spacemen 3 and, at least in spirit, the conjuring drones of Pandit Pran Nath and La Monte Young, Goat weave an ecumenical history of rock'n'roll. They intercept signals from Led Zeppelin and Funkadelic, Jefferson Starship and Fela Kuti, the Congos and the Rolling Stones, bending them into a resiliently consistent album." --Pitchfork (8.1)


RS 093LP

CARTER, CHRISTINA: Masque Femine LP (RS 093LP) 17.00
Masque Femine should be regarded as a total work -- much like a film, a ballet, a building, or, an altarpiece -- rather than as an album of individual songs. And, its fundamental subject should not be understood to be romantic love. Christina Carter was born in the bayou city of Houston, Texas in November of 1968, and co-founded the group Charalambides there in December of 1991. Ever since then, she has deeply mined her own vein of sound-as-music with voice, guitar (both electric and acoustic), piano, and keys. For the past several years, Christina has utilized extended improvisational guitar passages within and without song-medley structures; re-contextualized certain Charalambides songs within the spare single guitar/voice form that birthed much of the group's music; and recently, investigated "the song" as a thing unto itself, specifically concentrating on "the word" -- both in her own lyric writing and her interpretations of the work of other lyricists.



HINZ, STEPHAN: Throwl 12" (SNDST 005EP) 12.00
Stephan Hinz is flying solo with his Throwl EP. These are two massive dancefloor tunes that will surely find their way into every room scenario for the foreseeable future. The title-track features a giant kick drum, rolling bass and crisp hi-hats, while a warm, distorted organ line relentlessly works into a crescendo it never fully reaches. Hinz goes peak-time psychedelic with "Ignite." A big kick drum and tight hat lock the groove while a single note and pulsing pad build the tension until the main element reveals itself as just a few notes stuck in a warm, dizzying loop.



VA: Werkschau03 2LP (STRIKE 150LP) 18.00
Here comes the 150th Shitkatapult release. The label is doing the same thing again that they did for the milestone releases Strike50 and Strike100: Sensational tracks, most of them previously-unreleased, collected in the hope of presenting a certain contemporary attitude and music of the now. Company-founder Marco Haas aka T.Raumschmiere lays out the bait for the second time with "Anker," hinting at a new (super) album. The second spot goes of course to Sascha Ring aka Apparat, who expanded the label in the early days and has carved out a previously-unreleased instrumental version of "Circles" in the studio for the jubilee while juggling the Moderat tour, the theater and soundtracks. A truly classic Apparat track. "Veronica or Die" introduces Prairie, an act from Brussels that is cued up on the Shit calendar with a new album for 2015. This forceful track straddles artistic merit, indie, electronic and drone, meaning there's something for everyone. "Dor" by Markus Popp aka Oval is not as suitable for the masses, although it does mold an authentically classic set of instruments into a work of beauty. Uli Bomans aka Schieres aka Shrubbn!! (with T.Raumschmiere), dropped his first album on Shitkatapult under his given name in 2014. The Bremen-based visual artist's virtually classic dub sounds pave the way for the complex dub opera of Cristian Vogel -- who goes for broke at a down-low tempo, both nasty and brilliant. Half-time now... framed by the original Shitkatapult residents Phon.o, now on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label, and (Lars) Fenin. Gebrüder Teichmann and Eomac, the new Irish hope discovered by Killekill, make their debut on Shitkatapult. While Phon.o, Eomac, Gebrüder Teichmann and Khan don't pull out all the stops in their courageous Bus remix, they are still clearly the club contender of this release, which draws to a close with a nearly 16-minute dub hit by Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton, Dabrye) and Daniel Meteo.


