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Forced Exposure New Releases for 1/19/2015

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New music is due from Disappears, Ontario Hospital, and Maximilian Hecker, while old music is due from J-Dilla, Zoviet France, Arabesque, and James Blackshaw.


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IF 004LP

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN: Porcupine LP (IF 004LP) 19.00
2011 release. "Porcupine is Echo & The Bunnymen's most profound and personal album from their early period. Weathering band turmoil, rejections from their record company and spans of songwriting drought, the group emerged with a passionate and compelling set of songs described by vocalist Ian McCulloch as 'coming to terms with the opposites in me.' Following their fourth Peel session in early 1982, the band chose Ian Broudie, leader of The Lightning Seeds and co-producer of Echo's 1980 album Crocodiles, to produce Porcupine. While the album includes both 'The Back of Love' and 'The Cutter' (two of their most upbeat and successful singles), most of the material was fairly introverted and autobiographical. Unfortunately suffering negative reviews upon release (including a misguided hate-piece in the NME), Porcupine has since become a gold standard for both the band and British underground rock from the '80s. It's also simultaneously their most retro album and their most forward-looking. The production is full of guitar effects that must have set the mind of Kevin Shields onto the path to My Bloody Valentine's own masterpiece, Loveless. In addition to the 'The Cutter' and 'The Back of Love', Porcupine includes songs such as 'My White Devil,' 'Heads Will Roll,' and 'Porcupine' that transcend and enlighten to this day. It's an essential album from one of the most influential bands of the post-punk movement."

IF 011LP

APHEX TWIN: Selected Ambient Works Volume II 3LP (IF 011LP) 34.00
2012 release. "Aphex Twin's 1994 masterpiece Selected Ambient Works Volume II includes barely anything resembling a beat or any sign of typical song structure, yet the album continues to garner adulation generally reserved for holy music. Fans have been testifying on its behalf for nearly two decades, as if it were capable of curing ills or healing the soul. Its synthetic construction belies the intuitive, human, melancholic and uplifting nature of the music. Some have speculated the album was intended by Aphex Twin's Richard D. James as a farce, as if its über-minimalism was a joke played on an electronic community that relied so heavily on the beat; an expectation-defying statement from ambient-house's young hero. The album induces varied responses and often from the same person. A listener may go from being incredulous to drenched in tears within the span of a single track. Music critic Frank Owen described the music as 'veering between an eerie beauty and an almost nightmarish desolation.' James himself described it as 'like standing in a power station on acid.'"

IF 019LP

JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE: Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides and More) LP (IF 019LP) 19.00
2013 release. "The Jesus and Mary Chain released Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides and More) in 1988, just five years into their existence. The album is an incredible collection of singles, outtakes and rare tracks that proved to fans outside of collectors' circles that the group ranked among the UK's great singles bands. Barbed Wire Kisses showcases a more varied presentation of the band. Their debut Creation single 'Upside Down,' the speed-surf sonics of 'Kill Surf City' and the dark 'Hit' all gleam with the screeching hipster cool of Psychocandy's best moments, while lighter fare like the tracks 'Psycho Candy' and the acoustic version of 'Taste of Cindy' echo the gentler tone of Darklands."


3000GRAD 020EP

DOLE & KOM (FEAT. KOLLMORGEN AND SETH SCHWARZ): Salto Mortale 12" (3000GRAD 020EP) 14.00
"Salto Mortale" is based on a voluminous bass line around which delirious melodies materialize from a vortex of sound. "Silence" features Kollmorgen and comes with symphonic grace and big emotions. When the melancholic beauty of a female voice joins in the whole thing turns purely epic. "Fly Bar" features Seth Schwarz and draws its perfidious catchiness from a smart mix of high-octane club grooves and a high amount of sophisticated musicality. Also includes René Bourgeois & Dan Caster's remix of "Salto Mortale."


4M 246LP

JAMES, ETTA: Tell Mama LP (4M 246LP) 22.00
"Tell Mama by Etta James was originally released in 1968 and it put her back in the top 10 with the single 'Tell Mama.' Produced by Rick Hall at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, this album is a stone cold soul/blues classic from start to finish. Standout tracks include the title track, a cover of Otis Redding's 'Security,' 'I'd Rather Go Blind,' and 'Don't Lose Your Good Thing.' Easily one of the best albums of her long career it is now being reissued on 180-gram vinyl in glorious mono!"


50WXTR 004EP

FJAAK: Oben/Unten 12" (50WXTR 004EP) 14.00
Oben/Unten paints a picture of a club in which the more pleasing sounds are played on the upper floor ("Oben") while there's a freakshow in the basement ("Unten"). The heavy stomper "Oben" features a cut-up of the notorious "Amen break." Its delayed stabs, impulsive drums and washed-out vocals almost drive you into a trance-like state of mind. "Unten" goes face first into the doghouse. Sweat is dripping from the ceiling, half-naked bodies are jacking to the resonant sounds of the kickdrum. A hi-hat and some claps -- you don't need much more.


7S 010CD

VA: Deep House Grooves Vol. 1 2CD (7S 010CD) 20.00
Deep House Grooves Vol. 1: the house sound of the moment. This double-CD volume marks the first in a promising new series, and includes exclusive house tunes to make every dancefloor go nuts. A technically brilliant production of a diverse song selection, covering all sorts of tastes. 24 tracks; 158 minutes. Includes tracks by Klangquelle, Alexander Belousov featuring MC Gemini and remixed by Digital Project, Jerry Ropero/Stefan Grunewald/Monica Mos remixed by Miqro, Danilo de Santo, Danny Fernandez, Harry Moody, Digital Project (with appearances by Katy Blue and remixes by Klangquelle and Harry G), DJ Rigi featuring Cemre Akcam and remixed by Klangquelle, A. Morel, Vincent Darash, Francis Milia, Jacques le Noir remixed by Digital Project, Henrique Said featuring Allan Alks, Ayati, Audio Deluxe featuring Tiara and remixed by Danilo de Santo, Harry G remixed by Digital Project, Oliver Backens & Stefan Grunewald remixed by Digital Project, Alex Strom, Hoani Teano, and Hxsky.


N 041LP

NOTWIST, THE: The Messier Objects 2LP (N 041LP) 23.00
When The Notwist returned with their acclaimed seventh studio album Close to the Glass in early 2014, many were enchanted by the epic instrumental track "Lineri." It was the only instrumental track featured on that album, but according to Markus Acher, the band's vocalist, instrumental works had an important role in the album. Indeed, while the band's members pursued solo projects between 2008's The Devil, You + Me and 2014's Close to the Glass, The Notwist also composed instrumental works for several theater productions and radio plays, some of which are compiled here as The Messier Objects. The collection obviously brings to mind the ghosts of library music and '70s soundtracks, but can also be heard as a summary of the band's ever-evolving musical cosmos. The 17 featured pieces range from sample-based electronic collages to the buoyant post-rock of "Das Spiel ist aus." Whether the band is experimenting with modular synthesizers, analog percussion, or even horn sections ("Object 11"), there remains a constant flow of gentle grooves that makes this open-minded collection more than just a companion piece to Close to the Glass. The double LP edition is presented in a screen-printed cover, features an etching on side D, includes a download code, and is limited to 2000 copies worldwide.


AU 9040CD

SWALLOW/TALMOR/NUSSBAUM: Singular Curves CD (AU 9040CD) 20.00
Auand Records presents Singular Curves, a collaboration between bassist Steve Swallow, saxophonist Ohad Talmor, and drummer Adam Nussbaum. In an August 2014 review of Singular Curves, New York Times jazz critic Nate Chinen lauded the three for their "easy chemistry... that gives 'Singular Curves' its claim to singularity." Chinen described the record's merits both on its own terms and as a continuation of the tradition of saxophone-bass-drums trios, dating back to Sonny Rollins' A Night At The "Village Vanguard" (1958). Chinen notes that "Within those parameters, even a tweak can feel like a push against established precedent," and cites Swallow's idiosyncratic electric bass stylings as a main force behind the group's unique sound and approach, also mentioning that "trios usually call up triangular metaphors, so the suggestion of curvature in this album's title feels like a subtle subversion." Steve Swallow: electric bass; Ohad Talmor: tenor saxophone; Adam Nussbaum: drums. Recorded by Jay Anderson at Mountain Rest Studios, New Paltz, New York; produced by Swallow, Talmor, and Nussbaum with Marco Valente as executive producer; cover art by Jeff Preiss.

AU 9041CD

GARI, ANANDA: T-Duality CD (AU 9041CD) 20.00
Auand Records presents Italian drummer and composer Ananda Gari's T-Duality, a collaboration with Tim Berne (alto sax), Rez Abbasi (guitar), and Michael Formanek (double bass). T-duality is an equivalence of two physical theories, such as quantum field theories and string theories, which can allow an erasure of the differences between small and large distances and compress the multiple dimensions posited by string theories. Gari's album takes this concept as its title and looks for a balance between composition and free improvisation, with every tune providing an opportunity to create a strong and deep interaction between musicians, notes, sounds, and thoughts. From a very early age, Gari understood the importance of writing his own music and exploring new ways to express his personality. His progression as a composer is highlighted on two 2011 recordings released as a co-leader: Incipit by Govinda + Ananda Gari with American saxophonist Mark Turner and Moving Thoughts by Fool Circle with Italian pianist Stefano Battaglia. T-Duality represents the result of all of Gari's skill a student and performer, developed through collaborations with Aruan Ortiz, Miles Okazaki, Mike Melillo, Gianni Lenoci, and Fabio Zeppetella, and clearly displays his deep interest in free improvisation, avant-garde music, and complex rhythmic approaches. Recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording Studio, Brooklyn, New York; produced by Gari with Marco Valente as executive producer; cover art by Dino Musci.


AU 5050CD

GOSPEL OAK: Gospel Oak CD (AU 5050CD) 17.00
Formed in London in 1969, Gospel Oak, a band of American expats (including future Kingfish leader Matthew Kelly), was unable to gig in the UK due to work permit issues, so the group focused instead on rehearsing and writing an album. Gospel Oak appeared in the autumn of 1970, by which time the band had returned to the US. A superb blend of folk, pop, blues, rock, and country influences, it has a growing cult reputation and makes its long-awaited CD debut here, complete with detailed background notes and images. Digitally remastered.

AU 5051CD

RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER: Rich Mountain Tower CD (AU 5051CD) 17.00
Rich Mountain Tower's debut self-titled album, released in the fall of 1971, combines southern rock with acoustic ballads and psychedelic flourishes to create a sound well ahead of its time. Originally issued in quadrophonic sound, it's a superb recording that shows just what a fine and underrated band this Tennessee quintet was, now reissued on CD for the first time. Includes detailed liner notes and images. Digitally remastered.

AU 5052CD

PHLUPH: Phluph CD (AU 5052CD) 17.00
The back cover of Phluph's sole album described them as "the first Boston group recorded by a major recording company." Released in early 1968, this self-titled album certainly was among the earliest LPs to put forth the so-called Bosstown sound, combining catchy melodies with trippy organ and psychedelic guitar. The album makes its long-awaited debut on CD here, with detailed liner notes and images. Digitally remastered.

AU 5053CD

VA: LSD CD (AU 5053CD) 17.00
Originally issued by Capitol Records in July 1966 and subtitled a documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!, this notorious album offers both a background report into the new phenomenon of lysergic acid diethylamide and a recording of an actual trip. Fuelling anti-psychedelic prejudice beneath a veneer of objectivity, it stands as an important early artifact in the history of the psychedelic movement, and features contributions from Timothy Leary, Allan Ginsberg, Aldous Huxley's widow Laura, early acid rockers Fire and Ice, Ltd., and Neal Cassady and a pre-Grateful Dead group called the Warlocks. Interviews and recording by Lawrence Schiller. Medical consulting by Sidney Cohen, M.D. This is the first CD reissue of this artifact. Includes detailed liner notes and images. Digitally remastered.



WEAVER, JANE: The Silver Globe LP (EGGS 019LP) 25.00
2015 repress. LP version. Like all good parables, Jane Weaver's sixth solo album, a concept album called The Silver Globe, is as multifaceted as it is beguiling. Part coming of age/part cautionary tale and part romantic peon, this 12-track synth-ridden post-apocalyptic prog-pop opus is based on tightly embroidered, non-linear recurring themes and inspired by esoteric stories, cosmic imagery and refiltered past experiences. Written from the optimistic vantage of a long-standing female independent artist, in a desperately-evolving industry, Jane's latest set of self-penned pop abstractions combine mechanical rock/recycled European cinema/empyrean vocalizations and an arsenal of rescued vintage synths to create a futurist narrative backdrop of an allegorical post-apocalyptic landscape. Assembled from disparate studio sessions recorded sporadically since the release of the critically-acclaimed Fallen by Watchbird (BMS 022CD) LP, The Silver Globe explores new collaborative relationships featuring tracks co-produced by David Holmes, guest appearances by Australian vintage space-rockers Cybotron, a recycled chunk of an '80s Hawkwind track, an intricate Damon Gough guitar solo, some Suzanne Ciani waves and post-production/remix flourishes by Andy Votel. Enjoying her most fertile period to date, Jane's reactions to the music of Italian synth stars Daniela Casa and Doris Norton with local DIY artists like Una Baines' The Fates (released on her own Bird imprint) provide yet another launch pad for Jane's latest musical trajectories. Paying homage in title to the troublesome Andrzej Zulawski (Possession) film of the same title, and combining influences from a wide range of lost pop and cinematic obscurities, Jane's new album uses the motif of a distant, mythical, impenetrable silver planet which eventually reveals itself to be a simple reflection of the beholder's own souls. Loosely metaphorical in its content, The Silver Globe witnesses Jane's commitment to self-pressed, conceptual pop music reach its next logical progression without compromising her natural skills as a talented, melodic song-writer preserving pop vaudeville over pre-packed vacuity.



NAKA NAKA: Mundo Harsh LP (BOP 003LP) 29.00
Black Opal presents the debut LP from Jerónimo Jiménez, released under his alias Ñaka Ñaka. Mundo Harsh features somber, minimalist synth-scapes coalescing with scattering techno patterns into a mature dancefloor workout. References to classic '90s ambient techno can be heard throughout, though they take on a timelessness when refracted through Jiménez's gaseous clockwork structures. Tracks like "dioges" and "def def" throw light and shade in equal measure, with the mood oscillating between hopeful and desolate. The B-side runs stranger, breaking at the seams with rusting drones of "jAaz" and finding a final forceful kick with the evil pump of "vibrocalyx," a track made for the dankest floors. Harsh worlds for the individual to witness, a suitable soundtrack to the decay.


BT 012LP

HAINO/JIM O'ROURKE/OREN AMBARCHI, KEIJI: Tea Time for Those Determined to Completely Exhaust Every Bit of This Body They've Been Given LP (BT 012LP) 20.00
"At this point, it can justifiably be said that Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi have become one of the leading groups in experimental music. This, their sixth release, presents the entire second set of the trio's March 2013 concert at SuperDeluxe (the first set is available on Black Truffle as Only Wanting to Melt Beautifully Away Is It a Lack of Contentment That Stirs Affection for Those Things Said to Be as of Yet Unseen). While the first set of the evening saw the trio branching out into new instrumental configurations, here they return to their signature line-up of guitar, bass and drums. The LP begins abruptly, with one of the finest performances by the trio captured on record thus far already in full swing. Throughout the course of this 12-minute piece, O'Rourke and Ambarchi lay down a thudding, meterless pulse, the impossible midway point of Milford Graves and motorik Krautrock, over which Haino unfurls a number of distinct strategies developed in his work since the 1980s: formless blurs of reverb-drenched guitar noise, looped pointillist fragments and wandering, dissonant lines obscured in clouds of distortion. Continuing Haino's habit of naming albums with phrases that seem to obliquely comment on the music they contain, it could definitely be said that this is music made by three people 'determined to completely exhaust every bit of this body they've been given.' Showing the trio at new heights, this track carries on in the spirit of some of Haino's greatest work: music made with the ingredients of rock that somehow manages to sidestep all of its forms and traditions while retaining and amplifying its fundamental power. If this track alone lays to rest concerns about whether the trio has exhausted the guitar/bass/drums format, the remainder of the record serves as a demonstration of the multitude of possibilities still available for their continued exploration. The three are now so in-tune with one another that almost anything can be integrated into their improvisations: in the slow-burning second piece, O'Rourke's heavily effected bass wanders from anti-music thuds to an almost funky passage with Ambarchi sounding not unlike Buddy Miles circa Hendrix's Band of Gypsys -- it bespeaks the hours of listening to fusion and classic rock that continue to form an important part of O'Rourke and Ambarchi's musical personalities. The final piece is a continuous side-long performance that moves through a number of discrete episodes, from vocal and flute solos by Haino delicately accompanied by O'Rourke's sparse bass and Ambarchi's sizzling cymbals, to a final stumbling dirge over which Haino unleashes a stunning torrent of in-the-red guitar skree." --Francis Plagne; Design by Stephen O'Malley with high quality live shots by Ujin Matsuo and stunning artwork by Norwegian noise legend Lasse Marhaug.



