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Forced Exposure New Releases for 12/8/2014

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New music is due from Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham, Reinhard Voigt, and Goodnight Lenin, while old music is due from Harold Budd and Eraldo Bernocchi, Devo, and William S. Burroughs.


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2DIY4 011EP

DEL REY, LANA: West Coast (Solomun Remix) 12" (2DIY4 011EP) 14.00
Diynamic Music presents a re-release of Solomun's remix of Lana del Rey's "West Coast" on its subsidiary 2DIY4, making the record available all around the globe. Solomun works his subtle magic around the breathless, sultry vocals of del Rey; above from the luscious beat and the droning lower frequencies, the catchy synthesizer builds a simple harmonic structure, taking the listener on a mesmerizing journey through the track. The A-side, which is the dub remix, was a hit at clubs and festivals in summer 2014, and the B-side draws the listener in with the matchless voice of Lana del Rey.



LP version. "The Invisible Hands is a transcontinental collaboration between Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls) and four stellar young musicians from Cairo, Egypt: Cherif El Masri, Aya Hemeda (both formerly of the popular Egyptian group Eskenderella), Adham Zidan and Magued Nagati. On Teslam, The Invisible Hands expand the already panoramic range of their eponymous debut LP with a haunting set of melodic, impeccably crafted songs whose vintage psych/hard-rock edge conjures up early Alice Cooper almost as often as it recalls Sun City Girls and 20th-century icons like Ennio Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg. The band's exquisite sonic palette is deepened by Cairo-based guest musicians Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed 'Moe' Asem, and Sammy Sayed, as well as by longtime SCG compatriot Eyvind Kang. Recorded in Cairo between 2013 and 2014, Teslam represents a further evolution of Alvarius B.'s peerlessly idiosyncratic pop sensibility, which is just as volatile and unclassifiable as his more experimental work. His songwriting -- both on his own, and in partnership with Cherif El Masri -- is marked by a unity of purpose that has compressed countless musical and emotional incongruities into a handful of sharp-edged, pitch-black jewels. A brooding track composed by keyboardist Adham Zidan ('The Great Implosion') perfectly complements the record's uneasy mood. As usual, Alvarius B.'s lyrics comprise an apocalyptic pile-up of cruel metaphors at the intersection of culture, politics and international crime. But they take on new power and new implications as sung by El Masri and Hemeda, whose seductive voices are as inviting as a welcome mat at the gates of hell. Each song stands on its own while also fitting into a planet-sized jigsaw puzzle detailing dark associations and secret narratives that stretch back as far as the foundation of the world. Arguably Alvarius B.'s most accessible work to date, Teslam is a generously baited steel-jaw trap for the unwary listener. Like The Invisible Hands' 2013 debut, Teslam inevitably reflects the precarious political circumstances in which it was conceived and recorded. As such, it's a vivid document not just of an unlikely musical collaboration, but also of a critical moment of hope, defiance, rage and sorrow in one of the world's most venerable cities." --B. Kearney; Comes in a tip-on jacket with lyrics insert and lovely artwork.



VANGELIS: Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (AFZ 154LP) 29.00
New 2014 repress."The Blade Runner soundtrack was composed by Vangelis for Ridley Scott's 1982 film, considered one of the finest sci-fi movies ever made. It is mostly a dark, melodic combination of classical compositions and synthesizers which mirrors the futuristic film noir envisioned by Scott. The soundtrack holds legendary status and at the time was well-received by fans and critics including Best Original Score nominations for a BAFTA and Golden Globe yet, except for a few cuts, it was not released until 1994. The movie remains a classic film with a long list of popular movie stars including Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, and Edward James Olmos, most of whom appear on this record in movie dialog samples mixed into the 12 tracks of nearly one hour of music. Vangelis makes each track flow into one another. The soundtrack features vocal contributions from Demis Roussos and the sax solo by Dick Morrissey on "Love Theme." The gatefold jacket includes many colorful stills from the film. Blade Runner is a timeless classic on film and now on 180 gram transparent red vinyl."



KOLSCH: Balance Presents Kolsch CD (BAL 013CD) 15.50
From funky house chart smashes as Rune through anonymous techno 12"s as Tattoorecs to his current incarnation as Kölsch, Rune Reilly Kølsch has never stood still for long amidst the ever-shifting electronic music landscape. Perhaps his eclecticism is not surprising, having been born in Copenhagen's autonomous bohemian district Christianshavn to a German artist mother and an Irish singer-songwriter father. One thing's for sure: his new direction has seen him enjoy a higher level of acclaim and fanaticism than ever before. His bold decision to bring melody, riffs and color back to techno -- in a time when the vogue has been leaning more towards the industrial and dubbed-out once again -- has paid off in a big way. Ever the visionary, Kompakt's Michael Mayer signed him for the first of several releases on his Speicher label back in 2010, culminating in his stunning debut album 1977 (KOMP 107CD/ KOM 276LP). With everyone from Seth Troxler to Axwell playing his unmistakable epics, his appeal is uniquely widespread, combining the accessibility of strong melodies with the incisiveness of boundary-pushing techno. This positioning makes for a truly riveting Balance mix. The dazzling arpeggios of Galaxy 2 Galaxy's "Journey of the Dragon" gently begin Kölsch's journey into the atmospheric netherworlds of electronic music, segueing effortlessly into the yearning vocals and hazy synth breaks of John Talabot's remix of Pional's "It's All Over." Danny Daze's immense "Freeze (Frozen Mix)" takes things into a darker direction with its gurgling arpeggiated acid bass line and cutting, shimmering synths building up an immersive and hypnotic wall of sound. The spitting percussion of Henrik Schwarz's "Lockstep" unexpectedly gives way to the haunting pianos and unmistakable vocals of Radiohead's "Videotape"; a moment of subdued introspection and a chance for the listener to catch their breath. Respite is brief, as the techno machinations of Dhumen's "No More" tees up the slow-building rush of Kölsch's own "Punchbuggy" and the gigantic, swirling stabs of Adrian Hour's hard-grooving "Chordgresion." Maceo Plex's remix of Odd Parents takes the mix to a blissful high, before Stephan Hintz & Phillipp Ruhmhardt's "Panther" teases with its grinding riffs moving in and out of focus. Kölsch's "Papageno" shows his production prowess at its mind-bending finest, with Kenny Larkin's sublimely undulating "Plankton" providing a mellow stepping stone for Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough's gigantic Caribou remix to seep in gently. We're brought into deeper territories as we edge towards a rousing climax, Kölsch's perfectly-balanced remix of Coldplay's "A Sky Full of Stars" taking the band's unbridled euphoria into a more subtle and considered place. Joris Voorn's wonderfully haunting remix of Audion and Troels Abrahamsen's "Dem Howl" rounds off the mix, graceful pads and soulful vocals making for a fittingly emotive ending.



FIVE DOLLAR PRIEST: Eyes Injected with Love LP (BANG 085LP) 21.00
Here it is finally, the third and latest album by New York City band Five Dollar Priest. Continuing the sounds and style of their previous albums, on Eyes Injected with Love Five Dollar Priest stamp their personalities on a base of Lower East Side free-jazz, no wave and dirty, very dirty rock. But they go deeper and deeper into it this time, with songs about hard times and low life in the New York City streets, which they know perfectly well. These definitely aren't easy sounds and this is not music for the masses or the newbies -- this is top-class weird and sick melodies and lyrics which Bang! Records are truly proud to release. Pressed on 150 gram vinyl, and housed in a gatefold sleeve. Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide. Five Dollar Priest include, among others, great musicians: Ron Ward (Speedball Baby, Wobbly Organ); Grasshopper (Mercury Rev); Christina Campanella (Speedball Baby); Norman Westberg (Swans).


GALLON DRUNK: The Rotten Mile LP (BANG 086LP) 21.00
Originally released in the UK in 2007 on CD, this awesome record from Gallon Drunk finally sees itself reissued now on vinyl with previously-unseen photography as well as liner notes by James Johnston. Gallon Drunk is actively touring these days and delivering incendiary live acts that prove them to be one of the best bands to ever come out of England. Vaporizing from London smoggy sounds and melodies of distortion, swamp, jungle, rock and pure intensity, The Rotten Mile became the evolutionary blueprint for their latest records The Road Gets Darker from Here (CLOUDS 037CD) and The Soul of the Hour (CLOUDS 062CD/LP). During these years James Johnston has also been actively taking part in other projects, including as a member of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds and Lydia Lunch's Big Sexy Noise. Bang! Records is proud to take part in Gallon Drunk's history by releasing this masterpiece.



MURO: Acero y sangre LP (BEAT 048LP) 21.00
First time ever reissue for one of the first speed metal records released in Spain. Features a cover replica and new inserts with never-seen memorabilia (pics, posters, backstage passes) and the first part of an article written by Leo Cebrian after a long interview with Julio (bass player of the band), made exclusively for this special edition. Barrabas Club, Vicalvaro, Madrid. December 1986. Muro, a band coming from the suburbs of Madrid, recorded a live gig with the intention of releasing a new demo, but due to the great sound and the great audience, they decided to release the recording as their first LP -- a total live album to start off! The first edition was issued on cassette and came with a poster. There was also a small vinyl edition, but it sold out a few months later, due in part to a record-signing Muro did at a very well-known record store in the center of Madrid. The LP was never released again and rose to cult status, not only amongst Spanish audiences, but also for the rest of the metal planet, especially in Germany and South America. You can find the first edition on eBay for hundreds of euros, and now, 28 years later, Beat Generation are more than proud to re-issue this LP for all those who still believe in '80s metal. It comes with never-seen memorabilia and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


MURO: Telon de acero LP (BEAT 049LP) 21.00
Beat Generation presents the first-ever reissue of the second album by Spanish speed metal band Muro. Muro were one of the first Spanish speed metal bands and were probably the first ones to release an album of that style in Spain. Telon de acero is a total cult album for people all around the world and a hard-to-find item on eBay, for sure. This reissue comes with an insert that wasn't included in the original edition, featuring never-seen memorabilia and the second part of an article written by Leo Cebrian after a long interview with bass player Julio, especially conducted for Beat Generation's Muro reissues. After their successful first live album, it was time to make a great studio recording, which it certainly is, becoming probably THE seminal Spanish speed metal album. Tracks such as "Telon de acero," "Holocausto," "Juicio final," or the last track "Solo en la noche" remain classic songs more than 27 years after their release, especially in places such as Germany and South America.



VA: Black Solidarity Presents String Up the Sound System CD (BSCD 001CD) 14.00
In the beginning of the '80s, reggae music became increasingly in tune with what was happening in Kingston's dancehalls -- probably more so than at any time since the sound system operators had started to make their own shuffle and boogie in the late '50s. The international audience and the critics were too busy looking for a new Bob Marley to appreciate what was happening downtown and failed to acknowledge that this was a return to the real, raw roots of the music -- brash, confident, young record producers who were totally in tune with the youth audience stepped forward and seized the moment. Oswald "Ossie" Thomas began his apprenticeship in the music business at the age of 14 and served his time as a record salesman for Bunny "Striker" Lee and Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness before moving on to Miss Sonia Pottinger's Tip Top Records. As Thomas said: "I ended up working in three record stores on Orange Street from 1976 to 1981...Yeah man, Me deh 'pon me bicycle till I buy my motorcycle. Them days records were coming out left, right, and center, everyday." It was during his time with Miss Pottinger that Ossie began to produce records for himself, and in 1979, Ossie and Phillip Morgan began The Black Solidarity label, based deep in the Kingston ghetto on Delamere Avenue. And so, the man who had made his name in the business selling other people's records, now became one of the most important and influential record producers of the era. Artists include: Triston Palma, Tony Tuff, Robert Ffrench, Michael Palmer, Puddy Roots, Ashanti Waugh, Phillip Frazer, Bill Blast, Cutty Ranks, Michael Forbes, Tony Carver, Eddie Constantine, Rod Taylor, The Bibles, and Frankie Paul.



DURAND, WERNER: Hemispheres LP (BLUME 001LP) 22.00
Going back to his early musical inspirations in the early '70s, Werner Durand was fascinated with the multiple saxophone sounds coming from Terry Riley's "Poppy Nogood" and "Happy Ending," Dickie Landry's "Fifteen Saxophones" and Ariel Kalma's "Reternelle." His participation in the Parisian saxophone ensemble Urban Sax in 1976/1977 became a starting point for his own musical endeavors. The two saxophone pieces presented here were composed and recorded roughly 10 years apart and document his move from free microtonality towards just intonation, to which he was turned onto as a member of Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings from 1990 to 1997. The two hemispheres represent the two parts of the brain, associated with the intuitive (right) and rational (left) part. "Right Hemisphere" for soprano sax was composed in 1990 for a festival in Berlin, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the invention of the saxophone. The main idea for this piece was to make one forget what instrument one is listening to as well as to feature various unorthodox techniques like loose embouchure, false fingerings, or circular breathing, and a free microtonality. It was inspired by certain composers of microtonal music like Giacinto Scelsi, Phill Niblock, Lois V. Vierk, and Mary Jane Leach. The original version of "Left Hemisphere" was developed between 1995 and 2000. Dreaming of a certain ratio and intervals during a summer holiday in England in 1995, the piece slowly evolved over the next years. This version was recorded in 2000. The piece uses just intervals derived from the third and seventh harmonics played over a sax drone. All music composed, performed, recorded, and mixed by Werner Durand.


Reinhold Friedl and Dirk Dresselhaus come from really different backgrounds: Dirk Dresselhaus has released several experimental-electronic freak-pop recordings as Schneider TM since the late '90s. He started making music in the late '80s and developed his personal approach to sound and structure as an autodidact, starting with guitar effect devices and four-track home-recording. Reinhold Friedl studied mathematics and music, won scholarships and international commissions, and built up the ensemble Zeitkratzer, disrespecting all musical frontiers. So it's not astonishing that both met for the first time when Zeitkratzer performed Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music: Dirk Dresselhaus was enthusiastic about this unrestrained contemporary music group which devoted itself to the instrumentation of purely tuned guitar feedback. Dresselhaus and Friedl started their collaboration, which happened over the years in studios only, to address the question of what happens if you put those strange inside-piano sounds -- another domain where Friedl has set standards -- or those powerful, huge piano-drones into Schneider TM's electronic devices, modulating them with an incredibly complex feedback system and recursive effect-settings. Sometimes violent, sometimes subtle, mostly large-scale sound-fields that concentrate on only one sound or noise, developing an overwhelming impact. Reinhold Friedl plays pianoforte, harmonics, horse hair, metal sheet, fishing line, metal tube, inside-piano, extended piano; Dirk Dresselhaus plays oscillator, spring reverb, isolator, memory man, digital delay, mixing desk, lfo, noise generator, vibrator/time machine, pitch shifter, ring modulator.



DJEDJOTRONIC: Interstate 101 2CD (BNR 023CD) 21.00
U.S. Route 101 is an important highway running through California and Mexico. It is sometimes called El Camino Real (The Royal Road) as its route closely follows the old route used by the Spanish missions. In some parts of California, it's known as the Pacific Highway or the 101. Over the years, pieces of this road have been renamed and restructured, and partially replaced by the more recent Interstate 5. Like U.S. Route 101, electro is a music genre that connects different countries and different people. It has also been truncated, changed by technology, and often renamed. Nevertheless, this royal road that has been influencing the world of electronic music for more than 30 years persists on its path in the margins of a crowded and commercial junction. This is what Jérémy Cottereau, aka Djedjotronic, wanted to illustrate in this compilation. Most of the tracks have been composed exclusively for the album, by some of the most renowned names of the genre: The Hacker, Maelstrom, Glass Figure, Jensen Interceptor, Mikron, Defekt, SCNTST, Hoshina Anniversary, CWS, Noob, Voiron, Miss Kittin, Pip Williams, Atom TM, Automat, Tessla286, Commuter, Nehuen, and Djedjotronic himself. All the artists featured have come across his path at some point. They form, as he likes to say, his musical extended family.



WOODEN ARMS: Tide CD (BFLX 010CD) 17.00
Wooden Arms are an alternative chamber music band from the UK featuring choral elements and a distinctive yet delicate blend of classical instrumentation and modern melody. Formed by classically trained piano teacher Alex Carson (piano, vocals, composition) in early 2012, the band began to take shape when Trinity College graduate Jessica Diggins (violin, vocals) joined him shortly thereafter. Cellist Fynn Titford-Mock was discovered busking in the streets of Norwich in early 2013; both Jeff Smith (guitar, vocals, cornet) and Milly Hirst (vocals) were welcomed into the fold after performing solo gigs in and around Norwich. The last addition is drummer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Mackenzie, who provides complex percussive rhythms as well as intelligent electronic samples. The musical concept behind Wooden Arms is one of classical crossover. Musical structures and instrumentation are influenced by the likes of Chopin and Mozart, while the modern melodies and production draw upon the very essence of Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird. Wooden Arms disregard the norm and pay immaculate attention to the texture of sound. They orchestrate their music like a chamber group meeting reverb-drenched guitar and complex samples. Add to this mix their incredible choral harmonies and you're left with a captivatingly symphonic sound that mixes classically trained composition with fresh, contemporary songwriting. Tide features a rich orchestral timbre exemplified by cello, violin, and brass instrumentation mixed with contemporary percussive beats and ambient samples.



With track titles translating to "Song for the Devil" and "The Witches," Francois Tusques' rarest commercially-released LP casts an early stylistic premonition of the vampire-themed improvised soundtracks recorded for director Jean Rollin, merely months after its release. Assembling the very same group of musical sorcerers, this album's personnel (featuring, amongst others, soprano saxophonist Barney Wilen) reads like a who's-who of France's early improvised music/free jazz scene, resulting in a wholly unique European flavor while preserving the essence of other global inter-communal travelers, such as Don Cherry and Krzysztof Komeda. Originally extracted from three separate recording sessions in early 1967, Le Nouveau Jazz opens with themes conjured up for the short film Coda by French jazz documentarian Marc Pauly, highlighting the composer's adept ability in his multi-disciplined art, further aligning him with the aforementioned pioneers. The rest of the album combines frenzied macabre picture music (akin to Detroit's Wendell Harrison) and emotive piano improvisations (Mal Waldron anyone?) with the sui generis inclusion of a double double bass formation courtesy of Bernard "Beb" Guerin (Sonny Sharrock/Kühn Brothers) and Jean-Francois Jenny Clarke (Enrico Rava/Giorgio Gaslini). As Tusques' second official album (after the seldom-sighted Free Jazz from 1965), this LP expands on this important French musician's vision and follows up Cacophonic's repress of his mega-rare Don Cherry art installation collaboration from 1964, this time introducing extra rhythmic arrangements courtesy of Italian drummer Aldo Romano (Robin Kenyatta). Housed in the elegant original "Witches" artwork sleeve by comic illustrator Jean Vern with French liner notes by French psychiatry/beat poet/crime fiction writer, Yves Buin, this worthy reissue hopes to find a unique, uninhabited part of your collection from an era that changed the Parisian underground prior to the important developments of labels like BYG Actuel and Futura Records in the early 1970s.



