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Forced Exposure New Releases for 12/1/2014

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New music is due from Mamiffer, Black To Comm, and Jonas Kopp, while old music is due from Ty Segall, Sun Ra, and Janko Nilovic.


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GUNN, STEVE: Boerum Palace LP (3LOBED 054LP) 18.00
2014 repress on purple/white swirl vinyl. "Steve Gunn's prodigious talent for fusing traditional American song structures with a raga influence is almost criminally unheralded. Gunn's songcraft is so strong and his playing style so effortlessly beautiful that folks should be shouting his name from every tall building and mountaintop. It is with such high esteem for the man's work that Three Lobed Recordings is humbled by the association and thrilled to announce the release of Boerum Palace by Steve Gunn. Without any doubt, Boerum Palace is a staggering accomplishment and is certainly Gunn's most assured and confident work to date."



VA: Aimer Et Perdre: To Love & To Lose: Songs, 1917-1934 3LP BOX (AMA 002LP) 46.00
This is one from the heart. The unique pre-war music of the Cajun bayous, the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and Poland, and the American rural countryside has been collected to narrate the human odyssey of love gained and love lost. Early songs of unbridled anticipation and desperate longing color the canvas of love, courtship, dejection and marriage... a never-ending cycle. The accompanying 16-page booklet features many rare, previously unpublished images and comprehensive lyrical translations. Three original artworks by Robert Crumb provide a backdrop for these sublime songs of passion and despair. Respectfully crafted by Christopher King and Susan Archie for Angry Mom Records.



SANTE: Awake EP 12" (AVOTRE 013EP) 12.50
Sante's new EP, in anticipation of his much-awaited album Current, is an emotive, textured and subtle journey through the deeper shades of house and techno. Hypnotic keys and melancholic vocals are layered over a rolling, groove-based percussion. Sante flew over to London especially to work with J.U.D.G.E., and the singer's warm vocals work perfectly alongside the beat. The B-side is a rare treat, a remix from techno heavyweight Agoria. The French master gives the track a progressive rework, with a rousing synth pattern and crisp kick drums. These two tracks complement each other impeccably, both on the dancefloor and in the living room.


AW 1001LP

BAMA - THE VILLAGE POET: Ghettos of the Mind LP (AW 1001LP) 11.50
'70s funk poetry for fans of Gil Scott Heron, Last Poets and Jim Ingram. Featuring Bernard Purdie (drums), Richard Tee (keyboards) and Cornell Dupree (guitar). Originally released in 1972 on Chess.



SIGURDSSON, VALGEIR: Draumalandið LP (HVALUR 008LP) 21.00
Valgeir Sigurðsson's 2010 release Draumalandið is now finally being released on 12" vinyl. Iceland's Sigurðsson has made his name as an exponent of musical subtlety. As an engineer and producer, he's often focused on the intimate, the miniature. On his solo debut Ekvílibríum (HVALUR 003CD/LP), his songwriting and composition tended towards the muted or the oblique. His best-known work is punctuated with question marks and ellipses, and the rare exclamation point. But this is only one side of his musical capabilities. Draumalandið (trans. "Dreamland"), a documentary about the exploitation of Iceland's natural resources, tells a story about huge things -- the fortunes of a whole nation; the destruction of vast landscapes; and the global economic forces, greater still than any nation, that fuel it all -- and for his soundtrack to the film, Valgeir has brought out a heavier set of tools. His entire roster of Bedroom Community label-mates contributes in some way to the creation of the score: classical composers Nico Muhly and Daníel Bjarnason, industrial wizard Ben Frost, and American folksinger Sam Amidon, along with a host of others, and the small orchestra assembled for the record swells from moments of expansive beauty into massive, surging symphonic force. Valgeir's score makes fierce and direct statements of sorrow and indignation, but it also expresses, with a kind of hushed awe, the beauty of landscapes on the brink of devastation, and the seductive shimmer of the illusions that imperil them. Heard as an accompaniment to the film, the Draumalandið score can disappear into the images and the narrative. Listened to on its own, it rewards close attention: for the subtle interconnections between the movements, for their cumulative emotional force, and simply as a series of meticulously-scored and recorded musical moments, urgent meditations on the natural sublime.


BLP 30141LP

MONK, THELONIOUS: The Man I Love LP (BLP 30141LP) 12.00
Originally released in 1973. Featuring Monk with Al McKibbon (bass) and Art Blakey (drums). Includes a version of "Misterioso" which "illustrates the marvelous musical partnership between Monk and Art Blakey who, while the composer develops the double-tempo implications of his 8-to-the-bar theme, not only prompts him but, without being in the least obdurate, gradually engages him in a perfect dialogue."



VA: Black Solidarity Presents String Up the Sound System LP (BSLP 001LP) 15.50
LP version. In the beginning of the '80s, reggae music became increasingly in tune with what was happening in Kingston's dancehalls -- probably more so than at any time since the sound system operators had started to make their own shuffle and boogie in the late '50s. The international audience and the critics were too busy looking for a new Bob Marley to appreciate what was happening downtown and failed to acknowledge that this was a return to the real, raw roots of the music -- brash, confident, young record producers who were totally in tune with the youth audience stepped forward and seized the moment. Oswald "Ossie" Thomas began his apprenticeship in the music business at the age of 14 and served his time as a record salesman for Bunny "Striker" Lee and Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness before moving on to Miss Sonia Pottinger's Tip Top Records. As Thomas said: "I ended up working in three record stores on Orange Street from 1976 to 1981...Yeah man, Me deh 'pon me bicycle till I buy my motorcycle. Them days records were coming out left, right, and center, everyday." It was during his time with Miss Pottinger that Ossie began to produce records for himself, and in 1979, Ossie and Phillip Morgan began The Black Solidarity label, based deep in the Kingston ghetto on Delamere Avenue. And so, the man who had made his name in the business selling other people's records, now became one of the most important and influential record producers of the era. Artists include: Triston Palma, Tony Tuff, Robert Ffrench, Michael Palmer, Puddy Roots, Ashanti Waugh, Phillip Frazer, Bill Blast, Cutty Ranks, Michael Forbes, Tony Carver, Eddie Constantine, Rod Taylor, The Bibles, and Frankie Paul.


BB 193LP

ROEDELIUS, HANS-JOACHIM: Tape Archive 1973-1978 3LP BOX/3CD (BB 193LP) 133.00
Bureau B releases a limited 3LP box set to celebrate Hans-Joachim Roedelius' 80th birthday. During the legendary Forst years, Roedelius had a private workspace with a Farfisa organ, a Revox-A77 tape machine, an echo device and a synthesizer which he borrowed from the Cluster studio next door, now and again. Here he experimented, practiced, and allowed his imagination to flow at any hour of the day or night, whenever he was not in the studio with Dieter Moebius and/or Michael Rother at work on new Cluster or Harmonia material. Roedelius always let the tape run, in order to analyze the ideas thus captured more effectively on repeated listening. With the release of Tape Archive 1973-1978, for the first time ever, this Roedelius audio sketchbook has been digitalized and made available to the public. The box set offers us a deep insight into the creative process of his music. Fleeting notes, slivers of ideas, so to speak, moments of inspiration. Finger exercises, experiments in harmony, and studies in rhythm are also preserved on these magnetic tapes. Limited to 500 units: 3 LPs (180 gram vinyl) + 3 CDs, including a booklet with liner notes by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Asmus Tietchens and Gunther Buskies.

BB 195LP

LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Conrad Schnitzler's green album (aka Grün), originally released in 1981 on Edition Block. "Schnitzler's tracks in the 1970s were lengthy and shared a musical pattern which varied only minimally. Hence the green album has just one track on each side and any changes in melodic structure are subtle in nature. Both pieces are very much typical of Schnitzler in style, but less so tonally. An analog rhythm machine ploughs almost brutally through the astoundingly delicate electronic veil of 'Der Riese und seine Frau' ('The Giant and His Wife'), bearing little resemblance to Schnitzler's usual sequencer cascades. The second piece, created four years later, sounds completely different. Its title may be similarly poetic, but 'Bis die Blaue Blume blüht' ('Until the Blue Flower Blooms') transports the listener into another world altogether. A diminutive melody, consisting of just seven notes, becomes a kind of mantra, repeated with only the slightest variation until the end, as clusters of tiny sonic meteorites constantly swirl around, sparkling in all the colors of the spectrum. The composition is carried and held together by a permanent sequencer figure, brilliantly enhancing the catchy tune. Listening to the rhythmic-harmonic character and taking into account the year in which it was made (1980), it is fair to assume that this was recorded in Peter Baumann's Paragon Studio, like the Con album. The similarities are impossible to ignore. It is a well documented fact that Peter Baumann often allowed Schnitzler to work in his studio during this period. On the LP version, 'Bis die Blaue Blume blüht' can be played at 33 or 45 rpm, revealing a wholly different piece of music at the chosen speed. Both speeds are available as two tracks on the CD version. For a composer to come up with something like this by design speaks of great artistry -- or perhaps of great fortuity. Presumably the former. Schnitzler most likely experimented to this end and set up the recording in the studio to allow for both playback options -- an unusual device for the early 1980s and further evidence of his capacity for transcending artistic borders. The borders between Schnitzler's creative periods are too nebulous to be sure that the green album represents the coda of his '70s music. Still, Schnitzler's musical essence of the decade is in evidence as aural concentrate on both pieces. Not, however, as a recapitulatory review, but as a foundation, fertile ground in which Schnitzler's art would thrive in the decades which followed." --Asmus Tietchens