SP 037CD

NEEL: Phobos CD (SP 037CD) 15.50
There's a large empty space on your record shelf, in between Nurse With Wound's Space Music and Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue's Shades of Orion: a gap between the cold, lifeless experimentations of Steven Stapleton -- space heard as a largely silent void punctuated by the sudden and infrequent arrival of massive objects -- and the romantic imaginings of '90s space ambient which filled space with idealistic longings of earth. There aren't many records to put right between those two. But now Neel has given us one, Phobos, and it's both a lustrous and shadowy beauty. After debuting stellar live performances at MUTEK in Montreal as well as Berlin Atonal, the time to release an album documenting the material has arrived. Phobos is the debut LP from Neel, well-known as the sonic mastermind behind the Voices From The Lake project, together with his fellow Italian DJ, friend, and cosmic joker Donato Dozzy. Neel is a young mastering engineer with golden ears, and through Voices From The Lake, he and Dozzy have brought a level of immaculate sound production to techno which, to be honest, simply hasn't existed before. Alone, however, you might feel Neel sounds even better. Phobos is a carefully-cut gem, reflecting layers of patient detail and filling the full frequency range with a perfect balance. Voices From The Lake is an organic project, with a tight focus on water and life, but Phobos has leapt to the opposite end of the spectrum. You cannot take a sampler's magnifying glass to a place that does not transmit sound -- another kind of imagination and technique is required. The sonic results are a real treat. This album more than most, will benefit from whatever outrageous hi-fi you can swing at it. Don't just play it loud -- play it well. Legend has it Neel constructed Phobos out of an elaborate narrative concerning Phobos, the larger of Mars' two moons, Fear and its brother Dread, the son of Aries and Aphrodite, the moon which sets twice across the Martian sky each day, and which each century draws closer to its red parent by one earthly meter, in a 50-million year gravitational tease that can only end in destruction. Further investigators will have to tease out the real details of that story from Neel, but for listeners the album slowly traverses through deep space over the course of a single hour-long track, patiently passing slow-turning objects and desolate plains, until the final minutes where it unpacks itself -- presenting all the pent-up emotions from a long trip -- in a blissful moment that marks the end and beginning of this voyage into space alone.

SP 037LP

NEEL: Phobos 2LP (SP 037LP) 29.00
Gatefold double LP version.



DUKE ST WORKSHOP, THE: Cabin 28 CD (VAN 277CD) 16.50
Following the instantly sold-out release of The Duke St Workshop's debut album, Lexicon of Paragon Pines, and the doozy of a 7" that even Clint Mansell liked, comes the first widely distributed work from the Dukes. Recorded at Polyester, the band's studio in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Cabin 28 is the soundtrack to a cold case from 1981, set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in northern California. From the dawning of the day to midnight and beyond, the album moves from austere sanctuaries to more threatening settings, in the tradition of somber, melancholic films like Coma and Rabid. Influences from the likes of Final Program, Conrad Schnitzler, Michael Small, and the Bruton Music Library are on display. You might also reference the Birmingham scene of such lost ensembles as Broadcast, Pram, and Plone.



HAMLET: Piano CD (SVT 138CD) 17.00
Just in time for autumn, Fran invites us into club music's parallel world with the project Hamlet: aided by Oded K.dar (NORD/The Koletzkis) on the piano, she presents cover versions of beloved electronic classics such as "Sky and Sand," "Limit to Your Love," "Howling" and "Hypnotized" on the fittingly-titled album Piano. The initial idea came to the duo at a birthday party; the first baby steps followed the very next day. Surprised by the potential, the autodidactic singer Fran and the studied concert pianist Oded searched far and wide for the perfect grand piano, which they eventually found in the form of an old Steinway at the Greve Studio in Berlin. Thus, the drunken whim developed into 14 beautiful covers over the course of numerous nightly recording sessions. Reduced to vocals and piano, Hamlet let the original track's essence resound. One is able to hear the soul of the song, as the minimalistic rendition enables breathing space. Moderat's "Bad Kingdom" and Kraftwerk's "Das Modell" suddenly appear like honest black and white portraits. The words and melodies, embedded in the harmonies of the piano, are like the wrinkles and peculiarities of a face stripped of make-up, emerging in a hitherto unseen fashion. A new aesthetic is created through the reduction. Removed from the club, the songs on Piano are defined by their pure emotiveness -- sometimes of a euphoric, sometimes of a melancholic nature -- while they are also a nostalgic bridge to their original context. They seem like a vague memory of a late night; like the walk home in the quiet hour before dawn.