DE LA CALLE, EDUARDO: The Methodical Machines EP 2x12" (CADENZA 099EP) 26.50
Eduardo de la Calle presents The Methodical Machines EP, his third in a string for Luciano's Cadenza, following Precursors EP (CADENZA 087EP) and The Motorglider EP (CADENZA 092EP). Across two 12"s, de la Calle showcases his minimal and soulful grooves. The sci-fi vibes of "Gajapati" build over brooding and spongy production, while "The Namuci's Mystery" is soaked with pitch-bending synths and rasping, acidic stabs. Jazz influences appear on "Concierto de Aranjuez," with freestyle keys and wandering waveforms floating over a popping beat, while "The Demigod's Control" comes to life with stuttering electronics and rising pads, filled with emotion and soul.



HELDER, ANA: Fiebre de Marte 12" (COMEME 027EP) 12.50
Cómeme presents Argentine producer and DJ Ana Helder's Fiebre de Marte EP. "Don't Hide Be Wild" is a modern psychedelic discoteca monster, while "Track Con Flute" and "Otra Cosa" are almost impossible to place in time. "Fiebre de Marte" surrounds a wobbly bassline with a vocal mantra and a hypnotically modulated synth, slowly but steadily building the ecstatic mood. On "Chabond," rock embraces disco without fear, as heavy drums and guitar stomp, pump, and pound through the city jungle. "Cada Día Te Quiero Mas" breathes the rhythms of Argentine stadium crowds into wah pedal guitars and a morphing synth bassline.



VA: Bombay Disco 2 CD (COS 011CD) 16.00
"Welcome to our second celebration of the sounds of Bombay Disco, which digs deeper into the recordwallah shops in the bazaars of India. As fans of our first collection will recall, disco arrived in India in 1979, shortly after its mainstream popularity had peaked in the West. Disco songs remained in vogue throughout the subcontinent for a dozen years, in many ways because of the 'cabaret scene' or 'item number,' a mainstay in South Asian cinema that dates back to the 1920s. Back then, these scenes depicted traditional courtesans or nautch (dancing) girls, but by the early 1960s dance sequences became much more surreal, with visuals inspired by Busby Berkley and music infused with jazz, Latin, and rock 'n' roll. This tradition continued with an East-meets-West fusion of funk, disco and electro, to the hip-hop and EDM influences popular in South Asian films today. Disco songs continued to flourish after its early '80s ubiquity, often in the more tawdry films such as the horror movies that were immensely popular as the decade wore on. As the '90s continued, the cabaret sequences began to bear a closer resemblance to MTV videos. The music in these scenes changed to a similar style, while the perennial love songs continued to entrance listeners. We haven't delved into the more massive film hits here, since the majority of those songs have been anthologized elsewhere. We prefer to dig deeper into the thousands of dusty, mold-encrusted records found in the back alley shops in India's teeming cities. For your dancing pleasure, we've cleaned off and polished up these vintage disco delites for your manoranjan (entertainment). Enjoy a cocktail and get on the dance floor!"


DFC 5504EP

RAMIREZ: Orgasmico 2014 Remixes 12" (DFC 5504EP) 14.50
New release on DFC: the 1992 original "Orgasmico" techno cult track by Ramirez has been now re-released with a killer hard mix by Neckbender, a powerful tech house remix by Stanny Abram and a brilliant EDM version by Paul Carpenter. Also features the DJ Ricci original mix. This is a vinyl that you cannot miss!



VA: The Lost Remixes II 12" (DVR 026EP) 12.50
With The Lost Remixes Pt. II, Deep Vibes Recordings presents three fine remixes, two previously released digitally through major house labels, now available on black gold for the first time. Sascha Dive's trippy remix of Silicone Soul and his pumping-muscle house remix of Roland Clark & Urban Soul are already worth every penny, but the A-side belongs to old school Berlin producer and DJ Woody, whose remix of Sascha Dive is sure to put the listener under a spell.



RUBINI: Zeus 12" (DEGU 015EP) 14.00
Rubini is back with a run through the thunderbolts of Zeus: lightning, storms, and all the billions of bilious, blue, blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon for your dancefloor-striking pleasure.



CONFORCE: Machine Conspiracy 3LP (XDSR 007LP) 31.00
Delsin presents a reissue of Netherlands-based Boris Bunnik's first full-length album, Machine Conspiracy, originally released on the now-defunct Meanwhile label in 2010. Machine Conspiracy came a few years after Conforce had first emerged and is a magnificent dub, techno, and electro opus that makes for a complete listen from start to finish as well as offering up some key dancefloor tracks. Showcasing the skills that have since made Conforce a household name in underground circles, the album is full of analogue invention, seriously moody atmospheres, and nonstandard textures, patterns, and feelings.



MELINGO, DANIEL: Narigon Remixes 12" (DESOLAT 040EP) 14.00
Argentine musician Daniel Melingo is an established artist in his own right in the tango world, and his powerful and distinctive 2005 track "Narigon" is a classic. Desolat is proud to unveil three official remixes of "Narigon," formed from an a capella vocal performance that Melingo recorded for the release. All three mixes offer wonderfully different perspectives: Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey's is a 15-minute hypnotic rhythm master class, Ario stays close to the spirit of the original, and Guti injects a twisted groove. A refreshingly brilliant package for those who want music rich with flair, color, and passion.



POWELL: 11-14 2CD (DIAG 018CD) 16.50
Powell's club-breaking series of 12" singles is now available on CD as 11-14, this killer, comprehensive two-CD collection. It charts the uncompromising development of one of this decade's most ruthless new artists through 18 original tracks taken from five EPs for three different labels -- including his own, Diagonal -- and features a searing collaboration with national noise treasure Russell Haswell. Syncing the muscle memory of late '90s drum and bass with a kink for the toughest '80s industrial and bleeding-edge electronics, Powell's music has emerged as a virile antidote to the conservatism of current dance music. With his first pair of self-released singles, The Ongoing Significance of Steel & Flesh (2011) and the Body Music EP (2012), he established an ascetic, bare-bones approach that resonated with the original no wave mantra -- "rip it up and start again" -- in a barefaced challenge to what was then deemed acceptable on the dancefloor. Precedent set, the controversial four-track Untitled EP (RAVE 002EP, 2013) revealed a more optimized, muscular take on his rollicking torque and freeform, caustic electronics at the cusp of the analog/digital schism. Late 2013 saw the coiled hard-step of Fizz and his most explicit alloys of motorik jungle-techno, before the Club Music EP (DIAG 009EP, 2014) combined all of these influences and exploded with spectacular, unpredictable brilliance, dosing a whole rave's worth of overloaded sensation into three brutally edited constructions, including the notorious "Maniac," starring label-mate and hardwave peer Russell Haswell. Central to it all, from the swaggering stomp of "Body Music" and "Oh No New York" to the deadly jag of "No U Turn," is a tensile, insatiable sense of urgency and a healthy disregard for convention. Mastered by Matt Colton.


DS 025LP

LOVISONI/FRANCESCO MESSINA, RAUL: Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo LP (DS 025LP) 25.50
2014 repress; LP version. Includes insert. Originally published in 1979 by the legendary Gianni Sassi's Cramps Records label as part of a series curated by Franco Battiato, the long-awaited Prati Bagnati del Monte Analogo is finally made available by Die Schachtel in a repackaged deluxe edition, fully remastered (by Giuseppe Ielasi) from the original Cramps tapes, dug from Francesco Messina's archives. The music on this album is an exact compendium of such an intimate journey: drones and overtones, repetitive patterns, a deep, meditative feel, and space atmospheres.

DS 026LP

CILIO, LUCIANO: Dell'Universo Assente 2LP (DS 026LP) 34.50
2014 repress. Gatefold double LP version. Includes insert. Almost impossible to define, the all-acoustic music of Cilio occupies a space between the devotional music of Popol Vuh's Florian Fricke and the deep spiritual places of what would later be called holy minimalism (without any of the religious intents of the aforementioned references), with a surprising anticipation of the crystalline sparseness of pieces like "Fur Alina" by Arvo Pärt, and a feeling of intense suspension of time that can be associated to some of the most intimate compositions of Ligeti or Feldman, yet maintaining a definite position outside the contemporary music of serial and academic inspiration.

DS 027-1LP

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA: Antico Adagio LP (DS 027-1LP) 25.50
One of two LP versions. Includes the first six tracks from Lino "Capra" Vaccina's Antico Adagio (DS 027CD), originally released in 1978. Antico Adagio is an amazing work that anticipated countless others in the field of so-called "new age" and world music, yet remains at the crossroad between those genres and experimental and electronic music. Apart from a few violin parts and the extraordinary vocal lines (sung by Vaccina himself and Juri Camisasca), Antico Adagio is an album fully built on percussion. At the same time, it's the farthest thing from the typical idea of percussion. You won't find a single trace of African or primitive beats: instead, this is a collection of rather long, subtle and thoughtful compositions, crafted with vibraphones, marimbas and gong. Together they create a work which will remain unique -- both in Lino Vaccina's discography as well as in a more general sense.

DS 027-2LP

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA: Frammenti da Antico Adagio LP (DS 027-2LP) 25.50
The second of two LP versions. Includes the tracks from Frammenti da Antico Adagio, which features previously-unreleased material from the original 1978 sessions of Lino "Capra" Vaccina's Antico Adagio.

DS 027CD

VACCINA, LINO CAPRA: Antico Adagio CD (DS 027CD) 20.00
Before an aberrant idea of progress and workaholic ethic ludicrously sped up our daily lives, even in the hectic city of Milan it was possible to "play slowly" -- with little or no pressure, simply following the path your art was showing you. After a classic artistic beginning and an experimental stint with Aktuala and other brilliant fellow musicians (Franco Battiato, above all), Lino "Capra" Vaccina, near the end of the '70s, recorded Antico Adagio, an amazing work that anticipated countless others in the field of so-called "new age" and world music, yet remains at the crossroad between those genres and experimental and electronic music. Apart from a few violin parts and the extraordinary vocal lines (sung by Vaccina himself and Juri Camisasca), Antico Adagio is an album fully built on percussion. At the same time, it's the farthest thing from the typical idea of percussion. You won't find a single trace of African or primitive beats: instead, this is a collection of rather long, subtle and thoughtful compositions, crafted with vibraphones, marimbas and gong. Together they create a work which will remain unique -- both in Lino Vaccina's discography as well as in a more general sense. The edition is comprised of two individual and separate LPs: Antico Adagio (DS 027CD/027-1LP) and Frammenti da Antico Adagio (DS 27CD/027-2LP), which features previously-unreleased material from the original 1978 sessions. The deluxe CD edition (Antico Adagio, DS 27CD) contains both albums. From Kieran Hebden/Four Tet's liner notes: "There are records I have found in my life that I was almost wishing existed before hearing them. Recordings with new combinations of sound and atmosphere I knew could be wonderful to me if I ever discovered them, and then on discovery the sound was even better than I could have imagined. I felt this way when first hearing music by Alice Coltrane (Journey to Satchidananda) and Don Cherry (Organic Music Society) and I also felt it with Antico Adagio. The combinations of the rhythms and melodies resonate with me in a very clear way and I feel transported by this music every time I hear it. I first heard this record when it was posted on the Mutant Sounds blog a few years ago and am very happy to see it get another release. The music is timeless and brilliant and maybe there are other people out there wishing for a sound like this too, who will now have chance to find it."



VON SEIN & TIGERSKIN, TILL: Arkansas City EP 12" (DIRT 084EP) 14.00
Dirt Crew Recordings residents Tigerskin & Till von Sein are back to attack the dancefloor. As listeners have come to expect from this duo, the Arkansas City EP delivers raw and uncompromised house music. The DJ experience of Till von Sein combined with the studio and engineering skills of Tigerskin have once again resulted in four pumping dance floor tracks. Reduced to the bare essentials with bouncing 909 drums and analog synths, these four tracks range from old school, funky house to banging monsters like "Dance." Quality club tracks without boundaries.



ODD SOUL: Rumba 12" (DISCOBAR 001EP) 14.00
A new label is born, based in London: Discobar introduces their first release, produced by Odd Soul, a dear friend of theirs. Spending many nights producing music in his studio, this French artist has finally become ready to showcase his talent. This EP is based on three light-hearted, trippy loops and original tracks. On top of this, The Mole has added his authentic classy touch to remix Odd Soul's work. This really is a family affair which is not to be missed.



PAYNE, MAXINE: Making Pictures: Three for a Dime Book (DTD 035BK) 30.50
In the 1930s, the Massengill family of rural Arkansas built three portable photography studios on old truck frames, attached each to the back of any car that would run, and started a mobile photo booth business that would last for a decade. Without formal training or help, the Massengill family invented and improvised ways to mimic the popular photo booths they had seen in drug stores and brought their business to the dirt roads and open fields they knew well. Making Pictures: Three for a Dime, featuring Massengill family prints and photo albums collected by the artist Maxine Payne, illuminates a sliver of the Depression-era south previously unseen by the public. Unlike the hardscrabble lives and worn-down faces captured by Works Progress Administration photographers of the time, the Massengill photographs often show folks working to look their best. A man mugs in his Sunday suit and hat; a girl preens with lusty eyes; a boy clutches his prize rooster. Hand-painted backdrops, colorized prints, and even the occasional prop add a playful edge to these scenes. Among them, we also get a haunting glimpse or two of the difficult lives lived outside of these moments. Not unlike discovered troves of photographs by Vivian Maier or Mike Disfarmer, the Massengill photographs invite us to reconsider a time and place from a new perspective. Alongside the prints and albums, this volume includes introductions by Payne and curator Phillip March Jones, short remembrances from Lance and Evelyn Massengill, and a transcribed diary that recounts the difficulties and successes of the family business in short, powerful bursts. ("June 18, 1939 Mr Pennington drowned today. We went home about 4:00 o'clock and made cream at mama's.") Collected here in a handsome and ample design, Making Pictures: Three for a Dime is the definitive volume of the Massengill photographs. Hardcover book, 180 pages, 8.5" by 6.25", 271 images reproduced in full color.


DH 002

"Issue #2 of Dynamite Hemorrhage features: an interview and retrospective with Bill Direen, the New Zealand-based musical iconoclast and creator of some of the most weird and wonderful underground pop music of the last 35 years, with great old photos of Vacuum, Six Impossible Things, and more -- and Direen's take on his many recordings, bands and general outlook on creation & creativity; Tim Warren from Crypt Records, on the eve of two new volumes of the mind-destroying Back from the Grave '60s punk compilations, takes us through how he's been putting these comps together since 1983 and the pain he's endured to make sure we get to hear some of the most raw and rare rocknroll chaos of all time; interviews with current musical superstars Honey Radar, Nots, and King Tears Mortuary; Erika Elizabeth's overview of lost and neglected female-fronted punk and post-punk bands and records you've never heard of; The Layman's Guide to 1970s Jamaican dub -- an overview of wild, weird, and wacked dub reggae during its peak era, along with ten essential dub recordings, explored; Interviews with Jon Savage and Stuart Baker on the new Punk 45 series of archival '70s punk reissues; 87 record reviews; and 15 book reviews."



COODER, RY: Acoustic Performance, Radio Branch, 12th December 1972 CD (ECHO 2006CD) 17.00
Ry Cooder needs little introduction. Since starting out in the '60s with the Rising Sons, Cooder has specialized in guitar sounds that harken back to primal bottleneck blues, country, jazz, Hawaiian slack-key guitar, Bahamian folk music, and countless other styles. He's combined various musical idioms into his own eclectic style as one of the world's foremost performers of roots music. Cooder's pioneering musicianship can never be overestimated, nor can his profound influence on many of his contemporaries. Echoes presents the entire WMMS-FM broadcast of Cooder's acoustic performance at Radio Branch in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 12, 1972. Digitally remastered with liner notes and photos.



SKOTT, JAKOB: Taurus Rising LP (EPR 021LP) 21.00
LP version. The third album from Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skøtt expands his one-man-band experiments into vast new territories. Taurus Rising is built from motorik synthesizer arpeggios and heavy-duty live drumming. But rather than simply worshipping endless repetition, Skøtt reaches an impressive array of expressions on each of these five mini epics -- each song is ALIVE -- frequently whirling off track like the wind's direction in a sand storm, leading to some mind-altering melodies and rhythms that'll keep you on your toes. Washed currents of pulsating analog synthesizer scores, pre-fusion jazz sensibility and fuzzed-out electronics all tied together by fevered rhythms. Jakob Skøtt is the drummer in revered Danish experimental psych act Causa Sui and has previously collaborated with artists from Tortoise and Sunburned Hand Of The Man. In a number of different outfits he has also released thru esteemed labels such as Morr Music, Ghostly International, and Darla Records. Furthermore, Jakob has done exclusive live visuals and artwork for Amon Düül II, Earthless, Manual, cult actress Asia Argento as well as The Roadburn Festival.


EMK 1201EP

EMIKA: Melancholia Euphoria 12" (EMK 1201EP) 12.50
This is the first release on Emika Records, the newly-founded label by the British producer, Emika, who lives in Berlin. These tracks are inspired by the dancefloor, but they are also a reaction to the feeling of a certain weariness with current electronic music. "Melancholia Euphoria A" is a prime example of Emika's understanding of electronic music existing between pop and the avant-garde, with wordless, euphoric singing, shimmering synth sounds, and handclaps. "Melancholia Euphoria B" features a bittersweet sentiment and two precise melodies that compete with each other as gaming synth sounds merge with a relentlessly galloping piano. Two tracks that convey opposing emotions: melancholy and euphoria.


EF 063EP

BALDELLI, DANIELE: Cosmic Drag 12" (EF 063EP) 14.50
Endless Flight proudly announces the first single cut from Italian legend Daniele Baldelli's new "cosmic" album! Here are four brand-new cosmic, obscure tracks.



RARESH: Fabric 78 CD (FABRIC 155CD) 16.00
Raresh is the final Romanian of the Ricardo Villalobos-endorsed [a:rpia:r] triumvirate to join the Fabric series. Across Fabric 78, we're treated to an array of textural atmospheres, intricate percussion lines and penetrating low-end tones, all instilled with mind-bending complexities to perfectly capture the essence of his sound. Offering up gritty, authentic deep house numbers, through to more hypnotic and electronic-led styles, the track selection is impeccably placed, resulting in a smooth, ever-evolving and dynamic mix throughout. Artists include: Renato Figoli, Dubtil, Papa Sang Bass, Sonja Moonear, Emi Nescu, Amir Alexander, Dilated Pupils, Nu Zau, Hakim Murphy, Murdoc, Vlad Caia, Mandar, S.A.M., Cristi Cons, Oshana, Topper, Andy Kolwes, Vincentlulian, Adsum, Daze Maxim, and Baby Ford.