OFFICER!: Life At the Water's Edge/Dogface 7" (BLACKEST 030EP) 12.50
The first vinyl release of an essential song by Officer!, the project of Mick Hobbs (½ Japanese, The Work, The Lowest Note, Flaming Tunes). Backed here by the gloriously surreal "Dogface," the ecstatic, anguished "Life At the Water's Edge" was released on the 1983 cassette 8 New Songs By Mick Hobbs, recorded at Cold Storage with Hobbs (vocals, bass) accompanied by Rick Wilson (drums), Terri Robson (violin), Anna Piva (vocals), Richard Wolfson (keyboards), and Family Fodder's Alig (guitar). Presented in picture sleeve with printed lyric sheet insert. Remastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, January, 2014. Edition of 300.


BF 006LP

BLACKSHAW, JAMES: Apologia LP (BF 006LP) 21.00
Apologia is the first solo guitar recording by James Blackshaw, which he self-released in 2003 on CD-R in an edition of 30. Bladud Flies! now presents a limited vinyl edition of 500 copies. "Apologia was written on a cheap Yamaha guitar with a ridiculously high action over the course a couple of months in 2002 and recorded in February 2003, a few months before I picked up a 12-string guitar for the first time and wrote and recorded my first release, Celeste. I'd just started fingerpicking and had gotten comfortable enough with some techniques to experiment with open tunings of my own devising and write my own compositions, which were at that time very inspired by the musicians I adored -- John Fahey, Robbie Basho, and lots of old country blues players like Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake, and Reverend Gary Davis. I burned about 30 CD-Rs with homemade covers in jewel cases, gave most to friends and family and sold a few in the record shop I used to work in Soho. I felt for some time afterward like I was only just starting to find my own voice with Apologia -- the songs are shorter and more straightforward and the cyclical structures and appreciation of drones and overtones really came to the fore later on, as did my appreciation of adding other instrumentation and experimenting with sounds generally. Plus, I wasn't entirely happy with the sound of the recording (some small EQ changes and reverb was added for this edition) and let's just say the situation in the studio was far from ideal, but that's another story. For that reason, I never chose to reissue Apologia. Now, almost 12 years later, I'm hearing them in a different way, realizing the songs' charms rather than simply concentrating on the flaws. It doesn't sound quite like anything I've ever done since and there's a simplicity and raw energy about them that I've grown to appreciate. It's an interesting snapshot of where I was then and how things have changed. It is an absolute pleasure for me to work with Bladud Flies! to release Apologia as a limited edition LP now -- something I would never have dreamed of back in 2003." --James Blackshaw



ARGY & MAMA: Dominonation CD (BPC 304CD) 14.50
Artist collaborations often end after just one track or an EP. However, for Argy & Mama there never seemed to be any question over whether they would continue. Indeed, their first joint release marked the start of a longer journey. Listening to their Recluse EP, which came out in the summer of 2014, you already had the inescapable feeling that this remarkable duo had a lot more to say. Consequently, the pair have extended their amiable tête-à-tête to the album-length release Dominonation. This follows two remixes of Hot Since 82 and Kele (of Bloc Party fame). Thanks to his production skills and non-stop worldwide DJ tour spinning futuristic techno, Argy, born on the island of Rhodes, has become a firm fixture on the international club circuit. His records have found homes on labels such as Cadenza, Cocoon, Ibadan, Permanent Vacation and Poker Flat. His hit "Love Dose" remains fresh in the memory. Mama, who lived in London for an extended period, has achieved great success as a singer and live performer. She has already collaborated with musicians such as Munk, Catz N' Dogz and Tiefschwarz, as well as opening for bands such as Die Antwoord, Kele and Peaches. Her voice is best known for the hit single "Corporate Butcher" with Tiefschwarz and remixed by Solomun. As Argy & Mama, the two artists let their love for music flow at full force. Their first album brings together 11 pieces that are soaked in expression and inspiration. House appears in various guises, alongside two-step and garage influences, and we can clearly hear a penchant for the golden '90s. Mama's passionate, multifaceted singing style allows the full character of Argy's arrangements to flourish. This gives rise to tracks with a vivacious catchiness, where intelligently composed rhythms and grooves meet rich emotions. For examples, you need look no further than house bombs such as "Niche" or the stirring "Deep Found Vibe." Meanwhile, "Staring at the Wall," with its stunning piano hook evokes a massive UK rave feeling. You suspect that after this album there is still plenty left to tell in the story of Argy & Mama.



SPYRA: Staub CD (BFLY 009CD) 17.00
Spyra is a German musician and producer from Berlin who has made numerous records in more than a decade, including releases with Dr. Alex Paterson, Hyperium Records, Fax Records and Manikin Records. His interpretation of post-electronic is a well-tempered mix of Krautrock-infused sequences accompanied by modern, neo-classic melody structures. Staub is not a memory of what Spyra has accomplished in the past, it presents modern live electronic elements with modern rhythms, building something epic and unexpected towards the finish line. The centerpieces on this album are "Staub" and "Flur." All pieces on Staub have been recorded during live performances in the middle of the night. Rather than being a slave to the machine, he seems to just let go, without a safety net or a double bottom. Spyra is reinventing himself with his new record and currently, there are almost no notable German producers creating such brilliantly odd pieces of music. The German label Butterfly Collectors based in Haldern and Cologne releases Staub in association with Indigo Distribution. About the making of Staub: "Somewhere, at some time, I started experimenting with an old Juno 6 and fell in love with sequences all over again. Apparently all ordered and logical, but then, the more I played and the deeper I listened, the more chaotic and unpredictable their sound became. Late in 2013 I started to record my sessions. Always in the middle of the night while the city was falling asleep. Changing cities in Berlin, Warsaw, Uzhgorod, Cologne, filled my head with child-like inspiration. At last, I was back, dreamily, in my element."



BADINGS, HENK: Evolutions 10" (CACK 004A-LP) 20.00
2014 release. Pioneering electroacoustic and tape music by Henk Badings assisted by Dick Raaijmakers (Kid Baltan) from the Hanover Opera Ballet production of Evolutions, choreographed by Yvonne Georgi. Premiering in Hannover in 1958, then in Rome and Vienna in the following year, the ballet Evolutions (Evolutionen) by Yvonne Georgi was the second of three groundbreaking collaborations with Henk Badings (bookended by Cain and Abel aka Elektronisches Ballet in 1957 and Die Frau Von Andros in 1960) in which electronic tape music combined with avant-garde choreography. This pairing contributed to a vibrant global movement connecting experimental dance artists with electroacoustic and musique concrète musicians, manifested in the partnerships of choreographer Maurice Béjart with musician Pierre Henry and choreographer George Balanchine with musician Remi Gassmann, as well as Alwin Nikolais' groundbreaking work in choreography and sound. Assisted by Raaijmakers, a fellow Dutch electronic music pioneer and a Philips sound laboratory technician, Badings, an Indonesian-born musician of Dutch parents, would by the late '50s begin to expand his successful career as a composer of "romantic modernism" and develop electronic, polytonal, and microtonal music that instantly attracted Georgi to his unique brand of musique concrète. As a key exponent of forward-thinking and conceptual dance, Georgi devised a narrative based on the evolution of technology and its agonizing effects on mankind. Garnering mixed opinions amongst the classical ballet cognoscenti in 1959, the projects of Georgi and Badings were viewed as part concert, part installation due to the radical sonic shifts and the physical deployment of large electronic speakers to replace the otherwise acoustic orchestral accompaniment. Prepared with the entire apparatus of the studio at Philips physics laboratory in Eindhoven before being committed to master tapes, Evolutions not only stretched the perceptions of modern ballet aficionados but also stretched the technical boundaries of electronic music at one of its most exciting and vibrant junctures in musical history.


GASSMANN, REMI: Electronics 10" (CACK 004B-LP) 20.00
2014 release. Eleven early electroacoustic pieces for the Studiotrautonium keyboard alongside tape manipulation to accompany the New York City Ballet production of Electronics by George Balanchine. Originally staged March 22, 1961, as part of a double bill choreographed by Balanchine, the experimental New York City Ballet production of Electronics included the renowned dancers Violette Verdy and Jacques d'Amboise (pictured on this reissue's cover art) and a revolutionary score by multi-disciplinary composer Remi Gassmann using a truly unique instrument. Working alongside German-born keyboard composer and close acquaintance Oskar Sala (with whom he had studied in Berlin under Paul Hindemith), Gassmann was given access to the latest developments of the Trautonium, an early electronic keyboard that was first exhibited in 1930 by inventor Adolf Trautwein and three pianists (including Sala). Being one of the original exponents of the machine, Sala (with Trautwein's blessing) took the basic model of a neon tube oscillator and wire frequency controller (which provided an untempered continuous tonal range) and spent over twenty years developing what would become the Konzerttrautonium (as used by Richard Strauss to emulate synthetic gongs), followed by the microtonal Mixturtrautonium and eventually the static Studiotrautonium, which formed the centerpiece of Sala's studio in Charlottenburg, Berlin, where Electronics was composed and realized. For the 1961 ballet, dressed in metallic bodysuits with geometric diodic motifs, Verdy and d'Amboise (alongside a small troupe of other dancers) performed the concise 11-part ballet to polarized but predominantly positive audiences, generating a new outlook on experimental dance and supporting the similar sensibilities of other choreographers such as Alwin Nikolais, Yvonne Georgi (with Henk Badings), and Maurice Béjart (with Pierre Henry). As one of the first American performances drawing primarily on European developments, the modest critical success of the project would open new avenues for the electronic musical duo who were commissioned later in the year by Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions to provide enhanced and versatile sound effects emulating cacophonic bird sounds alongside Bernard Hermann for the 1963 blockbuster The Birds.



KING TUBBY: Crazy Bald Head Dub LP (CTLP 778LP) 11.00
Previously available in the 3LP box on Clocktower (CT 8388LP), now available as a single LP for the first time. Dubs from the 60s/70s. Bass: Robert Shakespear alias Robbie/George Fulwood alias Fully; drums: Carlton Davis alias Santa, Carlton Barrett alias Carlie & Brether Benbow; lead guitar: Earl Smith alias Chinner; organ: Ossis Bongo alias Nogo/Brother Ian; piano: Bernard Harvey alias Touter; rhythm: Tony Chin/Aston Barrett alias Family man & Brother Bogga. Mixed by King Tubby alias Osbourne Ruddock, 18 Drummly Ave., Kingston 11.


KING TUBBY: Stalag 80 Dubwise LP (CTLP 779LP) 11.00
Previously available in the 3LP box on Clocktower (CT 8388LP), now available as a single LP for the first time. Dubs from the 60s/70s. Bass: Robert Shakespear alias Robbie/George Fulwood alias Fully; drums: Carlton Davis alias Santa, Carlton Barrett alias Carlie & Brether Benbow; lead guitar: Earl Smith alias Chinner; organ: Ossis Bongo alias Nogo/Brother Ian; piano: Bernard Harvey alias Touter; rhythm: Tony Chin/Aston Barrett alias Family man & Brother Bogga. Mixed by King Tubby alias Osbourne Ruddock, 18 Drummly Ave., Kingston 11.


KING TUBBY: Iyatha LP (CTLP 780LP) 11.00
Previously available in the 3LP box on Clocktower (CT 8388LP), now available as a single LP for the first time. Dubs from the 60s/70s. Bass: Robert Shakespear alias Robbie/George Fulwood alias Fully; drums: Carlton Davis alias Santa, Carlton Barrett alias Carlie & Brether Benbow; lead guitar: Earl Smith alias Chinner; organ: Ossis Bongo alias Nogo/Brother Ian; piano: Bernard Harvey alias Touter; rhythm: Tony Chin/Aston Barrett alias Family man & Brother Bogga. Mixed by King Tubby alias Osbourne Ruddock, 18 Drummly Ave., Kingston 11.


Jah Thomas meets Scientist In Rock Dub. All titles written by Nkrumah Manley Thomas. 14 dub tracks, featuring the Roots Radics. MIxed by Scientist. Originally released 1996?


CZ 024CD

RESHAFT: Decon CD (CZ 024CD) 17.00
Vienna-based label comfortzone presents Decon, the debut release from Tokyo-based duo RESHAFT and the result of a demo tape that the duo sent comfortzone in the summer of 2014. RESHAFT is the collaborative project of Mizukami Ryuta (Motoro Faam) and Yui Onodera. Their music contains elements of minimal dub techno, industrial techno, ambient, and experimental music and reflects a particular way of merging beats and dark textures into slowly evolving compositions. Their rhythmic suits integrate digital anomalies, walls of distortion, micro-noises, voices, and field recordings into a blend of techno grooves and atmospheric soundscapes, always on the edge between experimental music and club culture. Written and recorded by RESHAFT in Tokyo, 2013-2014. Mastered by Martin Siewert.


CG 002LP

MYTON & THE CONGOS, CEDRIC: Image of Africa LP (CG 002LP) 11.00
Cedric Myton: lead vocal; Watty Burnett & Dedric Myton: background vocals; Fabian Cooke: drums; Tony Allen: bass; Roy Johnson & Little David: rhythm guitar; Lennox Gordon & Little David: lead guitar; Harold Butler & Owen Stewart: organ, piano; Congo, Jones, Ras Melineck, Br. Joe: percussion; Phillipe Quilchini: bass "food for the day." Originally released in 1979.



VA: The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio To Sao Paulo (1976-1983) CD (COS 012CD) 16.00
"This album is another chapter in the ongoing 'there's-muchmore- to-Brazil-than-bossa-nova' saga. It's filled with disco-era tracks produced for the Brazilian domestic marketplace, some of which were hits, others which were quite obscure. What binds them all together - besides their common origins, time period and overall musical approach - is the fact that their reputation has been steadily transcending Brazil's borders. This has allowed these tunes to find their place on set lists, want lists and in the crates of the world's most discerning DJs and tastemakers. Artists like Jorge Ben and Marcos Valle have been legendary and influential for decades, and the duo Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti dominated the Rio studio scene in the '80s before creating huge buzz overseas in recent years. Banda Black Rio and Cassiano are also both household names amongst crate diggers and fans of rare groove. While this album is sure to highlight the work of the artists featured on it, its main aim is to shine a spotlight on a sound and a style that continues to hypnotize scores of music lovers. Most importantly, its goal is to get dance floors moving across the world."


VA: The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio To Sao Paulo (1976-1983) 2LP (COS 012LP) 27.00
Double LP version.



DER DRITTE RAUM: Aydszieyalaidnem CD (DDR 011CD) 17.00
When it comes to electronic and techno music, there are few cities that have conserved and upheld the foundational roots laid by its pioneers more so than Berlin. One of central figures in this city's movement is the inimitable Der Dritte Raum, led by Andreas Krüger. Aydszieyalaidnem is Krüger's follow-up the 2013 release Morgenland (DDR 007CD), and it takes a step away from the melodic and harmonic forms of previous works, presenting a more club-orientated sound. Bathed and soaked in a warm Berlin studio setup, Aydszieyalaidnem draws on Krüger's formative influences of electronic club music, relying on hardware programming and sequencing to deliver rattling, sharp percussion that cuts through simple melody lines and low-slung grooves. From house to techno, from human- and machine-created rhythms to sweet voices and warped vocals, from blissful melodies to mind-twisting grooves, Aydszieyalaidnem is a work of deeply absorbing, mult-dimensional electronic fusion -- a typical Der Dritte Raum trademark soundscape.