BB 196LP

LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Conrad Schnitzler's yellow album (aka Gelb), originally released in 1981 on Edition Block. "The chronology of Schnitzler's solo releases in the 1970s -- and even more so in the '80s -- resembles a book with seven seals. Schnitzler regularly issued his music on analogue cassette or LP, often on his own as 'private releases', without any help from a label or professional distributor. The yellow album, for example, was issued on vinyl in 1981 by René Block in Berlin on his art gallery label (Edition Block). Schnitzler had previously released records on various other labels. The music on the yellow album had, in fact, already been on the market as The Black Cassette in 1974, although the production run was probably limited. The yellow album is subtitled '12 pieces from the year 1974', pointing to Schnitzler's novel approach. Whereas his prior works always lasted for the whole side of an LP or tape, the tracks here are shorter. Also new: Schnitzler goes beyond automatic sonic processes on a number of tracks, using his keyboards to integrate something approaching melodic improvisations 'played by hand' into his musical cosmos. Schnitzler's otherwise crystalline, inorganic world of art is thus enriched by an almost human, organic element. An amiable breeze wafts through the music of the yellow album, thankfully miles away from the sentimental platitudes which run through off-the-shelf ambient music of the 1980s. The yellow album is not only amiable from start to finish, it also documents an important stage in Schnitzler's musical development. Belatedly released on LP (1981) and lacking in discographical detail, this aspect is easily overlooked. On careful listening, as Schnitzler connoisseurs will also realize instantly, this album reveals itself to be an important milestone, illuminating a clear path into the future. Schnitzler had begun to free himself from the constraints of orthodox conceptual art, advancing into the wide open spaces of uncharted musical territory." --Asmus Tietchens



SIMONE, NINA: Gifted & Black LP (CANYON 7705LP) 12.00
Originally released in 1970. Tracks include "Black Is The Color," "Since My Love Is Gone," "Blue Prelude," "Spring Is Here," "Porgy," "Remind Me," "Near To You" and "The Thrill Is Gone."


CR 186LP

KONITZ, LEE: Lee Konitz Nonet LP (CR 186LP) 12.00
Originally released in 1977, with a group including flügelhornist John Eckert, trombonist Jimmy Knepper, and baritonist Ronnie Cuber playing Charlie Parker's "Chi-Chi" and Coltrane's "Giant Steps"



MITTAGSPAUSE: Mittagspause LP (CFX 008LP) 26.50
Legendary German punk pioneers, founded by charismatic singer Peter Hein (later: Fehlfarben) in 1978. Subversive, aggressive and with bitter humor, sharp statements to the situation of society and politics in Germany of the late '70s. The music is slower, more dub-influenced than the typical uptempo punk rock of those times. Peter Hein (vocals); Franz Bielmeier (guitar); Thomas Schwebel (guitar); Markus Oehlen (drums). The album was originally released on Pure Freude as a double 7". Remastering 2014, first and final pressing of 1,000.


CR 001EP

VIGROUX, FRANCK: Centaure 12" (CR 001EP) 14.00
Centaure is artist Franck Vigroux's newest solo studio effort, following a period of both live and studio collaborations (with artists such as Ben Miller, video artist Antoine Schmitt as Tempest, and Mika Vainio) and music specifically written for multimedia performances. As the inaugural release for Cosmo Rhythmatic, the 12" sees Vigroux indulging in his taste for dynamic intensity, pairing abstract free noise of the heaviest sort with a taste for dense electronics beats, in order to explore new structural possibilities beyond industrial, techno, and concrete.


ACV 2014LP

COLTRANE, JOHN: Giant Steps LP (ACV 2014LP) 22.00
Repressed. Originally released in 1960. "What makes Coltrane one of the most interesting jazz players is that he's not apt to ever stop looking for ways to perfect what he's already developed and also to go beyond what he knows he can do. He is thoroughly involved with plunging as far into himself and the expressive possibilities of his horn as he can. As Zita Carno wrote, 'the only thing to expect from John Coltrane is the unexpected.' I'd qualify that dictum by adding that one quality that can always be expected from Coltrane is intensity. He asks so much of himself that he can thereby bring a great deal to the listener who is also willing to try relatively unexplored territory with him." --from the original liner notes; pressed on Audiophile Clear Vinyl (ACV).

ACV 2031LP

COOKE, SAM: Encore LP (ACV 2031LP) 22.00
"One big record hit after another demonstrated that here was a singer with something to say that had not been said before. Each succeeding hit induced greater demands for appearances in the nation's top supper clubs and with each club performance came a clamor for a 'Sam Cooke Encore.'" --original liner notes; One of the rarest LPs from the great Sam Cooke, Encore is his second studio album. Originally released in 1958. First time in ACV. First edition of 500 numbered copies.

ACV 2033LP

COOKE, SAM: Ain't That Good News LP (ACV 2033LP) 22.00
Ain't That Good News (1964) was the last studio album released in Sam Cooke's lifetime. Features his iconic recording "A Change Is Gonna Come," which has become an anthem for civil rights plus the hit songs "Another Saturday Night," "Ain't That Good News" and "Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day)." "On this LP, two sides of Sam Cooke. The first side, strong and rockin'; the second side, ballads, deep and soulful." --original liner notes

ACV 2034LP

CECIL TAYLOR QUARTET, THE: Looking Ahead! LP (ACV 2034LP) 22.00
"One of Cecil Taylor's earliest recordings, Looking Ahead! (1959) does just that while still keeping several toes in the tradition. It's an amazing document of a talent fairly straining at the reins, a meteor about to burst onto the jazz scene and render it forever changed. Looking Ahead! is a vital recording from the nascence of one of the towering geniuses of modern music and belongs in any jazz fan's collection." --AllMusic

ACV 2035LP

TAYLOR, CECIL: Jazz Advance LP (ACV 2035LP) 22.00
Jazz Advance is the debut album by pianist Cecil Taylor recorded for the Transition label on September 14, 1956. The album features performances by Taylor with Buell Neidlinger, Dennis Charles and Steve Lacy. "Though many did not understand his approach at the time, the passing years temper scathing criticism, and you can easily appreciate what he is accomplishing... With Jazz Advance, the revolution commenced, Taylor was setting the pace, and the improvised music world has never been the same." --AllMusic

ACV 2037LP

HOLIDAY, BILLIE: Lady Sings the Blues LP (ACV 2037LP) 22.00
"Taken from a pair of sessions taped during 1955-1956, Lady Sings the Blues finds Billie Holiday in top form and backed by the sympathetic likes of tenor saxophonist Paul Quinichette, trumpeters Charlie Shavers and Harry Edison, pianist Wynton Kelly, and guitarists Kenny Burrell and Barney Kessel. And while these autumnal sides bear some of the frayed vocal moments often heard on Holiday's '50s Verve sides, the majority here still ranks with her best material. This is especially true of the cuts from the June 1956 date, which produced unparalleled versions of 'No Good Man,' 'Some Other Spring,' and 'Lady Sings the Blues.' See why many fans prefer the 'worn out' Holiday heard here to the more chipper singer featured on those classic Columbia records from the '30s." --AllMusic

ACV 2038LP

"It is common practice among discographers to list Prince Lasha as the leader of this session. This short extract of a Fred Lyman interview suggests that this may not be exactly the case (courtesy of Ben Young and Marc Chaloin): '...mostly a jam-session, they were all in my studio, I don't know how they got these particular guys up there, it was probably Clifford Jordan got it together. And they just started to play and I started recording, and I played on it too, I played flugelhorn on this track. And it turned out pretty good, it was an example of what I liked to think music could be at that time.' According to Lyman, they picked up Don Cherry in the street." --original liner notes; All compositions written by the band and recorded in New York City on May, 1963. Housed in a deluxe gold-laminated jacket.

ACV 2039LP

KIRK, ROLAND: Third Dimension LP (ACV 2039LP) 22.00
Excellent early work from Roland Kirk. He plays alto, tenor, and soprano -- and on all tracks, he plays them in his unique "3-in-1" style, in which he's actually blowing all horns at the same time! The result is an incredible sound, unlike anyone else we can think of -- and it's an amazingly raw tone that still swings very hard. Players include Jimmy Madison on piano, Carl Pruitt on bass, and Hank Duncan on drums -- a really rootsy quartet that helps Roland hit a really gutbuckety sound on the record. Titles include "Triple Threat," "Slow Groove," "Roland's Theme," "Easy Living," "The Nearness of You," and "A La Carte."


KOMEDA, KRZYSZTOF: Knife in the Water: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (DOC 108LP) 22.00
Krzysztof Komeda is regarded as one of the most significant European jazz musicians of the 20th century. His performances with the Komeda Sextet paved the way for modern jazz in Poland and soon caught the attention of filmmakers like the great Roman Polanski. You can find here the first collaborations between the artists: the score for Knife in the Water (1962) and Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958). Limited edition of 500 copies.


RUGOLO, PETE: Behind Brigitte Bardot LP (DOC 114LP) 23.50
Equal parts concept record and mash note, Behind Brigitte Bardot celebrates the legendary French sex kitten via West Coast jazz interpretations of her biggest film themes. The precise raison d'être behind the album is a mystery, but it's nevertheless a charmer, boasting some of Pete Rugolo's lushest and loveliest arrangements. Teamed with an all-star cast including altoist Bud Shank and trumpeters Jack Sheldon and Pete Candoli, Rugolo adapts themes like "Arsenic Blues," "Mambo Bardot" and "The Night Heaven Fell" from their original cinematic context into wry, cool-toned jazz melodies heavy on innuendo and late-night appeal. Whatever the notion behind the session, the execution's delightful.