PROSUMER: Fabric 79 CD (FABRIC 157CD) 16.00
A native of Germany's Saarland, Achim Brandenburg is an avid consumer of classic house à la Chicago, Detroit, and New York, and a quality producer of timeless records. Prosumer's Fabric mix stands as testament to his impeccable taste and technique. Skillfully weaving definitive house tracks with groovier and deeper cuts, his selections unfold unpredictably yet with a perfect cohesion. With Fabric 79, underground hero Prosumer proves his penchant for presenting the classics in a fresh light. Artists include: George Acosta & Erick Paredes, Chez Damier, A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man, The Traxxmen, Wilma, Titonton, Earth People, Linkwood, Kaptein Kaliber, The Knife, Tarantism, I-F, Shinoboy, Doms & Deykers, Domu, Crowdpleaser, The Jass Man, The New World Order, Murat Tepeli, Vice, Francis Inferno Orchestra, The Steoples, Tuff City Kids, Axel Boman, and Tommy McGee & E.R.A..



KHOTIN: Hello World 12" (FAUXPAS 015EP) 18.00
Hello World is by young Canadian Dylan Khotin-Foote. It was previously available as a limited MC and now it comes as a licensed record. The label 1080p has kindly provided Fauxpas with the album. The LP comes with a high-quality silkscreen cover, a download code, and there will be a small edition of colored vinyl.



FLIGHT FACILITIES: Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise) 12" (FCL 118EP) 14.00
Ever-elusive duo Flight Facilities, best known for its string of popular club singles, follows up its revelatory debut album Down to Earth (2014) with Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise), an EP that includes an extended version of the original track and remixes by Lido, Robag Wruhme, and HNNY. This record continues a series of new tracks complementing Flight Facilities' already impressive back catalog.



DIVINE STYLER: Def Mask CD (GPF 055CD) 16.50
The man they once called "the Jimi Hendrix of hip-hop" has returned with what Gamma Proforma feel is his strongest work to date. Over a decade since his highly-acclaimed Directrix album dropped on Mo Wax , Divine Styler now steps up with his fourth studio album Def Mask, a dystopian/sci-fi concept album executed in the style of Blade Runner. Delivering highly-charged, well-crafted, gritty electronics with trademark lyrical intellect, and heavy synths that battle crushing snares layered with futuristic verse -- it's a killer, but it's also a cerebral breath of fresh air. For those unaware of the artist, Divine Styler first entered the frame as a member of Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate. He has worked with DJ Shadow, House Of Pain, Quannum, and Daedalus, to name a few. Available in a limited edition double vinyl gatefold LP & CD with stunning artwork from renowned urban artist, Will Barras.


GET 56011EP

"12-inch re-issue on glow-in-the-dark vinyl (Limited edition of 1982 copies.) B-Boy anthem from 1982 lights up any dancefloor?literally! First time ever on glow-in-the-dark vinyl! Fresh off Bambaataa's historic donation of his vinyl collection to the Cornell University Hip-Hop Collection and the Fall 2014 'Renegades of Rhythm' tour by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist celebrating his unparalleled contribution to hip-hop, Get On Down celebrates the song for which the Godfather of Hip-Hop is best known: 1982's Planet Rock, a Kraftwerk-meets-Bronx-B-Boy anthem. Renowned the world over as a never-fail floor-filler, this new 12-inch pressing of the single is pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl for the first time ever. Although Bambaataa may have gotten top-billing on the release, it was a team effort, with crucial contributions by a team including DJ Jazzy Jay, Afrika Islam, Arthur Baker, John Robie, a Roland TR-808 drum machine (aka Planet Patrol) and of course MCs Mr. Biggs, G.L.O.B.E. and Pow Wow. This edition is housed in a clear, custom-embossed Get On Down poly-bag to let the glow show through."


RUN-DMC: Christmas in Hollis 7" (GET 720EP) 15.00
"Once you hear those warm-but-mildly-distorted intro horns (sampled from Clarence Carter's 1968 hit 'Back Door Santa'), you are instantly filled with the holiday spirit, thanks to the most important hip-hop group of the 1980s. By late 1987 this incredible Run-DMC production (co-produced by Rick Rubin and Steve Ett) had taken full hold of the music world. That holiday season, the song was featured on the A & M Records charity compilation A Very Special Christmas and was also granted its own A-side release outside of the U.S., complete with a cover illustrated by the late Keith Haring. This version of the 7-inch also includes a little song called 'Peter Piper' on the B-side that you may have heard before, plus the full lyrics to 'Christmas In Hollis' printed on the back cover. And to make this package impossible to pass up, Get On Down is also including a playable 'Audible Postcard' of 'Christmas In Hollis' in addition to the vinyl -- keep it as a collector's item or send to a friend to become the illest rap gift-giver of the year."



DJ PIERRE: What Is House Muzik (Ricardo Villalobos What Is Dub) 12" (GPM 287EP) 17.50
This release pays homage to DJ Pierre's contribution to the worldwide dance community with Ricardo Villalobos' remix of that most iconic of tracks, 1994's "What Is House Muzik." His 32-minute remix is split over two sides, with 16 minutes on each side, enough time to ruminate on that now almost metaphysical question: what, indeed, is house music? Here's Villalobos' answer, complete with bubbling rhythms and bone-dry kicks. DJ Pierre describes the importance of this release: "...people are trying to re-discover house music and people in positions like myself have the responsibility of teaching... the true essence of house music."



ORMONDE: Cartographer/Explorer LP (GZH 057LP) 25.00
LP version. Ormonde are Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William/Lotte Kestner) and Robert Gomez, and Cartographer/Explorer is the Seattle band's second album. Individually, the two members of Ormonde have impressive CVs: Williams toured with Damien Rice, Feist, Broken Social Scene and Explosions In The Sky during her time in Trespassers William and also co-wrote and sang "Hold Tight London" on Chemical Brothers' Push the Button album. Gomez is a respected producer/multi-instrumentalist who has worked with John Grant, Centro-matic and Sarah Jaffe and was previously signed to Bella Union. Ormonde, however, is where the two locate their shared vision, and it's a spellbinding place to spend some time. In contrast to their debut, Cartographer/Explorer is a much more ambitious affair. Primarily written and recorded in an immersive two-week period, the songs have a late-night, narcotic quality. They frequently center themselves around repeating guitar or organ/synth phrases and passages, slowly spinning out captivating webs of sound. Williams concentrates on her words and singing, whereas Gomez provides the lion's share of the instrumentation, incorporating beats and processed drums into the mix, submerging them under liberal reverb and effects. Gomez himself takes lead vocals on four of the album's ten songs -- with the purity of Williams' voice winding around his slurred, somewhat sinister tones -- with "A Grand Design" being a perfect example of how the combination of their voices, together and separate, is one of the album's strongest features. It perhaps comes as little surprise that Ormonde spent time watching the second series of Twin Peaks during recording. There's a similar fascination with the undercurrents of love, death, and trust, and the anxiety of whether our interactions with others are harmonious or destructive. Thisis a wonderful album, compelling in its subtle moves, finding its own sweet way as only the best records do.



Golf Channel Recordings presents II, the first full-length recording from Lisbon, Portugal-based Gala Drop in six years, and their first release since 2012's Broda, an acclaim split with Ben Chasny of former tour-mates Six Organs of Admittance. For this release, Gala Drop joined forces with Detroit ex-pat Jerrald "Jerry the Cat" James to pull together the variant strands of the Motor City's aural lineage with the more off-the-cuff Balearic grooves of their native Lisbon in a hypnotic melting pot of sound. From percussion work with Parliament-Funkadelic, to live performances with John Lee Hooker, to collaborations with Derrick May, Theo Parrish, and Moodymann, James' involvement in the great rise of black music through the mid-to-late 20th century cannot be understated. It's as a vocalist that he makes his mark on II, with his dub-smeared murmurs and galvanizing cries pushing Gala Drop even further away from the introspective delay-pedal drone that they started out with nearly a decade previously. Seductive 808s and samplers sit alongside Afonso Simões' drumming, allowing the lighter tissue of the track, shimmering synths and soulful vocals, to weave and wind their way around the foundations -- never more apparent than on the pirouetting Mediterranean disco of the final track, "Samba da Maconha." The track closes an album that shows definite Jamaican reggae and dub influences, while at the same time drawing deeply from the progressive Afrofuturism aesthetic that's come to typify the Lisbon club scene of the past few years. That scene has certainly had an influence on Gala Drop's development, as Simões says: "I was going out to a techno club at the weekend but going to see a garage rock show or some free jazz band in the week. The post-millennium Lisbon has been very fertile musically speaking." It's that eclecticism that's allowed the group freedom to be similarly unhemmed. Their music takes on the bustling heat of the streets of Lisbon but, like the city itself, remains tied to the open seas and panoramic scenery beyond. A song like "Sun Gun" is a perfect example, built around intricate basslines and restless drumming that eventually stretches out into the distance as the track races along, with Gala Drop skipping through their alluringly idiosyncratic world.


GP 010CD

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band is made of tireless globetrotters who have been raging on the stages of Europe and the USA for more than 10 years, with the same passion and unpredictability. Their last album, released in 2012 (recorded and produced by Jon Spencer), was critically-acclaimed by the press as well as their fans, and allowed them to be part of TRAX, the musical TV show of Arte. The Experimental Tropic Blues Band presents The Belgians. This project, or experience, is an exploration through sound and image of the singularity, absurdity and surrealism that shape this country as big as confetti! With this record, The Tropics offer you a course on Belgian history, fundamentally rock & roll and under pressure. This fourth album includes eleven tracks, or eleven investigated facets of Belgium. The approaches and themes are popular, off-the-wall and uninhibited. In bulk, you'll get a caricature of national frustrations through its national pride, namely mussels and waffles. The band will also gratify you with a rock & roll exquisite corpse, written without any control, without even calling on reason or aesthetics. To complete the cocktail: the Belgian hero in a looser version with no ambition, along with disillusioned citizens. A true Belgian mix that will lift up your spirit.

GP 010LP

LP version. Includes download code.


GR 106CD

VOORN, JORIS: Nobody Knows CD (GR 106CD) 17.00
A name that shines brightly amongst the identities of electronic music innovators is the ever-progressing talent Joris Voorn. Almost a decade since his first LP, the cinematic overtones that have provided such tremendous warmth in all of his productions assemble beautifully for his third studio album Nobody Knows. With a sound both identifiable and individual Joris Voorn's consistent caliber of work and attention to finely-detailed production places him in a position of undoubted consideration amongst some of the most revered producers around. Since 2009's Balance14, a compilation mix CD that saw Joris masterfully knit together a staggering amount of tracks to critical acclaim, the Dutch producer and DJ may have spent as much of his career honoring his early techno influences as he has challenging them. While many a recent tech-house cut's impact is more often a little out of proportion to its content, there's a continuing freedom in Joris Voorn's productions and spacious songwriting that defines what makes his music resonate way beyond the electronic world. Right from the moment "go" with the beatless introduction of "The Monk," the Amsterdam native provides a seamless fusion of organic and electronic sounds, and despite an array of vocal features, the multilayered, classical ambiences throughout serve as a contrast reminder of who is in control of the mixing desk. Through bright guitar, piano and synth combinations, Voorn now has a wide range of instrumental talent at his disposal; the genius of creating music that's by turn as adventurous and as sweetly accessible as a pop song. His last single release "Ringo" was one of the biggest tracks on Beatport for 2013, with huge radio support -- a euphoric, modern classic and unquestionable highlight of Nobody Knows. "Momo," with its simplistic, playful melodies, is another standout personal addition to the album, its soothing and endearing touch unsurprisingly the result of a collaborative writing session between Joris and his father Joop Voorn. Thrillingly visceral through tracks including "The Wild" and "Sweets for Piano," the LP forms a soundscape equally as dark, captivating and inspirational that makes for a unique listening experience. Even in collaborations, the acoustic subtleties that sit beneath the electric pressure in tracks like "A House" that features Ninja Tunes' Kid A are remarkable, a challenging level of compromise for any musician, yet in his latest full-length album, that also features, amongst others, Matthew Dear on his own "Green" imprint, he has achieved an impressive harmonic balance, and the results are staggering.


GR 021LP

VA: Come to the Caribbean LP (GR 021LP) 21.00
Zombie Club presents Come to the Caribbean, a sonic cruise through the Caribbean dance music of the Antilles and the Caribbean basin sea, born from the heat of the African drum and mixing of blacks, Latins and whites. The Zombie Club was a mythical cabaret and ballroom in Havana in the '50s, along with the Sans Souci, Faraon or Tropicana. These places were a meeting of the colorful, tumultuous and licentious nocturnal fauna of the era where dancers sculpted bodies, gangsters, sailors, tourists, students and revolutionaries. The smoke of snuff and the best rum drinks acted as fuel for the orchestras and groups, who unmistakably defined not only the nature but also musical exoticism of the Antilles and the Caribbean. This volume mixes the Bahamas goombay with Puerto Rican bomba and plena, Cuban son, mambo or guaracha with Colombian gaitas and cumbias, calypso from Trinidad and Jamaican mento, Latino swing and Cuban conga with rhythm'n'blues from Louisiana. Here are the roots of genres that developed later on as ska, reggae, boogaloo, salsa, soca, champeta, soul or -- you name it -- dance music in general. This is a sonic journey through time and space by islands and ports in the Caribbean Sea. All tracks remastered and restored. 300 gram cardboard printed on the reverse side.

GR 022LP

VA: Mambo Calypso LP (GR 022LP) 21.00
Mambo Calypso is a new volume of sonic Caribbean cruise. Following the approach of the first volume and understanding the Caribbean as a region is not limited to a strictly-geographical demarcation but rather a demographic and cultural space where countries, islands and coastal areas may fall into a common Mare Nostrum even encompasses New Orleans. The influence of the African drum and the "Cuban clave" makes different music beyond its specific components. No matter if the musicians be Latinos, Anglos or Frenchies, they all belong to a certain same family. This is not a coincidence, since the slave trade brought African music from the port of Havana to Cartagena de Indias, Nassau, Port-au-Prince, Salvador de Bahia and the southern United States. The same Blackness, the same rhythm, the same festive mood, spirit of resistance and struggle is consistent across the board. And so, Arsenio Rodriguez can be heard next to the calypso of Blind Blake, Pacho Galan's coastal cumbia crosses over with Dave Bartholomew's mambo, and the Latin swing of Lalo Guerrero sits next to the Dominican merengue sounds of Joseito Mateo, in line with that of Haitian neighbor Nemour Jean Baptiste. This collection comprises a very spicy musical "melting pot," a gumbo of percussion and languages to enjoy and to dance to.



ARCESIA: Reachin' Arcesia LP (GUESS 141LP) 25.50
A classic since year zero of rare record collecting, Reachin' Arcesia has always been the focus of many rumors and bizarre stories. Guerssen sets the record straight with this, the first ever legitimate reissue of this legendary album. John Arcesi was a veteran singer of the big band era who, in the early '70s, recorded a pop album with help from an anonymous hip studio musicians. The album was released in a private edition of 300 copies and most of them were given away to family and friends. In the late '80s, one of those copies was unearthed by record dealer Paul Major, who was one of the first people to appreciate the singularity of Reachin' Arcesia. Since then, the album, which mixes over-the-top crooner vocals with late '60s acid-rock and pop arrangements, has developed a reputation as a lounge-psych/real people masterpiece. Remastered and presented in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork on the back and a new cover design on the front. Includes insert with lyrics. Features detailed liner notes and rare photos in the inner gatefold, telling the real story of John Arcesi.


HB 006EP

SHANNON, MIKE: 5 Years of Love 12" (HB 006EP) 12.50
Half Baked Records presents a swinging monster from the Canadian modular man of mystery, Mike Shannon. This EP celebrates Half Baked's fifth birthday and the A-side, "Over and Over (Time to Celebrate Mix)" is the perfect cybernetic-gospel-funk commemoration of that. On the B-side is "Just a Glimpse", featuring Shannon's signature elements: crisp drums, spooky yet playful bass, and teasing, jazzy electric piano. The B2, "Pleasure Law," is the deeper and more romantic cut of the record, adding some mellow chords that eventually get picked up by a Detroitish wave of filtered grandiosity, finally unfolding into an uplifting solo piano outro.


HB 068LP

BURIAL HEX: The Hierophant LP (HB 068LP) 22.00
180-gram ox blood red in milky clear LP version. "This is the final LP from Burial Hex, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement, this is its tenth year. 'I'm not even entirely sure how to sum it all up, aside from saying The Hierophant is a masterwork -- an album for the ages[...] It is enough to listen to Burial Hex and admire the transcendent ambience; programmed death marches; swirling, minimalist whispers; haunting instrumentation; and strains of maximized noise. All of that, in of itself, is impressive enough. But, should you desire to harness them, Burial Hex certainly offers the additional means of being transported into another realm of be witching incantations. For many of us, those kinds of cryptic or metaphysical spheres of art are always going to be compelling. However, what makes Burial Hex truly enthralling is that Ruby's music is entirely unclassifiable.' --Craig Hayes, Steel for Brains"



NOBODY HOME: Journey EP 12" (HOME 001EP) 14.00
Humans have always sought to enter altered, heightened, trace-like states; through ritual drumming, chanting, and dancing, and through psychoactive, visionary, entheogenic plants. The modern dance scene is the expression of an ancient practice, but without the right circumstances, there is more room for negative energies to enter the experience. To go deep within can take some effort. This is where hypnotic and psychedelic dance music comes in. Travel together to a place where there are no limitations, where one can connect to something greater and open up to healing and inner guidance. These tracks were created with this in mind.



RANG'ALA: New Recordings from Siaya County, Kenya: Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Women's Group CD (HJR 070CD) 14.00
Open-hearted, fresh, lovely, bumptious recordings of women's singing, from a village in southwest Kenya. "Dodo" is a type of traditional Luo music mostly used for entertainment at weddings, drinking parties and wrestling festivals. Songs in praise of the happy couple, the hardest drinkers, and the best wrestlers. Ogoya Nengo was born in 1943. Her vocal abilities were discovered when she was herding cattle, as she never attended school, though nowadays her professional name signals both the Magoya clan of her birth and the fees she commands -- "nengo" meaning "price" in Luo -- as the most expensive Dodo performer on the circuit.



THORSTEINSSON: Sometimes You Know EP 12" (HORSE 004EP) 15.50
Amsterdam-based producer and performer Thorsteinssøn has joined Horse On Horse and delivered four cosmic house jams. Deepness alert!