DJ 002EP

WHITE, MOTIP: Lywer Bent 12" (DJ 002EP) 15.50
After Marvin Horsch's surprisingly successful 2013 Pace EP, Cologne techno collective Dorfjungs distinguishes itself from the masses of modern DJ culture once again with Motip White's debut EP Lywer Bent. Four rough and raw anthems sonically located where house elements meet sunrise romance. Exciting sounds and middle-finger madness, leading away from formulaic techno, only to drift into wonderful rave-melancholy. Trash samples plunge into brave breaks, leaving the audience wondering if all structure will fall apart just before everything returns with brutal impact. The EP features an incredibly warm and uplifting remix of "No Time for Trash" by ambient charmer Cass.



HECKER, MAXIMILIAN: Spellbound Scenes of My Cure CD (ETB 003CD) 15.50
Eat the Beat Music presents Spellbound Scenes of My Cure, Maximilian Hecker's eighth album since his legendary 2001 debut, Infinite Love Songs. Each song on the album is about a specific city, moving through Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and New York, as Hecker searches for unattainable nymphs, for instants when time seems to stand still, for glamour, sex, and love. But it's his visits to the remote villages of Kastrup and Hennigsdorf that seem to bring him salvation and deliverance at the end of his spiritual journey. Deliverance from the ghosts of his past, deliverance from his hated mirror image that he sees in the eyes of his fellow beings, deliverance from all social restraints. Maximilian Hecker is a German musician from Berlin, known for ethereal pop or dream pop music, similar to Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Tom Baxter, and Nick Drake. He himself describes his songs as "melancholy pop hymns."


EB 099CD

DUB SYNDICATE: Hard Food CD (EB 099CD) 17.00
Lincoln Valentine Style Scott was murdered in his house in Manchester, Jamaica. He was 58 years old. The work on Hard Food, the first album released by his Dub Syndicate since No Bed of Roses in 2004, had just been completed. Dub Syndicate's first studio album in 11 years, an event that was to be a joyous celebration with friends, has now become Style Scott's legacy. Born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, from the end of the 1970s on, Style Scott emerged as one of the most high-profile and style-defining drummers of his time. Together with Errol "Flabba" Holt, he formed the rhythmic backbone of Roots Radics, whose riddim songs, including John Holt's "Police in Helicopter" and Gregory Isaacs "Night Nurse," attained the status of classics. Style Scott launched a parallel career in England at the beginning of the '80s as the drummer in Adrian Sherwood's innovative dub studio/laboratory On-U Sound, where his incomparable drumming set the stage for songs by Prince Far-I, Creation Rebel and Singers & Players. Alongside all these projects, Style's very own baby was Dub Syndicate, his "British Roots Radics" with whom he recorded more than 20 albums between 1982 and the present. In this project, Style's riddims fused with On-U-Sound's signature style and the music and vocals of African Head Charge, Akabu, Mikey Dread and Jeb Loy Nichols. With Adrian Sherwood as the mix master and -- who else -- "Flabba" Holt on bass, Dub Syndicate explored abstract dub s paces and lush psychedelic landscapes, teamed up with the poetry of the arch dub-Dadaist Lee "Scratch" Perry, with Dr. Pablo and his melodica and brought rewinds to the dancehall with Capleton. It became a tradition for Style Scott to record the riddims in Jamaica with Flabba Holt and then add overdubs and mix the tracks in London with Adrian Sherwood. And that is precisely how the present album, which has tragically become his farewell, was recorded: Lee Perry mumbles his unmistakable incantations on "Jah Wise" in a dialogue with Sangie from the Wailers' circle. Other vocal highlights include Style's old brother-in-arms, Bunny Wailer and DJ legend U-Roy, who over Style and Flabba's legendary "Police in Helicopter" riddim admits "Dub Is All I Got." And then there's Magma, who impishly warns the ladies "Love Is Coming At You." The instrumentals on Hard Food are equally delectable: in the opening track "Sound Collision," weird synth sounds and ricocheting echoes literally collide with Dub Syndicate's trademark sound; "Gypsy Magic" is characterized by the sound of a violin, Ivan "Celloman" Hussey's riff drives the equally melodious "Addis Ababa" and the album closes with three instrumental versions from Adrian Sherwood's studio, which supplied all the dubs and overdubs. With Style Scott the reggae world, and indeed the entire world, has lost one of its best drummers.



STL: Dubs Etched Into Relief 12" (ECHO 063EP) 14.00
The second EP on Echocord is by one of their favorite producers, Stephan Laubner aka STL. This EP contains two original STL tracks and remix by Grad_u. "Dub's End" is a powerful, dubby house track, dirty and beautiful at the same time, perfect for the early dancefloor. "The Dark Future" is a floating, upbuilding, dubby ambient track. The remix comes from Grad_u, which is a dub-techno treatment, peak-time bomb. Grad-u is known from his own label Red Scale and from his releases on Knowone.



BROWNE & DAVID LINDLEY, JACKSON: Live at the Main Point, 15th August 1973 CD (ECHO 2007CD) 17.00
When Jackson Browne released his debut self-titled album in January of 1972, his acutely profound and disarming sincerity won him immediate critical acclaim. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter followed the album with his first promotional tour, stopping on August 15, 1973, at Philadelphia's Main Point. This appearance, alongside David Lindley, was his second headline performance at the coffee house; his first appearance there was in November 1971, opening for Bonnie Raitt, with subsequent shows alongside Chris Smither and Mike d'Abo in 1972. Echoes is delighted to present the entire WBCN-FM radio broadcast of this exquisite 1973 performance from two of America's finest songwriters and instrumentalists. Digitally remastered with detailed liner notes and photos.



COH: To Beat or Not to Beat 2LP (EMEGO 197X-LP) 29.00
Restocked. Special double set of COH's To Beat album (released previously as CD) featuring exclusive remixes by Matmos, JG Thirlwell, John Parish, Ryuchi Sakamoto, and Drew McDowall. Vinyl-only. No digital. Original To Beat notes: Picking up right where the last track on the previous COH release RETRO-2038 (EMEGO 172CD/LP) left off, the new album is focused on the use of beats within the similar aesthetics. While most of the previous COH records openly shy away from accentuated beat structures and instead build up their rhythmical content by layering waves and pulses, every track on To Beat is padded with just that -- beats. The music transition is illustrated in the album's artwork, displaying transformation of a sine-wave, a tone, into a waveform which is "beat." This mathematical progression is made audible in the album's opening track. The rest of the album, however, steers clear from dull math and presents the beats in their more traditional context of what could be referred to as "adventurous dance music," taking the listener through various examples of beat use with the sense of playfulness and joy. The final piece, "Beat to Wave," wraps it up by dissolving a simplistic post-techno piece into a tonal chord. This brings back the album's main idea, where tone and beat are essentially one and the same, like vowels and consonants in a language, like Yin and Yang in music.



ARNALDS, OLAFUR: ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness LP (ERATP 022LP) 25.00
2014 repress, originally released 2010; deluxe gatefold vinyl version. Ólafur Arnalds' highly-anticipated second full-length album ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness continues his mission to lure an indie-generation of pop and rock fans into an emotive world of beguiling electronic chamber music and delicate, classical arrangements. The sense of an organic crossover recording is reinforced by the involvement of co-producer Barði Jóhannsson of eccentric pop/rock/electronica-formation Bang Gang. Barði has successfully colored the brittle minimalism of previous releases through the addition of an array of new instruments. Those expecting a mere continuation of the minimal melancholia of his previous albums are therefore in for a surprise, as the record may be the most uplifting and richly-orchestrated work of his career. When Ólafur saw how the opening scene of a Hungarian indie film metaphorically described a solar eclipse, he instantly connected it to the concept, naming the album after a key line of the film's introductory monologue. Born in the suburban Icelandic town of Mosfellsbær, a few kilometers outside of Reykjavík, the composer has always enjoyed pushing boundaries with both his studio work and his live-shows. His new opus is set to again challenge his fan base, which is still growing rapidly. Several of these pieces were written on and off throughout his tour and benefit directly from the intensity of the live situation and the emotional roller-coaster-ride of life on the road. On the other hand, it is the result of meticulous studio work, of refining compositions in close co-operation with compatriot Barði Johannsson, known for his eccentric personality and unique electro-acoustic sound. The enthusiasm translates to arrangements displaying a new sense of sonic diversity. Ólafur Arnalds has created an even more open and spacious sound and taken his distinct style to a new level. Compared to his previous works, ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness makes use of diverse instrumentation -- drums, guitars, voice, Rhodes, a selection of subtle synthesizers, alongside Arnalds' trademark piano as well as Tony Levin on bass. Traditional terminologies become void on his latest offering, which blends contrasting elements into an original, entirely organic new language and a sensitive ballet of the mind. Arnalds' fusion of 21st-century electronics and classical vocabulary thereby continues to decisively unwrap the sealed-off world of classical music. Includes full-color 8-panel insert and MP3 download code.



KORZYNSKI, ANDRZEJ: Man of Marble LP (FKR 066LP) 25.00
2014 release. Opening further doors in the sprawling labyrinth of unreleased music by Polish composer Andrzej Korzy?ski, Finders Keepers Records presents the soundtrack to the 1977 Polish film Cz?owiek z marmuru (Man of Marble) by national filmmaker and long-term collaborator Andrzej Wajda. Presented for the first time ever on vinyl, this synthesizer-fuelled soundtrack marks a distinct stylistic maneuver toward a unique brand of Polish cosmic disco, celebrating the cinematic debut of Korzy?ski's Arp-Life project -- widely respected as Poland's first synthesizer orchestra. Begging direct comparison to Russia's Zodiac and sharing an uncanny resemblance to other 1970s European cinematic disco bands like France's Arpadys or the later projects of Italy's Goblin, this soundtrack features Korzy?ski and Arp-Life at their best, making fantastical and experimental musical approximations of the burgeoning synth funk disco boom which had erupted on the other side of the iron curtain. Man of Marble was Korzy?ski's first step into electronic dance music, and with the addition of bonus tracks from the 1981 sequel Cz?owiek z ?elaza (Man of Iron), it provides the perfect companion piece to his recently liberated score to Possession (directed by Andrzej ?u?awski). Experimental and fantastical, and taking creative gambles as a necessity, Man of Marble's over-the-top, synth-heavy score depicts a stark, ultramodern contrast, accentuating a plot that switches between past and present tense, illustrating a 1970s researcher who retraces spurious political events that occurred forty years earlier. As with most communist state-owned record labels, Polskie Nagrania Muza, which had previously released works by Korzy?ski, rarely encouraged the commercial promotion of film composers. Although Korzy?ski was an occasional exception to this rule (due to his previous career as a radio programmer, pop musician, and writer), Man of Marble would never be commercially released outside of the context of the film. This edition of Man of Marble provides further glimpses into a deeper archive of electronic pop, capturing prime-era Korzy?ski as a forward-thinking keyboard artist and experimentalist who managed to move with global musical and technological trends under the stifling communist regime.


NICOLAI, BRUNO: The Case of the Bloody Iris 10" (FKR 070LP) 20.00
2014 release. The last in a series of Italian giallo films produced by Luciano Martino and starring Edwige Fenech and George Hilton, Giuliano Carnimeo's 1971 film The Case of the Bloody Iris (also released internationally as What Are Those Strange Drops of Blood Doing On Jennifer's Body?) remains a key feature for Italian soundtrack fans and giallo enthusiasts alike. Containing every facet of composer Bruno Nicolai's versatile musical matrix, this suite of rich, oblique paranoia pop now makes its vinyl debut via Finders Keepers Records. Drawing on a wide experience of cinematic commissions working as Ennio Morricone's closest collaborator (on scores as varied as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) and A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971)), while also providing the exploitation films of Jesús "Jess" Franco (including Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969) and A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1971)) with elaborate integral theme tunes and cues, Nicolai would reveal some of his best, uninhibited ideas in classic giallo films starring Edwige Fenech. Recorded in just two days in July 1972 at the seminal Ortophonic Studio in Rome (birthplace of Goblin's Roller, Alessandroni's soundtrack to Sangue di sbirro (Cop's Blood) (1976), and recordings by Morricone, Vangelis, and New Trolls), Nicolai's score for The Case of the Bloody Iris presents the composer working with his small orchestra free from outside influence. With heavy emphasis on arrangements led by bass and rhythm, this up-tempo score balances the avant-garde stylings of the Gruppo di Improvvisazione di Nuova Consonanza with saccharine bossa interjections (which hardcore fans of the genre will associate with Giorgio Gaslini's score to Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile (So Sweet, So Dead) (1972) and Nicolai's own score to Eugenie (De Sade 70) (1970)). This music, alongside the previously unpressed score to Sergio Martino's 1972 film All the Colors of the Dark (FKR 071LP), is an integral chapter in the development of '70s Italian film music and the Italian cinematic pop landscape shared by the likes of Claudio Simonetti and Goblin, Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera, Walter Rizzati, and the Reverberi brothers. The score to The Case of the Bloody Iris was never released as a dedicated soundtrack album when the film appeared in late 1972; these tracks are presented on vinyl here for the first time, and this edition also includes two theme variations that didn't make the final theatrical cut of the film.


NICOLAI, BRUNO: All the Colours of the Dark LP (FKR 071LP) 25.00
2014 release. Finders Keepers Records proudly unveils what is perhaps the crowning moment for both composer Bruno Nicolai and actress Edwige Fenech, with score of Tutti i colori del buio (All the Colours of the Dark), the film that inaugurated them, with director Sergio Martino, into the giallo canon in 1972. Presented here as an alternative to the extremely rare 1973 Gemelli library edition, this release includes the film's previously unreleased hard-hitting left-field psychedelic pop themes performed by a trio of Nicolai with sitar-wielding Alessandro Alessandroni (in true Pawnshop/Braen's Machine mode) and Italian cinematic songbird Edda Dell'Orso. Recorded in January 1972 at Ennio Morricone's Ortophonic Studio in Rome (birthplace of Goblin's Roller and Alessandroni's soundtrack to Sangue di sbirro (Cop's Blood) (1976), among many other classics), All the Colours of the Dark is a balance of psychotic free jazz, aggressive bass driven beats, schizoid Eastern motifs, and childlike lullabies -- with the last element augmenting Martino's proud Rosemary's Baby influences in his tale of a rehabilitated relationship plagued by recurring nightmares and vague memories of a religious cult. To claim this score as Nicolai's all-time best is perhaps a little hasty for this versatile composer of such acclaim and widespread appeal, but for fans of that unique window of unhinged musical opportunity which came with the giallo boom of the early 1970s, this record epitomizes the world of Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and Walter Rizzati. Pressed on red vinyl; includes poster.



TRADER HORNE: Morning Way LP + 7" (FBLP 1001LP) 42.00
UK-based magazine Flashback presents the inaugural release on its vinyl-only label. "I would like to see Trader Horne getting more recognition. They have that feel, that warmth in their music that brings it to life" --Robert Plant, 1970. British folk duo Trader Horne released their only album, the timeless psychedelic folk classic Morning Way, in 1970. Produced with the full involvement of members Judy Dyble and Jackie McAuley, Flashback's reissue comes in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, each including a numbered certificate signed by Dyble. The album is pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl and is housed in a lavish heavyweight embossed gatefold sleeve. Also included are Trader Horne's 1970 non-album single Here Comes the Rain/Goodbye Mercy Kelly in a picture sleeve, a reproduction of the poster sent out to record shops to promote the album in March 1970, a facsimile of the large postcard that came with the earliest original copies, and a 16-page full-color booklet containing detailed notes and a treasure trove of rare memorabilia and contemporary press.