BEN, JORGE: Sacundin Ben Samba LP+CD (DOK 231LP) 25.50
Jorge Ben in 1963, after the large impact of his first album Samba Esquema Novo (DOK 225LP), goes back into the studio to realize his very cool early album Sacundin Ben Samba (1964). Here Ben's work took a jazzy turn, with a crossover into Brazil's cabaret-style pop. Some of these tracks have a straight jazz character, particularly with the piano and horn combos (and assisted by Meirelles and Luiz Carlos Vinhas) Interestingly enough, although he didn't stick with this style long, his version of jazzy presentation swung heavier than most of the proper "jazz" records of the time, by folks such as the Tambo Trio, etc. Includes a CD of the entire album. 180 gram vinyl.

DOP 8001LP

HARDY, FRANCOISE: Francoise Hardy PIC. DISC (DOP 8001LP) 25.50
Picture disc format. A seminal album of the French ye-ye era, Françoise Hardy's self-titled debut (known in the U.S. as The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl From Paris) was released shortly after her debut single "Oh Oh Chéri" in 1962. The success of this album, along with its hit "Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles," made the eighteen-year-old French bombshell a huge star in Europe and an icon of the French fashion and music industries. Along with other ye-ye girls of the '60s, like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, France Gall, and Sylvie Vartan, Hardy exuded a kind of sexy innocence that made French women the most liberated and the most desired in the world.

DOP 8002LP

HARDY, FRANCOISE: Francoise Hardy PIC. DISC (DOP 8002LP) 25.50
Picture disc format. This is the second studio album from the French popular singer, Françoise Hardy. Like many of Hardy's earlier albums, it was released in 1963 with no title, except for her name on the cover. In the UK the album was released as Françoise Hardy - In Vogue.

DOP 8003LP

HARDY, FRANCOISE: Francoise Hardy canta per voi in italiano PIC. DISC (DOP 8003LP) 25.50
Picture disc format. Françoise Hardy canta per Voi in Italiano (1963): an album issued shortly after the debut with some of its songs and additional numbers re-recorded in Italian. While the original album is a classic of French pop, '60s AM magic, and of course, a forerunner of the yeh-yeh (aka yé-yé) sound, the additional tracks in Italian are a sweet counterpart.

DOP 8004LP

VARTAN, SYLVIE: Sylvie PIC. DISC (DOP 8004LP) 25.50
Picture disc format. Sylvie Vartan's seminal 1962 debut LP transformed the 18-year-old collegienne du twist into the French pop diva, whose songs (and high-profile marriage to Johnny Hallyday) would dominate the European pop charts throughout the 1960s. Songs like "Est-ce que tu le sais" and "Le Loco-motion" -- remakes of Ray Charles' "What I'd Say" and Little Eva's "Locomotion" -- became two of her first smash hits.

DOP 8005LP

Picture disc format. By the time this album was released in the U.S., the "princess of pout" had already had men flocking to her films for than a decade, hoping for a glimpse of Brigitte Bardot in a bikini. Her 1963 vocal debut, featuring Serge Gainsbourg's "L'Appareil A Sous," not only added to her sultry allure, but also boosted her pop icon status.

DOP 8006LP

MONROE, MARILYN: "...Who Else?" PIC. DISC (DOP 8006LP) 25.50
Picture disc format. Yes, who else? Can you imagine Hollywood's best 1950s musicals without Norma Jean's voice, or late 1950s comedies without her incredibly charismatic and sizzling humor. Maybe you're stuck with her Playboy's centerfold when she was not yet famous, but don't get tricked: Norma Jean was much, much more than that. You don't get so much attention from Camelot, anyway, if you're not a magnetic diva like she was. These tunes, taken from the motion pictures she starred in, or simply resulting from "staged" happenings like the infamous, "nude look" performance of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" that still generates some heart failures, are some of the best performances of this never-forgotten lady, also known as the quintessence of men's desire.


HARDY, FRANCOISE: Francoise Hardy LP (DOY 677LP) 23.50
Repressed. "A seminal album of the French ye-ye era, Françoise Hardy's self-titled debut (known in the US as The 'Yeh-Yeh' Girl From Paris!) was released shortly after her debut single 'Oh Oh Chéri' in 1962. The success of this album, along with its hit 'Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles', made the eighteen-year-old French bombshell a huge star in Europe and an icon of the French fashion and music industries. Along with other ye-ye girls of the sixties, like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, France Gall, and Sylvie Vartan, Hardy exuded a kind of sexy innocence that made French women the most liberated and the most desired in the world."


FOUR SEASONS, THE: Greetings LP (DOY 701LP) 23.50
Originally released in 1962. "What could be more in keeping with the joyous Christmas season than the exciting, happily spirited 'sound' of The Four Seasons? In this album, the boys add their own distinctive styling to as many of your Yuletide favorites, as could possibly be grooved onto one LP disc. All involved in the production of this album agreed the best way to send out The Four Seasons Greetings was by devoting one entire side to the traditionally-loved Christmas carols, in brand-new, beautifully-arranged medleys, which might be better called "A Christmas Carol Concert by The Four Seasons." The other side is aglow with such popular perennial treasures as 'White Christmas,' 'The Christmas Song,' 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,' 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,' etc., and a brand-new song, 'Christmas Tears,' which is destined to become a standard among the great Christmas songs. Hear now, for your listening pleasure, The Four Seasons' Greetings to you." --from the original liner notes; "I've Cried Before" and "Connie-O" are bonus tracks taken from 7" B-sides.


DC 577EP

RAINHORN/PAULINHO E BEATRIZ, JOSHUA: Wine and Cigarettes/Voce Tem 7" (DC 577EP) 5.50
"Joshua's imagery evoked a world of old wine bars and coffee-stained book covers. Honky tonk music and worn out shoes. Elusive, mysterious lovers. His plan was to become a locally-revered lyricist, and it wasn't long before his dream came to fruition. Booking a Tuesday night residency at a piano bar called Marla's, his audience grew steadily, to the point where after only a few months of playing at the club, a line would form down the street. Fans could often be overheard saying 'I hope we get to hear some of his new lyrics' and 'I love his lyrics so much.' Since then, Joshua Rainhorn has never strayed far from his adopted home city. Apart from a few two-week tours up and down the Los Angeles/San Francisco corridor, he continued, and still continues, to play venues all around town. He is respected and sometimes quoted by some of the newer singers/lyricists, and his fan base remains as loyal as ever: the very definition of a Hometown Hero."

DC 601LP

FATHER YOD AND THE SPIRIT OF '76: Kohoutek LP (DC 601LP) 21.00
"....the second coming of Kohoutek. This was the first spontaneous release that was made into a record, credited to Father Yod and The Spirit of '76. It came out in 1973, the year of Kohoutek, when the imminent arrival of the big comet spawned a new round of cosmic consciousness in the media and with people all over the planet. This was more than a comet, its radiance was enormous, it came from ancient times to be experienced again by the enlightened people of the day. The Source Family were alive with expectation about the return of this long-haired messenger, and Father devoted considerable time chanting and eventually changing in his identity to Yahowa while meditating on the comet. Events like these were to be cherished for bringing infusions of energy that could only be accessed via the rare occasions. Life had to be lived in order to grow -- and the two sides of Kohoutek are a special jam that passes through tranquility to exultation, a tapping of the passing flame in the skies and a greeting from Father to the messenger and bearer of such awesome gifts. Very pure. After the original LP pressing in 1973, Kohoutek was issued on CD for the first time as a part of the God and Hair boxset in 1996; this is the first time the vinyl has been available again since the 1970s. Features all of the original artwork, including an insert about the comet, plus new inserts with reflections from Isis. These emanations from the original Source are pure, uncut spiritual visions from the mid-1970s, not to be missed."

DC 602LP

YA HO WA 13: Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa LP (DC 602LP) 21.00
"Now that the story of The Source Family is out there, as the subject of an acclaimed book and documentary film (as well as an ongoing series of rare, never-before-released recordings), it's time to turn the light back on the records that made this whole thing a story in the first place. In the 1990s, it was a revelation to discover that there was a series of records made by a hippie cult led by a big Santa Claus-looking guy named Father Yod. It was of further interest that these records weren't simple, predictable light-rock recitals about Jesus -- far from it! Instead, they were darkly psychedelic, stream-of-consciousness jams, with Father and the members of his band (usually The Spirit of '76 and YaHoWa13) reaching together for divine transformation, and often finding it, as Father screamed, pounding kettle drums ecstatically, while the band erupted with coils of enlightenment rock, over and over. Records like Penetration, Contraction, To the Principles for the Children, and I'm Gonna Take You Home were amazing home-recorded documents, adorned with hand-drawn phrases and logos and grainy color shots of what appeared to be truly magical everyday cult life with Father. Super-crazy, inspiring stuff. Savage Sons of Ya Ho Wa is a record that Father doesn't appear on. Well, he doesn't play on the record, but look on the cover -- Yahowa is still in the driver's seat. Musically, YaHoWa13 go it on their own, with Octavius, Sunflower, Djinn, and Rhythm collaborating with Electron, who supplies powerful lead vocals. What's here is a collection of powerful rock songs that will echo in your consciousness, like the opening track, 'Edge of a Dream,' and the refrain 'I want to see/What's going on.' The guttural nature of Electron's vocal sound may recall the name of Beefheart to some, and Electron is occupying the same unconsciousness, free in the communal slipstream, with less blues and more country gospel in his soul. This is one of Isis' favorites of the original Source Family releases, and one of ours too. This is its first LP pressing in decades. Features all of the original artwork, including a really far-out inner-sleeve, plus new inserts with reflections from Isis. These emanations from the original Source are pure, uncut spiritual visions from the mid-1970s, not to be missed."