A simple dinner in Berlin transformed into a studio session, which in turn evolved into a track, which set the spark for what has now materialized as a highly anticipated full-length work. This was the turn of events that led to an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE (Deepblak Recordings), and Ron Trent (Prescription). S.A.T. (Sydenham, AYBEE, Trent) brings together the creative energies of three of underground dance music's most notable stalwarts. Jerome Sydenham has made his mark on dance music history with New York-based Ibadan Records, responsible for some of the most memorable tunes of the last 20 years, including tracks by Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Dennis Ferrer, and many others. Ron Trent is another legendary icon whose distinguished discography spans two decades, and whose Prescription label also sits atop the pantheon of dance music's most esteemed imprints. AYBEE, discovered by Trent in 2001, has become one of the most critically acclaimed and forward-thinking producers of the past decade, with his Deepblak imprint producing a defiant sound that continues break new ground in the electronic spectrum. The trio spent three weeks living in Jerome Sydenham's Berlin studio, and kept the mood loose and organic, emerging with an album full of the elements that they all love about the dancefloor experience.



Much-needed CD edition of the sold-out LP. Includes a beautiful 15-minute bonus track not included on the LP release. Else Marie Pade (born December 2, 1924 in Aarhus) is a Danish composer who pioneered electronic and concrète music in Denmark beginning in 1954. Pade was active in the resistance movement during the Second World War, and was interned at the Frøslev prison camp from 1944 until the end of the war. An archival collection of Else Marie Pade's electronic work is now available on Important Records. Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard's works are focused on scientific and aesthetic aspects of sonic perception. He explores acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible to the immediate ear. Kirkegaard's installations, compositions and photographs are created from within a variety of environments such as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, a rotating TV tower, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself. Based in Berlin, Germany, Kirkegaard is a graduate of the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne. Since 1995, Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums, venues and conferences throughout the world. His sound-works are primarily released by the British record label Touch and he is a member of the sound art collective freq_out. "For all the scientific rigour to Kirkegaard's research into the sonic possibilities of various materials, his work reveals an underlying fascination for the mysteries and myths embedded in them. His work channels an access to an inner world." --Anne Hilde Neset, The Wire, 07/09. Despite an age difference of 51 years, both artists speak the same musical language and are prominent listeners and communicators of sounds that we tend to overhear. Now for the first time, these two pioneers are collaborating on a work; Svævninger investigates the variations that one can hear when soundwaves collide. Both artists have previously worked on this phenomenon; Jacob Kirkegaard in his work Labyrinthitis (2007) and Else Marie Pade in her work Faust Suite (1962). For their new joint piece Svævninger, they remixed some of Pade's early (and hitherto unreleased) sound experiments with some of Kirkegaard's recordings from his own ear, thus leading the audience straight into the undiscovered labyrinths of their own hearing.


ROGERS & MARY BYRNE, MARK: I Line My Days Along Your Weight LP (IMPREC 408LP) 20.00
Important Records presents the vinyl version of I Line My Days Along Your Weight, the acclaimed debut from Brooklyn-based duo Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne. The album was recorded as a true duet: Rogers and Byrne played facing each other, inches apart, intent upon listening. They wove together archaic instruments -- baritone acoustic, tricone resonator, golden-era flattop, space-age lap steel, upright piano, and hundred-year-old mandolin -- into a new and vibrant third voice. All the songs were recorded live to two-inch analog tape, the studio equivalent of tightrope-walking without a net. Rogers and Byrne later added minimal touches of lap steel, piano, and electric guitar, but essentially what one hears is what they performed together, start to finish. With Rogers' deeply expressive, contextual finger style and Byrne's emphatic, unaffected singing, this striking debut invites listeners into a space most intimate and most human.



FUNCTION: Recompiled | Extractions 12" (INF 017EP) 14.00
The third in a series of classic Function productions, appearing in advance of Function | Recompiled: Various Works & Pseudonyms 1995-2012, Infrastructure New York's 2CD compilation of 28 tracks from the past two decades of David Sumner's work. This installment includes "Montage" remastered in its full glory -- an eight-minute composition built on broken beats, dense atmospheres, and expertly-timed crescendos. Also on the A-side is "Isolate," a textural incidental piece originally found on INF 005, Reinforced. The B-side looks to the Sandwell District era, with a previously-unreleased version of "Immolare" followed by the power-music production of "Descending."



TINGS, ROLAND: Roland Tings 2LP (INT 006LP) 27.50
Double LP version. Roland Tings is Melbourne's jack-track anomaly with a penchant for acid coastlines and nebulous rhythms. Still fresh off 12" releases for 100% SILK and Club Mod, the Melbourne producer dropped the stunning "Who U Love" EP with us last spring, to critical acclaim and in anticipation for his debut whoch is finally here now. and what we are truly excited to present. Forged by Melbourne's forward-thinking nightlife institutions, Tings made his debut with the Milky Way EP on 100% SILK - the enigmatic dance imprint founded by Not Not Fun's Amanda Brown. Having laid the ground work of a raw-satin aesthetic inspired by that of Larry Heard and Robert Hood, his sound was solidified on the Club Mod-released follow up Tomita's Basement, featuring remixes from Future Times' Maxmillion Dunbar and Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan. Functioning as club-ready oddities with neon finesse, his releases thrive as rhythmic visions pushing dancers into his very own modular oasis.


JV 33570017LP

MAGMA: Ëmëhntëhtt Ré 2LP (JV 33570017LP) 33.00
Ëmëhntëhtt Ré, Magma's tenth studio album, was originally released in 2009, though some of its material had been played live since 1975. The album is the third chapter of Magma's Köhntarkösz trilogy, which also includes Köhntarkösz Anteria and Köhntarkösz. Housed in a gatefold sleeve. 180 gram super fidelity vinyl; includes a digital download for CD master quality .wav files.

JV 33570045LP

MAGMA: Rïah Sahïltaahk LP (JV 33570045LP) 20.00
"Rïah Sahïltaahk is the name of the Kobaïan who left after all the others, despite their disapproval. He thought he was better than anyone else and he was sure he could convert Kobaïa's enemies to the Kobaïan spirit. But he failed and left alone for Kobaïa. On the symbolic stop-over planet, Malaria, he has to face the raging elements he thinks he can dominate. With his ship almost sunk, he ends up begging them... to no avail. He will disappear. Drowned, swept away by the frenzied elements. After the noise... silence. At dawn, only a final calm remains, enlightened by the soft beams of the sun in this new day." Recorded and mixed between September 2013 and June 2014 at UZ Studio. 180 gram super fidelity vinyl; includes a digital download for CD master quality .wav files.

JV 33570049LP

MAGMA: Köhntarkösz Anteria 2LP (JV 33570049LP) 33.00
Originally released in 2004, Köhntarkösz Anteria was Magma's first full-length studio release in over 20 years. The material was in large part originally composed by drummer Christian Vander in 1973 and 1974, and is sung almost entirely in Kobaïan, Magma's constructed language, apart from a short passage in French ('Les Musiciens du Bord du Monde'). The album is the first chapter of Magma's Köhntarkösz trilogy, which also includes Köhntarkösz and Ëmëhntëhtt Ré. Housed in a gatefold sleeve. 180 gram super fidelity vinyl; includes a digital download for CD master quality .wav files.

JV 33570057LP

MAGMA: Köhntarkösz LP (JV 33570057LP) 20.00
Originally released in 1974, Köhntarkösz is the second chapter of Magma's Köhntarkösz trilogy, which also includes Köhntarkösz Anteria and Ëmëhntëhtt Ré. Includes "Coltrane Sündia" ("Coltrane Rest in Peace"), an elegy for John Coltrane. 180 gram super fidelity vinyl; includes a digital download for CD master quality .wav files.



VA: Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2: Afro-Latin Accents in Rhythm & Blues 1947-61 CD (JMAN 073CD) 14.50
Long-awaited follow-up to the original game-changing Jukebox Mambo set of sweltering, rumba-accented rhythm & blues. Two years in the making, this sequel ploughs deeper still into the revolutionary '40s and '50s Afro-American musical canon, pulling together another combustible collection of lascivious Latin-edged blues exotica. Issued with extensive biographical notes and exclusive photographs on CD and deluxe old style 2LP paste-on gatefold (with A3 size show poster inside), Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2 is likely to be as influential in setting tastes as its predecessor. Artists include: Lincoln Chase, Christine Chapman & Peppy Prince Orchestra, Chris Powell & His Five Blue Flames, Zilla Mays, Johnny Oliver, Chuck Edwards, Oscar Saldana, Jimmy Nolen, Four Blazes, Chanters, Jeanne DeMetz, Camille Howard, Ashton Savoy, Freddie Mitchell & His Orchestra, Note & Toe & The Grenadiers, John McKinney & The Premiers, T-Bone Walker, Ron Rico & Sax Kari Orchestra, Don Tosti y su Conjunto, Billy Emerson, Frank Motley, and Red Saunders.


VA: Jukebox Mambo Vol. 2: Afro-Latin Accents in Rhythm & Blues 1947-61 2LP (JMAN 073LP) 25.50
Gatefold double LP version.


KH 9023LP

LP version on 180 gram vinyl. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band are firmly established as one of the most imaginative acts to have emerged from late-'60s America. The historically vital recordings preserved on this set -- a live set captured from Avalon Ballroom in 1966 and a radio station set from 1967 -- capture Beefheart and his musicians as they emerge from their blues-based beginnings and begin to evolve into something far stranger. The set is accompanied by background notes and rare images. Features two tracks not previously available on the CD version.

KH 9032CD

HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS, DAN: KSAN Studios, San Francisco July 4th 1971 CD (KH 9032CD) 17.00
Having risen to prominence as a key member of the Charlatans -- one of the very first bands on the U.S. psychedelic scene -- Dan Hicks branched off to pursue his own vision in 1968. Combining folk, jazz, pop and more into a distinctively laid-back, good-humored style, this superb set showcases classics from his first three albums, together with brief interview segments, capturing one of the most distinctive American artists of the era at his peak. Background notes and photos are included.

KH 9033CD

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Family Dog at The Great Highway SF - June 11th 1969 CD (KH 9033CD) 17.00
Recorded at the height of Jefferson Airplane's powers, between the April sessions for Volunteers and their historic appearance at Woodstock in August, this remarkable set captures them at their most dynamic. Originally recorded for KSAN FM radio broadcast, it's presented in superb fidelity here, together with historical notes and rare images.



VA: Keysound Recordings Presents... Certified Connections CD (LDN 050CD) 17.50
The 50th release on Keysound Recordings. The compilation moves through dark percussive 130-bpm rollage from Parris, Aphix, Caski, and Etch. Grimey influences emerge via Wen and the Sully remix of Balistiq Beats (feat. Riko), before an explosion of synths and color from Murlo and DLVRY engulf the scene. "Keysound is home for me, and listening through the compilation the doors are wide open to welcome edgy new talent to the family," said Wen. The CD version also includes tracks by Logos, Dusk + Blackdown, E.m.m.a., Facta, Epoch, and Luke Benjamin.


KI 013EP

AANBREKEN: Verge 12" (KI 013EP) 14.50
Aanbreken is a musical duo comprised of producer Tim Aminov and singer Gala Ga, who after 10 years of musical exploration decided to join forces in 2013. Now, over a year later, they are set to release their debut EP, Verge. Influenced by an intrigue with ancient religious rituals, Aanbreken have crafted a hypnotic release for electronic music lovers. Thick ambient, mellow and electronic sounds work as a base for Gala's deep, sensual vocals. The sound is a product of the duo's past in hip-hop, soul, jazz, pop, and reggae, and makes for a textured release, inspired by a multitude of genres.


KIS 4057CD

DIA PROMETIDO: Dia Prometido CD (KIS 4057CD) 17.00
The haunting and rare second album by Iranian psalter player Kamel Missaghian and Chilean guitarist Pancho Amenabar embraces both originals and standards, including their legendary funky rendition of the classic "Hava Nagila." Originally issued in Spain in 1972, it makes its long-overdue CD debut here, with detailed liner notes included. Digitally remastered.

KIS 4058CD

STARR, CHARLIE: Just Plain Charlie CD (KIS 4058CD) 17.00
Born in New York in 1941, the late Charlie Starr was blind from childhood, but was determined to make it as a musician. His debut album originally appeared in April 1969 on Mercury Records, and features several fine songs in the country idiom, as well as some introspective ballads and one or two forays into underground rock. It's a fine collection that has developed a considerable cult following, and makes its overdue CD debut here, together with background notes. Digitally remastered.



VOIGT, REINHARD: Rachanee 12" (KOM 320EP) 14.00
The long-awaited return of a Kompakt pioneer is upon us: Reinhard Voigt finally presents new solo material with Rachanee. The title-track features an inspired use of its hypnotic voice sample -- a lesson in catchy minimalism, it's this undulating snippet that draws the listener in, followed by a stoic but surprisingly funky bass line whose sex appeal clearly lies in its simplicity. Flipside banger "Tisch Für Zwei" displays a dizzying fondness for vintage synth-grinding. The swerving bleeps keep the beats guessing, thus ensuring the right amount of insanity in a track that exclusively follows its own rules.


VOIGT & VOIGT: Speicher 82 12" (KOM EX082EP) 14.00
For Speicher 82, brothers in crime Voigt & Voigt deliver two mind-altering doses of psychotropic techno, squeezing utmost impact out of the most minimal arrangements. The bold and twitchy A-side "Superpitch" does exactly that: riding the pitch, and riding it hard. Its incessantly morphing bell sounds are screwing with your sensory inputs, making you easy prey for the cut's simple and effective beat 'n' bass patterns. However, the secret show-stopper of this release might actually be the flipside's aptly-named cut "Supertrip" -- a dramatic, string-laden techno journey that starts with a spartan, but heartily grinding bass line and soon evolves into a fully-fledged synth-stomper.



VA: Nightingale Variations CD (KOOKY 037CD) 16.50
Ten artists have each provided an interpretation of Phil Cleaver's field recording of nightingale song, which was offered to all of the artists to use however they would. This recording of male nightingales was made at Glapthorn Cow Pastures during the early spring, when the unpaired male nightingale shows off its loud, melodic, and percussive song as it looks to attract a mate and define its territory. The song of the nightingale has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature. Loud, with an impressive range of whistles, trills, and gurgles. Artists include John Foxx, Michael Tanner, Slipstream, Micronormous, Mark Tranmer, Woodcraft Folk, Windy and Carl, Andrew Liles, Laurie Laptop, and Oliver Cherer.



DAVISON, HUBIE: Khayyam Grey EP 12" (LSR 013EP) 14.00
Hubie Davison returns to Leisure System with the Khayyam Grey EP, marking both his and Leisure System's funkiest output to date. Following on his 2013 debut of pastoral electronics and muffled house, Khayyam Grey highlights Davison's vivid production skills, drawing from a deep well of influences varying from Werkdiscs and Sound Signature to Bill Withers and Otis Redding. The title-track takes cues from Daphni's stand-up-and-shout, sample-heavy house, while "Get On" is a comparatively restrained yet incredibly funky mid-tempo number. "Vowels" appears here in extended and altered form, breaking down vocals on a syllabic level from smooth to percussive.



HOOD, ROBERT: M-Print: 20 Years Of M-Plant Music 3CD (MPM 025CD) 21.00
Twenty years have passed since Robert Hood established M-Plant as the outlet for his pioneering, minimal reinvention of the Detroit techno blueprint. To mark this anniversary, M-Plant presents M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant. Spanning 33 tracks across 3 CDs, M-Print brings together for the first time a collection of essential Hood moments from the vast M-Plant back-catalog, alongside a hoard of new, remastered, and unreleased material. Covering Hood's output under his own name, as well as his Floorplan and Monobox aliases, the compilation is a coherent journey that celebrates the past, present, and future of the M-Plant label. CD1 explores the imprint's formative years and the golden age of Hood's minimal approach, with classics drawn from genre-defining '90s releases including Minimal Nation (MPM 001CD/LP), Moveable Parts Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, Internal Empire (TRESOR 10077CD/LP), and The Protein Valve. Stripped-down masterpieces such as "The Grey Area," "Minus," and "Realm" give way to the driving atmospherics of "Untitled Sketch" and "Unix." A concluding bridge into 2001's "The Greatest Dancer" is a telling nod to Hood's evolution in the decade that lay ahead. This progression is reflected in CD2, focusing on M-Plant material released between 2009 and 2013, a period in which Hood has expanded his palette, drawing on house, funk, soul, and disco influences while maintaining his status as a true techno architect. The many sides of Robert Hood are on display, from the refined muscle of "Superman," "Alpha," and "Range," to the soulful strains of "Never Grow Old" and the anthemic banger "Baby Baby." CD3 looks to the future of M-Plant while never losing sight of its past. New and unreleased tracks, re-edits, and remixes tap into classic and contemporary Hood themes; the warped pulse of "Monkey" and signature precision of "Minimal Minded" sit among clinical "Re-Plant" revisions of "Externus Oblique" and "The Family," a faithful reinterpretation of 1994's seminal "Minus," and some remastered rarities from The Protein Valve and Moveable Parts vaults. For the first time M-Plant brings together the evolution of a label and artist who continues to inspire the world of electronic music. M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant is nothing less than essential. As Hood himself says, "M-Plant is more than a compilation. I wanted it to flow like a River of Living Water instead of just a flashback. It represents the unfolding of a dream, it represents passion and determination to make something out of nothing."



VOID VISION: Sub Rosa LP (MNQ 054LP) 20.00
Shari Vari formed Void Vision in 2009 originally as a duo, during the explosion of the new minimal synth and cold wave scene in United States. Sharing the same scene of the Wierd Records associates like Led Er Est, Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, and Automelodi, in 2010 VV released In Twenty Years on Blind Prophet (Sean Ragon's Cult Of Youth record label), also receiving the attention of Rough Trade, who asked to put out a track for one of their synth wave compilations. After other split vinyls, tapes and compilations, Mannequin approached Shari with the intention to continue what Wierd Records started, giving a proper shape to her beautiful and youthful dark electronic sound. The result is 10 hypnotic cold analog tracks dominated by the warmth and fragility of Shari's voice, some more "pop-orientated," some others belonging to the obscure "cold wave" atmosphere.


CASINO SHANGHAI: L'Action Minimal 12" (MNQ 056EP) 14.50
Mannequin Records is elated to present a 12'' EP with two unreleased 1986 tracks by Mexican new wave band Casino Shanghai, with a killer analog modular remix by In Aeternam Vale on the B-side. Asking to Laurent Prot to rework Casino Shanghai was more than logical. Permeated by a strong mitteleuropean dark pop atmosphere, here emphasized by the French lyrics ("La Tumba De Edgar Allan Poe" features a poem by Stephane Mallarmé). Limited edition of 300 copies on 160 gram red vinyl.