ARCHANGEL: The Bedroom Slant CD (FOOM 002CD) 17.00
Bruno Pronsato, one of electronic music's most vital and innovative producers, presents The Bedroom Slant, the first full-length release under his new Archangel moniker. This new chapter follows "Since We Last Met" (2010), his shimmering and haunting collaboration as ndf with Sergio Giorgini of Benoit & Sergio, which Pitchfork and Resident Advisor hailed and DFA chose to close its 2010 Compilation; and Lovers Do (SONG 006CD, 2011), Pronsato's third album, which Resident Advisor rated at 4.5 out of 5 and Pitchfork rated at 8.1, lauding the work as "a striking and massive statement." Pronsato has also released on Perlon as Half Hawaii, his collaboration with Sammy Dee; on Telegraph as Public Lover, his collaboration with Ninca Leece; and on Hello? Repeat as Others, his collaboration with Daze Maxim. Archangel is a significant new chapter in the evolution of Pronsato's signature electronic sound. The human voice acts as one of its major elements, as Pronsato steps up to the mic to take on vocal duties, and it incorporates traditional instrumentation to a larger degree than his previous work, with his brother David Ford's bass guitar lines forming the rhythmic foundation for many of the new songs. Acknowledging his long-held love, fostered by radio, of pop, rock, and post-punk in his music for the first time, Pronsato filters his experimentalism through his formative romance with the airwaves. Pronsato is known for creating remarkably fresh and strange music from his influences, unrecognizable when compared to its inspiration. He wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed The Bedroom Slant during early morning sessions in the Prenzlauer Berg studio he shares with Benoit & Sergio. The album features collaborations with downtown scene multi-instrumentalist Peter Gordon (Love of Life Orchestra), Randy Jones aka Caro (co-founder of Orac Records), bassist Yonatan Levi (The Jimmy Cobb Quartet), and Chicago-based composer and pianist David A. Powers. Artwork by UK-based artist Marilyn Thompson. Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin.


HN 270LP

DILLOWAY, AARON: The Beauty Bath PIC. DISC (HN 270LP) 21.00
"Alternate version of very limited LP (250 copies) on Japanese label Rockatansky. About 50% of this is actually different & reworked material than what is on the Rockatansky LP. This edition is a one time pressing limited to 500 copies. Recorded 2008 / 2013. Mastered for vinyl by Jason Lescalleet."" amazing LP, with low-level battlefield tectonics and the sound of smeared and tortured magnetic tape coming over like a rusty, Industrial scale take on classic 20th century minimalism. Some of Dilloway's most barbarously vacated drone work here, with intense low-level fireworks reduced to inchoate shadow plays and rolling, planetary scale hypnotics. Then there are moments of glissing, echoing metal tones coming out of silence, suddenly morphing into sad feedback chorales ala Eliane Radigue's early workings but with a crude, lonely aspect that is extremely affecting. One of Dilloway's most personally expressive tone works with intensely sad feedback drones circling wraiths of clanking magnetic tape." ---David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue



SLEAFORD MODS: Austerity Dogs LP (HARB 106LP) 23.00
2015 repress; LP version. Sleaford Mods started out sometime during 2006 while Jason Williamson was living in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration and part accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic situations arising from that trap. After a year of working ideas out in both the studio and in live performance around Nottingham, Williamson moved south and took the cause to London for a couple of years, before returning to Nottingham in 2009. Soon after that he met Andrew Fearn and the Sleaford Mods became a duo. Fearn's first work was on the production of Wank -- the Mods' fifth CD-R album. Soon after, he started stalking the studio and stage with Williamson. Just after the release of Wank, the duo were invited to play a three-day festival curated by Nottingham's Rammel Club. During that weekend they were introduced to the Harbinger Sound label. A meeting which -- a year later -- resulted in the release of Austerity Dogs. Numerous shows around the UK and Europe followed, including further festival appearances. Rave reviews of the album have appeared in magazines as diverse as The Wire and Uncut, along with interviews being published both on paper and on the internet, both here and abroad. With more international dates on the horizon including excursions to Poland and Sweden, the interest in the Mods continues to spread.


SLEAFORD MODS: Divide and Exit LP (HARB 121LP) 23.00
2015 rerpress; LP version. Divide and Exit sees Sleaford Mods once again released on the elusive Nottingham-based low-profile Harbinger Sound label. Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop," the last 12 months has seen the Sleaford Mods simply knock all their distractors clear out of the way. The mounting hysteria surrounding their 2013 album Austerity Dogs (HARB 106CD/LP) has spread like chlamydia at a teenage house party and saw them topping many "End of Year" lists worldwide. Along with a handful of limited 7" releases on labels as diverse as Matador and X-Mist, plus an extensive European touring program have all helped to solidify their growing reputation as "ones to watch ." The Sleaford Mods duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn have also been busy throughout the year working on this follow-up album. Divide and Exit contains 14 new tracks all written over the last 12 months and the result is as immediately in your face as its vicious predecessor. While Fearn's beats and loops will pull you up into the urgency of Sleaford Mods, they also allow you to run the gauntlet from deliberate, clumsy dancefloor swaggers to full-on punk throwabouts with them. Williamson is let free to spit out his litany of bile and anger towards the bloated and tedious. His verbal salvos and side-swipes are often savage and brutal, yet at turns, hilarious, but always spot-on as Sleaford Mods rage and despair as the country sinks deeper into a cesspool of its own idiocy. It's an album that doesn't have the privilege of luxury, indulgence or extravaganza and it will strike a resonant chord with many because it simply refuses to compromise. Many critics have attempted to tag and align the Sleaford Mods with other artists and have done little other than to advertise their own shortcomings and lack of knowledge. If you need a pointer, try and imagine an East Midlands take on Suicide that survived rave culture and looked to the Wu-Tang Clan for the escape hatch. The down-to-earth observations and story-telling of Ian Dury or Patrik Fitzgerald are maybe closer than any other names flung about in desperation. If you wish to tag and place Sleaford Mods, you're only limiting yourself.


HDM 2008CD

VA: The Best Arizona Garage Bands (1967-1970) CD (HDM 2008CD) 16.00
'The Arizona music scene during the sixties can easily be likened to its desert surroundings: The monotony of average and sometimes even good bands writing less than good and even average songs. Then one day you hear a band that knocks you out. Those are the kinds of bands that I had the opportunity to discover and produce that suddenly emerged out of garages and other little holes in walls ? wherever they could find a place to converge and create their music. I now have the honor and the privilege to present to you the bands that I think are Arizona's best garage bands from 1967 to 1970.' -- Hadley Murrell. "At an age when most of us were just listening to music, Hadley Murrell got involved. At 14 he started playing drums with The Carnations, and went on to work in radio, as well promoting shows and other live events. Much of what he made went towards studio time to produce the music heard in this collection. Often garage rock is under produced to its detriment. That's not the case here, Murrell recorded at Phoenix's Audio Records, other clients included Dwayne Eddy, Dyke & The Blazers and Waylon Jennings (among many others). And unlike many garage rock sides ? Hadley took his performers into the studio prepared and ready to lay down tracks as hot as the Arizona desert. In addition to music that captures a moment in time, the release features a 20 page booklet filled with the story of each of the groups included here along with period photography, show flyers and more."

HDM 2008LP

VA: The Best Arizona Garage Bands (1967-1970) LP (HDM 2008LP) 20.00
LP version.



INSECTO: Post Edit de un Cromosoma 2LP (HAM 008LP) 28.50
Chilean producer Jimmy Pizarro (Insecto) has been working for some time as a digital artist in Chile, where he is director of the Chile Advanced Music Festival. Mainly composing and producing experimental and modern electronic music, his works have been published around the globe on labels such as Pueblo Nuevo, Impar, Filtro, and Mobeer. Home Assembly Music now presents Post Edit de un Cromosoma, in many ways a more musical re-imagining of the classic clicks & cuts sound most readily associated with the Mille Plateaux catalog. Rather than sticking to the austere aesthetic of the likes of SND (a professed influence), Pizarro uses an expanded sound pallet to craft lush arrangements. So now, as well as the intricate, skittering micro-beats, we have jazzy chords, glistening ambient pads, and a smattering of spoken vocal snippets thrown into the mix, creating a tuneful machine funk that at times recalls Mount Kimbie's earlier works. But it's ruder than that, as the crystalline synths, swirling samples, and fizzing hi-hats are all anchored down by some seriously deep sub-bass pulses. A big recommendation for fans of anything from SND through Aphex Twin to Mount Kimbie. Includes download code.



CRYING LION: The Golden Boat LP (HJR 110LP) 16.50
Refreshing, rootedly odd, mostly unaccompanied four-part-harmony singing recorded in Govan Old Parish Church, Glasgow, by members of Trembling Bells and Muldoon's Picnic. Elements of Sacred Harp, Gregorian chant, medieval madrigal, and English folk, with poetic influences including Maya Deren, Saint John the Divine, and Dennis Potter -- a unique blend of the visionary and the earthly, the intimate and glorious. Silkscreened sleeve.


HC 033LP

TOHON, STANISLAS: Dans le Tchink Système LP (HC 033LP) 23.50
Hot Casa Records presents Dans le Tchink Système, an Afro-soul treasure by Stanislas Tohon, the soul brother of Benin. Tohon was born in 1955 in Abomey, Benin, and, at the age of nine, began a musical career that would produce over thirty albums and many collaborations with such greats as Africando vocalist Gnonnas Pedro. Influenced by traditional tchinkoumé music, Tohon developed his own musical style called "Tchink Système," a mix of modern soul and Beninese traditional rhythms. Tohon recorded Dans le Tchink Système in Kumasi, Ghana, in 1979, with the incredible Vis-à-Vis Band of Ghana. The album is presented here in full, along with "Africa," the B-side of Tohon's rare debut 7", recorded the year before with Ghanaian band Les Satelites. Sung in Fon, Tohon's native language, this album is a soulful call for peace and unity in Africa and an exemplary collection of Afro-soul music. This incredibly hard-to-find record is now available again, remastered and limited to 1000 copies.



VA: Huntleys + Palmers Chapter 2: Cohorts 12" (HUNTLEYS 015EP) 14.50
Huntleys + Palmers presents five tracks from artists outside the label's own circle who have caught its attention. Themes for Great Cities associate Jan Shulte, under his Wolf Müller alias, delivers probably the label's funkiest track yet, "Rudeltanz." Gothenburg-based Oklo Gabon, sometimes associated with Discos Capablanca, drops "City Gym," and Cómeme artist Sano includes his demented delight "Duraco." Glaswegians Golden Teacher, from Optimo Music, deliver "What Time Is It?" and Usio, whose debut full-length appeared on Studio Barnhus in 2013 (BARN 012LP), close the EP with "Galaxy."



RADIGUE, ELIANE: Transamorem - Transmortem CD (IMPREC 337CD) 14.00
Restocked. "Transamorem - Transmortem was premiered on March 9, 1974 at The Kitchen in NYC, where the music programmer at the time was Rhys Chatham - this was right before his guitar phase. During this period, Transamorem - Transmortem was presented along with other compositions by Eliane Radigue in a linear mode of listening, although the piece had originally been conceived, during its composition, as a sound installation. Of course, both modes of listening are possible, and each works marvelously in its own way."



KIRLIAN CAMERA: Edges (21st Century Versions) 12" (EXIT 008EP) 14.00
Three decade after its original 1984 release, Italian Records and Kirlian Camera are happy to re-release "Edges" in a new interpretation by the band's current singer, Elena Alice Fossi. The A-side includes remixes by John Fryer (producer of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails) and Starion, combining vocoder vocals, analog bass, and polysynth. On the B-side, the Rotterdam-based electronic duo Shambok offers a pumping electro mix, and the EP closes with an intense pad a cappella version. Really: a hot record not to miss!


JV 33570057LP

MAGMA: Köhntarkösz LP (JV 33570057LP) 20.00
Restocked. Originally released in 1974, Köhntarkösz is the second chapter of Magma's Köhntarkösz trilogy, which also includes Köhntarkösz Anteria and Ëmëhntëhtt Ré. Includes "Coltrane Sündia" ("Coltrane Rest in Peace"), an elegy for John Coltrane. 180 gram super fidelity vinyl; includes a digital download for CD master quality .wav files.


KH 9033LP

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Family Dog At The Great Highway, San Francisco, June 13th 1969 2LP (KH 9033LP) 32.00
Recorded in June of 1969 at the height of the Airplane's powers, between the April sessions for Volunteers and their historic appearance at Woodstock in August, this remarkable San Francisco performance captures them at their most dynamic. Originally recorded for KSAN-FM radio broadcast, it's presented here as a remastered double LP set pressed on 180-gram vinyl with insert. Includes historical notes and rare images.

KH 9037CD

RAMONES, THE: WBUF FM Broadcast, Buffalo, NY, February 8th 1979 CD (KH 9037CD) 17.00
This outstanding performance by The Ramones was taped for radio broadcast in Buffalo, New York, on February 8, 1979, shortly after Marky Ramone joined the band. It captures New York's punk pioneers at the peak of their powers, tearing through many of their most renowned songs in typically energetic style. It's presented here in superb fidelity, with background notes and rare photos. Digitally remastered.


KL 5015CD

FARINA/TOM JANS, MIMI: Case Western Reserve 8th April 1972 CD (KL 5015CD) 17.00
Amid extensive touring after the release of their acclaimed 1971 album Take Heart, Mimi Fariña and Tom Jans built upon the recording that would ultimately help to establish their legacy with a larger audience. This recording captures a 1972 appearance opening for Dave van Ronk at the Case Western Reserve University campus in Cleveland, Ohio, recorded by WNCR-FM. Their set includes a stark version of "In the Quiet Morning (for Janis Joplin)," a hugely popular number from their album, and Jans's "Loving Arms" -- two songs that firmly established the pair as worthy composers. The duo also perform Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried," an adaptation familiar to their followers, and their two singles, "Good God, I'm Feeling Fine" and "Madman." Klondike's digitally remastered edition of the entire WNCR-FM broadcast displays the bare talents of Fariña and Jans, in a glorious tribute to the often-overlooked work of two seminal figures in the American folk scene of the '70s. Includes background liner notes.



DISAPPEARS: Irreal CD (KRANK 192CD) 13.00
"Irreal, the fifth long player from Chicago's Disappears, is another trip down the rabbit hole. The album plays out as a dream sequence -- hazed dub landscapes give way to the group's most experimental and open music yet. If their last album Era confirmed the fact that Disappears are on their own trip, then Irreal is where it kicks in. Eternalism, roboethics, identity -- it's a Ballardian mix of imperfect melodies, half thoughts and good ol' dystopian modernity. It's a master class in texture, pace, and control. Produced by John Congleton at famed Chicago recording institution Electrical Audio, Irreal sits in the negative space where art rock and post punk collapse onto each other. It's the sound of Disappears reporting back from The Void."



FIS: Speech Spirits 12" (XXOLPX 001EP) 16.00
"Loopy opens its account with a double dose of disorientating, hypnotic botheration from Oliver Peryman: 'Speech Spirits' is darting and hyper; 'Knecht' more haunted, percussive. Some elastic, bubbling funk from Kassem Mosse on the flip; and twelve minutes of the frighteners from Oren Ambarchi."



MODUS: Adderf Arreug 12" (MARMO 003EP) 16.00
"An outstanding clutch of techno groovers from the Genoan, with fresh touches of musique concrète -- inspired by a visit to the IAN-GRM Institute in Paris -- and expansive stretches of open-sky suspense. (The tail gunner knows they're out there.) Plus some exhilarating, rude-boy acid from Hieroglyphic Being."


MIR 100204LP

CAGE, JOHN: Empty Words (ParteIII) 3LP BOX (MIR 100204LP) 61.00
Limited restock, last copies... 180 gram vinyl. "When John Cage took to the stage at Milan's Teatro Lirico on 2 December 1977 to read from a portion of his not yet published book, Empty Words, little did he know that he was about to incite one of the great art riots of the twentieth century! As Cage reads aloud in what sounds like a nonsensical language (the result of using the I-Ching to extract a series of sounds and syllables from the journal of Henry David Thoreau), the Italian audience (many of whom did not really know who Cage was or what to expect from the performance) begins to grow increasingly unruly, eventually yelling for Cage to get off the stage! Cage, however, simply ignores it and keeps right on reading above the din for over 2 full hours. This fully remastered triple LP box set of this historic performance also features an explanatory text along with accompanying illustrations and photographs of the event."