DC 611CD

SEGALL, TY: $ingle$ 2 CD (DC 611CD) 13.50
"You thought Manipulator was the money album of the year? Think... AGAIN! 2014 ain't done yet, and Singles 2 is here. And this time, it's for the money. Two times! As all of the ears that have heard what Ty 's been putting out for the past five-ish years already know in their tiny l'il ear-brains, our kid's got any number of places that he's coming from, and putting them all into his rock and roll music is what he's all about! Which is cool. Singles 2 sweeps out the ashes of the breakneck days (and nights!!!!) of 2011-2013, and burns down the house all over again in the process -- but not by accident. Sorry... Singles 2 slinks low and flat-out sprints behind the scenes of the Goodbye Bread -- Twins -- Sleeper trilogy (no it isn't!), collecting all the now-out-of-print sides that totally work amazingly well together when placed back-to-back-to-back as an album."

DC 611CS

SEGALL, TY: $ingle$ 2 Cassette (DC 611CS) 8.50
Cassette version.

DC 611LP

SEGALL, TY: $ingle$ 2 LP (DC 611LP) 18.00
LP version.

DC 612LP

ISHIBASHI, EIKO: Car and Freezer LP (DC 612LP) 19.00
"Since each album requires its own approach, the session for Car and Freezer provided another chance. In the spring of 2013, Eiko convened with her band -- but in contrast with the previous album, she did not come prepared with arranged demos. Instead, she and the band stared unblinking at each other for DAYS, seeking to divine the elusive communal flow for her songs! No, actually, Toshiaki Sudo, Hatano Atsuko, Yamamoto Tatsuhisa, and Jim O'Rourke all got it right away -- make Eiko's kind of pop music, but bring themselves forward in their playing. In this approach, Eiko was drawing from her background of improvised music to inform the direction of her new songs. Guest musicians Shinpei Ruike on trumpet and Daisuke Takaoka on tuba added to this process by playing with sensitivity and focus along with the band. In the booth, O'Rourke also doubled as producer, providing directions for Eiko to choose from while moving forward in her unclear path. The new approaches clearly paid off: the sound of Car and Freezer has a swinging openness, with looser, rolling rhythms that suit the mood of exploration and the sense of introspection that are so much a part of Eiko's songs. The band's expertly precise playing is contrasted by their intuitive choices within the songs, which are seized upon by Eiko for mood and color. And Jim doesn't hurt the sound a bit by focusing on interesting and unconventional sounds whose presence in the mix help define a sense of the unexpected."



APPLICATION: Applied Remixes 2LP (DUST 046LP) 32.00
Application have selected some of their favorite artists to remix their album System Fork (DUST 041CD/LP). Each artist selected their favorite track and were given the freedom to do what they wanted with the track. Application explain: "We went to see Pye Corner Audio in Sheffield, the table was festooned with equipment that looked like it has just been dropped out of a toy box. We immediately liked him. Beneath is so clever with the way he organizes his beats, we had to invite him to be part of this project as we've loved everything he's released. Geiom's approach and ear for detail has always been attractive to us and we really wanted to hear what he'd do with one of these tracks. We knew he would create something different that we wouldn't do ourselves. Scanner has been a good friend over the years and we've been closely following the very different path he's taken, he's always doing something we'd never have thought of, so we had to get him involved. We're big fans of Russell Haswell's work and have always enjoyed watching him work live, it's as if he's trying to put something back together while it's melting! Sometimes we don't understand what Mark Fell is doing but we always enjoy the experience. He drags you further and further into his world and not many artists can do that. These are our reasons."



TAYLOR, JAMES: 13th May 1981, Atlanta Civic Hall, GA 2CD (ECHO 2003CD) 23.00
Atlanta's Civic Hall was graced with the presence of one of America's finest voices and songwriters in James Taylor. His career is, of course, legendary and likewise, hugely influential, two factors alone that have led to his iconic status that is evident in his retrospective work. Although backed by a formidable band for the 1981 tour to promote the platinum album Dad Loves His Work, Taylors' own essence could have always stood alone, achieving equal regard and commanding the utmost in respect. J.D. Southers' valuable input was no doubt a helping hand at this time, as it had proved on Taylor's Billboard hit "Her Town Too," but it is Taylor's own personal and professional convictions that command his music, and as the man said.... "Dad loves his work." Echoes' beautifully-presented performance by James Taylor from 1981 has forever been an elusive one, but at last fans of this exceptional artist can, for the first time, enjoy the entire original Atlanta Civic Hall WNEW-FM broadcast from May 13, 1981. Fully remastered with detailed liners and rare photos.


RZ 1015/6CD

XENAKIS, IANNIS: Iannis Xenakis 2CD (RZ 1015/6CD) 38.50
2014 restock; 2003 release. Amazing Iannis Xenakis collection of historical recordings of essential works. Disc one features all works on CD for the first time; Disc 2 features different mixes of Xenakis' most famous electronic works. "Disc one with the orchestra works represents an era of Xenakis' development of polytope, geometrical, mathematical, based works from the late 1950s to the 60s in historical recordings earlier released on LP except for "ST/48" which has not previously been released." Includes: CD1: "ST/48" (for 48 Instruments, 1959-62); "Le Polytope de Montreal" (for four Orchestras, 1967); "Nomos Gamma" (for large orchestra scattered among the audience, 1967-68); "Terretektorh" (for large orchestra scattered among the audience); "Syrmos" (for 18 strings, 1959); "Achorripsis" (for 21 instruments, 1956-57). CD2: "Persepolis 'avec mouvement' version" (electroacoustic music on 8-track tape, 1971); "Polytope de Cluny" (electroacoustic music on 8-track tape, 1972.

RZ 1031-32CD

NONO, LUIGI: Seguente 2CD BOX (RZ 1031-32CD) 38.50
Re-release of ed. RZ LP Luigi Nono plus three remarkable recordings. All works by Luigi Nono: ("A Carlo Scarpa" for large orchestra), ("A Pierre" for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and live electronics), ("Guia Al Gelidi Mostri" for electronically treated winds, voices and strings). Plus an additional CD of compositions not on the original LP: "Caminantes" and "No hay caminos, hay que caminar." Regarding Nono's concept of "new listenings": "This no longer means revolutionizing the entire linguistic system i.e. a subversive attack on the institution of music; rather it means progressively expanding the technical possibilities of sound produced by traditional instruments and the perceptive faculties of the listener." "Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that will never be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road -- Only wakes upon the sea." --Antonio Machado

RZ 9008-9LP

KRIWET, FERDINAND: Hortexte Zwei 2LP Pic. (RZ 9008-9LP) 61.00
Ferdinand Kriwet (b. 1942, Dusseldorf, Germany) is a German visual and audio artist who has produced films and sound works for radio and television, in particular throughout the 1960s and 1970s. As a sound artist, Kriwet is more known for his Horspiele (radioplays) series named Hörtexte (Radiotexts) produced for German public radio stations and composed with edited sound bites taken from mass media broadcasts. 2LP picture discs housed in a luxury sleeve. Includes a booklet in German.



PATCHWORKS: Time (EP) 12" (EDR 023EP) 12.50
On this four-track EP, Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart again delivers four dancefloor killers, ready to convince any listener: from old-school "footstomping" aficionados, to Detroit house heads. For the occasion he also invited his long-time mate Eric Duperray aka Mr. Day, who brings his soulful vibes to the mix.


EM 1121LP

PIP PROUD: A Fraying Space LP (EM 1121LP) 23.50
LP version. Includes an innersleeve with liner notes and lyrics. Pip Proud, sui generis, could be considered an Australian outsider, with his untutored and uninhibited singing style, his primal guitar playing, his resolutely personal vision captured on recordings from 1967 to the early '70s -- except that, unlike most outsiders, he was loved and accepted, with two of his three album releases on a major label, with frequent television appearances and coverage in music magazines. Heralded in his native land though he was, he maintained a low profile from the early '70s, never made an impact overseas, and his recordings have been difficult to access. This collection has been selected by Proud's biographer David Nichols and will engender a new appreciation of Proud's music. Considered by some as a sort of Antipodean Syd Barrett, listeners will hear that Pip was clearing his own private and primal path, more poet than pop star, despite the media attention. Other than one Velvets-style band track, all songs here feature Pip solo, some with appealingly primitive overdubs. Fans of ramshackle, oddball, weirdo portastudio, lo-fi bedroom pop of the '80s, '90s and beyond, whether of the NZ, UK or U.S. varieties, will find a precursor here.



SANTOS, JUNIOR: Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds 1978-1982: Selected by Junior Santos CD (FVR 098CD) 15.50
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds is a compilation that brings together nine of the most important and obscure hits of the Brazilian funk-boogie-disco scene during the years of 1978 to 1982. Junior Santos has been a carioca drummer since he was 15 years-old, and is today a respected vinyl collector and music researcher. More than anything, he is carried on by the love of Brazilian music, which has never been forgotten. Favorite Recordings' initiative of seeking a unique project with Brazilian music spurred Junior to dig into old record companies' files and bring out pearls from what he sees as the end of the samba-rock period. At that time, musicians and arrangers such as Lincoln Olivetti, Robson Jorge, and Oberdan Magalhaes, along with Banda Black Rio, were responsible for the new music scene. They had dominated the studios with sophisticated and original arrangements that have forever transformed Brazilian musical perspective. This music, at that point, had gained a new style and great world respect that has remained up to contemporary times. Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds pays tribute to this great era. Artists include Cristina Camargo, Solange, Sandra De Sa, Rabo De Saia, Claudia Telles, Carlos Dafe, Famks, Painel De Controle, and Paulo Ramos.


SANTOS, JUNIOR: Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds 1978-1982: Selected by Junior Santos LP (FVR 098LP) 25.50
LP version in a deluxe vinyl edition with an old-school tip-on jacket and innersleeve, including notes and original artwork.