ACTOR, THE: Exploded View Cassette (MNQ 057CS) 14.50
Cassette version. Limited edition of 120 copies.


ACTOR, THE: Exploded View LP (MNQ 057LP) 20.00
Mannequin Records announces the reissue of one of the most important Dutch Wave bands The Actor, with their seminal 1982 tape Exploded View. In the beginning of the '80s, a new phenomenon emerged: home taping. This way of recording resulted in a lot of noise. But that was less important than getting one's music out to the public. A well-known label for cassette bands in those days was the Dutch Trumpett Tapes. They were the first to publish the music of The Actor, who became their top-selling cassette band in 1982 and 1983. The Actor's first release was Exploded View in 1982. The songs -- sung both in English and German -- often related to fashion, modernism, dancing and appearance. This made The Actor "quite fashionable." Remastered from the original master tapes by Rude 66, The Netherlands, 2014. Edition of 500 copies on 160 gram black vinyl.


MW 057EP

IN AETERNAM VALE: Gnd Lift 12" (MW 057EP) 20.00
"Minimal Wave is pleased to present a fourth 12" single from our French favorites, In Aeternam Vale. This one features another monumental 14 minute techno masterpiece called 'Gnd Lift.' On the flip side are two pure wave tracks, 'J'ai Mangé des Nerfs' and 'Animals Don't Mind.' 'Gnd Lift' is a slow building hazy hypnotic track with heavy atmosphere, fitting perfectly on a smoke filled dance floor. 'J'ai Mangé des Nerfs' is a classic vocal driven synthpop track with the grit characteristic of In Aeternam Vale's 80's cassette works. The 12" closes with 'Animals Don't Mind,' a slow and deeply emotive smoldering darkwave track that speaks directly to the heart, this one feels the most personal thus far. The Gnd Lift 12" shows us all sides of In Aeternam Vale, his strengths lying in his ability to create both techno masterpieces and classic underground wave tracks, moving seamlessly from one to the next. None of these tracks have ever been released before although In Aeternam Vale has been performing them live recently with much acclaim. The pressing is limited to 999 copies, all pressed on 160 gram clear transparent deep purple vinyl, accompanied by a hand-numbered matte printed sleeve."



OKPARA, RAY: Sugar Feel 12" (MOBILEE 139EP) 12.50
Ray Okpara returns to Mobilee with a deliciously dark double hitter. He's known for rhythmically intricate productions built on addictive, loop-driven beats. Here, however, he lets the bassline, melody, and atmospherics do the talking instead. "Sugar Feel" is a funky dub-roller with a warped vocal sample flitting through a seductive whirlpool of FX-laden chords and stabs. A mechanoid synth pulses in and out of focus, as if an electrical charge is flowing through the listener's brain. "Ostroff" is a veritable beast, an absolute party-starter with a weapons-grade bassline cruising beneath the surface like a chrome-plated shark on full alert.



KUNIYUKI: Afric Univers (feat. Sona Diabate) 12" (MUSIQ 181EP) 14.50
"Afric Univers" is one of the favorite tracks from the latest Kuniyuki album, Feather World. Mathias Kaden has made a simply killer house version and a dub.


MR 348CD

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Hot Box 1974-1994 2CD (MR 348CD) 22.00
Destroy All Monsters are known by some for their role as a bastion of resistance of Detroit's rock; for being, during their second period, the band in which Ron Asheton would reappear. For others, they are a pivotal reference point in the copious but relatively unknown avant-garde underground from the same city, after Thurston Moore and Byron Coley dug up their first recordings in 1996 and the original line-up reunited. Destroy All Monsters comprises two complementary and interconnected poles throughout the saga of the Motor City's music scene, from the University of Michigan's Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music to The Stooges, through to the White Panther Party. In its two incarnations, the experimental -- led by Cary Loren, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley -- and the high energy one -- with Asheton and Michael Davis from MC5, both featuring the phantasmagorical Niagara in the role of doped-up priestess, Destroy All Monsters are the object of one of the most devotional cults of America's cultural underground, as testified by their abundant artistic and record production. Hot Box 1974-1994 is the first anthology to bring together the best outcome of those two hemispheres, including much unreleased material. Includes a generously-illustrated booklet featuring photos and artwork never seen before. All tracks have been remastered from recently discovered tapes.

MR 348LP

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS: Hot Box 1974-1994 3LP BOX (MR 348LP) 80.00
Triple LP version. Destroy All Monsters are known by some for their role as a bastion of resistance of Detroit's rock; for being, during their second period, the band in which Ron Asheton would reappear. For others, they are a pivotal reference point in the copious but relatively unknown avant-garde underground from the same city, after Thurston Moore and Byron Coley dug up their first recordings in 1996 and the original line-up reunited. Destroy All Monsters comprises two complementary and interconnected poles throughout the saga of the Motor City's music scene, from the University of Michigan's Cooperative Studio for Electronic Music to The Stooges, through to the White Panther Party. In its two incarnations, the experimental -- led by Cary Loren, Jim Shaw and Mike Kelley -- and the high energy one -- with Asheton and Michael Davis from MC5, both featuring the phantasmagorical Niagara in the role of doped-up priestess, Destroy All Monsters are the object of one of the most devotional cults of America's cultural underground, as testified by their abundant artistic and record production. Hot Box 1974-1994 is the first anthology to bring together the best outcome of those two hemispheres, including much unreleased material. Includes a generously-illustrated booklet featuring photos and artwork never seen before. All tracks have been remastered from recently discovered tapes.

MR 349LP

FITZGERALD, PATRIK: Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart 2LP (MR 349LP) 25.50
RSD Black Friday release. Patrik Fitzgerald was one of the oddities that punk rock threw up in 1977. A lone singer with an acoustic guitar, regaling punk audiences with lyrical songs and interspersing them with chats, stories and poems. Is this what people died in the Punk Wars for? The answer is an emphatic yes. There's no better example of the punk DIY attitude than the lone, slight figure of Patrik Fitzgerald making it happen and expressing himself on stage, singing songs of alienation, observation and imagined situations and often braving hostile receptions to communicate with an audience. While bands had the safety net of each other and the bombast of volume and wattage, he stood alone. Patrik had realism, pathos and incisive, sometimes uncomfortable, lyrics. Those early songs like "Safety Pin in My Heart" and "All Sewn Up" have amazingly stood the test of time and sound as relevant today as then. Patrik Fitzgerald was the "Punk Poet." He is the great forgotten songwriter from the Class of '77. Patrik Fitzgerald never became a household name or punk icon like Rotten, Strummer or Weller, but to his loyal followers he is just as important and as inspirational. Same goes for Mark Perry, Vic Godard and Robert Lloyd. Like them, he is one of punk's idiosyncratic, singular voices: artistically successful, but too uncompromising for mainstream and commercial rewards. Fitzgerald's sincere attitude and eccentric appearance -- commonly, a badge-cluttered blazer, red drainpipe trousers and sandals -- set him squarely apart from his new wave brethren. He was always called a poet rather than a singer, as it was all about the words. Words full of tragedy, comedy, cynicism, realism, bitterness, pathos and just occasionally, hope. Tagged the "new Dylan" in '77, he was maybe more the new Leonard Cohen with a touch of social realism, although Bowie was his hero. "The recordings remain true to me, even when I don't. This is what they are; the voice of a small, insecure, somewhat lost person, living in a small, insecure, somewhat lost country."



SOULPHICTION: Riot Party EP 12" (MKR 042EP) 14.00
Soulphiction aka Michel Baumann's music animates you because of the natural quality of his rhythms. This soulfulness and warmth that he brings out from the machines is simply phat like nothing else. Independent from the breeze in the studio, these tones must be released into the world. Musik Krause takes it in. The result here is five songs that are old-school yet modern.


NS 053CD

MARZENIT, MARC: To Love Until We Say Goodbye CD (NS 053CD) 14.00
Marc Marzenit is one of the most important figures in the Spanish electronic scene, with an impressive career as a DJ and producer, having performed all over the world at festivals such as Sónar, Ultra Miami, Creamfields Spain, Creamfields Buenos Aires, and Global Gathering, among many others. Marc also stands out for his work on prestigious labels such as Cocoon, Bedrock and Tronic, creating his own sound, elegant and emotional, yet strong and able to rock any dancefloor. But instead of exploiting this formula, simply compiling all his singles and shaping them into an album, Marc has created what could be called a conceptual techno album based on personal experiences, which is full of feelings and honesty, something really rare these days. Drawing from his classical musical background and influences beyond dance music, Marc came up with an album that injects freshness and purity into the music, reinventing himself yet staying true to his own sound, renewing it and getting the listener excited. The album combines hypnotic, expressive techno with tracks like "Death Espiral," which has already been played in the sets of techno and deep house ambassadors, as well as with highly sensitive electronic tracks. To Love Until We Say Goodbye is a musical journey through nostalgic beauty, two years in the making, which speaks from personal experience about a break-up, about a cycle that terminates, and about how we can face the end, which is inevitable. And in that exact moment of rupture, there's Marc as an artist, a turning point where he decides to break the limits of club music and show us that he is able to create a techno album that can make us dance with tears in our eyes.


NA 5118LP

HELIOCENTRICS & MELVIN VAN PEEBLES, THE: The Last Transmission LP (NA 5118LP) 21.00
LP version with download card. "An interplanetary space/love odyssey featuring Melvin Van Peebles (Brer Soul, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song). Following Heliocentrics' Out There and 13 Degrees of Reality albums. 2 CD set -- Instrumentals included on bonus second disc. Van Peebles makes for the Heliocentrics' ideal foil: he did graduate work in astronomy in Holland in the 1950s and maintains an avid interest in cosmology. The Heliocentrics, as their name conveys, draw inspiration from both the philosophic leanings of the likes of Stephen Hawking and interstellar mysteries, like those surrounding the Malian Dogon tribe's knowledge of the Sirius B star hundreds of years before it was discovered. Their music is as indebted to Sun Ra's interstellar jazz as it is inspired by psychedelia's spiritual expanse. The Last Transmission, presented as a vocal album and an expanded instrumental selection on a bonus disc, can be taken as both the band's interpretation of Van Peebles' poem and a musical voyage inspired by Van Peebles' vivid imagery. The band considers it their defining work, the result of more than a decade of playing and recording together. They've found a voice as a band, one that meshes with Van Peebles,' as he weaves an intergalactic 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner.' In between producer/drummer Malcolm Catto's thunderous syncopation and producer/bassist Jake Ferguson's bellowing bass lines, amidst the analog electronics and atmospheric interference naturally accorded by their organic analogue process, Van Peebles' voice floats in and out, spectral in its tone, complete in its conviction in the unfathomable sense that life's eruption in the cosmic expanse made, and in love's ability to transform and transcend death."

NA 7027EP

MARKS/BUDDY CANTRELL, RICHARD: I'm the Man for You 7" (NA 7027EP) 11.00
"Now-Again presents a series of four, limited edition 45 rpm singles ranging from deep American funk and soul, Zimbabwean fuzz funk, Zambian proto-punk, and rare disco. 500 copies of each 7" will be produced, and there will not be a repress. These records are packaged in a die cut, picture sleeve and are packaged in a resealable plastic jacket. A download card for all eight tracks from the series is included with each 7." First up in the series, a split 7" from Richard Marks and Buddy Cantrell: two of America's most sought after deep funk/soul sides available on a 7" single for the first time. Originally issued on the tiny Atlanta imprint Tuska at the turn of 1970, both of these singles will appear on our Richard Marks anthology Never Satisfied."

NA 7028EP

STARS OF LIBERTY/EYE Q: Power to the People 7" (NA 7028EP) 11.00
"Next up in the series, a split 7" release from Stars of Liberty and Eye Q: two tracks from the 1970s Zimbabwean black rock scene. Stars of Liberty and Eye Q are two of the most fiery ensembles to release fuzzy singles in funky protest of Ian Smith's oppressive Rhodesian regime."

NA 7034EP

TEMBO & THE NGOZI FAMILY BAND, CHRISSY ZEBBY: I'm Not Made of Iron/Fisherman 7" (NA 7034EP) 11.00
"The Sure Shot series continues with Chrissy Zebby Tembo and two proto-punk Zamrock tracks from the drummer behind Paul Ngozi's Ngozi Family Band. The Ngozi Family's output is the focus of ongoing investigation and reissue on Now-Again. 'Fisherman' was originally issued on Zebby Tembo's lauded My Ancestors album. 'I'm Not Made of Iron,' from his untitled third LP, has never been released in any form."



MCKAY: Into You LP (LION 142LP) 21.00
"One of the 'holy grails' of Indianapolis private-pressdom (surpassed only by Zerfas and Anonymous) available again in its original format! Ray 'McKay' Pierle and his musically-adept brothers and friends partied, jammed and partied some more on Indy's south side throughout the mid-70's, forming a band (Loos) which managed to garner zero media attention at the time. However, Ray's trusty Teac four-track was always close at hand and countless hours of home recordings were induced onto magnetic tape, as well as a few songs laid down at a local studio. After a brief hiatus, the core members reconvened as McKay, and created their sole document, the 300-press Into You album (1978); the LP was given to friends and family and consigned in nearby record shops. A mere 15 years had to pass before the collecting world discovered the highly-personal songwriting, tight playing, and not-so-well-hidden West-Coast stylistic touches. A vinyl reissue was locally produced back then but it's long gone, so here's a new all analogue, master tape edition for a new generation to savor."


OT 011EP

VA: Drum Attack (Lost DJ Weapons from the 1990s) 12" (OT 011EP) 12.50
This Illumination track from 1998 is great fun to mix with. It was only when the master arrived that the realization came that for all these years it has been played at the wrong speed! The vinyl version is now pressed so it can be played at either 45 or 33. Mr. Marvin's "I Want You" came out on R&S offshoot Global Cuts in 1993. This is a hypnotic tribal gem with seemingly random, panning vocal interjections. Lastly is Fuel's "Rigid," which came out on the UK label SCR in 1995. The industrial-strength, stroboscopic snare tattoos will have you reaching out for the smoke machine-button every time.



RHAUDER: Ornaments Symphony 3 2CD BOX (ORN 031CD) 21.00
Ornaments presents Ornaments Symphony 3, a double-CD box compiling tracks from ORN 022CD/LP through ORN 030EP for those who haven't had the chance to listen to the originals. Rhauder's mix includes tracks by Marko Fürstenberg, Mod.Civil, Rhauder featuring Paul St. Hilaire, Carlos Nilmmns (including appearances by Sandra Boumezer, Niko Marks, Davina and a remix by Andrés), The Analog Roland Orchestra (including a remix by Redshape), and youAND:THEMACHINES (including appearances by Brothers' Vibe, Robert Owens, Bajka, and Keter Darker and remixes by Fürstenberg and Luke Hess, Freund der Familie, Youandewan, youANDme, XDB, Basic Soul Unit, Steve Bug, Sascha Dive, Boo Williams, and Rising Sun). The two CDs are housed in a metal box with a hand-stamped and numbered inlay card. 333 copies produced, with only 200 made available for sale.


OP 018EP

STIP, VALENTIN: Sigh (Interpretation) 10" (OP 018EP) 14.00
One-sided release. Valentin Stip plays a piano interpretation of the title track from his debut album Sigh, released in 2014 on Other People (OP 006CD/LP).



CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM: Children of the Mushroom LP (OSR 028LP) 25.50
LP version. Though they only released one 45 during their existence, Children of the Mushroom epitomized the psychedelic garage sound coming out of California in the late '60s. Formed in Thousand Oaks by Jerry McMillen and Dennis Swanson, they evolved from a mid-'60s teen-beat band called The Captives. In 1967, they became Children of the Mushroom, a name which reflected their new psychedelic sound and image. The following year, they caught the attention of a couple of young producers, who signed the band for a 45 release. Recorded in 1968 for Soho Records, August Mademoiselle/You Can't Erase a Mirror is one of the masterpieces from the first psychedelic era: feedback, fuzz, organ, and mysterious vocals. Soon after, the band incorporated a new guitar player, shortened their name to The Mushroom and started playing in a more heavy psych vein, in a similar style to Iron Butterfly. This retrospective album includes both tracks from their monster 45, with sound taken from the master recordings, plus previously unreleased tracks by The Mushroom, recorded in 1968. These are raw, lo-fi home recordings with lots of fuzz guitar and organ. It's the sound of a psychedelic band in 1968 playing free and wild, without any producer or record label executive telling them what to do. An incredible document. Remastered sound. Fold-out colour insert with liner notes, interview with the band members, and rare photos.



MOTOWNS: Motowns CD (PART 4051CD) 17.00
This 1971 album by Liverpool's Motowns revealed a new approach and signaled a more experimental mood. What results is an explorative collection of collaborations, musicianship and production. The prominent fuzz guitar and Hammond throughout mark the destined appeal of this much-overlooked masterpiece. Enigmatic and powerful songs combine with colorful arrangements to produce a wildly desirable piece of psychedelic rock.


VA: CTR+ALT+DEL #1: Modern Wave Monologues 1978-1983 CD (PART 4052CD) 17.00
Thatcher, riots, unemployment, Crossroads, Threads, the freezing cold, cold war... you can't always blame it on the weather. CTR+ALT+DEL examines the electronics of circumstance. From the punk explosion that spat on and then spawned the bloated and disastrous and generated the degenerated. A pitiful series of reluctant occurrences in the automatic brutality of an urban paradise. The dirty rotten '80s, oh, how we despaired. A gathering of rare and obscure vinyl adventures culled from the Cold War collective. Also known as cold wave, minimal wave or new wave, these are the monologues of a modern wave. Features a 12-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare color photographs. Artists include: Moskow, White Russia, Farm Life, Blaue Reiter, Gerry & The Holograms, Magits, Klingons, The Filmcasts, Four Plugs, To The Finland Station, Bumbites, V-Sor, X, Orior, Eternal Scream, Firmament And The Elements, Bendall's Box, Distributors, Allies, The Freeze, and Bad Actors.



VA: Uncanny Vacation 12" (UVAC 001EP) 12.00
Uncanny Valley and Permanent Vacation present Uncanny Vacation. The record starts off with Permanent Vacation regular and UK veteran DMX Krew and his "Astro Logical," which is as sharp and crisp as electro can be. Uncanny Valley's Sandrow M follows with the much-in-demand live version of "Prayervan." On the flip-side, Jacob Korn (who has releases out on both labels) hands in "Eieiei," which rises on a percussion-heavy drum basement to a discoid house stomper. Last but not least, Netherlands-based Drvg Cvltvre delivers "See You Again," a tropical House jam. Art by Alexander Dorn, aka Credit 00.