MIR 100346LP

CHAIF: 25 Let Vyderzhki (25 Years Old) 2LP (MIR 100346LP) 47.50
2012 release. No, it's not a live album, despite its cover, and its title's origin in the name of Chaif's jubilee tour of 2009 and '10. 25 Let Vyderzhki (25 Years Old) instead includes live in studio re-recordings of all of this foundational Russian rock band's classic tracks. These new versions of famous and well-loved songs cement the band's reputation as a true band of the people, lending credence to some characterizations of Chaif as the Russian answer to Bruce Springsteen. Double LP pressed on orange vinyl in commemoration of Chaif's Oranzhevoye Nastroenie (Orange Mood) series of albums. Presented in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves.

MIR 100357LP

ALISA: Puls Khranitelya Dverey Labirinta (Pulse of the Keeper of the Labyrinth's Doors) LP + 7" (MIR 100357LP) 34.00
2012 reissue. No one expected, back at the beginning of 2008, that the enormously popular Alisa would return to their mid '80s roots. But with Puls Khranitelya Dverey Labirinta (Pulse of the Keeper of the Labyrinth's Doors), originally released in 2008, they did: this album harkens back to Alisa's debut, the legendary 1985 album Energia (Energy). It's a complete reverse transformation, a very Russian-sounding album with a plenty of folk melodies. The album is dedicated to the memory of the late Viktor Tsoi, leader of iconic post-punk band Kino (Cinema), and includes some references to Kino's vast catalog. Recommended for fans of Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission. LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes bonus 7".

MIR 100418LP

GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA: Kontsert v Rock-City (Live At Rock City) 2LP (MIR 100418LP) 55.00
2013 release. Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense), led by uncompromising rock hero Egor Letov (1964-2008), was a beloved Siberian punk band, and one of the most influential Russian bands of its time. This legendary recording of a performance at Rock City in Novosibirsk, the city in which Grazhdanskaya Oborona first began to find its audience in the 1980s, is a window into the explosive power of this cult band, and one of the most emotional albums in the annals of Russian rock. Double LP with printed inner sleeves.

MIR 100423LP

ZEMFIRA: Jit' V Tvoei Golove (To Live in Your Head) LP (MIR 100423LP) 39.50
2013 release. Mirumur presents Jit' V Tvoei Golove (To Live in Your Head), the sixth studio album from Russian singer Zemfira. Since releasing her debut album in 1999, she has become one of the most beloved modern Russian performers, and Jit' V Tvoei Golove breaks a six-year silence following her fifth full-length album. This album's songs are deeply private, with a laconic sound built upon minimal arrangements. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve.

MIR 100424LP

RAMAZANOVA, ZEMFIRA: Poslednyaya Skazka Rity (Rita's Last Fairy Tale) LP (MIR 100424LP) 39.50
2014 reissue. Although Zemfira Ramazanova is best known for being the top rock songstress in Russia, her first foray into modern cinema is wildly successful as well. Poslednyaya Skazka Rity (Rita's Last Fairy Tale) is the soundtrack to Renata Litvimova's acclaimed 2012 film of the same name. In Zemfira's own words, "I don't know that much about movies and how to write soundtracks. So our work became a very interesting process -- it's a great difference between straight rock songs and soundtrack itself." Nevertheless, Rita's Last Fairytale is a very intriguing example of modern art house soundtracks -- mystical and highly lyrical at once. Finely crafted minimalist arrangements and classy melodies make this LP work beautifully on its own. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve.

MIR 100432LP

ZVUKI MU: Zvuki Mu 1989 LP (MIR 100432LP) 34.00
2013 reissue. Revered Moscow post-punk band Zvuki Mu's legendary debut self-titled album was the first Russian work to be produced by Brian Eno. Originally released in 1989 on Eno's Opal Records, the record fuses anarchic sounds with leader Pyotr Manonov's absurd lyrics, and bears all the signs of Eno's studio production. Too often overshadowed by Zvuki Mu's later work, their debut has an idiosyncratic charm and contains many of the band's early hits. This reissue is the first ever on vinyl, and was remastered by Russian rock expert Evgeni Gapeev. Features original cover and inner sleeve design and includes bonus track "Zima (Winter) - Dance Remix," originally released on a 1998 CD reissue.

MIR 100433LP

MUMIY TROLL: SOS Matrosu (SOS for Sailor) LP (MIR 100433LP) 39.50
2013 release. Mumiy Troll's SOS Matrosu (SOS for Sailor) was recorded over 14 months on a voyage around the world aboard the STS Sedov, a barque that for almost 80 years was the largest traditional sailing ship in operation. Led by composer and vocalist Ilya Lagutenko, the album marks a strong return to Mumiy Troll's Russian rock roots, with 2000s Britpop influences also on display, and even recalls David Bowie and Lou Reed at moments. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes printed inner sleeve.

MIR 100442LP

MASHA I MEDVEDI: Solnzeklyosh LP (MIR 100442LP) 39.50
2014 reissue of Solnzeklyosh, the 1998 debut of Moscow band Masha i Medvedi (Masha and the Bears). Enjoy some dark folk rock with psychedelic influences, centered on songwriter Masha Makarova's vocals. Pressed on 140-gram transparent blue vinyl; includes printed inner sleeve with lyrics.

MIR 100451LP

LOZA, YURI: Toska (The Spleen) LP (MIR 100451LP) 39.50
2014 reissue of Russian singer and poet Yuri Loza's 1985 album Toska (The Spleen). Loza's music has been described as a Russian version of British pub rock, and this comparison is particularly apt with this song cycle, which won Loza widespread acceptance after his controversial 1983 debut, Puteshestvie V Rock-n-Roll (Journey to Rock'n'Roll) (MIR 100449LP). Its highly melodic songs incorporate more than a few traditional Russian elements, and its straightforward arrangements and lyrics about simple, everyday life made it a sweeping success with the Russian people. This collection of modern Russian folk songs is now reissued on vinyl for the first time, remastered from the original master tapes. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes printed inner sleeve.

MIR 100454LP

VICTOR TSOI: Remiksy I (Chernyi Albom) (Remixes I (Black Album)) LP (MIR 100454LP) 37.50
2014 release. Victor Tsoi (1962-1990), leader of St. Petersburg band Kino, was and remains one of the very few true heroes of Russian rock -- almost all of his songs function as hymns for his generation of fans. Although there's absolutely no chance of finding any unreleased material from his career, there are quite a few dance remixes of Kino's greatest hits. Naturally, such remixes -- made by famed Russian DJs -- are very popular on dancefloors all across Russia. Remiksy I (Chernyi Albom) (Remixes I (Black Album)) is the first of Mirumir's two compilations of these remixes, recommended for fans of The Mission and The Sisters of Mercy. Remiksy I includes tracks remixed by DJ HiTretz, DJ Karas, DJ MarDee, DJ NoName-Project, DJ Max Korotaev, and one of the leading DJs of DFM radio, DJ Vini. Pressed on black and white vinyl.

MIR 100601LP

ARKONA: Slovo (The Word) LP (MIR 100601LP) 55.00
2013 reissue. The sixth full-length studio album from Arkona, the leading Russian pagan folk metal band, is a masterpiece -- no less. Slovo (The Word) (originally released in 2011) is a heavy metal parallel to an old Russian myth about three sister rivers, which here represent old school European folk metal, traditional Russian folk songs, and choral and orchestral arrangements (an unprecedented element in Arkona's history). Keen rock fans will find symphonic metal and progressive rock elements to delight in here. Slovo is an album of highly original and fresh-sounding folk metal that will surprise even the most experienced ears, and continues the development of a renown that saw the band tour Europe alongside Therion in December of 2013. Cover art by Belgian pagan artist Kris Verwimp. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve.

MIR 100606LP

ARIA: Noch Koroche Dnya (Night Is Shorter Than Day) LP (MIR 100606LP) 39.50
2014 reissue. Noch Koroche Dnya (Night Is Shorter Than Day), originally released in 1995, is the sixth studio opus from legendary Russian metal merchants Aria, and it undoubtedly represented a new start to the band's career. This album marked the end of Aria's internal drama and instability -- finally, vocalist Valery Kipelov was back in the band. It was also the band's first CD-only release, and it was recorded their own studio, Aria Records. There was also a brand new generation of Aria fans in the mid '90s who knew little or even nothing about band's earlier achievements. After the album's release, Aria set off on a national tour for the first time in a few years, with great success. New guitarist Sergei Terentiev broadened Aria's sound, and the band took full advantage of the friendly confines of their studio to craft magnificent arrangements. Ripper "Rabstvo illusii (The Slavery of Illusions)" and the glorious ballad "Angelskaya pyl' (Angel Dust)" have gone on to rank among the band's most recognizable hits. Mirumir presents this album on vinyl for the first time, fully remastered under the supervision of the band. Includes printed inner sleeve with lyrics. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

MIR 100607LP

ARIA: Generator Zla (Generator of Evil) 2LP (MIR 100607LP) 55.00
2014 reissue. Aria's Noch Koroche Dnya (Night Is Shorter Than Day (MIR 100606LP, 1995) set new standards for the band in terms of composition, performance, and production, and established Aria's relevance to a new generation of fans. In 1998, however, they managed to outdo that success with Generator Zla (Generator of Evil). This album marked the band's evolution on all levels. The heavy, laconic '90s guitar sound of Vladimir Holstinin and Sergei Terentiev captured the style of the moment, and Aria fully regained all of its mid '80s popularity, even before the triumph of Russian rock radio station Nashe Radio. Such hits as "Gryaz' (The Dirt)," "Otshelnik (The Hermit)," and "Begi za Solntsem (Run for the Sun)" were huge on the airwaves of the day. This double LP reissue is the first vinyl edition of Generator Zla and includes two bonus tracks from the 2003 live album V Poiskah Novoy Zhertvy (In a Search for a New Victim). Also includes a huge poster, which, along with Yuri Koltygin's cover art, was restored from a recently discovered slide of the original CD cover art. Fully remastered for vinyl under supervision of the band. Includes printed inner sleeves.

MIR 100611LP

ARIA: Armageddon 2LP (MIR 100611LP) 55.00
2014 reissue. This album from the most famous ex-USSR heavy metal band was originally released in 2006. There isn't so much Iron Maiden influence as was evident in Aria's sound in the 80s; experiments with melodic power metal that was in vogue in the 2000s dominate Armageddon. Still, a great example of modern, hard, and heavy music. Double LP presented in gatefold sleeve.

MIR 100612LP

ARIA: Plyaska Ada (Hell's Party) 3LP (MIR 100612LP) 55.00
2014 reissue. Plyaska Ada (Hell's Party) is a live record of the most legendary ex-USSR heavy metal band ever. An absolute greatest hits set list that will please any Aria fan. Check out the real live sound of the heavy metal legends from Moscow. Triple LP in gatefold sleeve.

MIR 100616LP

KIPELOV: X Years (Concert in Crucus-City Hall, Moscow) 2LP (MIR 100616LP) 55.00
2014 release. Kipelov is the solo project of former Aria vocalist Valery Kipelov. X Years (Concert in Crucus-City Hall, Moscow) was recorded on December 1, 2012, and dedicated to the band's first big anniversary -- 10 years. Perfect for fans of power metal, heavy metal, and melodic metal. Double LP in gatefold sleeve with huge poster.

MIR 100617LP

ARIA: Kreschenie Ognem (Baptism By Fire) 2LP (MIR 100617LP) 61.00
2014 reissue. In early autumn 2002, it seemed like Aria, the most renowned of Russian metal bands, was no more -- three out of five musicians were out of the band. But it was not the end of the road -- Aria resurrected in November together with band's ex-cohort, drummer Maxim Udalov, as well as guitarist Sergei Popov (Master, Zooom), and vocal virtuoso Arthur Berkut (Avtograf). Kreschenie Ognem (Baptism By Fire), released on CD in May of 2003, was a much-needed shot in the arm for the Russian heavy metal scene, with its dynamic sound and vocal melodies capturing the power metal style. "Colisei (Coliseum)" and "Tam vysoko (So High Above)" became instant radio hits all over Russia. This is the first vinyl reissue of Kreschenie Ognem, and it includes two bonus tracks from the 2002 CD single Colisei (Coliseum), "Antihrist (Antichrist) (Instrumental Version)" and "Obman (Deception) (New Version)." Double LP presented in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. 100 random copies of initial pressing of 1000 pressed on transparent chocolate brown vinyl.

MIR 100701LP

SENSATIONS' FIX: Time to Decide LP+CD (MIR 100701LP) 25.50
2012 release. Formed by Florentine guitarist Franco Falsini (formerly of Noi Tre) and American drummer Keith Edwards, Sensations' Fix was one of the most exciting acts to come out of the Italian music scene of the 1970s. Beginning in 1974, from their outpost in the Florentine countryside, Falsini and Edwards (along with bassist Richard Ursillo) recorded a handful of excellent albums that were more closely aligned with the German Krautrock scene of the era than Italian prog. Mirumir presents Time to Decide, compilation of rare studio and live tracks from Sensations' Fix circa 1978-1980, not on RVNG Intl.'s Music Is Painting in the Air (1974-1977) collection. Presented on 180-gram vinyl with CD included.

MIR 100703LP

CACCIAPAGLIA, ROBERTO: Sei Note in Logica LP+CD (MIR 100703LP) 25.50
2012 release. An impossible to find album, reissued for the first time ever on vinyl. 1979's Sei Note in Logica is Italian experimental composer Roberto Cacciapaglia's second LP, a minimalist album that features one continual composition "for four voices, computer, and orchestral ensemble," in the same vein as Fred Rzewski, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley. Unlike anything else coming out of Italy at the time, Cacciapaglia (who worked for Italy's national Department of Phonology) was also quite advanced in his use of computer-based technology. A major influence on the likes of Jim O'Rourke and others of his ilk. Presented on 180-gram vinyl with a bonus CD containing an acoustic version of the entire album.

MIR 100704CD

SCHULZE AND GUNTER SCHICKERT, KLAUS: The Schulze-Schickert Session CD (MIR 100704CD) 21.00
2013 release. For the first time, from the vaults of electronic music guru Klaus Schulze, comes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a rare and previously unreleased private session featuring echo-guitar pioneer Günter Schickert. Recorded on September 26, 1975 in Klaus Schulze's home studio in Hambühren, Germany, the session features Schulze playing an EMS Synthi A, as well as keyboards, and a Syntanorma, while Schickert plays a 12-string Framus with metal strings and also sings on a few tracks. Although Schickert's name is little-known outside of a very select circle of Krautrock fans, he was a key member of the Berlin free jazz scene of the 1960s and a pioneer of the echo-guitar. Just prior to the recording of this informal session, Schickert's first LP, Samtvogel (IMPREC 380CD), was released on the seminal Brain label. On the two bonus tracks, found only on the CD versions, Schickert's playing ebbs, as Schulze takes on the more dominant role. Available in jewel case CD, Digipak CD, and 180-gram vinyl editions.

MIR 100704D-CD

SCHULZE AND GUNTER SCHICKERT, KLAUS: The Schulze-Schickert Session (Special Edition Digipak) CD (MIR 100704D-CD) 23.50
6-panel trifold digipak "special" edition-- this has the same music (including two bonus tracks) as on the jewel case edition (MIR 100704CD), but the digipak packaging offers an enhanced presentation far removed from the cold, meaningless experience jewel cases offer to sociopaths and prison inmates. "For the first time, from the vaults of electronic music guru, Klaus Schulze, comes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a rare and previously unreleased private session featuring echo-guitar pioneer Günter Schickert. Recorded on 26 September 1975 in Klaus Schulze's home studio in Hambuehren, Germany, Schulze can be heard playing an EMS Synthi A, as well as keyboards, and a Syntanorma, while Schickert plays a 12-string Framus with metal strings and also sings on a few tracks. Although Schickert's name is little-known outside of a very select circle of krautrock fans, he was a key member of the Berlin free jazz scene of the 1960s and a pioneer of the echo-guitar. Just prior to the recording of this informal session, Schickert's first LP, Samtvogel, was released on the seminal Brain label. On the two bonus tracks, found only on the CD version, Schickert's playing ebbs, as Schulze takes on the more dominant role."

MIR 100704LP

SCHULZE AND GUNTER SCHICKERT, KLAUS: The Schulze-Schickert Session LP (MIR 100704LP) 25.50
180 gram vinyl version.