ALRAUNE: The Process of Self-Immolation LP (RELIC 057LP) 23.00
"With their debut album The Process of Self-Immolation, it is evident that Alraune will be solidified as one of the most devastating new black metal bands in North America. The Process of Self-Immolation is an album that unleashes a striking display of visceral, twisted, and chaotic black metal. The compositions within are complex and overwhelming, yet maintain tangibility through the band's sense of songwriting exploring this sonically melancholic and harsh soundscape."


HB 068CD

BURIAL HEX: The Hierophant CD (HB 068CD) 11.00
"This is the final LP from Burial Hex, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement, this is its tenth year. 'I'm not even entirely sure how to sum it all up, aside from saying The Hierophant is a masterwork -- an album for the ages[...] It is enough to listen to Burial Hex and admire the transcendent ambience; programmed death marches; swirling, minimalist whispers; haunting instrumentation; and strains of maximized noise. All of that, in of itself, is impressive enough. But, should you desire to harness them, Burial Hex certainly offers the additional means of being transported into another realm of be witching incantations. For many of us, those kinds of cryptic or metaphysical spheres of art are always going to be compelling. However, what makes Burial Hex truly enthralling is that Ruby's music is entirely unclassifiable.' --Craig Hayes, Steel for Brains"


HN 271LP

REW, ADRIAN: Slot Machine Music PIC. DISC (HN 271LP) 21.00
"Although I was not yet aware of the extent to which casinos tailor their environments for maximum comfort (and, correspondingly, profit), I did know as I crossed the threshold of my first casino floor earlier this year that it would not be my last visit. Hit by a cornucopia of slot machine tones, triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses, I was struck by the need to return and record the sounds that so entranced me. It wouldn't prove to be easy--casino security is intense (you can hear me get warned of the consequences of taking photos at the beginning of the disc's second track)--and due to the clandestine nature of the operation, my recording techniques were by no means sophisticated. Equipped with nothing but an Olympus LS-11 recorder's internal microphone stashed in a sweaty coat pocket, I allowed the lure of the zone to guide me through a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months, the best of which are included here. I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single 'ding' sound on one machine. In the interest of preserving the true ambient sounds of the casino these recordings are completely untreated, but lost in the sea of chance I did exert some affirmative control by means of meandering intent and my actual playing of the machines. And by participating in the games myself I got a taste of the financially debilitating consequences that accompany the enchantment of video gambling. The disc in your hands represents my endeavor to bring you the zone experience without the harsh comedown of its unfortunate reality." --Adrian Rew



FRAXINUS: All Ends/Off Ends 12" (HERW 001EP) 14.50
The first vinyl release on Her Records, following a string of digital releases. Fraxinus, the Devon, England-based club specialist, delivers grimy rebuilds of a classic Baltimore club vocal, Big Ria's "Hey U Knuckleheads." The A-side bucks wild with flanging subs and skittish rimshots yoked to a slamming kick and that militant sing-along vocal, flipping Baltimore ghetto music with sharp UK diction. The B-side, "Off Ends" (or "All Ends VIP" to the fiends), ratchets up the energy levels with rasping claps and ballroom kicks, lending a fractured tension to Ria's hood shoutouts. Both tracks are as rude as they come.



BENTLEY BASS MUSIC: Everglades LP (BBM 001LP) 23.50
DJ Cam is back with a new side project called Bentley Bass Music. Recorded around the world and mixed in his new home in Miami, the album Everglades is a collection of boom-bap beats with analog-heavy bass and wild animals. DJ Cam has recorded the sounds of nature and animals around the world, from Africa, to Asia and straight to the Everglades. Composed only with analog keyboards, MPC, turntables and live recording: instinctive, fat and groovy. The perfect soundtrack for your Bentley driving experience. For fans of Flying Lotus, Wu-Tang and Carl Craig. Includes two remixes by famous French producers. Limited release of 300 copies only on white-colored vinyl.



TALAMANCA SYSTEM: Balanzat 12" (IFEEL 034EP) 14.50
The first (and perhaps only) release from Talamanca System has been one year in the making. A single track with four interpretations, all at the hands of a new creative connection between Mark Barrott, Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer aka Tuff City Kids, "Balanzat" features a lush medley of warm chords, soft, rolling, percussive strokes, and a retro bass line groove. It's a floating Balearic house gem, rooted in a classically groovy, U.S.-leaning framework. Also included is the twisted "Acid Reflux," a stomping Tuff City Kids remix and an ambient reprise in the "Beat Box Mix."


LPS 5002LP

HOPKINS, LIGHTNIN': The Great Electric Show and Dance LP (LPS 5002LP) 12.00
Originally released in 1969, The Great Electric Show and Dance was allegedly recorded with Eddie Hinton on guitar, Barry Beckett on keyboards, David Hood on bass and Roger Hawkins on drums.


KEIN 91505CD

CRUMB, ROBERT: Hot Women CD (KEIN 91505CD) 15.50
2014 repress. Subtitled: Women Singers From The Torrid Regions Of The World. Originally released in 2003. For cartoonist and music-lover Robert Crumb, the best music was created between 1925 and 1935. What he likes so much about songs from this decade is their adherence to a culture of live music, free from any modern commercial forces -- but he also could not do without several gems from the 1940s and 1950s. Crumb now proves his love for this music in a selection of songs from women singers from southern countries all over the world -- Greece, Turkey, Africa, India, Mexico, Italy, Spain, and many more. Women whose passionate voices make you think of torrid desert landscapes or tropical islands. Women singing of pain, of love, of their circumstances and cultures. As an ardent collector of old 78 RPM records, as a virtuoso guitar-, banjo- and ukulele-player, as a co-musician on and publisher of various records and CDs, Robert Crumb is one of the most knowledgeable experts on this musical era that has been largely forgotten. And of course it goes without saying that this CD is most wonderfully designed and illustrated by the famous artist himself.


KL 082CD

SILLYBOY: Stalker CD (KL 082CD) 17.00
Sillyboy lives in an old detached house, above a railway network, in a working-class suburb of Athens called Kokkinos Mylos. This railway peculiarity is the trademark of the home studio "Medicine," a peculiarity which one can easily find in many aspects of Sillyboy's tracks: from urban music and temperamental lyrics, to bass grooves, rhythmic vintage-pop, and at times art-rock orchestrations. The sound of the passing trains makes him feel like he is traveling and the vibrations like he is constantly changing tunes. Staying true to his own unofficial deadline of two years between each album (2010-2012-2014), he does it again here with his third, Stalker. He returns to the retro-pop feeling of his first album, but this time there is a clear futuristic touch. Boasting a compact production, filled with guitar riffs, catchy melodies surrounded by a haunting bass, and incredible electronic atmospheres, Stalker captures his concept of pop music. Memories of people passing by, visions of nights to come -- it's all about sex and a place to pretend. Stalker posits a retro-pop approach to everyday life. This is music with a reason and a meaning by a man with passion and a brilliant mind.

KL 083CD

GLASS COFFEE: Eclettica 2 CD (KL 083CD) 17.00
Klik Records met Glass Coffee as one of the compilers for Singita's miracle Beach 10th anniversary compilation along with the legendary Jose Padilla. We were amazed by the quality of his choices and the flow of his CD. Obviously he was a man of great taste, a crowd-pleaser behind the decks, a true music lover. It was obvious that there would be more to come from him, even more interesting projects, so the release of the Eclettica compilation was something of a one-way direction. That's for sure a move that leads to a destroyed repeat button. Over and over again, the tracks of Eclettica filled rooms, hotels, stores and each place that music plays a part. What followed was a worldwide recognition. Being able to discover quality electronic music and create amazing musical stories, Glass Coffee was favored by a huge audience. His nomination for the best of Mixcloud's electronica mixtapes was no surprise as his sets are seen numerous times in the first position of their categories, preparing the ground for his second Eclettica compilation release. Eclettica 2 features 14 tracks covering a wide range of electronic music genres. Pure magic as usual, pure elegance and eclectic sounds from some of the best electronic music producers out there. Sounds from Maya Jane Coles, Gold Panda, Pete Herbert, Cantoma, Haraket, Chris Coco, Oui Zevelek, Muddegg, Faultnaut, Lee Burton, Lake People, FreshWater, Alone, Bonobo, Tailor&The Crown, Tale Of Us, and Martin Dawson.



GAISER: Krakdup 12" (MINUSMIN 030EP) 12.50
Jon Gaiser releases his lead single "Krakdup" preceding his full-length release False Light. Since 2005, Gaiser has been at the heart of the minimal techno movement. His hugely atmospheric EPs and LPs have always explored the darker, more stripped back and abstract edges of the dancefloor and have often done so in conjunction with immersive and complimentary live visuals. As well as working as VOID, Gaiser is also a revered live performer who creates immersive on-the-fly soundscapes using Ableton MIDI controllers and Maschine, and regularly performs at some of the world's best festivals and club nights, including Hawtin's own ENTER. nights at Space Ibiza.



CHEVEL: Tank/Beaviane 12" (MISTY 003EP) 14.50
The third and perhaps strongest release on Beneath's label Mistry canters to the dancefloor with two deft, blocky riddims by Enklav. founder Chevel. Working within a framework of percolating bleeps and splintered percussion greased with oily Reese and 808 bass, the Italian producer unfurls two lean, mean productions every bit as shark-eyed and skunked-out as his remix on Webstarr's Aegrus/Clocked (MISTY 002EP). On the A-side, the icy countenance of "Tank" is primed at a 115-bpm swagger. The B-side, "Beaviane," yokes Tessela-style drums to a cooler hustle before dropping an infectious twist. For fans of Hodge, Swing Ting, Alex Coulton.