DOLLAR/BRILLSTEIN, OLIVER: Ain't I'm Clean 10" (PID 049EP) 14.00
"On one of his many legendary trips to LA, Oliver Dollar found himself entrenched in yet another spiral of digging for samples, listening to oddities and generally funking things up with me. It was on this particular trip that 'Ain't I'm Clean' was born; a track perfect for all occasions, beginning, middle or possibly ending" --Brillstein.



VA: Four Jacks Pt. 4 - 15 Years of Poker Flat 12" (PFR 156EP) 14.00
This is the fourth and final installment of Four Jacks, Poker Flat's EP series celebrating its 15-year anniversary. Following the series' format, Part 4 boasts two new remixes of classics, and two new tracks from Poker Flat's roster. DJ Tennis & Mind Against deliver a slow, suspenseful deep house makeover of Trentemøller's electro touchstone "Always Something Better," while Ejeca gives Chardronnet vs. Afrilounge's 2005 minimal tech hit "Shake It" a full-bodied peak-time melodic techno treatment. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell reach for vintage house and noodly acid on "All We Know," and Kindimmer opts for delicately minimal house with "Tremor."



ORION: Gravity 12" (PLTR 012EP) 14.00
Polytone Recordings is back with a three-track EP featuring two originals from Orion and a raw remix from Johannes Volk. "Gravity," a dynamic techno cut geared to the darkest dancefloors, simmers effortlessly over rumbling sooty percussion and drawn-out atmospherics. The "Beatless Version" does exactly what it says on the tin -- in fine ethereal form. Up for remix duty is Exploration head honcho Johannes Volk, known additionally for his quality output on Axis, Sistrum Recordings, and, more recently, London's Tief Music. Johannes certainly delivers, utilizing sharp modulations and oscillating synth lines to dish up a robust and hypnotic re-imagining.


PT 8027CD

ASSAGAI: Assagai CD (PT 8027CD) 17.00
Assagai's debut for Philips' progressive subsidiary Vertigo was realized in 1971 to quiet applause. Critics soon became favorable as Afro-rock gained a foothold as the "next big thing" and it wasn't long before they would make their (only) appearance on Top of the Pops. Their journey in London's predominantly progressive underground music scene was brief, but also established a further chapter in the annals of Afro-rock alongside Black Velvet, Osibisa, Thor's Anvil, Uhuru and the Cosmic Grass Band. Numerous musical figures were assembled from the South African and Nigerian communities resident in London at the time with contributions from Dudu Pukwana, Fred Coker, Ayinde Folarin (Demon Fuzz) and Fred Fredericks (Jimmy James And The Vagabonds). An unlikely partnership with progressive-folk legends Jade Warrior would provide backing on their Zimbabwe LP, co-writing material for their self-titled debut. Unbeknownst to Jade Warrior at the time, they were part of a combined contract with their label mates. Assagai is as fresh and alive as it was when it was recorded in 1971, hypnotic in its rhythm and tantalizing in its mix of punctured brass and provocative vocals. Their ruthless brand of handsome rhythm offers copious potent vibes, but simultaneously employs a simple narrative achieving an elementary perspective of London's rapidly changing times.

PT 8031CD

Prog Temple's retrospective analysis of this band's brief, but valid existence emphasizes Chris Stainton's convictions and illustrates the missing links in a vital part of British rock music history. Names such as Joe Cocker, Jim Capaldi, Bryn Haworth, Mike Patto, One In A Million, Spooky Tooth, and The Who offer only a glimpse of the iconic wealth surrounding one man's career and a band that was clearly striving for something more than cheap rewards.

PT 8032CD

BYZANTIUM: Live & Studio CD (PT 8032CD) 17.00
From the smouldering ashes of Ora, Robin Sylvester's thirst for further folk-inspired manipulations lay conscious amidst the aftermath of Tangerine's rushed release of the band's demo material in 1969. However, Ora's brief existence would have significant repercussions reaching far beyond the complex histories of a good number of their contemporaries, namely in London hopefuls, Byzantium. Aside from their two albums for A&M in 1972 and 1973, their BBC session for John Peel from April 1974 also stands as official testament to their work. However, their legacy also exists in the band's self-financed Live & Studio LP, a collection of demos and live recordings that span their entire existence from 1971 to 1974, allowing the listener a generous perspective of their work. Prog Temple's retrospective viewpoint reveals the complete story of Byzantium and their relationship with iconic names such as Rory Gallagher, Bruce Springsteen and Ian Dury.

PT 8033CD

JACKSON HEIGHTS: King Progress CD (PT 8033CD) 17.00
Although a Geordie lad himself, Lee Jackson's path to fame was realized in Brighton when he joined the solid R&B outfit Gary Farr And The T-Bones alongside Keith Emerson, with whom he eventually rode the progressive wave in The Nice. With Emerson's departure into ELP, Jackson summoned bass guitarist Mario Tapas and the talents of old Newcastle cohorts Tommy Sloane and Charlie Harcourt to emerge as Jackson Heights. Combined with Jackson's reputation in The Nice and Tony Stratton-Smith's confidence, Charisma provided the platform for their first effort, King Progress in 1970. King Progress offers a less complex structure than Jackson's past exploits with Emerson, with more acoustic than electric reflections throughout. A progressive pop style underpins the acoustic textures that richly bind the compositions of Jackson and Harcourt. Deserving of much higher praise than it was originally afforded, both Jackson Heights and King Progress were quickly sidelined in favor of bigger and more financially-secure names. Charisma ditched the band after disappointing sales, leaving Jackson to ponder his next move, resulting in three albums for Vertigo until 1973 when the band finally imploded.

PT 8034CD

BUSH: Bush CD (PT 8034CD) 17.00
Bush excelled in simple, blues-influenced songs that were raw, without sacrificing musicianship. Unlike some of the heavier rock acts of the period, their power didn't compromise their abilities to combine great songwriting with huge riffs. Their recorded output and live appearances show that they were predominantly a band's-band, widely respected by their counterparts and especially so with Domenic Troiano's revered playing, which had added a unique and invaluable ingredient to the overall flavor. Prog Temple's retrospective spotlight on the all-too-brief career of Bush reveals a story of what-could-have-been, but likewise, a vital chapter in the encyclopedia of Canadian rock amidst the more familiar names of Guess Who, Rush, Chilliwack, April Wine, and Gordon Lightfoot. Their self-titled lone album from 1970 marks a critically-overlooked milestone in Canadian rock and reveals some of the best guitar-work ever committed to vinyl courtesy of Domenic Troiano. Fully re-mastered with comprehensive liners, anecdotes and rare archival photos.

PT 8035CD

ARZACHEL: Arzachel CD (PT 8035CD) 17.00
Prog Temple proudly presents a vitally important and acknowledged piece of British psychedelia. Arzachel's lone album was released to little acclaim when it appeared on the independent Evolution label in 1969 with barely any promotion to propel it. Unbeknownst to many, Arzachel didn't actually exist, instead they were better known as Uriel and would later discover prominence with Decca as Egg. Recorded in a small demo studio in one eight-hour session, Uriel's enigmatic timepiece achieves further deserved recognition. Fully re-mastered with background liners and photos.

PT 8036CD

AREA CODE 615: Trip in the Country CD (PT 8036CD) 17.00
Trip in the Country was the funkier and fuzzier second album from Area Code 615 (a conglomerate of Nashville's finest session men, including Wayne Moss, Mac Guyden, and Kenneth Buttrey), originally released on Polydor in 1970. It includes the out-of-this-world country rock/garage psych hybrid "Gray Suit Men" and the classic theme from The Old Grey Whistle Test ("Stone Fox Chase") as well as some unique diversions into acid rock, funk, and easy listening.

PT 8037CD

ARIEL: A Strange Fantastic Dream CD (PT 8037CD) 17.00
Ariel was an Australian band that formed from the ashes of Spectrum and Tamam Shud. Released on EMI's progressive imprint Harvest in 1973, A Strange Fantastic Dream, if having certain similarities to early British progressive rock (Procol Harum, Uriah Heap) and the art rock of Supertramp, has a wry, bluesy rock swagger that's distinctly Oz. The album fared well commercially and critically, reaching #12 in the LP charts in February 1974.


PP 008EP

SAMO DJ: Sap Sao Seoi La 10" (PP 008EP) 14.00
Public Possession's eighth offering is a 10" curated by Stockholm's Samo DJ, who co-owns Born Free Records with Daniel Isling (Sling) and releases his own work on labels such as L.I.E.S. Records and High Feelings. A1 features his "Sha Tin 4am," which he produced in his Hong Kong apartment near a horse racing track, delivering flawless, galloping soundscapes. A2 showcases Over the Hill (Daniel Savio and Sam Nyholm), whose "Acid Rasta" features a slow, heavy bassline, synth stabs, and a dubby groove. The B-side gives space to the danceable trip "Here My Dear," courtesy of the yet unheard-of Taro Tokugawa.



CORNER, PHILIP: Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades (Improvizations After François Couperin) LP (ROAR 036LP) 23.00
"Les Barricades Mistérieuses, the harpsichord gem by French Baroque composer François Couperin, has been a long-running source of exploration for Fluxus musician Philip Corner, who for years has used it as a jumping-off point for piano improvisations. Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades comprises two very different takes on the same piece. The first dates from 1992, in collaboration with dancer Paulette Sears (who provides the 'singings and screamings' of the album's subtitle); it moves from a frenzy of abstraction to a more meditative take on Couperin's composition, with diversions and tributaries along the way. The second, from 2004, is a rougher beast: recorded with wildly over-saturated levels, the tape machine itself becomes a participant in the performance, with its heavy distortion bringing out storm-clouds of overtones from Corner's piano. Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades is released in an edition of 318 copies, with Corner's calligraphy silkscreened on Kozo rice paper and mounted onto the jacket. Download coupon included."



RODEN + STEPHEN VITIELLO, STEVE: The Spaces Contained in Each CD (EDRM 415CD) 16.50
Steve Roden and Stephen Vitiello are sound artists working at the nexus of sculpture and acoustics. They are professional listeners, embedding themselves in the auditory and relishing that which is encompassed in their horizon of listening. It's a shared horizon, then, that is at the core of The Spaces Contained in Each. Recorded as part of their joint residency on Governors Island in New York, this edition documents their installation work created for the unique acoustics of the island's St. Cornelius Chapel. Like many of the recordings that populate their solo discographies, The Spaces Contained in Each dwells in a zone of rich textural soundscapes. Distant bells toll at the edges of perception, field recordings flutter amid bursts of modular synth and other electronics. The sound field is constantly evolving and unfolding as layer upon layer of sound draws the listener deeper into the sound space. Moments of hushed tonality break into explosive bursts of frequency, though at no time does the work break its auditory suspension of disbelief. This collaboration sounds out new pathways into fields of sound well-explored by each of these artists. It marks an accumulation of their works, both individually and as collaborators.

RM 456CD

TAKASHI, UENO: Variations of Weeds CD (RM 456CD) 16.50
"I think I have known Ueno Takashi for almost a decade now. If not that long, then certainly close. Over that time I've had the pleasure of performing with him and collaborating together on a number of recording projects for Tenniscoats. Ueno's work, both solo and with groups, spans an eclectic range of interests. I remember once sitting in his small studio and looking through an epic array of CDs he had lying around. It stretched over a vast array of musics from folk, pop, and bebop, through to noise, classical, and free improv. It was a glimpse into what fuels Ueno and ultimately what shapes his hunger to seek out new ways of approaching song, timbre, and, more importantly, his instrument. Since the first time we met, I have recognized one constant for Ueno: a restlessness of spirit that has resulted in some of the most profound guitar playing I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Ueno has found a way to make the guitar both familiar and alien at the same time. His playing has inspired me and a great many others. It continues to develop with a spirit of relentless harmony and acute individuality. On Variations of Weeds Ueno charts out a series of harmonic and timbral micro-universes for guitar. It's a record that has captivated me since the first time I had the pleasure to hear it. I am glad to be sharing this with you." --Lawrence English, November 2014



STEWART, CLINT: Throwing Stones EP 12" (SNDST 006EP) 12.00
Clint Stewart presents two big room jams for his second solo effort on Second State Audio. The A-side, "Throwing Stones," begins with giant rolling sub bass, slowly grows with atmospheric chimes and vocal snippets, then finally snaps back into reality as the bass changes and a single looping synth takes center stage. On the B-side, Stewart goes for a warmer, more uplifting tone with "Come Undone." A solid groove culminates into a wash of delayed chimes as the breakdown introduces the lead: an unforgettable brass line that is sure to have all the hands in the air.



SALOMAN, GABRIEL: Movement Building Vol. 1 LP (SHELTER 051LP) 21.00
Gabriel Saloman has developed a reputation for releasing penetrating works of haunting beauty in his new role as a solo performer and composer. Known for his part in the seminal electronic-noise duo Yellow Swans (alongside Pete Swanson), Saloman has taken the sweeping drones and fried electricity of his former band and embedded them within an expanding palette of bowed strings, martial percussion and resonant piano. The majority of his work to date has been developed as music for contemporary dance, exemplified by two solo albums with Miasmah, 2012's melancholic Adhere (MIA 021LP) and last year's celebrated ode to mud and decay Soldier's Requiem (MIA 026CD/LP). As he continues to prolifically produce music for dance, Saloman has developed a new series with Shelter Press to make these works available: Movement Building. The first of two volumes to be released individually on vinyl and together on CD, "The Disciplined Body" is a 34-minute work that moves through ghostly minimalist drones, poly-vocal drumming and culminates in an aching climb through sheets of shimmering guitar chords before erupting in a violent spurt of harsh noise. While at its climax it may be evocative of transcendental string manglers ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, in its more subtle moments it wades through the kind of blackened water that suggests the outer boundaries of ambient metal, or the ghostly remnants of a cassette dub of beatless electronics. Composed for Daisy Karen Thompson's "Re-Marks on Source Material," the music shares that dance's Foucault-influenced questioning of the limits imposed on our bodies by technology and labor, reaching for an ecstatic escape from discipline and control. Listeners may want to reach for the same -- to do so we suggest they play this recording very, very loud. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. All music by GMS (guitar, percussion). Recorded at 611 Alexander and SFU SCA in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, Spring and Summer 2013.



MISS KENICHI: The Trail LP (SINNBUS 052LP) 21.00
LP version. Includes download code. The Trail is the third album by Berlin-based artist, musician and singer-songwriter Katrin Hahner aka Miss Kenichi. Though her first two, low-key albums were more than well-received in her homeland, The Trail is a huge leap forward, the work of a mature and confident performer, its songwriting subtle and captivating, its arrangements imaginative and complex. The album was recorded in Berlin's Chez Cherie studios, accompanied by longtime collaborator Earl Harvin (Tindersticks) and with the help of a number of other musicians, amongst them Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Tindersticks) and Chris Bruce (Meshell Ndgeocello, Chris Connelly).


ST 001LP

DISSEVELT/KID BALTAN, TOM: The Fascinating World of Electronic Music LP (ST 001LP) 21.00
RSD Black Friday release. Since it was established in 1914 the Phillips Research laboratories (NatLab) in Holland has given us the very first artificial reverb, tape recording, stereo, the cassette tape, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and the songs of Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan. You see, back in the Cold War, with the arms race and the frequent threat of annihilation via an atom bomb, technology had developed something of an image problem. Consequently, Phillips brought in some composers, in the hope that their technological music could put a human face on the new toys. The result was like "Song of the Second Moon" -- the first piece of electronic pop music, recorded in about 1957. It was produced over a couple of days by Dick Raaijmakers (aka Kid Baltan), pressed as a single and given away to visitors to the lab. Despite the tune's lofty status in the pantheon of electronic music, Raaijmakers was inexplicably demoted to assistant to fellow composer Tom Dissevelt. However, the duo proceeded to record 20 or so tracks over the next three years in what was a quite laborious process. The Philips label, however, released several tracks by the duo spread over a couple of sometimes-futuristic library music compilations like The Fascinating World of Electronic Music. Get this piece of future music now.

ST 002LP

DISSEVELT, TOM: Fantasy in Orbit: Round the World with Electronic Music LP (ST 002LP) 21.00
RSD Black Friday release. Even before the landing of men onto the moon or any space travels, majestic Tom Dissevelt captured the essence of the space mood and science fiction aesthetic. Fantasy in Orbit draws the blueprint for a future sound, later recognized as "Electronic Music," as simple as that. The music is this jaunty space-age swirl, with synthetic oscillations and bubbling textures, creating what is one moment playful, the next menacing, as they struggle to reign in the beast that would become electronic music. You can hear everything from bachelor pad exotica to avant-garde electronics, and even a primitive precursor to acid house. It's all here. As a side note it's music that could've been the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, as Stanley Kubrick requested the music for a new space project he was working on. Dissevelt had never heard of him so he ignored the letter. The vibe is tremendous and vital. Proto-so-many-things. It's a relic of electronic music. Get it now.


SP 067CD

BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S.: Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages CD (SP 067CD) 16.50
Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath: Benjamin Christensen's legendary 1922 silent film Häxan uses a series of dramatic vignettes to explore the scientific hypothesis that the witches of the Middle Ages suffered the same hysteria as turn-of-the-century psychiatric patients. But the film itself is far from serious; instead, it's a witches' brew of the scary, gross, and darkly humorous. In 1968, Antony Balch prepared an abbreviated 77-minute version of the film titled Witchcraft Through the Ages. Balch had previously worked with William S. Burroughs in making the films Towers Open Fire (1963) and The Cut-Ups (1967), and this version features Burroughs' dramatic narration, delivered as an incantation in droning monotone. Daniel Humair's chaotic jazz score for the '68 release was played by a quintet that included Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and Humair on percussion. The artwork features stills from the film.



SUAAVE/ROMAN MUHLSCHLEGEL: Welcome to the Soul Estate 12" (SOULES 001EP) 15.50
Looking for a new home for your mind? Welcome to the Soul Estate! The German label presents its debut EP, a record that amalgamates the right elements of the early '90s with contemporary freshness. The "future" side features Suaave's "Luminary," which begins with a deep and airy chord-pad, slowly building until the 909 kicks in and the chords ignite. "Glass" is the laid-back A2 -- slow, relaxed, and funky grooves highlighted by a fluffy synth-solo. Roman Mühlschlegel delivers the "past" side, recalling the good old days of early '90s Chicago house with "Belladonna" and "Cool Down World."



SURGEON: Surgeon EP (2014 Remaster) 12" (SRX 001EP) 15.50
Repressed. This is the first release on the six-volume Surgeon reissues label, SRX. Originally recorded 20 years ago, Surgeon's first-ever release marked the beginning of the hugely-influential Birmingham techno sound. "Although some of these releases have been repressed many times over the years, they have always been from the original plates from those early cuts; none have ever been re-mastered and recut in their original from. So I began carefully transferring everything from the original DAT tapes and working closely with Christoph Grote-Beverborg from Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin to present this early material as it was originally intended. For the packaging I commissioned Ken Meier and Yoonjai Choi from Common Name."