MIR 100706LP

EMBRYO: Opal LP+CD (MIR 100706LP) 25.50
2013 release. Originally released in 1970 on the label Ohr, Opal is the debut album from Munich jazz-rock legends Embryo. Falling somewhere between the Krautrock groove of Can and the jazz-rock experimentalism of Bitches Brew, Opal laid the foundation for the mind-expanding world-rock-fusion that was soon to come from Christian Burchard and company. This reissue contains "You Better Have Some Fun," taken from the same session, originally not included in the album. Includes a CD copy of the album.

MIR 100707LP

EMBRYO: Embryo's Rache LP+CD (MIR 100707LP) 25.50
2013 release. Despite being released in 1971, only a year after Embryo's 1970 debut (MIR 100706LP), Embryo's Rache shows the band progressing significantly toward the ethnic/world-rock fusion that would come to be their stock in trade. Though still firmly in the jazz/Krautrock realm, the album contains deep Eastern flourishes that separate it from the standard progressive crowd. A stunning album from Christian Burchard's Munich group reissued here with a bonus track, "Back to Africa," recorded live in 1973. Presented on LP with CD included.

MIR 100708LP

ARTEMIEV, EDWARD: Solaris: Music from the Motion Picture By Andrey Tarkovsky LP (MIR 100708LP) 34.00
2013 release. Edward Artemiev's re-recording of his score to Andrei Tarkovsky's classic 1972 film ??????? (Solaris), reissued on 180-gram vinyl. When Artemiev recorded this score in Moscow in 1989 and '90, there was no legitimately available releases of the original soundtrack. Artemiev chose to fill that void himself with this recording, released on Torso Kino in the Netherlands as part of a 1990 double-LP set also containing re-recordings of Artemiev's scores to ??????? (Mirror) (1975) and ??????? (Stalker) (1979). This set is now long out of print, and Mirumir is pleased to present the collection on two separate LP releases, remastered, with new artwork, and officially licensed by the artist himself.

MIR 100709LP

ARTEMIEV, EDWARD: Stalker/The Mirror: Music from Andrey Tarkovsky's Motion Pictures LP (MIR 100709LP) 34.00
2013 release. Edward Artemiev's re-recording of his scores to Andrei Tarkovsky's classic films ??????? (Mirror) (1975) and ??????? (Stalker) (1979), reissued on 180-gram vinyl. When Artemiev recorded these scores in Moscow in 1989 and '90, there were no legitimately available releases of the original soundtracks. Artemiev chose to fill that void himself with these recordings, released on Torso Kino in the Netherlands as part of a 1990 double-LP set also containing re-recordings of Artemiev's score to ??????? (Solaris) (1972). This set is now long out of print, and Mirumir is pleased to present the collection on two separate LP releases, remastered, with new artwork, and officially licensed by the artist himself.

MIR 100710LP

EMBRYO: Zack Glück LP+CD (MIR 100710LP) 25.50
2013 release. Effortlessly fusing Krautrock with jazz and ethnic music, Embryo were unparalleled in the world of progressive fusion, and 1984's Zack Glück is one of their most ambitious and rewarding LPs. Flutes and saxophones mix with oud, marimba, and violin to make an intoxicating concoction. Originally released on Italian label Materiali Sonori, now officially reissued on vinyl for the first time. Presented on LP with CD included.

MIR 100711LP

EMBRYO: Africa LP+CD (MIR 100711LP) 25.50
2013 release. Africa, originally released in 1992 on Materiali Sonori, may be a late entry in the Embryo catalog but it is one of their most ambitious and truly progressive albums to date. As the name implies, the Munich group not only draws influence from the continent to their south, but also employs an African percussion ensemble on many tracks. A hypnotic and beautiful affair reissued for the first time since its original release. Presented on LP with CD included.

MIR 100712LP

MONOTONES, THE: The Monotones LP (MIR 100712LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. The Monotones were a one-off studio project of Dutch glam rock band Catapult, who decided to move into the dance scene at the end of '70s. Their one and only LP, originally released in 1980, was a positive mixture of obscure Rockets-esque space disco and rock 'n' roll. The pseudo-Russian track "Disco Njet -- Wodka Da" was band's first disco single in 1977 (before Boney M.'s "Rasputin" and Dschinghis Khan's "Moskau"). This reissue includes all six tracks from the original LP plus three instrumental cuts and the minor hit "Cheap Cheap Cheaper" from 1982, newly remastered and collected together for the first time. Pressed on 140-gram audiophile clear vinyl.

MIR 100713LP

VIDEO KIDS: The Invasion of the Spacepeckers (30th Anniversary Edition) LP (MIR 100713LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. Video Kids' The Invasion of the Spacepeckers, an iconic recording from the Dutch Cat Music production team, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014. An extremely popular LP in 1984 at the disco clubs, it features the number one hit "Woodpeckers from Space," sung by fictional cartoon character Tico Tac in a Woody Woodpecker-like voice. This reissue contains expanded artwork as well as the original "Happy Birthday" calendar. A must have item for obscure space disco collectors, fans, and DJs. Pressed on 140-gram audiophile clear vinyl.

MIR 100714LP

DIGITAL EMOTION: Digital Emotion (30th Anniversary Edition) LP (MIR 100714LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. Every '80s kid remembers the hits "Get Up, Action," "Go Go Yellow Screen," and "Don't Stop" by the Dutch studio outfit Digital Emotion, a band riding the same wave as Trans-X, Patrick Cowley, Divine, and other Hi-NRG artists of the '80s. Digital Emotion, along with Video Kids, The Monotones, Catapult, L-Vira, and X-Ray Connection, was a studio project created by the Dutch Cat Music production team. Digital Emotion, the band's debut self-titled LP, has become a highly collectible record, with original copies almost impossible to find -- especially original copies that haven't been played to death. Mirumir presents a reissue to fill in the gaps in disco collections around the world. Pressed on 140-gram audiophile clear vinyl.

MIR 100715LP

SAVAGE: Tonight (Ultimate Edition) LP (MIR 100715LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. Savage's classic Italo-disco album Tonight, originally released on Discomagic Records in 1984, reached its 30th anniversary in 2014. Singer, composer, producer, and arranger Roberto Zanetti's debut album as Savage is simply the one of cornerstones of Italo-disco and disco in general, featuring such hits as "Don't Cry Tonight" and "Only You" -- and it's one of Pet Shop Boys' favorites. This reissue include the complete original album plus "Computerized Love," originally included on ZYX Records' 1985 German reissue, as well as three non-album hit singles of the period: "Time," "Love Is Death," and "Celebrate." Remastered by leading Russian sound expert Evgeni Gapeev. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes inner sleeve printed with lyrics and rare photos.

MIR 100716LP

SAVAGE: Ten Years Ago (Ultimate Edition) LP (MIR 100716LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. Ten Years Ago is Italo-disco star Roberto Zanetti's lost second album as Savage, recorded for Baby Records in 1984 but entirely unreleased until 1994, when a few tracks were included on the Savage compilation Strangelove. The complete album finally appeared in 2010, when the Polish label Klub80 Records released it on CD. This reissue is the first vinyl edition of Ten Years Ago, and it includes the complete album as well as three non-album singles: "I Just Died in Your Arms," "Don't Leave Me," and "Goodbye." An essential companion to Mirumir's reissue of Savage's debut, Tonight (MIR 100715LP). Remastered by leading Russian sound expert Evgeni Gapeev. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes inner sleeve printed with lyrics, full recording credits, and rare photos.

MIR 100717LP

SILENT CIRCLE: No. 1 LP (MIR 100717LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. After the overnight success of their 1985 single "Touch in the Night," German pop band Silent Circle made their stunning full-length debut in 1986 with No. 1. Made up of vocalist Martin "Jo Jo Tyson" Tychsen, keyboard player and principal composer Axel Breitung, and drummer Jürgen "CC" Behrens (also of Fair Warning fame), they found continued success in the USSR with "Stop the Rain in the Night," which first began turning heads the morning after Soviet state TV's first broadcast of Peter's Pop Show from Germany. These singles are both included on this album, now reissued and remastered from the original master tapes. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl with inner sleeve printed with lyrics and rare photos from the band's archives.

MIR 100720LP

ARABESQUE: Friday Night LP (MIR 100720LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. The year was 1978 and disco was king -- the ideal situation for the debut of many fine disco combos on the European stage. The girls from Frankfurt vocal trio Arabesque were perfectly situated to drop one of the best European disco albums of the era. Their debut LP Friday Night (aka Arabesque I) presents simple but highly melodic and catchy songs based on pure disco rhythms and straightforward arrangements from the famous Music Machine Studio instrumentalists, also of Boney M. fame. Deeply rooted in '70s Europop, Friday Night set the standard for more than a few female Eurodisco acts, and it's still an absolutely vital and energetic album. Highly popular in continental Europe, Japan, and the USSR, Friday Night was a forerunner of the mainstream success that would soon find Arabesque. This reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, includes an eight-page booklet with lyrics and rare photos, and is presented in a gold foil card paper sleeve with restored original artwork. Fully remastered.

MIR 100724LP

ARABESQUE: Billy's Barbeque LP (MIR 100724LP) 34.00
2014 reissue. Originally released in 1981, Billy's Barbeque (aka In for a Penny or Arabesque V) presents the German female trio as superstars, which they had become at that moment in Europe. Songs from Billy's Barbeque were very popular back in 1981 and still stand as true dance classics more than 30 years later -- one highlight is the slow-burning and highly melodramatic album closer "I Stand By You," sung by Michaela Rose. This reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, includes an eight-page booklet with lyrics and rare photos, and is presented in a silver foil card paper sleeve with restored original artwork. Fully remastered.

MIR 100730LP

CACCIAPAGLIA, ROBERTO: Generazioni del Cielo 2LP+CD (MIR 100730LP) 36.00
Originally released in 1986, Italian pianist and composer Roberto Cacciapaglia's Generazioni del Cielo is a contemporary musical work in the form of oratory; it is born from a development of matured musical language across polyvalent experiences, ranging from classical to pop composition. The subject originates from the will to tell an unusual story, a story without events but with real emotions, drawing from contemporary literature and sacred texts. In the production, the music, which was classically conceived, is projected into an environment of technological media, where the ancient and the modern interact. Presented on double LP with CD included. Remastered at Glance Studio.

MIR 100731LP

CACCIAPAGLIA, ROBERTO: The Ann Steel Album LP+CD (MIR 100731LP) 25.50
Mirumir presents The Ann Steel Album, a reissue of an album of Roberto Cacciapaglia compositions sung by Ann Steel, originally released in 1979 as a self-titled album credited to Steel. "So who are Roberto Cacciapaglia and Ann Steel? The former is an Italian musician who specialized in electronic composition after starting his career in the early 1970s on the edges of the krautrock scene. The latter is a Michigan-bred singer who spun into Cacciapaglia's orbit during a trip to Italy in the 1970s to do some modeling. The Ann Steel Album is the one-off result of that happy accident, a record so full of joy that it's a surprise they weren't tempted to go back for another bite once it was in the can. But it's a credit to both of them that they knew when to stop, perhaps feeling that the sugary pop perfection of these recordings could never be replicated. There's a clunky charm to many of the synth sounds, most of which influenced bands like Stereolab and the perennially underrated Pram in future years; Steel even has a strain to her voice that's reminiscent of Pram singer Rosie Cuckston" --Pitchfork. This reissue is presented on LP with CD included, and features two bonus tracks and an insert with lyrics. Remastered at Glance Studio.

MIR 100734CD

SCHULZE, KLAUS: Official Klaus Schulze Boot Vol. 1: Stars Are Burning 2CD (MIR 100734CD) 27.50
This two-CD set contains the complete recording of a performance by Klaus Schulze at Brussels University on April 16, 1977, as well as a track exclusive to this CD edition of the release, "There Shall Be Sung Another Golden Age," recorded in concert in Arnheim, Holland on October 28, 1979. In this excerpt from his liner notes, Klaus Dieter Mueller recalls the process of releasing this singular artifact: "During his career Klaus has played 380 concerts, 119 as soloist and the others with guests or in a group such as Psy Free, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, or Stomu Yamashta's Go. Some of these concerts were recorded and some of it was already released. The very first was the double LP album ...Live... in 1980, and KS promised then, as it was printed on the cover: 'This is my first and last live album.' Meanwhile... we have a few more concert recordings of Klaus Schulze released, for posterity... and for enjoyment of the present listeners. These historic concert recordings from the concert tour in 1977 were partly available before on an illegal bootleg. We had the obvious idea to make this album (and maybe others) finally 'official'... The three titles played in 1977 during the Brussels University concert are too long for one CD and not enough to fill two CDs... and therefore, I added a long bonus track from my archives to fill up the second CD. This track is the first that Klaus played at the concert in the Dutch town of Arnhem in 1979. We recorded it by placing Klaus' stereo cassette recorder on stage, in the midst of Klaus' two monitor speakers, which was the way we recorded many of this tour's concerts. Mainly for Klaus Schulze, who likes to listen to it with headphones, back in the hotel, during the night, in bed. After such a concert he cannot just lay down and sleep, as if nothing had happened."


PESNYARY: Cherez Vsyu Voinu (Throughout the War) 2LP (MSLP 001LP) 61.00
2014 reissue. Legendary Belorussian combo Pesnyary had already developed a long and successful history by 1985, but they continued to adapt. The 1985 16-song cycle Cherez Vsyu Voinu (Throughout the War) was the result of such an adaptation: the songs were dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the victory in the Eastern Front of World War II, called the Great Patriotic War in Russia, but they were based not only on folk music foundations (traditional for Pesnyary), but also on progressive and hard rock traditions of the day. This is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive of Pesnyary's and its late leader Vladimir Mulyavin's works, and the original LP became a collector's item long ago. This double LP reissue is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve. Fully remastered from the original master tapes.



STOTT, ANDY: Luxury Problems 2LP (LOVE 079LP) 25.50
Limited 2015 repress. Gatefold double LP version. Following on from a pair of extended players released in 2011 (Passed Me By/We Stay Together) Andy Stott returns to Modern Love with Luxury Problems, an eight-track album of new material recorded over the last 12 months. Five of the tracks on the album feature the voice of Alison Skidmore, Andy's one-time piano teacher whom he hadn't seen since he was a teenager back in 1996. There was no grand gesture in mind, it just sort of happened -- but after almost a year of studio work, the result is really quite unlike anything you'll have heard from him before. "Numb" opens the album with Alison's voice; layered and looped, but essentially left bare and exposed, tumbling into a dense shuffle, sort of somewhere between Theo Parrish and Sade, but more fucked. "Lost and Found" follows and deploys a growling rave bass line and a disturbed vocal, the beat assembling itself around a squashed Linndrum like a submerged Prince/Cameo production, haunted and impenetrable, but full of funk. "Sleepless" started life as an African drum edit that sooner or later succumbed to Stott's intense rhythmic shifts. It's a sound that's been imitated countless times since the release of Passed Me By, here re-tooled and re-built for its next evolutionary phase. "Hatch the Plan" ends the first half of the album with some heavily treated location recordings and a low-end grind that probably doesn't quite prepare you for the vocal arrangements that follow -- it's just a beautifully inverted pop song. The second half opens with "Expecting," the most recognizably "Stott" moment on the album: a wrecked, deliriously knocked-out 4/4 shuffle deployed at half-speed; those heavy kick drums sucking in everything around them. "Luxury Problems" offers up the album's most quietly euphoric moment; conventional arrangements and drum loops are disrupted by sharp disco bursts that mess with what you know: it's straight and beautiful and unbalanced and damaged, somehow all at once. "Up the Box" fucks with the narrative and goes somewhere else entirely, an extended intro that seems to build continuously for 3 minutes before breaking off into a slowed-down amen edit, creating a kind of narcotic jungle variant that fragments everything and ends just at the point you think it's going to go off, before "Leaving" finishes the album with an almost unbearably-beautiful arrangement of voice and synth and a final key-change that takes you from joyful to forlorn in an instant. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Air Studios.