MC 010EP

VA: Multi Culti Japan 12" (MC 010EP) 12.50
Multi Culti present a vinyl sampler from their recently-released Japan-only compilation, featuring music from label stable-mates Thomash, Dreems, Colo & Xanga as well as appearances from Mickey Moonlight and Daniel Maloso. Featuring original artwork by Susumu Mukai aka Zongamin, the limited-edition vinyl release is a nod to the unique collector-heaven fun-market that is Japan. This collection of tracks is a psychedelically-concocted manifesto of multiplicity, drawing influences from around the world. These tracks showcase the label's free-spirited mission -- from cuicas to Caracas, from shackles to shakers, from cosmic disco to Afro-house, and beyond.



LOUCA, MAURICE: Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot) LP (NAWA 002LP) 25.00
140 gram black vinyl LP version with download code. Salute the Parrot signals a departure for Maurice Louca from his first solo album Garraya -- in which he composed electronic music unaccompanied -- into the realms of acoustic orchestrations, both composed and improvised. Featuring guest performances by Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Alvarius B.), Sam Shalabi (Land Of Kush, Shalabi Effect), Tamer Abu Ghazaleh (Alif), Khaled Yassine (Anouar Brahem/Alif) and vocals by Egyptian Mahraganat MCs Amr 7a7a and Alaa 50, to name a few. Those who may have heard live iterations of Salute the Parrot at Louca's jaw-dropping shows across the Arab world and Europe over the last couple of years, will encounter a much more complex and hard-hitting work of many influences. From psychedelic to Egyptian Shaabi, Louca shatters the confines of musical and cultural labeling with a work that is truly unique. The album's new live and acoustic elements, coupled with limited pre-recorded material, present ample space for improvisation and fluidity within its composition. Its eight tracks offer a unique record of this new vision, and prepare the ground for future live performances of Salute the Parrot, which will never sound totally the same. For the design of the album artwork, Louca collaborated with Egyptian visual artist Maha Maamoun, whose videos and photographs address the form and function of images that are found in mainstream culture, to act as a lens through which familiar images are seen in novel and insightful ways. Salute the Parrot's artwork aptly conveys the abstract and microcosmic character of Louca's sound in three subtle variations, one for each of the album's formats.


OT 012EP

MIA DORA: Un.sub 12" (OT 012EP) 14.00
Glasgow's Mia Dora are responsible for the last Optimo Trax EP of 2014. This release came about after they sent the track "Un.sub" to Twitch earlier in the year. He went nuts over its cowbell delirium bump n' grind and it has been a constant secret weapon in his sets all year. When he found out it wasn't scheduled for release, a notion formed for Optimo Trax to put it out and a few months later the Mia Dora guys delivered three other tracks to form an EP, including a track in collaboration with long time Glasgow doyen, Mash.


OD 001EP

DE LOS MIEDOS: Edits Vol. 1 12" (OD 001EP) 16.50
Ostra Discos presents the first two-track edit bundle of the finest Turkish music, edited by De Los Miedos. De Los Miedos aka Sebastiao Delerue is a Lisbon-based DJ who started making Persian music edits in 2013, bringing exotic, cosmic vibes to the clubs around the city, infecting everyone with his musical trip.



ONE TRACK BRAIN: Messiah 12" (OTB 001EP) 14.50
(Hand-stamped 12"). OTB Records aims to present a unique exploratory sound that will frequently push the boundaries of techno. Early support by Marcel Dettman, Joris Voorn, Tom Trago, James Zabiela, Slam, The Advent, Angel Molina, John Selway, and more.



SCHLAMMPEITZIGER: What's Fruit? Remixes 12" (PING 046EP) 14.00
Remixes of tracks from Schlammpeitziger's What's Fruit? (PING 042CD/LP). Candie Hank beams the mantra-like vocals of the title track unerringly to the dancefloor. Andreas Dorau sings over "Balcony Sofaune," warped into a disco piece by sdfkt. Springintgut brings a giddy tambourine and a cello chorus to the complex layers of "Pipe Claphorse." Mouse On Mars turns "Balcony Sofaune" into a bass monster while focusing on the original's bold brass theme. Thomas Mahmoud Zahl thwarts the melancholy of "Schneid ein Stück aus der Zeit" with a bouncing beat, and hey transforms the same track with acoustic guitar and galactic vocoder.



VA: Four Jacks Pt. 3 - 15 Years of Poker Flat 12" (PFR 155EP) 14.00
This is the third installment in Poker Flat's anniversary EP series called Four Jacks. Part 3 boasts two slamming new remixes of classics from the vault, and two brand new tracks from Poker Flat's stellar roster. Argy's "Love Dose" from 2005 marked the debut of one of the scene's most fascinating newcomers. Here is its 2014 update, courtesy of duo Audiofly, who give the track a makeover with their signature sleek, deep tech style. Also included are Joeski's dub of Martin Landsky's "Reject" and new tracks from Mark Henning and Dario D'Attis.



MUJUICE: Mila One EP 12" (PROTEZ 036EP) 15.50
Mujuice comes back to Pro-Tez after almost 10 years since his first output for the label. It is a 180 gram heavyweight, vinyl-only release, limited to 300 copies with stunning full-color artwork by Roman Litvinov himself. Two original pieces from Mujuice are acid-vapored, tender compositions with breathing, luscious voice samples, which are unique in Mujuice's own way. On the flip, you'll find two stripped-down remixes from German house veteran Lawrence and Anton Kubikov. Highly recommended.



KAVINSKY: Outrun LP (REC 086LP) 28.50
2014 repress. Nicolas Winding Refn's film, Drive (2011) operates on a level of cool that's hard to articulate with just words; it takes a snippet from the movie -- take the opening credits backed by Kavinsky's "Nightcall" -- to really grasp its effortless debonair. Since the film's release, this single's Youtube video has climbed to over 30 million views, and has been on repeat across an expanse of playlists, always fueling the after-after party with the slow burn of glossed synth echoes. Kavinsky is not all about "Nightcall." He died in a car crash in 1986, while driving his beloved Testarossa. He re-appeared as a zombie in 2005, with his 12", Teddy Boy. Since then, he has shown up all around the globe, playing his music to fellow humans. Crowds gathered to witness the miracle: despite being dead, Kavinsky was still alive. In 2007, he released his second 12", "1986." This is when his French robot-mates in Daft Punk invited him to join their "Alive Tour," and A-Trak put together an American tour. After discovering the world with his red eyes, Kavinsky retreated to his base camp to release "Nightcall' in 2011. Kavinsky now presents his long-awaited debut album OutRun produced by SebastiAn, including appearances by Havoc (Mobb Deep), Tyson & SebastiAn. 1x LP 12" -- gatefold glossy coated + 12" printed inner sleeve.



CURGENVEN, ROBERT: They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them LP (RFE 002LP) 23.50
"It is with regret I have had to record the existence of such large areas of desert land encountered in my travels in Australia." --Australia Twice Traversed (1889), Ernest Giles (1835-1897). They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them is a very physical negotiation of territories voided by history. Forged from the historical dynamics of the settler colonial trope, the album plays out across four scenes, through the eyes not of the invaded but of the invaders of a harsh and unforgiving land. Visceral psychogeography of settler colonialism rendered via field recordings gathered over 12 years in over 30 remote locations across Australia, mixed and expanded within immense, shimmering harmonics wrought via pipe organ, guitar feedback, dubplates, turntables, and low frequency oscillators. Amidst the heat and the dust, in a landscape populated only by the insinuation of characters, settler colonialists' blind enactment of will and violence against and into an unforgiving, arid interior is a manifestation of a mortal struggle -- a starkness dwelling within an unfillable horizon. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Released on red transparent vinyl.



ONEGRAM: Hope of Life 10" (RFOR 008EP) 19.50
The eighth release from Room Full Of Records, Japan, comes from Onegram, extended with a dub in support of Chikazhi Ishizuka (founder of Nice & Slow, Japan).


RUM 2011077LP

WELLS, MARY: The One Who Really Loves You LP (RUM 2011077LP) 22.00
Detroit, 1962 must have been quite the place -- just buzzing with electricity. Motown was taking off and that was thanks, in no small part, to Mary Wells. Her first singles and debut LP had found massive success but it was this, her second album that really put her on the map. With a handful of tracks written by Mr. Miracle himself, Smokey Robinson, including the smash-hit title-track (which reached #2 on R&B charts, and #8 on the Hot 100), The One Who Really Loves You is as emblematic of the Motown Sound as an album can get. Pure class.

RUM 2011079LP

WONDER, STEVIE: With a Song in My Heart LP (RUM 2011079LP) 22.00
With a Song in My Heart, originally released in 1963, is Stevie Wonder's third solo LP and the first to drop the "Little" from his moniker. In an effort to get his budding young artist to cross over into the pop market, Berry Gordy chose to present the world with Stevie Wonder, the lounge crooner, and ran him through 10 pop standards from the likes of Johnny Mercer and Rodgers & Hart. Though it didn't quite hit at the time, the 13-year-old Wonder gave it his all and the record has aged well. With stunning arrangements from the geniuses at 2648 W. Grand Blvd. (aka Hitsville USA), and a fabulous selection of songs, With a Song in My Heart is one of Stevie's most charming early efforts.

RUM 2011080LP

MONTEZ, CHRIS: Let's Dance LP (RUM 2011080LP) 22.00
With its driving, infectious beat, it's no wonder The Ramones chose to cover Chris Montez' early rock'n'roll classic, "Let's Dance," on their debut album. Though he was always more popular in the UK, this Southern California born and raised Latino rocker remains influential on both sides of the Atlantic, and beyond. Born Ezekiel Christopher Montanez, Montez was so popular in the UK that he had The Beatles opening for HIM on tour. He no doubt influenced their early rock and roll aspirations and remains a legend to this day. His debut album with 12 early rock classics is available again on LP for the first time in years.