RVDS: Pudel Produkte 25 12" (AKTSIE 051EP) 12.00
New Pudel 12" featuring four tracks by Hamburg's finest house/minimal/cosmic-producer RVDS (of It's and Dial-fame). Interstellar house music between Chicago, Detroit, Milan, and Hamburg.



GRITS 'N GRAVY: Second Shot CD (STAGO 067CD) 17.00
14 months after their debut release (STAGO 038CD), German duo Grits 'n Gravy returns with Second Shot. Grits 'n Gravy still consists of drummer and singer Mighty Mike (The Juke Joint Pimps, Voodoo Rhythm) and Cat Lee King, a young and skinny piano player with a big voice. Who knows where he gets it, but he has the soul of Ray Charles and the mean attack of Bunker Hill. The guys spent two days in the studio to lay down 12 tracks, 10 of which made the final cut. Musically, Grits 'n Gravy still stands for '50s rock 'n' roll, raw rhythm 'n' blues, and early soul. While their first release consisted mainly of covers, this time the duo has written seven originals, which appear alongside interpretations of "Tell a Whale of a Tale" (Wynonie Harris) and "Act Right" (Wynona Carr), as well as an inspired re-working of "I Put a Spell On You" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins). In order to broaden their sonic palette, Mike and Cat invited a few friends from Ray Collins' Hot Club to add double-bass, guitar, and saxophones on selected tracks.



GOODNIGHT LENIN: In the Fullness of Time CD (VAN 273CD) 16.50
Birmingham, England-based Americana folk quintet Goodnight Lenin have been building toward the release of their debut album, In the Fullness of Time, since their formation in 2011. In the singles and EPs they've put out since coming together, the band have worked with Nick Drake producer John Wood, Broadcast's Tim Felton, and Modified Toy Orchestra's Brian Duffy, as well as artists Clare Rojas, Mark Edwards, and Nathalie Daoust, whose photographs accompany In the Fullness of Time. Front man John Fell said of the album: "It took us a long time to find our sound... years in fact! We scrapped the record two or three times until we were happy with the songs. We recorded the bases of the tracks live onto analog tape to give it the '70s feel we wanted, plus we were honored to have one of our greatest influences, Jonathan Wilson, mix the album. It's something we are very proud of and we feel like it's the start of something special."



HAYDO, SIMON: Corrupted from Memory 12" (BARN 025EP) 14.00
After the mind-expanding MS20-fest that was his Studio Barnhus debut in early 2014 and with a warehouse-maddening remix for Naphta fresh in the stores, Simon Haydo returns to his home away from home with a glowing four-track EP chock-full of beautiful techno ranging from the mischievously boombastic to the straight-up drugged. Artwork by Johannes Brander.


SR 239LP

BUDD/ERALDO BERNOCCHI, HAROLD: Music for Fragments from the Inside 2LP (SR 239LP) 23.50
A "classic" from the Sub Rosa catalog, never released on vinyl before. An astonishing piano-player drifts on beats and soundscapes. Recorded during a magical night in the courtyard of a Siena Renaissance Italian Palazzio where the lightness of Harold Budd meets Eraldo Bernocchi's deep electronics. Beats and bass, drones and soundscapes tie together harmonically to meet one of the most emotionally-involving piano players/composers.

SR 355LP

MACLISE, ANGUS: New York Electronic, 1965 LP (SR 355LP) 15.50
New 2014 repress! Sub Rosa presents another release as a part of their early electronic series. Drone-based experiments from Angus MacLise (notably with Tony Conrad extremely present on the album, and John Cale), and purely electronic compositions -- a path (almost) nobody knew MacLise had explored. Miraculously salvaged by Gerard Malanga, these archives provided a new perspective on the artist's whole body of work and considerably expanded his artistic palette. And so Sub Rosa is able to present a whole record's worth of MacLise's early electronic music. Angus MacLise, born March 4, 1938 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was a percussionist, composer, poet, and calligrapher. He was a member of La Monte Young's Theater Of Eternal Music with John Cale, Tony Conrad, Marian Zazeela and sometimes Terry Riley. He contributed to the early Fluxus newspaper V Tre, edited by George Brecht and George Maciunas, and was also an early member of The Velvet Underground, having been brought into the group by flatmate John Cale when they were living at 56 Ludlow Street in Manhattan. MacLise played bongos and hand-drums during 1965 with the first incarnation of The Velvet Underground. Although the band regularly extemporized soundtracks to underground films during this era (The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda by Ira Cohen, Chumlum by Ron Rice), MacLise never officially recorded with them. Later in the 1960s, Angus and his wife Hetty traveled around between Vancouver, Paris, Greece and India, finally settling in Nepal. They also had a son, Ossian Kennard MacLise, who was recognized by Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, the 16th Karmapa, as a reincarnation of a Tibetan saint, or tulku, and at age four became a Buddhist monk. MacLise died of hypoglycemia and pulmonary tuberculosis in Kathmandu in 1979, aged 41. He recorded a vast amount of music that went largely unreleased until 1999. These recordings, produced between the mid-'60s and the late-'70s, consist of tribal trance workouts, spoken-word, poetry, drones and electronics, as well as many collaborations with his wife Hetty. In 2008, Hetty MacLise bequeathed a collection of her husband's tapes to the Yale Collection of American Literature.

SR 367CD

Youuu + Mee = Weee is the first recorded collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham. And it's precious. Following the musical meetings with Z'ev (Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear, SR340CD/LP), and with Tony Conrad, these new Sub Rosa sessions create a sort of trilogy. Rhys Chatham began his musical career as a piano tuner for avant-garde pioneer La Monte Young, also working as a harpsichord tuner for Gustav Leonhardt, Rosalyn Tureck, and Glenn Gould. He soon studied under electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick became a member of Young's group, The Theater of Eternal Music, during the early '70s. Chatham also played with Tony Conrad in an early version of Conrad's group, The Dream Syndicate. In 1971, while still in his teens, Chatham became the first music director at the experimental art space The Kitchen in lower Manhattan. His early works, such as Two Gongs (1971), owed a significant debt to Young and other minimalists. His concert productions included experimenters Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, and early alternative rockers such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Arto Lindsay, and John Lurie. He has worked closely with visual artist and musician Robert Longo, particularly in the 1980s, and with visual artist Joseph Nechvatal on an experimental opera called XS: The Opera Opus (1984-6). By 1977, Chatham's music had become heavily influenced by punk rock after an experience at an early Ramones concert. He was particularly influential upon the group of artists music critics would label "no wave" in 1978. Members of the New York City noise rock group Band of Susans began their careers in Chatham's ensembles; they later performed a cover of Chatham's "Guitar Trio" on their 1991 album, The Word and the Flesh. Chatham began playing trumpet in 1983, and his more recent works explore improvisatory trumpet solos employing amplification and effects. Youuu + Mee = Weee is 166 minutes of Charlemagne Palestine on Bösendorfer piano, Yamaha organ, and voice and Rhys Chatham on trumpet, loop pedal, and electric guitar.


SF 090LP

VA: Folk Music of the Sahel Vol. 1: Niger 2LP (SF 090LP) 31.00
Folk Music of the Sahel: Niger consists of field recordings collected in the Republic of Niger during the course of six expeditions undertaken by Hisham Mayet between 2004 and 2014. This first volume in Sublime Frequencies' new Folk Music of the Sahel series comprises a subjective but spectacular overview of Hausa, Zarma, Fulani, Songhai and Tuareg music culled from Mayet's rich archives. On this lavish double album, Mayet methodically reveals the dazzling range and power of Nigerian music, from stream-of-consciousness griot performances that serve as a local news broadcast and gossip column to a rare example of ritual music from a private spirit-possession ceremony. Its four sides offer a tantalizing glimpse of this region's unmatched musical riches, including the awe-inspiring courtship dances of the Wodaabe men and a rare duet between the late, great Tuareg guitarist Koudede and the renowned molo master Ousenni. The gorgeous gatefold cover features a 25-page bound-in booklet with extensive and informative liner notes, as well as Mayet's emblematic photographs from towns and villages throughout the region. In addition to preserving an exciting variety of sacred and profane musical performances by known and unknown artists, these recordings capture the music of Niger at a difficult cultural crossroads in which ancient musical and oratory traditions are imperiled both by the demands of modern assimilation and by the reactionary forces that oppose it. As such, the intent of this album is not just to document the fantastic heterogeneity of Sahelian music, but also to bear witness to the changes and challenges faced by Niger's diverse ethnic groups during a decade marked by almost inconceivable political instability and technological upheaval. Coming from an area wracked by disease, food shortages and droughts, as well as by social turmoil, this music reflects the essentially improvisational character of Sahelian life as well as its unfathomable cultural wellsprings. From exuberant a cappella drone chants to the riveting instrumental minimalism of goje possession music, the performances on this album represent a poignant cry to the universe by musicians who hold every note as sacred as the gift of enduring in this exceptionally severe region of the African continent. Housed in one of Sublime Frequencies' most stunning packages, which pays homage to the great European ethno labels of yore, this monumental one-time pressing, limited edition double LP beautifully inaugurates SF's comprehensive musical survey of the Sahel.


SV 013CD

MX-80 SOUND: Hard Attack 2CD (SV 013CD) 20.00
2013 release. "MX-80 Sound is one of the real oddities in American music. Their debut album, Hard Attack (released in the UK on Island Records), found little-to-no audience in the States upon its release in 1977, yet remains a key document of the mid-'70s proto-punk zeitgeist. Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, MX-80 Sound is lead by guitarist Bruce Anderson and defies simple classification with relentless riffs, dual drummers and vocalist Rich Stim's absurdist prose and dizzying sax. Assimilating the avant-rock of Captain Beefheart and conjuring the ghosts of Albert Ayler, MX-80 Sound evokes what free jazz would sound like if born in Bloomington. Superior Viaduct is honored to reissue Hard Attack, mastered from the original analog tapes for the first time since 1977 and remixed by the band. The definitive version for longtime fans and newcomers alike, this deluxe 2xCD set includes 19 previously unreleased tracks, documenting the band from their early days to the moment they relocated to San Francisco and signed to the Residents' Ralph Records label. The singular and staggering innovation of MX-80 Sound still harkens to rock's future potential."

SV 014LP

FLYNT, HENRY: Graduation 2LP (SV 014LP) 27.00
2013 release. "Henry Flynt took a high-brow approach to so-called low-brow music. Combining sounds from his native North Carolina with an avant-garde sensibility honed in New York City's loft scene in the 1960s, Flynt created what he describes as 'new American ethnic music.' As a student of Hindustani singer Pandit Pran Nath alongside La Monte Young and Terry Riley, an associate of the Fluxus movement, and even a live collaborator with the Velvet Underground, Flynt was a part of one of the 20th century's richest art and music milieus. Graduation, recorded between 1975 and 1979, was meant to be the debut of his avant-garde hillbilly music. The album's title track is a slow, twisted ballad that unfolds like a funeral dream over dirge-like country riffs. 'Celestial Power,' the album's 20-minute closing track, is an entrancing minimalist composition performed strictly with oscillating vibrato guitar. As Flynt explains, 'I aspire to a beauty which is ecstatic and perpetual, while at the same time being concretely human and emotionally profound.' Shelved upon its completion in 1980, Graduation was not released until after the turn of the century. In 2013, it still sounds years ahead of its time."

SV 024LP

DEVO: Hardcore Vol. 1 LP (SV 024LP) 20.00
2013 release. "Few moments in pop music history can match the grinding, pent-up energy of 'Mongoloid' and the spastic bounce and sputter of 'Jocko Homo' (two anthems presented in their earlier and superior versions here). Cult favorites like 'Mechanical Man' and 'Auto-Modown' make Volume 1 essential listening."

SV 025LP

DEVO: Hardcore Vol. 2 2LP (SV 025LP) 27.00
"Volume 2 digs further into the band's cranial bunker with the caveman hit 'Be Stiff,' the space age surf-blues of 'Clockout' and even a demented take on bubblegum pop, 'Goo Goo Itch.' This 2xLP set includes four previously unreleased tracks: 'Man from the Past,' 'Doghouse Doghouse,' 'Hubert House' and 'Shimmy Shake.'"

SV 026CD

DEVO: Hardcore 2CD (SV 026CD) 24.00
2013 release. "Devo's Hardcore documents the group's beginning as pre-punk outcasts in the fertile Akron, Ohio, underground rock scene. Spawned at the nearby college of Kent State, site of the infamous May 4 Massacre, Devo formed as a conceptual art project armed with the radical philosophy of de-evolution. Brothers Mothersbaugh (Mark, Bob and Jim) and Brothers Casale (Jerry and Bob) along with drummer Alan Myers soon whipped up an otherworldly brand of 'devolved blues' that could hold its own alongside the beatnik groove of 15-60-75 (a.k.a. The Numbers Band) or the primal rock poetry of The Bizarros. Recorded on various four-track machines and in tiny studios, basements and garages between 1974 and 1977, Hardcore reveals their strikingly clear vision: rock 'n' roll stripped bare of its collective cool and jerked back into propaganda fit for post-modern man. It's no surprise that these transmissions would soon catch the eye and ear of Brian Eno, who later produced their landmark 1978 debut album. Noisy synth, strangled guitar chops and a primitive rhythmic thud power the early DEVO sound. Threaded beneath it all are lyrical themes of post-McCarthy paranoia, middle-class ephemera and DEVO's long-running topic of choice: sex, or lack thereof."



ROMBOY, MARC: Iceland (Interpretations By Laurent Garnier & GusGus) 12"/PIC DISC (SYST 102EP) 18.00
One of Marc Romboy's biggest tracks of all times is without any doubt "Iceland" from 2008, an homage to one of the countries he's totally in love with. In order to celebrate the 10 years of Systematic in an extraordinary way, this is the third limited picture disc in one, featuring two brand-new interpretations of Marc's milestone track by French techno godfather Laurent Garnier and Iceland's #1 electronica figureheads, GusGus. While Garnier convinces again with an uncompromising and rough techno journey, GusGus surprise with an untypical remix, featuring an ambient sound environment.


TR 289CD

DIE ZIMMERMANNER: Die Wäscheleinen waren lang 5CD BOX (TR 289CD) 75.00
Complete early works by this German NDW (Neuen Deutschen Welle) band from the early '80s, including albums, singles and unreleased demos originally released by the ZickZack and Ata Tak labels. In the early 1980s in the proud city of Hamburg, Germany, two bands fused together in grade school. One band had the atypical name Junge Rümpfe, the other band had a somewhat old-fashioned name, Freddie & The Ready Teddies. At the time, the band played ska music, and therefore named themselves Skafighter. Original founders Timo Blunck and Detlef Diederichsen were joined by Blunck's sister Rica and their friend Christian Kellersmann. They played at parties and school festivals. Alfred Hilsberg, a well-respected Hamburger and founder of German new wave was at one of the parties, and was so impressed by Skafighter that he offered them a deal on his label ZickZack. Between studio time and their first album release, Skafighter changed their name to Ede & Die Zimmermänner, a name coined after the journalist Eduard Zimmermann who moderated the television show, True Crime. Eventually Rica Blunck left the band (she was the "Ede"), so the group shortened the name to Die Zimmermänner. Under the name Die Zimmermänner, they released '80s classics, such as the albums 1001 Wege Sex zu machen ohne daran Spaß zu haben, Goethe and the EP Zurück in der Zirkulation. To document the long history of Die Zimmermänner, Tapete is proud to release a limited box set that includes the albums 1001 Wege... and Goethe, singles and EPs, as well as previously-unreleased demo and live recordings. Also contains five (German-language) booklets with photos and essays by Timo Blunck, Detlef Diederichsen, Tom Holert, Eckhart Nickel, Jürgen Teipel, Oliver Tepel and Helmut Ziegler. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.



ACRE: Icons EP 12" (TEC 080EP) 12.50
Manchester's Acre glides across sonic landscapes of grime, techno, and industrial/experimental with ease on this EP, melding a jilted sense of other-worldliness seamlessly with dancefloor sensibilities. "Ping" kicks the EP off, its raucousness tearing from the offset, soon to be joined by toxic breakbeats bouncing off the walls, screaming its demented jungle war-cry at 125bpm. "Blue Moon" references grime instrumentals of years past, while "Icon" sounds a bit like Shackleton might if he made his beats on a Gameboy. Finally, "Reload" winds down the EP at a more relaxed pace, yet is loaded with future-bass science and other mind-melting sounds.



On tour for their album Boot! (TTR 001CD/LP), the Scandinavian free-jazz monsters teamed up with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame at London's Café OTO to produce some heavy improvised thunder. Recorded live in concert by John Chantler and Jonathan McHugh at Café OTO, London, February 10th, 2013. Mixed in July 2014 by Martin Siewert and Mats Gustafsson at Garnison7, Vienna. Mastered by Martin Siewert. Cover by Lasse Marhaug. Mats Gustafsson (baritone saxophone); Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (electric bass); Paal Nilssen-Love (drums); Thurston Moore (electric guitar).


LP version.


TSQ 5081CD

VA: When I Reach That Heavenly Shore: Unearthly Black Gospel 1926-1936 3CD (TSQ 5081CD) 34.00
"Among the most powerful music to be captured on 78 rpm in America during the 1920s and 1930s are recordings of black sanctified and gospel singing. Ranging from plaintive mourning to unbridled ecstasy, the sacred music from this time period represents a flowering of diverse and idiosyncratic rural songs styles. At no time was there a wider panorama of religious songs in America. Selected exclusively from Christopher King's private collection, the 78s included here represent the most unhinged, the most compelling survey of pre-war black gospel. Of the 42 tracks in this 3CD collection, 34 have never been reissued until now. The complete recorded output of the Primitive Baptist Choir of North Carolina is also included in this collection for the first time. Several rare and previously unissued photographs are also contained within. Lovingly and respectfully designed by Susan Archie and firmly grounded in Scripture by Christopher King."



TONE OF ARC: Retox/Detox 12" (TOCR 005EP) 14.50
Touch of Class Records' fifth release, Retox/Detox, comes from Tone of Arc, the American duo of Derrick Boyd and Zoe Presnick. The EP's first track, "Retox," features a swooning electric guitar-led melody reminiscent of 1960's Ricky Nelson and Boyd's nostalgic lyrics. Label-mates Signal Flow and Pattern Drama remix "Retox" to "Detox" with warm keys, tight percussion, funky synth, and seismic vocals. The skipping, funky bassline and soul-popping percussion of "Untouched" lead into the pulsing bass, feathering claps, and ear-tickling synths of "Run Rabbit Run," which converge with Boyd's multi-layered vocals to create a sound full of imagination and color.