KOCH, ROBOT: Tsuki 12" (MONKEY 054EP) 12.00
Following Robert Koch's selection as the 2014 Deutscher Musikautorenpreis "best electronic music composer," he delivers Tsuki, his debut EP for Monkeytown. Even in the most delicate moments of this record, when a single sound fills the room, everything is in its perfect place. Features coproduction from Indian producer and singer Curtain Blue on "Let Me" and "Erase," vocals from Born in Flamez, who was featured on 2014's Modeselektion Vol. 03 (MONKEY 045CD/LP), on "Let Me," vocals from rising German singer May on "September," and coproduction from LA-based schwarzmodul on "Night Drive" and "Every Motion." Sexy, moving, contagious, and ultra clean.



BON, JACQUES: mona 12" (MUSIQ 182EP) 14.00
Mule Musiq is very happy to announce Paris-based producer Jacques Bon's debut for the label. Bon is half of Bon & Rau, and co-opened Smallville Records Paris. Following his solo debut, Two Hearts (SMALL 039EP), released on Smallville Records in 2014, Bon delivers four tracks of deep and atmospheric house stuff to start 2015. Enjoy!



oOoOO: Without Your Love LP (NIHJGT 001LP) 17.00
2015 repress; LP version. Without Your Love is the long-awaited debut LP from the mysterious oOoOO. The LP further develops -- in sometimes very unexpected ways -- the sounds oOoOO has become known for through previous releases with Tri Angle Records.



SMITH & ECO D'ALBERI, WADADA LEO: June 6th 2013 CD (NJCD 001CD) 22.00
The first release from Novara Jazz Series, the new label associated with the Novara Jazz Festival, presents the unprecedented meeting of American composer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, the great master of creative jazz, and Eco D'Alberi, one of the foremost Italian avant-jazz groups. The music, recorded live during the 2013 edition of the festival, resounds with great "live" intensity throughout the entire set. Wadada's spectacular trumpet sound is highly integrated within the group sound texture. Very dense sound-events alternate with more open parts within a narrative musical structure, essentially based on deep hearing and tight collective interplay. Features: Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet), Edoardo Marraffa (tenor and sopranino sax), Alberto Braida (piano), Antonio Borghini (bass), and Fabrizio Spera (drums). From the liner notes by Marcello Lorrai: "Leo Smith, a creative music forerunner, active since the very early period of the Chicago AACM, has often represented a bridge between the Afro-American avant-garde and the European free improv scene. In his long history he has had the chance to experiment in extremely different contexts, showing a particular openness to dialog in the field of the instant music-making practice. Eco d'Alberi seem to have absorbed the entire spectrum of both American creative music and European free improvisation. Beyond different cultural backgrounds and generation gaps, the interest in both adventurous and rational sound-shapes, together with some sort of logical intensity seems to be the common ground of this meeting and this timeless music." A hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies.


OS 003CD

AROMA DI AMORE: Onverdeeld 2CD (OS 003CD) 26.50
Ignored by the masses, loved by the underground, never simple, always unique: since its first period of activity in the mid 1980s, Belgian band Aroma di Amore has been revered as the cult group of Flanders. In 2009 the band made its comeback, performing several gigs in Belgium and releasing Ongehoord (OS 011LP), an LP of unreleased and rare tracks, and Samizdat (OS 020CD), a CD of new songs. Carried by a deep bass, typically cold new wave drums, biting guitar riffs, and a shamanic voice, they make music that's both subtle and raw, with the occasional flavor of absolute madness. Over the years, bass players, a saxophonist, and lots of other musicians have come and gone, but the core of the band consists of Fred Angst on guitar, Lo Meulen on bass, and Elvis Peeters on vocals. The double CD Onverdeeld is an anthology of more than a quarter-century of musical output, containing almost all of the tracks that the band released on LP, as well as a few live tracks and four previously unreleased songs. Includes a 16-page booklet with pictures by Eric Didden, an extensive biography, and the extraordinary lyrics of Elvis Peeters. Mastered by Gerry Vergult (aka Fred Angst). Limited to 500 copies.

OS 023CD

MENSEN BLAFFEN: Verzameld Werk CD (OS 023CD) 20.00
Mensen Blaffen was a six-piece band from Aalst, Belgium that excelled at playing postmodern funk and weird rock. Its members were Jan van den Brande (guitar, bass), Mario Segers (bass, synthesizer, percussion), Sylvie Honnay (vocals), Steven Lorie (drums), Ludo Vervliet (bass), Eddy Valk (saxophone), and Pascal Baeyens (guitar, first record). When asked how they would describe their work, the members said, "hardcore-chanson, mixed with ugliness, sweetness and dirty worms in a rotten horse together." The band formed in the early 1980s and participated in the Belgian competition Humo's Rock Rally in 1984, where they reached the finals. Mensen Blaffen's debut self-titled mini-LP, produced by Jo Bogaert (producer of Technotronic's Pump Up the Jam), came out the same year and introduced the band's distinct sound, characterized by a certain playfulness and naiveté, with Dutch lyrics full of sound associations and exclamation marks, Honnay's cooing voice, and funky sax and percussion that recalled Defunkt or Lavvi Ebbel. John Peel took notice of the band and gave them some airtime, and they landed supporting gigs for Virgin Prunes, Blurt, and Anne Clark. For their second release, 1986's D'Un Seul Coup, Mensen Blaffen enlisted Fred A aka Gerry Vergult (Aroma di Amore) as producer. The mini-LP gave space to Honnay's surreal lyrics, sung in French and Dutch, and included such standouts as the swinging "Hippopotame" and the sultry "Kleine Vamp," earning it an enthusiastic review from the venerable Dutch magazine OOR. That same year, the band released Krengen, an EP of rougher and more danceable material. After a slew of performances in Belgium, Holland, Germany, and France, Mensen Blaffen released its sole full-length album, Raven, in 1988. The product of intensive rehearsals, it's a tremendous album full of energizing guitar songs with a dark edge, and features production by Theo van Eenbergen (Nasmak, Rollins Band). Sadly enough, Mensen Blaffen's final statement didn't receive the attention it deserved. Now, after more than 25 years, OnderStroom Records gets Mensen Blaffen's work out there again, in the form of this 80-minute compilation CD. Verzameld Werk collects tracks from Mensen Blaffen (1984), D'Un Seul Coup (1986), Krengen (1986), and Raven (1988), and one track from the 1987 compilation From Behind the Bushes. Includes 8-page booklet. Mastered by Equus. Limited to 500 copies.



Ontario Hospital: Future Ready 12" (OPAL 056EP) 18.00
Ontario Hospital is a collaboration between Dave Foster (Huren, Teste, etc.) and Rich Oddie (Orphx, Oureboros, etc.). Future Ready is a four-track EP that conflates their histories in noise, power electronics, industrial techno, and rhythmic noise and marries all methods together into a ritual assault. There are lots of adjectives to describe this music and you've heard them all before so just skip the bullshit and listen. Each record ships with a vial of bull hormones.* *This is a lie.


GONDWANA: Aum LP (OPAL 057LP) 23.00
As a member of Lumisokea, Berlin-based Andrea Taeggi shapes acoustic and electronic sound alongside Koenraad Ecker into their singular take on bass music. Time signatures fold into themselves, volleying voluptuous percussions and seismic synthscapes. This fixation extends beyond press hyperbole into aesthetic and philosophical study on Aum, the debut release of Taeggi's Gondwana project. As Gondwanaland was a pre-Pangaean unified land mass, so is Taeggi's solo mission to draw all of his influences together and mediate the whole. Opener "A Gospel of Dirt" sets the scene with sparse sonic elements fused against a metallic backdrop. Sounds morph from liquid to solid shapes, melodies set to scales of a different time and place. "Bootstrapping" tickles ears with its off-color arpeggios backed up by a nine-legged gallop in the tesseract. "Þingvellir" opens the B-side in majestic style, a paean to glaciation, to gargantuan movement unmeasurable in human time. Cast in bronze tones, fizzing with combs before its deafening crescendo. Aum is a special record from a special musician and presents a modern take on cinema for the ear. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.



CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM: Children of the Mushroom CD (OSR 028CD) 17.00
Though they only released one 45 during their existence, Children of the Mushroom epitomized the psychedelic garage sound coming out of California in the late '60s. Formed in Thousand Oaks by Jerry McMillen and Dennis Swanson, they evolved from a mid-'60s teen-beat band called The Captives. In 1967, they became Children of the Mushroom, a name which reflected their new psychedelic sound and image. The following year, they caught the attention of a couple of young producers, who signed the band for a 45 release. Recorded in 1968 for Soho Records, August Mademoiselle/You Can't Erase a Mirror is one of the masterpieces from the first psychedelic era: feedback, fuzz, organ, and mysterious vocals. Soon after, the band incorporated a new guitar player, shortened their name to The Mushroom and started playing in a more heavy psych vein, in a similar style to Iron Butterfly. This retrospective album includes both tracks from their monster 45, with sound taken from the master recordings, plus previously unreleased tracks by The Mushroom, recorded in 1968. These are raw, lo-fi home recordings with lots of fuzz guitar and organ. It's the sound of a psychedelic band in 1968 playing free and wild, without any producer or record label executive telling them what to do. An incredible document. Remastered sound. Fold-out colour insert with liner notes, interview with the band members, and rare photos.



VA: Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Three 1966-1971 CD (PART 4050CD) 17.00
Particles presents Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Three 1966-1971, a lysergic pop extravaganza featuring twenty original artifacts from the psychedelic age as it flourished way down under. Flower power wonders from the luminous void-dwellers as Zoot and Cannery Row, and pop platters with menacing feats of hocus-pocus courtesy of Daisy Clover, Tapestry, Frank Lewis, Axiom, and The Avengers. Upside Down Volume Three delivers twenty long forgotten relics from Australasia in a potent mix of psychedelic misadventure. Also features tracks by The Brigade, The Ram Jam Big Band, The Groove, Tallifer Group, The Atlantics, Larry's Rebels, Normie Row, The Strangers, Autumn, The Motion, The Executives, and Long Grass. Includes a 12-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare photographs.


VA: Curiosity Shop Volume One CD (PART 4053CD) 17.00
Particles presents Curiosity Shop Volume One, a colorful variety of obscure pop nuggets recorded in the British psychedelic period, from 1968 through 1971. The psychedelic effects have gone and the lightshows have blown, but their lingering presence in the aftermath of the hallucogenic haze is, though perhaps less defined, strangely evident. The end of the explosive decade that brought us the fab four and gave us the pop star was proving to be a turning point in both musical and political terms. Curiosity Shop provides an insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Good vibrations indeed! Features tracks by Day 'n' Night, Camaleonti, Colin Giffin, Humbug, Buggy, Michael Blount, Billy M. Lawrie, Lori Balmer, Candy Choir, Lovelace Green, David & David, Samson, The Mixed Bag, Tapestry, Grand Union, Saker, Quartet, Rainbows, Kansas Hook, and Samson. Includes a 16-page color booklet with comprehensive liner notes and rare photographs.


BEC 5161947

GHOST CULTURE: Ghost Culture CD (BEC 5161947) 17.00
In recent times, Phantasy Sound has provided the soundtrack for many adrenaline-fueled nights and hazy mornings with critically acclaimed albums from Daniel Avery (Drone Logic (BEC 5161626/7) and Connan Mockasin (Forever Dolphin Love (BEC 5772802/52). Its latest discovery, Ghost Culture, emerges from the shadows to make the space between those two worlds his own. Since announcing his arrival one year ago with the debut single Mouth, the London-based artist has built up a feverish following with a further pair of ear-catching singles. This trio of sell-out releases, each pressed on clear "invisible" vinyl, offers a glimpse of a rare talent whose music is just as much at home in the club as it is in one's bedroom. Now Phantasy Sound is proud to present Ghost Culture's self-titled debut album, a collection of ten tracks rich in emotion, musicality, and sonic artistry.



PULP: Different Class LP (PLAIN 190LP) 24.00
"Different Class was the fifth album by Pulp and their commercial breakthrough. Different Class went to #1 in the UK album charts in 1995 at the height of Britpop with the classic track 'Common People' reaching #2 on the UK singles chart. The album explores sex and class with Jarvis Cocker's biting, witty lyrics taking a perfect snapshot of mid-'90s English suburban and working class life. A stone cold Britpop classic reissued on 180-gram vinyl."


POP, IGGY: American Caesar 2LP (PLAIN 204LP) 28.00
"American Caesar was originally released in 1993, a couple of years after the all-star 'comeback' album Brick By Brick. The double album found Iggy returning to the studio for the follow up with his muscular, tight touring band and they made what is arguably his best solo record since 1979's New Values. The dark, loud, and subtly atmospheric record was recorded in New Orleans with producer Malcolm Burn. American Caesar finds Iggy exploring the dark heart of America in songs that range from all out hard rock such as 'Wild America' and 'Sickness' to calmer numbers like 'Jealousy' and 'Mixin' the Colors.' Iggy also puts his stamp on the rock classic 'Louie Louie' and makes it his own with some lyrical updating. He ends the record with the funny and brutal spoken word 'Caesar' in which Iggy plays a U.S. version of the ancient leaders of the Roman Empire. This is most definitely an Iggy Pop record and a hidden gem in his catalog. Includes a previously unavailable insert with an image of Iggy on one side and the lyrics on the other."



MYR.: Nobody Knows Avalon 12" (PNN 010EP) 12.50
Though some might view myr.'s deliberate anonymity as nothing more than a publicity stunt, there is surely something refreshing about myr.'s decision to step back at a time when the cults of DJ and celebrity are often intertwined. An underlying warmth and grittiness distinguish this music from the near-perfect production of popular techno. The minimal beats of "Nobody Knows" and "Avalon" create a sense of anticipation, leaving the listener with itchy feet and a hankering for more. "Homii" delivers a change in tempo: the monotone beats make way for some slowed-down, trippy vocals, opening the listener up to myr.'s versatility.



The fourth volume in Rocket Recordings' Collisions series features another pair of boundary-breaking iconoclasts: Mamuthones on side A and Evil Blizzard on side B. Mamuthones, noted for their position in the burgeoning Italian occult psychedelic movement, build their sound on circular, repetitive motifs and take their name from ancient death-masked figures known for joining ritualistic processions and haunting the imaginations of the Sardinian locals. In keeping with the darkly celebratory origins of their moniker, this band, formed by ex-Jennifer Gentle member Alessio Gastaldello, deliver an upbeat and effervescent sound equally damaged by the dark alchemy of early Can, the sci-fi swagger of Chrome, and the magpie spirit of Eno and Byrne's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Evil Blizzard, the mysterious and ghoulish masked voyagers from a land of nightmare (via Preston, Lancashire), possess a markedly similar psychological makeup, and have been raising eyebrows in the live arena since 2011 with their queasy, grand, Guignol-tinged style of repetitive and intense dementia, existing on a psychic wavelength informed by the howling dread of Metal Box era PiL, the sonic overload of Hawkwind, and a taste for a very British type of disquieting absurdity. Their contribution to this disc comprises two versions of "Sacrifice," the previously unreleased powerhouse that remains at the center of their live set. Alongside the sinister riff-monolith itself, a remix by fellow Rocket artists Teeth of the Sea beams the track through a prism of electronic horrorcore tension and adds chanted vocal mantras and demented ululations to suitably unsettling and portentous effect.


RS 097LP

MCCANN, SEAN: Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings LP (RS 097LP) 17.00
Realized over a four-year period, Sean McCann's Ten Impressions for Piano & Springs is a document of transition and maturation. Slow-moving cloud forms over corporeal landscapes, these impressions whisper of McCann's decisive lean toward classical and avant-garde musics, culminating in 2013's Music for Private Ensemble, released on his own imprint, Recital. Less a final statement on ambient music, more a meditation on change, discovery and process. LP includes download code.



TRADESMAN: Fight fi come in (feat. Speng Bond)/001 dub 7" (SCOB 048EP) 12.50
Tradesman has been grafting hard in the studio and emerges with "Springbox," another massive digital riddim. Speng Bond paints a vivid vocal picture on it with "Fight fi come in," and a dub is included on the flip. Ideal for mashing up any dancehall. Limited to 500 copies.