RUM 2011081LP

VERSATONES, THE: The Versatones LP (RUM 2011081LP) 22.00
Formed in 1956 by three members of the legendary De Paur Infantry Chorus -- one of the top performing artists at Columbia Records throughout the late '40s and early '50s -- The Versatones indeed lived up to their name, with the versatility to combine R&B and doo-wop with pop and exotic influences. A rare and sought-after album of 1950s R&B that was nearly impossible to find on vinyl, until NOW.

RUM 2011082LP

HODGES, EDDIE: I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door LP (RUM 2011082LP) 22.00
From his turn as the titular character in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Broadway stardom in The Music Man to guest appearances on Bonanza and Gunsmoke to duets with the legend himself, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Hodges did a bit of everything in the entertainment industry, and all before his 18th birthday. In addition to all that, he managed to find time to record the classic, Billboard hit single "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" in 1961. Originally recorded by The Isley Brothers, the title-track here is a classic piece of teenage R&B, and the rest of the LP is no slouch, either. Another classic '60s title from Rumble that's sure to keep your sock-hop hopping.

RUM 2011083LP

BROWN, JAMES: Please Please Please LP (RUM 2011083LP) 22.00
In a career filled with hits, legends, and countless high points, 1959's Please Please Please may very well be the highest point of all. The debut album from James Brown and his Famous Flames, Please Please Please comprised all his charting singles up to that point as well as many classic B-sides. If the legendary title-track weren't enough, the album also features the #1 single "Try Me" and 14 more of Brown's early R&B classic. An absolutely essential album for anyone with a soul.

RUM 2011089LP

MIRACLES, THE: Hi, We're The Miracles LP (RUM 2011089LP) 22.00
1961's Hi, We're The Miracles was groundbreaking in many ways. It was the very first LP released by the Motown label, it included the very first rendition of one of the Motor City's most famous and enduring tunes, "Money (That's What I Want)," and it was the very first long-playing introduction to the smooth and totally inimitable style of one William "Smokey" Robinson, Jr. Opening with the killer "Who's Lovin' You" -- which would later be covered by The Jackson 5, and The Temptations, amongst others -- and including the legendary Motown classic, "Shop Around," Hi, We're The Miracles introduced the world to one of America's finest living songwriters, and a sound that will live on forever.



SUN RA: Discipline 27-II LP (SATURN 538HLP) 14.00
Originally released in 1973. Tracks: "Pan Afro," "Discipline 8," "Neptune" and "Discipline 27-II." 180 gram vinyl.


SUN RA & HIS SOLAR ARKESTRA: Secrets Of The Sun LP (SATURN 9954HLP) 14.00
Originally released in 1965. Tracks: "Friendly Galaxy," "Solar Differentials," "Space Aura" and "Love In Outer Space," "Reflects Motion" and "Solar Symbols." 180 gram vinyl.



CULPEPPER'S ORCHARD: Culpepper's Orchard CD (SHAD 166CD) 17.00
Here we have possibly the best Danish underground album from Denmark recorded in 1971. Shadoks Music just loves every second of this album and they are happy to re-release it on CD. The band was inspired by West Coast bands such as The Byrds, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The powerful music might be compared to Jethro Tull, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. A superb combination of heavy progressive and folk stylings, the album also has its very own identity and haunting songs. They have played many great concerts and festivals and became one of the most popular Danish bands. Julian Cope wrote: "Replete with extremely catchy songs, fiery Dervish-like guitar solos, confidently self-referential lyrics from a Wino Weinrichian poet/guitarist, all the while the entire ensemble spewing euphoric vocal harmonies over intricate and furiously hard-edged arrangements, this Album of the Month owes its artistic success not to any great dream of originality, but to the wild spirits of each of its performers and especially that of its primary writer -- one Cy Nicklin -- and his clear desire to contribute highly accessible Hippie Dream music that sat well alongside such million-selling contemporary heroes as The Moody Blues, Crosby, Tween, Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and The Who." Includes unseen photos by Jørgen Angel, and extensive liner notes written by Shadoks friend Claus Rasmussen, based on interviews with Cy Nicklin (lead vocals & guitars), Michael Friis (bass, organ, piano, flute), and others.


MOROZOV, YURY: Cherry Garden of Jimi Hendrix CD (SHAD 167CD) 17.00
Shadoks Music are really proud to release an album from Russia 1973. It might be the first time ever that a Western label is releasing an underground album from the former USSR. Yury Morozov sadly passed away a few years ago, but with the help of good friends, Shadoks worked out a release with his widow Nina for this amazing album from 1973 called Cherry Garden of Jimi Hendrix. When Yury was asked in an interview of how many albums he recorded, the answer was 14,7 kilo (tapes). There are 45 albums by Yury and hopefully they will come out in Russia as a CD box, at which time Shadoks will release more. Cherry Garden is an amazing album full of effects, great songs, tons of fuzz guitar, sometimes dark and heavy, sometimes light and funny, with the atmosphere of a Tarkovsky movie such as Stalker and Solaris. Yury plays most instruments, and he plays most of his own gear and effects. Later on, Yury recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios and became friends with many famous British musicians. Yury Morozov is an enigma of Soviet underground music. In 1973 his music was only available as tapes exchanging hands among fans, since he did not meet the Soviet political and musical guidelines. Cherry Garden is a surreal underground rock album which stands out in the realm of international psych standards.



MAMIFFER: Statu Nascendi LP (SIGE 035LP) 27.00
"While Statu Nascendi's four tracks span 37 minutes, Coloccia is hesitant to view it as the band's third proper full-length. Rather, she sees it as a 'transitional album to the full-length coming out next year.' Statu Nascendi keeps to Mamiffer's ongoing theme of humankind's deep ties to nature, and then delves deeper to explore the nexus of life and death, the significance of matriarchal blood lineages, and the purging relationship between birth, rebirth, and exorcism. The percussive element to Mamiffer has been virtually eliminated on these four songs. Not only are drums completely absent, even Coloccia's percussive piano lines are kept to a minimum, with ethereal washes of guitar, organ, tape loops of field recordings, and Coloccia's hypnotic vocals serving as the foundation to the songs."



AYBEE: The Sway of the Tree EP 12" (SOSR 015EP) 19.50
Deepblak chief alchemist Aybee returns unveiling The Sway of the Tree, his new EP on Sound Of Speed Japan, fusing elements of the cosmic and the deep. Essential!



RABIT: Sun Dragon EP 12" (SMNCHR 005EP) 14.00
Houston-based Rabit's first vinyl release in over a year showcases his explorations of different sonic textures, while remaining within the aesthetic of Soundman Chronicles: space and groove. "Send" introduces the EP; with its sparse landscape and heavy atmospherics, the vocals provide the backdrop for the entire tune, keeping a sense of tension and groove. Next comes the lengthy and unpredictable "Atacama Skeleton." "Sun God" is more of a melodic roller, built upon very few elements but with a hypnotic melody to keep your attention throughout. Finally we finish with the distorted basslines and hypnotic horns of "Yellow Haze."



GRITS 'N GRAVY: Second Shot LP (STAGO 067LP) 21.00
LP version. 14 months after their debut release (STAGO 038CD), German duo Grits 'n Gravy returns with Second Shot. Grits 'n Gravy still consists of drummer and singer Mighty Mike (The Juke Joint Pimps, Voodoo Rhythm) and Cat Lee King, a young and skinny piano player with a big voice. Who knows where he gets it, but he has the soul of Ray Charles and the mean attack of Bunker Hill. The guys spent two days in the studio to lay down 12 tracks, 10 of which made the final cut. Musically, Grits 'n Gravy still stands for '50s rock 'n' roll, raw rhythm 'n' blues, and early soul. While their first release consisted mainly of covers, this time the duo has written seven originals, which appear alongside interpretations of "Tell a Whale of a Tale" (Wynonie Harris) and "Act Right" (Wynona Carr), as well as an inspired re-working of "I Put a Spell On You" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins). In order to broaden their sonic palette, Mike and Cat invited a few friends from Ray Collins' Hot Club to add double-bass, guitar, and saxophones on selected tracks.



GOODNIGHT LENIN: In the Fullness of Time LP (VAN 273LP) 23.00
LP version. Birmingham, England-based Americana folk quintet Goodnight Lenin have been building toward the release of their debut album, In the Fullness of Time, since their formation in 2011. In the singles and EPs they've put out since coming together, the band have worked with Nick Drake producer John Wood, Broadcast's Tim Felton, and Modified Toy Orchestra's Brian Duffy, as well as artists Clare Rojas, Mark Edwards, and Nathalie Daoust, whose photographs accompany In the Fullness of Time. Front man John Fell said of the album: "It took us a long time to find our sound... years in fact! We scrapped the record two or three times until we were happy with the songs. We recorded the bases of the tracks live onto analog tape to give it the '70s feel we wanted, plus we were honored to have one of our greatest influences, Jonathan Wilson, mix the album. It's something we are very proud of and we feel like it's the start of something special."


GREAT ELECTRIC, THE: EP1 12" (VAN 276EP) 16.50
The Great Electric presents their first release. "Matter of Time" sets off at a breakneck Motorik pace, introducing layered analog melodies and a metronomic bass line before giving way to a chorus that sits somewhere in the middle ground between Focus and Fantomas. "Jump Over the House" is a triumphant, energized hybrid of '60s Detroit soul and a locked, Motorik pulse. "Music and Colour" establishes a rigid bass motif from the off and builds into the embodiment of perfect space-age pop. The EP closes with "M.O.P.E.," a dichotomy of Animals-era Pink Floyd atmospherics and Sir Lord Baltimore barbarian rock. 300 edition 12" vinyl pressing.