Sunday Music goes deeper and deeper with this fantastic album release. It reflects the love of label owner Henrik Schwarz for jazz, contemporary, and chamber music. When Norwegian electro-jazz pioneer Bugge Wesseltoft and German house producer Henrik Schwarz produced their collaboration Duo, it was clear that their synergy was both unique within, and revitalizing to, the whole genre of electro-acoustic beat-based improvisation. Now the duo becomes a trio, and the dialogue becomes a Trialogue. Indie/jazz bassist Dan Berglund brings additional dimensions and a whole new range of songwriter possibilities, a completely new layer of sound with tastefully-chosen electronic, rhythmic patterns and drums, virtuosic piano-playing, analog synthesizers, and thumping double bass lines. Subtle but high energy walks through your speakers. Moments of quasi-ambient atmosphere sit alongside driving, energetic swathes of blues-inflected jamming from the future, near-metallic semi-sinister meteor storms of sound rest easily beside moments of classic jazz noire, and there is a marked assimilation of classical chamber sensibilities. This is a thoroughly post-postmodernist soundworld. What the listener will recognize instantly is, simply put, great music. Line-up: Bugge Wesseltoft (grand piano), (synthesizers), (percussion); Henrik Schwarz (computer), (small percussion); Dan Berglund (double bass). Features musicians from the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg.



VA: 10 Yrs of Systematic 2CD (SYST 020CD) 18.00
Marc Romboy's imprint Systematic Recordings may celebrate a lot of jubilees in 2014. After just having released the 100th 12" single featuring two new tracks by Stephan Bodzin and Marc himself, it's now time for an extended 10th anniversary compilation with various artists. "I just called a couple of producers I like a lot, like Audiojack and Jimpster, plus many friends who have already released many tracks on Systematic before, like Robert Babicz, Stephan Bodzin and Dusty Kid, and I'm fairly happy about the high quality of all the songs they've given to me," reports Marc Romboy. In total there are 20 exclusive and unreleased tracks from the further likes of John Tejada, Patrice Baumel, Wehbba and Gorge & Nick Curly, plus a downloadable DJ mix, including assorted tracks by Marc. Something to highlight is without a doubt a brand-new track by Marc's pal Stephan Bodzin. He has contributed a new track called "Sungam," the opener of the compilation, and it's his first solo track in quite a while. Other artists include: Martin Landsky, Deepa & Biri, Greg Gow, Rodriguez Jr., André Hommen, Adrian Leviste, Namito & Solmaz Lou, Hugo (feat. Comadisco), Pezzner, Spirit Catcher, and Oculus.


VA: 10 Yrs of Systematic 12"/PIC DISC (SYST 101EP) 18.00
Marc Romboy's imprint Systematic Recordings may celebrate a lot of jubilees this year! After just having released the 100th 12" single featuring two new tracks by Stephan Bodzin and Marc himself, it's now time for the next picture disc, release #101, featuring a 10th anniversary four-tracker produced by Stephan Bodzin, Audiojack, Jimpster and Marc Romboy.



LACEY, BRUCE: The Spacey Bruce Lacey: Film Music and Improvisations Vol. 2 LP (JBH 054LP) 20.00
LP version; volume two of two volumes. Bruce Lacey is the quintessential British eccentric. Bruce Lacey is an artist, a musician, a filmmaker, a shaman, a genius and visionary. Since the 1950s he's made film, music, art and performances, and collaborated with everyone from The Beatles to Throbbing Gristle. He was part of the groundbreaking Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition in 1968. He even built a robot that won the Alternative Miss World. This is the first time his extraordinary music has been released. Made and recorded using household objects as well as a modified synthesizer (made by a schoolboy in the early 1970s), it ranges from abstract tribal concrète to droning electronic trance. The music will be released across two separate LPs and one CD. Included will be a fine essay about the history of this inspiring figure by BFI/Flipside archivist Will Fowler. Bruce Lacey has been a busy man. Since the 1950s he's been making film, making music, making art, sculpture, rituals, performances, and more besides. Many of his films have explored the basics of life and sex all with a sprinkle of irony, realism and ritualism. Many of his films have required music, music which Lacey made himself, improvising with bottles, rattles, typewriters and a tape machine. By the early 1970s, Lacey was exploring stone circles and ancient rights; he'd also bought a home-made synthesizer from a schoolboy who'd advertised it in Exchange & Mart. He'd made it as a home project. A week later Lacey bought a keyboard from another schoolboy in Exchange & Mart. Lacey set about slowly modifying this synth and improvising music influenced by his stone circle visits over the next few years. This music is made only when "The Muse" descends. It is impossible for Bruce to perform this improvised music live. The music he made was occasionally available on cassette at his exhibitions in the 1970s. The late Poly Styrene (who had a copy) compared Lacey's music to Tangerine Dream. Lacey had not heard of Tangerine Dream. This is the first time this raw and extraordinary music by one of the UK's most extraordinary men has been made available. Full-color LP sleeve. Includes copious notes and an essay.