ZOVIET FRANCE: The Tables Are Turning CD (SOL 182CD) 31.00
"The music was composed as the soundtrack to Designer Body, a dance that toured England from 2008 to 2009. The work explores the transformational relationship between humans and the clothing they wear. Seven dancers, performing on continuously rotating plinths, slowly remove layers of their costumes, revealing their nude bodies beneath. The music accompanying the dancers is by turns dense and moody, then lyrical and soaring, underlining the mounting vulnerability of the dancers as they undress. The members of :zoviet*france:, who prefer to remain anonymous, write 'We've known Liv Lorent for a long time. When she started to conceive Designer Body, which she wanted to be a hybrid of contemporary dance and performance art, she decided that an unconventional performance needed an unconventional soundtrack. The composition of the soundtrack and the choreography evolved alongside each other so it became a dialogue between Liv and ourselves. The main inspiration that we took from the production's concept was rotation; throughout the one hour performance, the dancers are located on turntables that turn continuously, at varying speeds and changing direction. We mirrored this in much of the soundtrack, with circular and rotating sounds.' Presented in a deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap. The letters 'ZF' are hand-stitched into the flap in white thread, and a two-sided color insert printed on sturdy cardstock completes the package."


ZOVIET FRANCE: The Tables Are Turning 2LP (SOL 182LP) 68.00
Double LP version. "Presented in a deluxe dual-layer green satin bag with fold-over flap. The letters 'ZF' are hand-stitched into the flap in white thread, and a two-sided color insert printed on sturdy cardstock completes the package."



OBERON: A Midsummer's Night Dream CD (SOMM 018CD) 17.00
Sommor presents the first ever legitimate reissue of Oberon's A Midsummer's Night Dream, one of the rarest psych-folk albums from the UK, originally released in 1971 in a private edition of 99 copies. Oberon consisted of seven young musicians who met while studying at Radley College in Oxford. Drawing upon such influences as Fairport Convention, The Pentangle, King Crimson, The Incredible String Band, and Sandy Denny, the group created a stunning piece of progressive folk. Fantastic sound and recording quality, killer flute, guitar, violin, haunting vocals, and medieval atmosphere. Now digitally remastered by band member and sound engineer Jeremy Birchall, the record sounds better than ever. Includes extensive liner notes and rare pictures.



TOTLAND, OTTO A.: Pinô LP (SONIC 019LP) 25.50
2015 repress. LP version. Otto A. Totland's modern compositional elements are most widely-recognized as half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, where his melancholic, intricate piano work provides haunting relief to the beds of noise and deep strings from Erik K. Skodvin. Pinô is the first full-length release by Totland, though his solo work has been released once, as the five-minute A-side of Sonic Pieces' 7", Harmony from the Past. Otto's previously brief vignettes are now expanded into a fully personal realization of his own style. Initial track "Open" fills itself with heavy, knowing pauses that quickly become overwhelmed with the desire to understand what's to come. Each silence leads into quick flutters of keys, preparing the listener for a vast terrain of giddy beauty, bleak depths, and true contentedness. Pinô quickly recalls deep winter; in front of a fireplace for days on end, you lose how far along you've ventured into the 18 tracks without any idea how far is left to go. The experience feels inevitable, with no other option but to curl up somewhere cozy and appreciate the sense of timelessness that Totland has created. His album is a haunting modern compositional treasure, expressed through instrumentals completely unique to Totland and captured masterfully by Nils Frahm at Durton Studios. With Pinô, Otto A. Totland appears out of the Norwegian landscape, sharing an achievement that will provide relief during the brooding winter darkness. Though a highly personal endeavor, the recognizable continuation of Totland's compositions will attract fans of Deaf Center, and the cinematic and classical components of his solo work will hold sway for those familiar with Harold Budd or Dustin O'Halloran.



LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Liaisons Dangereuses CD (SSCD 006CD) 15.50
Soulsheriff Records presents a milestone in electronic music, Liaisons Dangereuses' legendary 1981 self-titled debut album, newly remastered and reissued for the first time since 2002. Liaisons Dangereuses still fascinates today, through its innovative sound and the mystery encompassing it. The 10 electrifying songs, produced by Chrislo Haas (DAF) and Beate Bartel (Mania D, Matador) and reinforced by Krishna Goineau's French and Spanish speech-attack lyrics, created a unique style. The album, anything other than a typical Berlin or Düsseldorf thing, became an international favorite. Songs like "Peut Être... Pas" and "Los Niños del Parque" played a decisive role in the development of house in Detroit and Chicago, as well as various forms of European techno. LP includes download code.


LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Liaisons Dangereuses LP (SSLP 006LP) 18.00
LP version; includes download code.



KLANGWART: Transit CD (STAUB 133CD) 12.00
For 18 years now, the electronic duo Klangwart have self-confidently occupied their very own niche between avant-garde and pop. Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber, the two "elder statesmen" of neo-Krautrock, have since become regarded as the most authentic heirs to the psychedelic sound gurus of the '70s. Titled Transit, their new album after Sommer (STAUB 099CD) is a real masterpiece: nine tracks of otherworldly beauty -- energetic, organic, unpredictable. Thousands of sound-snippets are assembled into a kind of vegetative music. Pulsing beats interact with weightless, floating sounds. Everything is in a constant flow -- sometimes in slow-motion, other times at a tearing pace. Transit stays at any time highly concentrated and dense. The longest track clocks in at only five minutes -- unusual for Klangwart. The production by sound guru Joseph Suchy appears almost three-dimensional, whereupon space is an equal element of composition. That's cosmic music for the 21st century.



MANGWANA, SAM: Sings Dino Vangu CD (STCD 1077CD) 16.50
2000 release. Sam Mangwana, whose long, illustrious career began with Orchestre African Fiesta in the 1960s and Franco's Orchestre T.P.O.K. Jazz in the '70s, and continued with his own bands and solo projects, will forever rank among the greatest Congolese singers. For this album, which The Beat named Album of the Year in 2000, Mangwana partnered with Dino Vangu, the Congolese guitarist and composer best known for his tenure in Tabu Ley Rochereau's fabulous band. Their collaboration is a loving revival of the graceful and charming Congolese rumba of their youth.


VA: Midnight in Mali CD (STCD 1102CD) 16.50
2006 release. It was an extraordinary night in Bamako. Thirteen of Mali's most distinguished musicians, including singer and guitarist Habib Koité, Rail Band guitarist Djelimady Tounkara, n'goni master Bassekou Kouyaté, and bala xylophonist and violinist Kélétigui Diabaté of Les Ambassadeurs and Bamada, came together on one stage to jam on classics of the Malinké, Bambara, Peul, Wassoulou, and Songhai ethnic traditions. Nothing like this had ever been done before on such a grand scale, and yet it turned out splendidly, one display of skill, daring, respect, and empathy after another and frequent moments of magic.


2008 release. The first words heard on Wamato are "The Amazones are back with a vengeance!" You don't need to understand the language to hear the exultation in that female voice. The bravado and joy never let up until the sudden hush after the last notes of the last track. Formed in 1961, Les Amazones de Guinée is band composed of women in the Army of the Republic of Guinea. They don't play many marches anymore, though; they specialize in that singular mix of traditional West African music, jazz, Latin music, rock 'n' roll, and funk that Guinean bands like Bembeya Jazz National are famous for. Bembeya Jazz, however, never had a saxophonist like Commandant Djenabou Bah or a singer like Lt. M'mah Sylla. Wamato is the Amazones' second album, their first in 25 years, and it's a triumphant return.



CORNISH & PHIL JULIAN, DALE: Two Warhol's Worth Cassette (TTW 072CS) 7.00
The donation by Kevin Drumm to Phil Julian of a Hewlett-Packard test tone generator (to avoid excess baggage charges) caught the curiosity of Dale Cornish. Cornish and Julian, each individually renowned for his own releases on a variety of labels including The Tapeworm, now present their first collaboration, brought about by a chance bond over former NASA technical equipment. Dale Cornish: vocals, words, additional music; Phil Julian: electronics.


ANTIFLUFFY FEATURING BRUCE GEDULDIG: Before Before Surgery Cassette (TTW 074CS) 7.00
Featuring Bruce Geduldig of Tuxedomoon. "This cassette brings together two fragments of recent and ongoing controlled chaos taking place in Porto, Portugal -- with Antifluffy as both the foreboding guardian and the spiritual bond. Side one is the full recording of the closing concert of FuturePlaces 2013, Medialab for Citizenship, curated by Heitor Alvelos and Karen Gustafson for the UT Austin-Portugal Program in Digital Media. Every October since 2008, we throw together a deliberately unlikely mix of creatives, tech-heads, radio wizards, thinkers, activists, and nomads, and watch the impossible happen before our very eyes. Besides being the culmination of six days of creative work, this particular gig served as the chance to unleash Antifluffy onto the World at large... The recording on side two is again a concert. It emerged in the days leading to the Summer Solstice, 2014, as a gut reaction to the birth of a new Portuguese internet/mobile/entertainment brand mega-consortium: NOS. The ubiquitous NOS marketing campaign, treading on Photoshop boobs 'n' teeth, dead pop stars, and hysterically cute pets, was reinvented as an antidote; cryptic and visceral, cerebral and introspective -- all that contemporary mainstream culture seems to abhor. The gig doubled as a goodbye card to Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou who, after two extraordinarily fertile years based in Porto, left soon thereafter to pursue a new life across the Atlantic. From Tapeman to Bubblewrapman... Antifluffy in all its guises" --Heitor Alvelos, Porto, September 26, 2014.


TELEVISION SET: Emma Hauck's Letters Cassette (TTW 075CS) 7.00
"TV as eyes. TV eye on you. Television, the drug of the nation. The ultimate seduction, the realm etc. Control, by them... This Television Set, however, is just a television set. No abyss you gaze into, with the known consequences. It's a mere nocturnal distraction. Pastime, but no paradise. Refusal, and no participation. A light in your room. It is a translation of observational notes into sound. You have not lost control again. Roger Semsroth is an artist of many guises, and this is one of his finest. Music written for the loneliest boys in town, who get the girl in the end. Or vice versa. And there are no references either -- none! Trip the switch." --Finn Johannsen, Berlin, November 10, 2014


WILLIAMS, PAUL H: Aeroforms Cassette (TTW 076CS) 7.00
"Aeroforms 1 and 2 were made around 1984/85 using a BBC Microcomputer with a Music 500 outboard synthesiser and Ample music software. This release has been mastered from that original cassette recording. I developed a generative music programme that created sound pieces within a set of boundaries. Tones were produced within a range of sound qualities, frequencies, periods and start times. Once the parameters were selected randomisation was used so that the programme 'chose' which tones to play, how to play them, when and for how long. The parameters used made for completely different sonic experiences. 'Aeroforms 2' is a meditative drone piece. 'Aeroforms 1' is an ambient backdrop that doesn't even require the listener -- like a piece of audio furniture. Side one is for deep listening. Side two is for not-even-listening... Every time the programme was run a different performance would occur. The recordings feature the first 45 minutes of each piece which are eternal in length..." --Paul H Williams, London, November 13, 2014.



LOW JACK: Imaginary Boogie 12" (TRILOGY 025EP) 23.00
With hand silk-screened inner sleeve.



CAMERON, JOHN: Psychomania OST CD (JBH 002CD) 15.50
2014 repress of this cult biker soundtrack, originally released in 2003. Psychomania is a cult biker movie and there's probably no other British movie quite like it. It's a tale of Frog-worshipping bikers who discover the secret of eternal life. They commit suicide and return as The Living Dead, bikers who wreak havoc upon local supermarkets and motorways. Released in 1972, this film has slowly gathered a cult following, not only because it's so ridiculous, but more importantly because of the music, which had never been released properly. The recording also includes some excerpts from the movie, including some hilarious lines from Beryl Reid and Nicky Henson. All in all, this is an intense listening experience. It's rocky, progressive and quite wild, with a bit of blaxploitalion thrown in for good measure. The evil kids will love it. Includes liner notes from soundtrack composer John Cameron, Jonny Trunk and Jogoku.


PRATES/MIECIO ASKANASY, JOSE: Tam... Tam... Tam...! CD (JBH 055CD) 15.50
Trunk Records presents the first reissue of Tam... Tam... Tam...!, an incredibly rare Brazilian LP by José Prates and Miecio Askanasy. In August of 2014, London-based DJ and record collector Gilles Peterson, who had been offered an original copy for $4,700, sent out a request for someone to reissue this extraordinary album. Originally issued in a one-time 1958 pressing as part of Askanasy's 1950s touring Braziliana show, Tam... Tam... Tam...! is a landmark in the development of the Brazilian sound that would explode around the world in the decade to follow. It's stunning both as a historical touchstone and as a standalone musical triumph. The solid blueprint of 1960s Brazilian music runs through it; for example, "N?n? Imborô" clearly prefigures Sérgio Mendes's 1966 hit "Mas Que Nada." The infectious rhythms, melodies, and exotic sounds that fill this album are deep, raw, and totally engaging. And the more one listens to Tam... Tam... Tam...! the more one hears its importance and future influence. This reissue comes at a time when, in a world saturated with information, few important things have escaped attention and reappraisal. Finding anything new and genuinely incredible is a rare feat. This is a prime example of amazing, influential music that until now has remained hidden. In producing this reissue, spurred on by Peterson's request, Trunk Records found that no master recordings could be located. The original 1950s label showed no interest in a reissue, but Ed Motta, the renowned artist, producer, and record collector, agreed to transcribe his original copy on his EMT deck and send the files from Brazil to the UK. The sound was not in the best condition, and the original 1950s vinyl pressing has several musical inconsistencies. Trunk Records painstakingly worked toward a suitable sonic balance, making sure to maintain the bright and driving original sound without cleaning it up so much that the life of the music was diminished. Accordingly, the vinyl edition of reissue was pressed with some very slight surface noise -- any more cleaning would interfere with the true wax sound. The CD edition, however, was pressed with more digital enhancement. Vinyl edition includes original full color LP sleeve. CD edition includes four-page booklet.


PRATES/MIECIO ASKANASY, JOSE: Tam... Tam... Tam...! LP (JBH 055LP) 23.50
LP version.



VA: Fallin' Off The Reel Vol. IV CD (TSCD 022CD) 18.00
"Truth & Soul is proud to present the fourth volume of our Fallin' Off The Reel compilation. In keeping with T&S tradition when we get enough singles out we get them together onto a comp for the people who collect CDs and digital files. 22 songs on the CD including tracks from Lee Fields & Expressions, Lady, Liam Bailey, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, and more. Now that we are well into 70 plus singles released on the label, this comp is great introduction to Truth & Soul Records as well as a great listen for those who already have some of the music we have released. Press play and enjoy the sounds that have made us respected the world over."


VA: Fallin' Off The Reel Vol. III & IV 2LP (TSLP 022LP) 25.00
"Truth & Soul is proud to present the second volume of our Fallin' Off The Reel compilation on double long playing vinyl. In keeping with T&S tradition when we get enough singles out we get them together onto a comp for the people who collect CDs and digital files. Also in keeping with T&S tradition, when we get to two volumes we choose some of our favorite tunes from both and press them on a double vinyl release. This combo of Vol 3 and 4 contains 26 tracks on 4 sides with songs from Lee Fields & Expressions, Lady, Liam Bailey, El Michels A air, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, The Olympians, and more. Vinyl comes with a free download card."



J DILLA: Beats Batch 1 10" (YMG I2V1KOB-10) 21.00
"The E-Mu Systems SP-1200 drum machine and sampler was the first electronic instrument Jay Dee worked with while crafting the incomparable styles and sounds which defined the early stages of his legendary production. The SP-1200 was his primary tool of choice at the inception of his career. During this period, he created classics for early Slum Village, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, among many others. Yancey Media Group now proudly presents the J Dilla Batches series. Each 10" features 10 untitled and unreleased Dilla creations previously found only in the no longer available limited edition The King of Beats' Ma Dukes Collector's Edition Box Set. Like the deluxe box these vinyl offering are limited in nature. So act now while you can grab a piece of hip hop history."


J DILLA: Beats Batch 2 10" (YMG I3V2KOB-10) 21.00
Part 2.


J DILLA: Beats Batch 3 10" (YMG I4V3KOB-10) 21.00
Part 3.


J DILLA: Beats Batch 4 10" (YMG I5V4KOB-10) 21.00
Part 4.

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