MARV, THE: A King of Tunes (Ragadevan) 12" (STILL 002EP) 19.50
When The Marv discovered Ilaiyaraja's Vikram, she was blown away by the many grooves of this multi-talented artist. For her third EP, the French producer wanted to pay a tribute to his great works from the '70s, '80s and even '90s Indian movies scores. So she started digging again, carefully selecting breaks and melodies from this extremely prolific composer who was given the title of "Ragadevan" ("King of Tunes"). Each sample would be like a unique spice to her special ginger soda recipe. So here's the blend: heavy beats, hip-hop with some house twists, big analog bass, oriental breaks, and some secret ingredients.


SBM 5603LP

COB: Moyshe McStiff & The Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart LP+CD (SBM 5603LP) 26.50
Restocked; R.I.P. Clive Palmer (1943-2014). Deluxe vinyl edition, 180 gram LP with 17-track CD and booklet. Featuring Incredible String Band founder Clive Palmer, COB made some of the most imaginative and moving music of their time, and this 1972 masterpiece is considered by many to be the finest folk record ever to emerge from the British Isles. An overwhelmingly beautiful and compelling collection of songs set to Eastern-tinged arrangements, it's presented here in its definitive vinyl edition, including the original gatefold artwork, a large illustrated color booklet telling the band's story in their own words, and a CD with the original album and seven bonus tracks. Remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road.



PROXIMA: Trapped 12" (TEMPA 087EP) 12.50
Proxima begins the launch of his debut album Alpha with Trapped. Its title track, a lean halfstep monolith, ranks as one of his toughest and most minimal tracks, and has recently been a deadly fixture in the arsenal of the scene's leading DJs. Trapped is the latest in a string of blistering singles for Tempa, which show Proxima carving out a stark and synthetic vision of 140bpm club music. His frosty evocations of deep space evoke Detroit pioneers like Jeff Mills, Dopplereffekt, and DJ Stringray, while his rhythmic intricacy and steely poise recall Shogun Audio, dBridge, and Exit Records.



KOPP, JONAS: Beyond the Hypnosis CD (TRESOR 273CD) 15.50
If there's one thing Jonas Kopp has proven over the last decade it's that he can turn his hand to just about anything. Since debuting on P?rter's revered MindTrip Music back in 2006, the Buenos Aires native has managed to rack up a rich and compelling discography, coursing with ease through electronic music's various forms. From warm Chicago house through to deep, dark and driving techno on labels like Deeply Rooted House, Stroboscopic Artefacts and more, Kopp's hypnotic and heady sentiment has remained the red thread throughout, which has allowed him to flourish as one of techno's more liberal dance?oor purveyors. More recently, for Illian Tape he strayed out of the ring entirely to deliver two billowing, orchestral-sized ambient works; proof that there's still plenty more to come from someone already so well-versed and dexterous in his craft. It's high-time then, that Jonas Kopp should present his ?rst full-length effort. Beyond the Hypnosis weaves Kopp's discursive repertoire into a single and concise narrative, covering both familiar ground and exploring new and spellbinding territories, along with just a hint of cosmic neo-retroism that makes this a welcomed addition to the Tresor catalog. Despite having just a single release on the label so far, Kopp has been a ?rm ?xture at the club since 2011. Jonas Kopp is the next in line of contemporary luminaries that Tresor proudly welcomes to the fold. Beyond the Hypnosis is a techno album as ambiguous and unrestrained as its astrological muse. This is Kopp at his most wayfaring with titles like "Seven" and "Green Square" showing off more of the producer's ?air for spacey, subaqueous music. There is of course plenty of ?oor-facing material as well, delivered with less stringent functionality than we've seen from him before. The perverted "Tau Ceti," for example, or the basement-dwelling single "Red Plented" have been tarnished with the same brush as this album's more dreamier moments, setting them apart from stand-alone experiments to work collectively as a symbiotic and fully-?eshed whole.


KOPP, JONAS: Beyond the Hypnosis 2LP (TRESOR 273LP) 25.00
Double LP version.



ZU & EUGENE S. ROBINSON: The Left Hand Path LP (TROST 133LP) 22.00
Zu has always been a mercurial and ever-changing entity: unafraid of cross-genre explorations, eager to break down barriers between musical styles. Despite playing traditional instruments, major influences on Zu's music have always been sonic explorers like Coil, Throbbing Gristle, or early Neubauten. The sound of The Left Hand Path is the somewhat hidden side of Zu, though latent in all of its previous music. It's like digging out a box from the earth, containing everything the band had wished to highlight in previous works: ambient and droney landscapes; acoustic explorations in obscurity. The album starts programmatically with the sound of a shovel digging the earth -- a soundtrack for a descent into the underworld. It's moon musick. All of the members played electronics and Massimo focused mostly on guitars. The recordings were then sent to Eugene S. Robinson of Oxbow fame. Zu knew he was the right person to add vocals to it, and to transform the music again, into a sort of contemporary post-everything voodoo blues.



BLACK TO COMM: Black To Comm 2LP (TYPE 120LP) 25.50
Hamburg's Marc Richter has been busy with his Black To Comm project since his last appearance under that name on Type, 2009's genre-bending and critically acclaimed Alphabet 1968 (TYPE 053CD). Aside from helming the prolific Dekorder imprint, he's put out a number of musical curios, including 2012's excellent film soundtrack EARTH. Now Richter is back with Alphabet 1968's proper follow-up, a self-titled double album pieced together from crumbling samples, vocal snippets, and an arsenal of noise generators and filters. Richter's material has always been characterized by an air of surrealism, but it's never been more obvious than on the pulsing, chattering opener "Human Gidrah" or in the delirious, fractured pop of "Hands." There are real songs hidden in here somewhere, but they're disintegrated by Richter's sound manipulation techniques and dissolved into soupy, extended drone marathons. The centerpiece is undoubtedly "Is Nowhere," which builds slowly over 20 minutes with rumbling organ sounds and buzzing filters, never losing the listener's attention for a second. Black To Comm is a deeper, more challenging record than its predecessor, but one which repays the patient listener. Richter's dusty, unique sound has never sounded so well-honed and pointed, and it's a patchwork of ideas and fragments that only improves over time. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton. Artwork by Andreas Diefenbach.


UR 641LP

NILOVIC, JANKO: Super America LP (UR 641LP) 26.50
Rare -- remastered edition of Janko Nilovic's album Super America, originally released in 1976. Janko Nilovic was one of the greatest European studio talents in the '70s. He is a musician who devotes himself to music, which resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale. His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psych and easy listening. Sampled many times by hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, Dafuniks and Guts.

UR 651LP

NILOVIC, JANKO: Pop Impressions LP (UR 651LP) 26.50
Rare -- remastered edition of Janko Nilovic's album Pop Impressions, originally released in 1972. Janko Nilovic was one of the greatest European studio talents in the '70s. He is a musician who devotes himself to music, which resulted in a great number of published works, but most of them are on library labels not available for sale. His oeuvre stretches from classical, jazz and funk to pop, psych and easy listening. Sampled many times by hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, Dafuniks and Guts.



SOME TRUTHS: Bliss Abyss 2LP (WCEC 011LP) 23.50
Following his 2014 releases as Bass Clef for PAN and Alter, London-based musician Ralph Cumbers presents Bliss Abyss, a double-LP of new material under his Some Truths alter ego. Bringing together strands of house, techno, fractured rhythm, and anthemic modular synthesis, the album demonstrates Cumbers' vision as one of experimental music's most singular voices. As he adeptly distills strands of the familiar and abstract into a series of tonal and percussive collages, Cumbers effortlessly navigates the balance between stark, functional electronics and playful, psychedelic humor, molding contorted, evolving structures and tense shards of rhythm into oscillating synthetics and expansive dubbed-out comas. Bliss Abyss highlights Cumbers' position as an artist embedded in the lineage of British pioneering synthesis, while filtering these technological and esoteric histories through a razor-sharp dancefloor sensibility and a defiant ear for intricate construction and dynamics. At the center of the production process for Bliss Abyss is the rhythmic vista opened up by a Eurorack modular system and a repaired Roland TR606 drum machine. Using this combination, Cumbers recorded onto 25 tapes and then repeatedly recorded over them, creating imperfect palimpsests as sound leaked through from layers of previous recordings. This sits as the percussive bedrock for an exploration of acoustic modelling, and the uncanny potential for synthesis to both mimic and depart from the real.


WC 005EP

LAUTEN, ELODIE: Transform EP 12" (WC 005EP) 10.50
Wilde Calm Records is honored to present new work from the late Elodie Lauten, New York City-based composer and recipient of the 2014 Robert Rauschenberg Award. Lauten had been exploring microtonality and alternative temperament since the early 1980s, first with a Fairlight CMI synthesizer and more recently with the Klio, her custom modular Reaktor software synthesizer. Many Wilde Calm fans will be familiar with Lauten's music from her numerous collaborations with fellow downtown luminary Arthur Russell. Lauten and Russell met through their mutual poet friend Allen Ginsberg and shared a similar sensibility, evident in their spiritual club classic In the Light of the Miracle and Russell's appearance on Lauten's seminal post-minimalist masterwork The Death of Don Juan. This EP includes five remastered selections from Lauten's 2013 album, Transform, and a Wilde Calm remix. Lauten's synth explorations are essential for fans of Laurie Spiegel and Suzanne Ciani. Limited edition of 500 in hand-stamped and numbered silkscreened jackets with full-color insert and liner notes by Jayson Greene. Cover and insert artwork by Josh Gurrie.


LAUTEN, ELODIE: Transform EP (Limited Edition) 12" (WC 005LTD-EP) 12.00
Edition of 100 copies printed on deluxe Stumptown White/Kraft Duplex jackets from Portland's Stumptown Printers. These jackets are really beautiful with a slight texture, off-white color, and kraft interior. Hand-numbered silk-screened jackets with a full-color insert.

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