FLUXION: Vibrant Forms 2LP (TYPE 117LP) 25.50
2014 restock; Double LP version. Kostas Soublis' productions under the Fluxion moniker helped define legendary Berlin imprint Chain Reaction, and with 1999's Vibrant Forms, the Greek producer released a milestone in the dub techno genre. Hazy and distant, there was still more than enough dancefloor push to propel Soublis into the (very short) list of genre legends, and make Vibrant Forms one of the very rare techno albums that works from beginning to end. Out of press for far too long, this new edition of Vibrant Forms has been remastered and will finally see the entire album released on vinyl for the first time. The most shocking thing hearing it almost 15 years after its original release, however, is how little it has dated. Soublis wisely avoided any cultural tropes, and the productions still sound fresh and deceptively alien. Through washes and waves of reverb and the faint thud of a kick drum, the all-analog productions contain a raw quality that is all too rare these days. Just head to the album's elegiac closing number "Opaque." Upbeat and propulsive, the track still maintains a deceptive calm, buoyed by swirling synthesizer washes and sizzling, tape-saturated percussion. This is the way dub techno should sound -- don't accept any imitations, Vibrant Forms is the real thing. Completely remastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.



VA: Poco Loco in the Coco Vol. 3 LP (UOVR 012LP) 21.00
University Of Vice presents the third volume of the craziest compilation of music from all over the world. This comp collates a worldwide mixture of painfully obscure crud-a-phonic dance craze platters from the '50s and '60s. A brilliant and bonkers concoction of exotica and international nonsense novelties. If you need something new to listen to after you've worn out yer Las Vegas grind and jungle exotica records, then this is for you and will liven up any party. Lurch-eriffic tropical crazes and totally daffy mix-n-match foreign language tracks that'll make your eyes and ears pop just like corn. Long live the University Of Vice. Artists include: David Melanio, Joe Quijano, Doc & Les 6 Jets, The Goyo's Cats, Sonny Scott, Tito Benito, The Warriors, Carl Stevens, Caney Orchestra, Chino Herrera, Comparsa De La Laguna, Eddie Kochak, The Mogambo's, and The Journeymen.


VG 002EP

ELLIS ISLAND SOUND: Intro, Airborne, Travelling 12" (VG 002EP) 12.50
Ellis Island Sound comprises the duo of Pete Astor (The Loft, Weather Prophets, etc.) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms, etc.). This is the first EP from the band which will be closely followed by their third LP Regions. Described as "Afro-Krautrock," This is a toe-tapping motorik Kraut-pop juggernaut by all accounts. The single features vocals from Radiohead collaborator John Matthias, coming on like an opiated James Brown channeling Damo Suzuki. The EP also features remixes from Fryars and Scott Fraser.

VG 007CD

ELLIS ISLAND SOUND: Regions CD (VG 007CD) 14.50
Ellis Island Sound comprises the duo of Pete Astor (The Loft, Weather Prophets, Wisdom Of Harry, etc.) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms, etc.). Regions is the duo's third album since their inception, and it has already been described as "Afro-Krautrock" and "Teutonic High Life." It is possible to detect the influence of Jean Bosco Mwende or King Sunny Ade's guitars, along with the polyrhythmic ensemble force of Fela Kuti's Africa 70 and T-Funk-period Talking Heads. Sometime-Radiohead-collaborator John Matthias applies vocals to five tracks, coming on like an opiated James Brown channeling Damo Suzuki. For fans of Can, Fela Kuti, Talking Heads and Neu!.

VG 007LP

ELLIS ISLAND SOUND: Regions LP (VG 007LP) 20.00
LP version.

VG 021CD

TEAGUE, RYAN: Block Boundaries CD (VG 021CD) 15.50
Block Boundaries is the new album from minimalist composer Ryan Teague building on his previous releases for Type, Sonic Pieces and current label Village Green. Inspired by the theme of psychogeography, the record fuses acoustic instrumentation with electronic and processed material, taking the listener on a hallucinogenic Ballard-ian journey through from the thrumming urban activity of New York, Amsterdam and London. Brooding opener "Site & Situation" sets the tone with hypnotic guitar and mallet chimes, emotive cello swells and surging bass synth, "Last Known Position" comes on like a lost Tangerine Dream jam session, spiraling arpeggios and oscillating pulses, while "Liminal Space" introduces driving percussion around mesmeric synth pulses and a shimmering piano progression. Closer "End of the Line" brings the journey to an end in an introspective mood -- a wavering synth figure cut against wistful drone washes that fade into the distance. Block Boundaries is a masterful achievement of melody, form and texture that rewards more with every captivated listen and will assuredly secure Ryan Teague's place alongside his acclaimed contemporaries such as Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins, Emeralds and Hauschka.