TRANSLLUSION: The Opening of the Cerebral Gate 3LP (TRESOR 270LP) 33.00
3LP version. In between the re-releases of the two legendary Drexciya albums released on Tresor in '99 and '01, the Berlin techno institute is proud to re-present Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate. For the ?rst time, music fans will be able to experience the whole journey on vinyl. The 3LP package includes the vinyl version of the album as it was originally released plus a bonus 12" featuring "Look Within," "Unordinary Realities," and "Do You Want to Get Down (Vocal De Void)" -- for the ?rst time available on wax. Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub-label Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, The Opening of the Cerebral Gate was conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms -- a whopping stack of seven albums by the Detroit pair released under different monikers within a single year (the Tresor album Harnessed the Storm being the ?rst). This phase marks a groundbreaking time for the duo, their cosmos breaking wide open, right at the dawn of a new technological era in electronic music production. All this is deeply re?ected in Transllusion's ?rst album. Thematically, The Opening of the Cerebral Gate saw Stinson shift away from the grand narrative of the Drexciyan saga, instead exploring a sub-plot of esoteric concepts revolving around internal, mental and psychedelic tropes. Musically, it presents the electro genius at the height of his game. The album is chock full of hypercharged arpeggios and driving pulse patterns, Morse-like tones and chord stabs, huge, uber-booming tympanic kicks and grainy snares, (see openers "Transmission of Life" and "War of the Clones"). On the other end of the stylistic spectrum it features sweeter tones and moments of sheer, staggering beauty ("Dimensional Glide" or the CD's centerpieces "Look Within" and "Unordinary Realities"). In between, all kinds of alien electro funk shadings are to be found, every single track so well-executed, making it impossible to pick a highlight.



DREXCIYA: Harnessed the Storm 2LP (TRES 181LP) 27.50
2014 repress. After the re-release of Drexciya's Neptune's Lair (TRESOR 10129CD/LP) and Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate (TRESOR 270CD/LP), Harnessed the Storm is the third album in Tresor Records' great Drexciya reissue program. Originally released in 2002, Harnessed the Storm was conceived as the opening chapter of the legendary Seven Storms -- a series of seven albums created within a single year and released via several labels under different names. Harnessed the Storm was the sole one in the series credited under the main Drexciya project. The album, which is considered to be one of the pair's darkest, was produced in a time of creative outbreak and emotional turbulence. The duo's confidence was at a peak, new techniques revolutionized musical production, but the duo also had to face Stinson's severe health issues. This led to a radical shift of pace in producing and releasing music. For the Detroit pair it was time to move on from their ground-breaking past. It was time for some shape-shifting and wave-jumping to occur, in Drexciya's terms.



SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO: First Recordings CD (TROST 132CD) 17.00
Found in the archives of FMP! The very first -- never released -- recordings of the Schlippenbach Trio: Alexander von Schlippenbach (piano); Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxophone); Paul Lovens (drums). Recorded by an unknown engineer on April 2nd, 1972 during the Workshop Freie Musik at the Acadamy of the Arts, Berlin.


UP 052LP

PF COMMANDO: Manipulerade Mongon LP (UP 052LP) 21.00
"Self-released in 1979 by one of Sweden's most notorious bands, this monster debut was the country's first punk LP, packing in 15 tracks of pure three-chord bash at its most primal and aggressive. Vocals are alternately barked and snarled, guitars slash and buzz, the rhythm section thrashes along maniacally-- no pop, no art, just PUNK! Ugly Pop is very pleased to be making this hard-to-find slab available again in its first legitimate vinyl pressing since 1979, with all new insert."

UP 055LP

REAL KIDS, THE: Shake...Outta Control LP (UP 055LP) 21.00
"It's been 38 years since Boston's REAL KIDS debuted with the finest rock'n'roll record ever committed to tape, and now they're back with a long-awaited new full-length on legendary hometown label Ace Of Hearts and Canada's Ugly Pop. Of course, long time fans can always be excused some apprehension when a band of this vintage presents new material so deep into their career, but there's no cause to fret here. Shake...Outta Control is a fantastic return to form, a strong set of powerful, memorable and engaging songs that do absolute justice to this band's legacy. While some bands lose track of their own soul in forced attempts at progression, and others risk diminishing returns by simply treading the water of their earlier work, 2014 finds the Real Kids negotiating this path beautifully. Boasting both the raw energy and tough hooks of 1977 and the matured chops and expanded palette of frontman John Felice's Nothing Pretty LP, the dozen songs on this disc settle easily among the band's best work. Producer Rick Harte guides with an expert hand, integrating Hammond organ and pedal steel seamlessly into a full yet suitably unpolished whole, and the songs run the gamut from quieter but intense ballads like a definitive new 'Common At Noon' and a sublime take on Jonathan Richman's 'Fly Into The Mystery' to fast-paced rockers like 'All Night Boppin'' (powered along by highly caffeinated barroom piano) and of course the instant classic title track, a high-energy gem anchored by the sort of classic Boston punk rock'n'roll riff that made this band's name. Culminating in an incendiary 'Who Needs You?', this is a genuine Real Kids record that will thrill new fans and old alike. Superbly mastered at New York's renowned Sterling Sound, Shake...Outta Control is unleashed this month on Ace Of Hearts as a twelve-track CD, with a ten-song LP (cut 100% analog direct from tape and pressed on 180G vinyl) to follow on Ugly Pop."


UT 038

UGLY THINGS: #38 MAG (UT 038) 9.95
"For our cover story this issue, we have a massive, exclusive, detail-packed interview with Dave Davies of The Kinks by Richie Unterberger, who also got access to internal memos from Warners/Reprise (the Kinks' US record company) that shed new light on the band's story. Also on the cover? US '70s art punks The Screamers; we are featuring an extensive unpublished 1978 interview by Jon Savage, rare photos and more. And there's lots more: Texas garage-psych icons The Golden Dawn, cult hard rock trio Dust, Swedish beat innovator Hazze Hep, Dutch beat group The Lazy Bones, '70s punkers Elton Motello, Norway's Borres Kork, Unsettled Society (of '17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs' infamy), Blue Cheer, Vanda-Young's Marcus Hook Roll Band, the early years of Lester Bangs, Rhino 39, and mind-melting interviews with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper), acid folkster Marc Brierley, and Johnny Strike of Crime. Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies shares his experiences of 1968, and we take a journey deep, deep into The Diamond Mine with legendary DJ Dave Diamond. And, as always, our comprehensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, in-depth, and rock'n'roll-related books."


UY 088EP

VA: A Selection of Diary 4.1 12" (UY 088EP) 12.50
Upon.You presents four tracks selected from the digital release of the fourth chapter in its Diary series, curated by Gunnar Stiller. Einzelkind's vinyl edit of "Finding Love" delivers dark basslines, repeating vocal bits, and a sweet glockenspiel-esque melody. Leipzig-based Daniel Stefanik explores up-tempo realms with levitating, angelic strings on "All God's People." The Cheapers (Fraenzen Texas and Ruede Hagelstein) weigh in with organic melancholia and modernistic neo-trance elements on a vinyl edit of "Rosetta," while Stiller's vinyl edit of "Snow Cone," with its blade-sharp hi-hats and thrilling, massive synth breakdown, is guaranteed to set the roof on fire.


UA 002CD

SEVEN: Seven CD (UA 002CD) 15.50
Uprise Audio, a key component in the dubstep community worldwide, are about to release their second album and this one happens to be by the CEO himself: Seven. Seven has been a long-time player within the dubstep ranks and has an incredible back catalog of hit records. In 2012 he released his first album Evolution, which was met with critical acclaim and spurred his ambition to start his own imprint, Uprise Audio. After the success of his chart-topping single "Walter White," as well as inclusions on the smash hit WeSC-supported compilation Live from the Future, Seven felt it was time to produce his next album and naturally teamed up with the guys at WeSC again to deliver this new 11-track album together. The self-titled album Seven is not by any means a conventional dubstep album and Seven has stepped outside of the box with a versatile approach to crafting these works. Each track unfolds like a story, transitioning from one to the next like chapters in a book, each of which have that Seven trademark sound, keeping the album cohesive and cinematic.



VA: The Afrosound of Colombia Vol. 2 2LP (VAMPI 156LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Vampisoul is back with a fresh batch of funky, folky and psychedelic tropical bangers from the deep vaults of Discos Fuentes (and its other properties, Tropical and Machuca). As previously stated in the first volume of this series, the term "Afrosound" is an invented concept appropriated from Discos Fuentes. If the term seems a bit vague or slippery, rest assured that with this second installment you will come closer to understanding the Afrosound aesthetic. This Afro-vibration was sent out from the cold, misty high mountains and bounced back down to the flattened plains, meandering rivers, verdant valleys, steaming jungle and whispering shores of the azure sea, where it was resold to the original regions that inspired it and traveled to further lands beyond the horizon, like Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina. There were also several smaller coastal-based labels like Curro and Tropical that did much the same thing, but maintained a local base of operations for their work. You would have found this sound in little moldy hardware, musical instrument and dry-goods stores, or broadcast on radios in buses, cars, trucks, fishermen's canoes, even lashed to burros. It blasted in bars, hotels, on beaches from transistors. It was played on the booming sound systems at the outdoor black champetero parties under the palm trees and in the palenques, social clubs and house parties in working-class barrios, on crackling loudspeakers blaring from street festivals, in plazas. This incredible stream of black gold adorned and enriched the public airways of Cali, Buenaventura, Cartagena, Baranquilla, to become a symbol of pride and part of Colombia's collective identity. Afrosound is not really something tangible that can be tied down and bound to a critic's rules. Nor is it some venerable folkloric strain passed down through generations from time immemorial. It's a modern bastard hybrid, syncretic and synthetic, spawned in the studio, co-opted by government, commodified by an industry that could only have been born in the era of the global village. The unifying factor of this second volume is still the same: African roots or influences and the period of experimentation, self expression, upheaval, rebellion and rebirth in the industry, nurtured by Discos Fuentes and its stable of musicians, producers and engineers.



BENJAMIN, VIDAL: Disco Sympathie CD (VER 028CD) 15.50
Versatile Records presents Disco Sympathie, a new compilation curated by Vidal Benjamin. Benjamin is an outstanding DJ and digger, considered by his peers to be one of the most brilliant in his field. On Disco Sympathie, he leads the listener on a rediscovery of the sound of the early 1980s in France. It's wacky, happy dance music, and at times it's even poetic. The listener is transported to a time when French producers were not afraid to tackle disco, American boogie, and British and German synth wave, to create something French, poppy, and, above all, fun! Artists include Raymonde et Les Moutards, Sonia, New Paradise, Club Privé, Stéphane edited by Reverend P, Ark, Marie Chaptal, Marc Chantereau, Laurie Destal, Patrice Mondon edited by Pilooski, Nicolas Skorsky, and Christophe Laurent.



MULLANE, MATTHEW: Hut Variations LP (VDSQ 011LP) 18.00
"Among the more revelatory contemporary guitarists, Mullane's new album is a further progression in terms of technique, composition and performance. With a deeply personal signature style, fans have been anxiously awaiting his return to recording after sharing stages with artists like Bill Orcutt, Steve Gunn, William Tyler, Glenn Jones, Mark McGuire and many others. Hut Variations is available in an edition of 500 copies with a heavy stock, spot-gloss jacket. 'The titular interest in 'Huts' is an outgrowth of my thoughts on solo instrument playing and its relationship to the conflicted spatial and social impacts of separation, of the 'one' with the 'whole.' I came to this (after many years of playing 'guitar soli' with little conceptual undergirding) in reading so-called 'hermit' poetry alongside more recent theories of huts, capsules, bubbles and a plethora of other 'single occupancy' spaces. Living and playing guitar in variously isolated modes, I was attracted to the conflicts of productive separation and incorporated them into my playing. The idea has followed me and has inflected much of my recorded output. This new album, Hut Variations, is the result of four years worth of composition and recording. Each piece written and recorded in a different location, a different 'hut.'' --Matthew Mullane



LOWCOMMITTEE: Race at Neon Club 12" (VLEK 017EP) 15.50
Belgian producer Brice Dreessen aka Lowcommittee has signed to the cult Vlek label for the release of Race at Neon Club. Featuring eight tracks of dazzling electronic soundscapes, this 12" sees Dreessen fulfill the promise of his early work to deliver a beautiful, if at times unsettling, work that ranges from blissful interstellar ambience through to disorientating experimental noise and industrial rhythms. "23E4" features sparkling synths blinking in and out of existence, "1943" focuses on brittle synths and hollow turbines, "Diptych" sounds like an orchestra of old radios tuned to ancient transmissions, and much more.


VF 008CD

VA: Lagos Disco Inferno Volume 2 CD (VF 008CD) 14.00
Voodoo Funk's presents a second volume of blistering Nigerian disco and Afro-funk. Tony Grey's two inclusions, from the early '80s with the Ozimba Messengers, were originally released on different LPs: irresistible Afro-disco, layered with delirious syn-drums and sick keys, and featuring a horn-line bumptiously whipped from Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson's bass-playing on Michael Jackson's "Workin' Day and Night." Originally from Warri where he stayed throughout most of his career, Tony's first band was the Famous Latin And His Dominant Seven. He gigged for a while as a James Brown imitator with The Great Peters, before his breakthrough fronting the Magnificent Zeinians, with some amazing 45s on EMI's HMV imprint -- best of all, the psych-rock-funk monster "Ije Udo." At the close of the 1970s, just a couple of years after the classic psych-funk of "Float" by Tirogo, Wilf Ekanem and crew trained their frazzled peepers on disco. The ensuing Aiye People LP is a stunner and a collector's legend -- Afro-fried Kool And The Gang on a mission to "blow your soul on fire," featuring space-jazzbo Fred Fisher on trombone and the E Gang sisters on sassy backing vocals, with "Disco Manic" and "We Like to Party" as two standouts. Eno Louis gained a solid background in traditional Edo music as a student in Benin City, southeast Nigeria. He lived at Fela's Kalakuta Republic till the army raid in 1978, when he moved to the U.S. for a couple of years. On his return, he recorded with Edo funk powerhouse The Talents Of Benin, and quickly became a mainstay of the flourishing disco and boogie scene, in demand as guitarist and drummer. The two tracks here are from Louis' debut LP, Living in the USA. Bayo Damazio's couple of contributions are classy, spaced funk, originally issued in 1981 by Phonodisk, the most ambitious Nigerian label at that time. Recruiting a crack team of predominantly Cameroonian musicians, with the Nigerian dancefloor on tenterhooks, producer Tony Essien was on the lookout for a successor to singer Kris Okotie, who had abruptly defected to EMI. Rising to the challenge, BD enthusiastically fronts two sides of brilliant, devil-may-care disco. An unsung pioneer, Mona Finnih was Nigeria's first female pop bandleader. Breaking through with The Sunflowers in Nigeria's late-'60s soul explosion, Mona moved to the U.S. after the group's equipment was destroyed in a car accident. There she was active in the new jazz scene, before returning home towards the end of the '70s. These two cuts are late-'70s boogie-down cosmic funk, like full-throttle Roy Ayers, at his most brilliant. Finally to the Afro-space-disco contagion of First Planet -- shuffling and wiggling, synthy and bubbling -- from this re-incarnation of Willy Nfor's Mighty Flames, recruited mostly from the wave of Cameroonian musicians drawn to Nigeria in the late 1970s by its heavy new funk sound. After a stint at the Right Time studio in Onitsha, the FP cadets ended up at Phonodisk in Lagos, quickly in high demand as session-players, running First Planet on the side with other Nigerian session players from the Onitsha/Awka axis. Its name was intended to evoke the cool obliqueness of U.S. handles like Brass Construction and Lakeside, and the mothership connection of chocolate-city P-Funk.


WG 021EP

NIGGEMANN, ALEX: Sorrow feat. Bon Homme 12" (WG 021EP) 14.00
Alex Niggemann joins forces with Bon Homme, the acclaimed voice from WhoMadeWho, to present "Sorrow." While a rolling kick and crisp hand claps drive the groove, a capricious arpeggio, warm piano chords, and the smooth serenade of Bon Homme's vocals create an undeniably passionate excursion into the deeper moments one experiences on the dancefloor. Deetron's remix, a massive peak-time revision, keeps the emotion of the original while adding his signature touch of shimmering synth loops and huge sub-bass. Marco Resmann's remix rounds out the release; it's a vast, psychotropic soundscape with echoing atmospherics, washed-out vocals, and chugging drums.



WE RESET: Firewater 12" (WWR 015EP) 12.50
We Reset, the duo of Alessandro Angiolillo and Folco Peroni, presents Firewater, its third EP on Wonder Wet Records. Techno flow melds with deep atmospheres and jazzy elements, creating an irresistibly intriguing experience. The A-side, "Atom Sphere," is a psychedelic trip in which electronic rhythms and jazzy grooves interlock, while a distorted double bass string colors the track with a dark vibe. On the B-side, "Turing Machine" delivers more of a techno flavor, with warm synthesizers and live percussion introducing a human element. We Reset's blend of influences makes for an unconventional sound with uncommon and rewarding rhythms and tones.



ZEITKRATZER/WHITEHOUSE: Whitehouse: Performed Live by Zeitkratzer CD (ZKR 017CD) 15.50
William Bennett, the musical mastermind of the band Whitehouse has already worked with Zeitkratzer on several occasions. And he also appears on the first track of this CD. Recorded live at the festival Musique Action in Nancy, France, you can get an impression of how the deep bass frequencies -- produced by the huge orchestra drum, at some points as well by the beaten bass strings of the piano or by subtones of the horns -- would vibrate the floor of the venue. At the same time high piping sounds, amplified violin harmonics, and bitten clarinet tones attack the listener. A music with crystal-clear or even neurosurgical precision. And one can hear voices all over -- distorted from being spoken through a trombone or a French horn -- phantom voices in the density of the sounds, etc. No electronic effects are used -- it's pure acoustic power! Press on the first collaboration with Whitehouse: Vital Weekly: "Excellent work. A total racket." The Wire even became addicted: "You squirm in your seat, unsure of why you're listening, yet still you hang on for more." While Radio France was just blown away: "La fureur et la chaleur! ...hors norme!" Zeitkratzer: directed by Reinhold Friedl: Frank Gratkowski (clarinets); Hild Sofie Tafjord (French horn); Hilary Jeffery (trombone); Reinhold Friedl (piano); Tony Buck (percussion); Lisa Marie Landgraf (violin); Burkhard Schlothauer (violin); Anton Lukoszevieze (violoncello); Uli Phillipp (double bass); William Bennett (voice, [01]).

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