VG 021LP

TEAGUE, RYAN: Block Boundaries LP (VG 021LP) 20.00
LP version on 180 gram vinyl with download code.



SYSTEM OF SURVIVAL: Rumors EP 12" (VIT 024EP) 12.50
System Of Survival are Pietro "Bingo" De Lisi and Alex Carpentieri, resident DJs at the bastion of underground Ibiza, Circo Loco. This is their debut release on Ibiza imprint Vitalik Recordings. The delayed strings and commanding bass-line builds tension from the offset, the tough beats of "Rumors" highlighting darker dancefloor territory, while "Labirintismo"'s ethereal panning melodies drift over solid beats and a warm off-beat bass-line. "Beat Jam" features cheeky vocal samples and "A Man Black Man" rounds off the EP in style, an eclectic mix of Bingo's funk & soul roots and Alex's Detroit and Chicago influences.


WER 6316CD

SCHWITTERS, KURT: Ursonate und andere Konsequente Dichtung CD (WER 6316CD) 25.00
"Kurt Schwitters's Sonate in Urlauten (Sonata in Primal Sounds) blurs the boundaries between speech and music. The literal translation of the title indicates a link between language and the musical form of the sonata; Ursonate could be translated literally as 'sound poetry.' This groundbreaking work, more than any other work in the genre, reached an unparalleled fame. On this CD, the SprechKunstTrio (speech art trio) Sprechbohrer presents their unique interpretation of Schwitters's magnum opus."

WER 6789CD

HOLSZKY, ADRIANA: Wie ein gläsernes Meer, mit Feuer gemischt CD (WER 6789CD) 25.00
"Adriana Hölszky is a Romanian-born German composer, pianist and educator. Since 2000 she has been professor of composition at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg. She describes her compositions as 'sound spaces,' in which there are expanding and shrinking spaces and there are shifts from one sound area to another (which she compares to film editing with its sharp cuts or gentle fades). This recording featuring organist Dominik Susteck, violinist Sabine Akiko Ahrendt, and percussionist Jens Brülls exploring a selection of three of Hölszky's fascinating works."

WER 6797CD

CAGE, JOHN: One7, Four6 CD (WER 6797CD) 25.00
"Cage composed his Number Pieces during the last six years of his life. Their titles indicate the number of performers or parts. Their notation is based on fixed and flexible 'time brackets.' The fixed brackets show when a musician should begin and end a pitch or tonal event. With the flexible brackets, the interpreter decides, within a predetermined time frame, when an instrument enters and when it falls silent. This disc, featuring pianist Sabine Liebner, explores two of Cage's late masterworks."

WER 6861CD

MUSIKFABRIK: Graffiti CD (WER 6861CD) 25.00
"Graffiti is the eighth release in Wergo's ongoing series featuring the ensemble musikFabrik . On this recording, Unsuk Chin's Graffiti roams urban canyons, translating metropolitan architecture into a musical thriller. Olga Neuwirth's Trumpet Concerto finds connections between Handel and Miles Davis. With the music of Sun Ra, musikFabrik ventures into orbit. The Afro-American jazz musician and poet saw his past in ancient Egypt and looked for our future in the cosmos."



CASCELLA, MAURIZIO: Oil On Canvas 12" (WWR 014EP) 12.50
Maurizio Cascella's debut on Wonder Wet Records. Cascella, founder of Concrete Records, is also well-known for his releases on Elettronica Romana, a label that played a vital role in the development of performers like Donato Dozzy, Giorgio Gigli, Brando Lupi, and Attilio Tucci. The A-side, "Old Rose," is experimental without ever losing the groove, with an ever-present rhythm that supports the architecture of the track and frees up the bass and the lead to exploration. On the B-side, the markedly techno sound and rhythmic construction of "Black of Mars" take the listener into a hypnotic and enveloping world.

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